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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that warning is going to impact places like jackson and over to millstone. really for the next 15 to 20 minutes. there's the cell. right near upper freehold, very heavy rainfall. that's headed toward jackson as well in to northern ocean county. here's some storm tracking. lakewood around 6:12. brick, 6:19. toms river, 6:27. brief downpours and gusty winds, lightning. other than that really from new york city northward and including long island, connecticut as well, it's the all clear sign. we're watching central and southern new jersey over the next hour or so. you can see on this future scan, thunder. are quieting down. we're cool. we're at 51. areas that were in the 80s today have dropped in to the 60s. you have a cool night ahead. isolated evening storms over
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winds and hail and turning much cooler as the night wears on. your 7-day accuweather forecast just a few minutes away. now to politics. they're calling this the ocella primary. the amtrak northeast connections of connecticut and pennsylvania. >> they could give frontrunners hillary clinton and donald trump a big boost toward their nomination. here's why. the latest abc news delegate estimate shows clinton is now 439 delegates from the number needed to clinch. and trump needs 392. a sweep tonight would go a long way toward those goals. >> tim fleischer has the story. >> the voting place here in this particular precinct has been busy. now they believe their vote really matters. >> the candidates are on these very extreme points of the spectrum and i think that energizes people.
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votes carry more weight in this super tuesday primary. >> we're really late in the process and yet it matters. >> reporter: voters see many factors in their choices. >> the person who shows the most interest i'd say. so i followed that knowledge and see what happens. >> there were several good candidates and i had to choose and that was difficult. >> reporter: george anna had bernie sanders. traditional. and i think hillary is a career politician. >> reporter: state elections officials are hoping that a surge in voter registration will result in a higher turnout at the polls. in addition to connecticut, other states. rhode island, pennsylvania, maryland and delaware. bernie sanders still courted voters in pennsylvania while hillary clinton moved on to indiana, one of the states in
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but the professor of political science at fairfield university says don't count out the voters in connecticut. >> this is the time where connecticut is still in play because it's not sewn up. >> and donald trump will be back in new york city tonight for a press conference as well and we're told that the polls here in connecticut will stay open until 8:00 tonight. reporting live in norwalk, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. polls in connecticut close at 8 p.m. abc7ny will be streaming the live coverage of the primaries at 6:30. tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00, we'll have results and reaction from the candidates. if clinton and trump sweep, the dynamics could very well change. speaking of donald trump, he could soon become a witness. charges of fraud over his controversial trump university now headed to trial. superior court judge in new york today calling for the trial after all sides failed to
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trump university accused of being a for-profit sham of a college that defrauded thousands of students. new york's attorney general eric schneiderman says he intends to call mr. trump. hoping to get a glimpse of the man accused in a sex assault on the campus of fairfield university. a student told police she was walking to the library last night when she was ambushed by a stranger who punched her and dragged her in to a wooded area nearby where she was then assaulted. >> we encourage students to travel in pairs, to notify other students where you may be going to ensure there's a timeline. >> the victim suffered minor injuries. police are working off only a vague description of the suspect believed to be a male in his 40s. another knife attack in the subways of new york city, this time in manhattan. tonight the attacker is on the loose. investigators say the suspect and another man got in to an argument with each other on the 6 train.
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as the suspect pulled out a knife, the victim grabbed it and his fingers were cut. went to the hospital. the suspect ran off with the knife and a green backpack. the head of the board of elections apologized for the new york state's primary voting problems. michael ryan says there was a miscommunication between his office and the postal service. typically the board reaches out to a voter if the postal service reports that person is no longer receiving mail. that step was missed. ryan also said today that the majority of the 126,000 voters in brooklyn purged from the roles were democrats. we're going to turn now to a developing story involving another man at the center of the de blasio fundraising investigation. he's the former owner of a restaurant in harlem charged with running a $12 million ponzi scheme and he's about to appear in court after his extradition from georgia. pamela peralta is accused of
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the hudson river cafe. prosecutors say he fleeced people who invested in fake wholesale liquor businesses. two who donated to de blasio's campaign are linked to some of the nypd officials now under investigation for corruption. for the first time we're hearing from the republican new york state senator who triggered the fundraising investigation, dogging mr. de blasio. state senator terrence murphy complained that a large influx of cash was being funneled from new york city to his democratic opponent in hudson valley. city and federal prosecutors have launched criminal investigations in to de blasio and his team questioning if the mayor and his aides deliberately broke campaign finance laws to get more democrats elected. >> mayor de blasio, the hudson valley is not for sale. this is clearly a statewide corruption scandal engineered by the mayor of new york city. >> the mayor's staff told reporters today he would not
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but de blasio and his attorney have stated since the story bloke that he did nothing wrong. now to the mayor's budget. money to run new york city now on the table. $82.2 billion. that's the mayor's proposed budget for the next fiscal year. only four states in the country with bigger budgets. key items, $160 million to close the health and hospitals gap. that's counting on state and federal funding to help out. what if they don't do that? $21 million for snow removal equipment for small streets in new york city. remember the mess in queens in the blizzard? and $70 million for the new nypd precinct. sandra bookman taking a closer look at the proposed budget at city hall. >> mayor de blasio today described the budget as an example of disciplined spending in that it takes in to account the city's current economic situation and also meets the needs of its people.
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up communities all over the five boroughs. >> reporter: that declaration this afternoon from mayor bill de blasio as he laid out his new executive budget proposal promising the good news is substantial. >> we'll be investing $70 million to build a new police precinct in southeast queens. >> residents in that area have long complained that the 105th precinct in queens village is simply too far to effectively cover neighborhoods like laurels and springfield gardens, brookvale and rosedale. >> it will change response times and allow for more cops to be patrolling the streets in both parts of the 13. >> reporter: the district manager for community board 13 says it would also go a long way toward improving police and community relations. >> knowing your community is really important when there's an incident that occurs and this is going to be really special for the communities.
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safety measures included in the mayor' allocated for 15 new ambulance tours in queens and the bronx to help speed up response times and $170 million for alternative housing for adolescents at rikers. while the mayor also warned of designing support from the state and federal government and of an anticipated decline in city tax revenue, he insisted this budget is sound. >> we've done conservative revenue estimates. i don't think we're going to be surprised by less revenue. and we've done heavy reserves. >> it also includes $2.3 billion in savings, that according to the administration. that would make it the largest spending reduction program in the city over the last five years. the city council has until the end of june to approve the budget before the next fiscal year kicks in.
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sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this tuesday night, caught on camera. dramatic video of a car slamming in to a police car in new jersey. >> plus, a story about what really matters in life. a high school in our area agrees to hold an early graduation for one senior. so his dying father can see his son receive his high school diploma. >> and later in sports, the new york giants taking to the practice field for the first time under their new head c i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in, come in! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable.
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some dramatic released of a crash involving a south brunswick officer who was doing paperwork inside his vehicle after pulling over a semi truck. that's when another car veered to the shoulder then slammed in to him. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. the 24-year-old driver of the car may have suffered a medical episode and while the accident is under investigation, charges are not expected. if you want something, ask for it. a mother in connecticut doing just that, making a passionate request to the high school where her oldest son is graduating. >> the graduation is set for june, but by that time her husband, the boy's father, may have died from cancer. so this friday an early graduation. >> all this so dad can be there for his son. here's michelle charlesworth.
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only have one week, make that week count. >> reporter: akrom has been battling cancer for almost a year. he's been told by doctors he's in his final weeks. so his son's high school has moved up a small private graduation ceremony friday so he's sure to see ferris graduate. ferris says his father has been his best teacher and example. >> to never give up hope even when you've got a negative prognosis from the doctor. he always had hope he's going to make it to my graduation and it's inspiring to see someone never quit believing. really what i care about is him being there. >> i'm a fixer and so is he. we've always been able to overcome and fix things. but in this one thing i feel helpless sometimes. >> reporter: mom, denise, was encouraged by a friend to somehow move up high school graduation for ferris to have that moment. and once the school heard about it, they made it happen
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>> he's the strongest man i know. i say he's my superman. he says i'm his rock. i say you're my boulder. because boulder is bigger than a rock. we said we'll do whatever we need to do. >> reporter: so this loving family is counting its blessings as it counts days. following dad's lessons of grace and gratitude. >> how he's always been smiling and how he's never given up hope no matter what's happened. no matter how bad things have gotten he's always been happy and never quit. >> his achievements are my achievements. and i'm so, so proud of him. >> reporter: the small private graduation is this friday. in greenwich, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. you know the mom made it happen by asking for it. doesn't happen if you don't ask for it. good for them. when we come back, lee goldberg with more on the storms
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good news, the thunderstorm warning has expired. >> the warning was allowed to expire over ocean county and even the profile of the watch has changed now which is good news. the watch continues to shrink. we'll look at that map right now. only for ocean county. and that will go until the 9:00 hour. there's a thunderstorm warning near the philly area right now but obviously the severe weather threat is winding down. there's the cell that prompted the severe warning. look how it lost all its reds and purples earlier but it's a downpour in lakewood and brick then just south of brielle and over to long beach island over the next hour. we had holes in the overcast over lower manhattan. not so much anymore. a little ray of sun not too far from miss liberty. 51. east wind at 6. the high only 60. we may bounce up in to the early 50s as we go through the early evening hours. crazy temperature range today. near 80 in clinton, new jersey earlier. we've been struggling through the 40s long island and connecticut. that's one of the reasons why thunderstorms fell apart, they
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the dark oranges and reds you see here, temperatures are in the 80s. that was over central and southern new jersey. now we've dropped in to the 50s. see where the winds are converging? that's where the front is. 39 in boston right now. yet it's 84 in dc. how about that ride up i-95 right now. pretty incredible range. a lot of clouds around 7:00. it's not raining in most areas. monmouth and ocean, you're probably the exception with showers rolling through. we're dry but mostly cloudy at midnight. should be sunny by 7 a.m. there's clouds definitely south of the city over central and southern new jersey. mostly sunny north and partly sunny south. i think that theme will continue throughout the day. rather cool day as temperatures get in the lower and mid 60s. another check on that cell going through northern ocean county. you also see lightning not too far from stafford township and near barnigate as well. still showers over the next few hours but really north of i-78 it's all clear. same thing long island, connecticut, all the hudson valley and a few breaks. notice the temperatures here. 71 in trenton.
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as the cool air settles in. we're dropping in to the 40s during the early evening hours. north and east of new york city. see at 7 a.m., clouds south and west. sunny north and east. upper 30s in the hudson valley and catskills. decent spring day. the theme will be look to the southern horizon, more clouds over central and southern new jersey. more sun to the north. highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. theme tomorrow is nicer north. rest of the week starts to come back on us on thursday. increasing clouds and rain in the afternoon. again, south and west of new york city. that continues to be the theme. 45 tonight. these storms are exiting over the next few hours. it's brisk, chillier. clouds will break late and the mets will play and start on time. rain has left flushing. mainly sunny and nice tomorrow. patchy clouds especially south of new york city, high of 63 to 65. 46 tomorrow night. partly cloudy and cool. here's your 7-day. after a fairly dry wednesday, although there could be a shower over southern ocean county and
6:22 pm
returning south and west of new york city thursday. still showers on friday. you'll need the umbrella. saturday looks like the pick of the weekend. clouds gather sunday. maybe late day rain west. starts out damp early next week. so getting that rain we missed last week.
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the baseball season just gets started. basketball playoffs just starting. and you're talking football? >> no problem. it's never too early to start talking football. the giants can get an early jump and they jumped at the chance to do that. a voluntary veterans mini camp opened today at the meadowlands. first of the offseason. three days of practice leading to the opening of the nfl draft. teams with new head coaches are allowed to add one of these mini camps to the offseason programs.
6:26 pm
more formal workouts start next month. >> we've had two very good bad years losing games by three points, little mistakes that cost us the game. looking at the things we need to correct and seeing a lot of new faces and guys who i know are definitely going to be able to help this team, i'm really excited for the season. johnny manziel indicted today on a misdemeanor assault charge stemming from a domestic violence complaint made by an ex-girlfriend. facing the possibility of a year in jail and a fine. manziel has been cut by the browns, two agents have dropped him and endorsements have dried up. manziel's lawyers plan to plead not guilty. nhl stanley cup playoffs roll on. it starts with a trip to tampa tomorrow. after speaking with our laura behnke today. >> sunday night's overtime win exercised 23 years of playoff demons for >> it's an exciting time for us.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: their first post series win since 1993 is old news now. the isles must move on. >> that series is done and over with. we've got game one on wednesday. that's what our focus is on. >> expectations are high. we want to keep this thing going. it wasn't about just getting past the first round. >> reporter: the defending eastern conference champions are the next challenge. >> we just want to focus on ourselves and what we've got to do. make it tough on them and establish our type of game right away. >> reporter: with a back-to-back and pair of double overtime games, the islanders have played a whole lot of hockey in a little amount of time. that trend continues with game one tomorrow. >> there's things you can control and can't control. that's the message to our team. we're in good shape. mentally we're strong. you have to find a way no matter when the game time is or what day you're playing. >> laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. the rangers were knocked out
6:28 pm
cleaned out their lockers today. defenseman dan boyle made it interesting. ended up giving a nice interview, but boyle said strongly he wouldn't start today until a couple reporters who had been critical of him in the past left the room. >> i'm just telling you i don't want you here. i have no respect for you. i want you to get the [ bleep ] out. i don't want to see you. baseball tonight. yankees in texas. mets host the reds. travis d'arnaud, strained right rotator cuff. he had trouble with it last night. had it looked at today. mets called up rivera from triple-a. he and kevin plawecki take on the catching duties. d'arnaud will sit for a few weeks. chris paul is out with hand surgery. blake griffin out the rest of the playoffs with a quad injury. steve kerr the coach of the year. kerr missed the first 43 games recovering from back surgery. luke walton coached those games. the warriors won 39 of them
6:29 pm
won more games than the coach of the year. right? >> walton really. >> good news for young mr. walton. now for some of the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here with that. >> coming up, a young man says he was beaten and attacked with a glass bottle. new at 11:00, he tells us what he thinks is behind the attack. plus, when a teaspoon of caffeine can be a deadly danger. we have a warning and calls to ban it. we'll have those stories and more tonight at 11:00. >> and of course the election results. getting a lot of feedback on our social media pages about the story michelle did about the high school in connecticut giving an early graduation so a dying father could see his kid. >> beautiful and emotional. >> on that note, that's it for us for now. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next.
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breaking news as we come on tonight. the national weather service warning of a particularly dangerous situation. bracing for several weather emergencies at this hour. 54 million americans across much of the east, the south, tornado alerts from texas to nebraska. pounding hail, shelters along the highway. and severe storms from philly into the northeast. also breaking tonight, the ship that sank carrying more than two dozen americans. tonight, the new discovery. we'll show it to you right here. the race for the white house. and at this hour, the voting across five states. the first clues already coming in tonight. can clinton and trump close the deal? new reporting on prince this evening. that last concert and the emergency landing right after. his condition during those moments. and the other bombshell in that case tonight. and made in america is back. the one thing replaced in times square.


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