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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 30, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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ba da ba ba ba thanks for watching "nightline" tonight. i'll be back in the morning with good morning america. we'll have the latest on the breaking news out of california,
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rally, and we're online 24 /7 at abc
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all new at 11:00 a police officer slams on the brakes, then gives the driver behind
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it is an eyewitness news exclusive. a worker collecting rent. an amazing new way cops will now search for patrick alfer. >> josh einiger live where a computer and manikin could help find the boy. >> reporter: yeah bill, expensive shops here on west broadway are a world away from the east new york neighborhood -- where patrick vanished six years ago. they hope it generates the buzz they need to bring patrick home. in a world of surveillance video and dna matching and k9 searches, this is the most unusual investigative technique. a moon shot of sorts in the hunt for 7-year-old patrick alfer. >> people forget in the long run. it is that patrick is a missing most people don't remember that. >> reporter: christopher zimmerman hasn't remembered.
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>> reporter: he's the search for nearly as long as he has been alive the day he walked away from his foster home in january 2010. since then cops have searched on the air and ground and they have hung posters throughout the city. and nothing. >> people in new york, they are so busy all the time. they never have time to pay attention what is around and never look at each others face. >> reporter: but they do look in store windows. a group of designers at advertising got the sculpt a life size manikin that looks the way that patrick would today at age 12. the initiative is called invisible faces. now a life like patrick stands in this store window on one of the trendiest blocks of soho along with an ipad of information about the case and the number for crime stoppers. >> i wonder where he is. we hope from the bottom of our hearts that it is really an initiative that will get people to notice him and until maybe generate more leads.
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the number for crime stoppers if you know anything about where patrick might be. they are also hoping that other shoppers will keep involved and sponsor one of these mannequins for their own. you can head to abc7ny. we are live in soho tonight josh einiger 7 eyewitness news. new details on the fuel spill in the hudson river. tonight the mystery, where did it come from. the sheen turning up today near the engelwood boat base in new jersey. crews immediately getting to work trying to contain it, but the plume was unstoppable. and they are letting it dissipate. the area now getting monitored for any environmental impact. where did the fuel come from? perhaps by a vessel that then took off. two nypd officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after their cruiser collided with a getaway car that they were chasing. suspects were involved in a robbery.
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in harlem the accident happened. the force hard enough to deploy air bags in both cars. people tell eyewitness news they heard the crash and then police had their car surrounded with guns drawn. he is lucky to be alive and tonight he's talking to us about a vicious attack by a pair of pit bulls. the worker there to collect back rent, but the tenant opened the door and the dogs attacked. . >> reporter: that worker had no idea what he was walking into when he and a co-worker knocked on a door inside the morris' house and out came two banned pit bulls in attack mode who bit him over and over and nearly cost hip his -- cost him his life. >> i started screaming. >> reporter: unanswered.
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die. >> they opened the door and the two pit bulls rushed out. >> reporter: they were trying to recover unpaid rent from a tenant when the two masked dogs reportedly pushed past a young child who opened the door and burst into the hallway and ran straight toward him. >> i was panting. and one of them, i saw was on the floor. before he finally managed to fight off the vicious pair and escape down the stairwell.
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>> reporter: pit bulls have been banned since 2010. officials say the two dogs involved in this incident have since been removed from the apartment. action against the tenant is also pending, but both the physical and emotional scars will take some time to heal. in the bronx i'm a.j. ross channel 7 eyewitness news. tomorrow the benefits, showing the federal regulations required them to stop service april 30. urging striking workers to now seek health coverage under cobra. the union accusing the company of using healthcare to try to break the strike. workers walked off the job april 13 after failing to reach a contract agreement. new tonight police say that a thief is using an old trick. take note an easy way to get into someone's garage. watch the surveillance video of the man checking to see if that vehicle in the driveway are open. investigators say they get into
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garage door remote control inside. and which allows access to the house, at least two homes have been broken into. >> we were a little complacent. we forgot to lock one of them. we need to be more vigilant. >> reporter: they did not find anything missing as police are echoing what she said and saying that residence, they should locket door between their garage to their home. it was the easter bunny that suddenly started in the local mall. tonight charges against them were downgraded. aggravated assault charges against the easter bunny downgraded a simple assault. a video that went viral that shows charles duking it out with jimenez guerrero in jersey city. attacking him after he slipped off the bunny's lap. a large storm system is tearing through the south with damaging tornadoes, twisters that have been reported in texas and oklahoma. and one man in oklahoma, they returned home to find his
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including his mattress on the power pole. there are no reports of nigiris. >> that's the good news. and they had names. how about going for this upcoming one of the beauty and the best? >> that is how they would get, but i don't know. they could go for their weekend as well though. look at this with a pretty good rain shower moving through the hudson valley and some sleet in parts of the cascades. thankfully it is starting to pivot out over the next few hours. here is your wake up weather for your saturday the better half of their weekend, a chilly start with some breaks of the sun at about 46 degrees. we have to time that second half of the weekend coming up just nine minutes away. >> thank you. the exclaves tonight, the china town restaurant owner seen viciously beaten on broad daylight speaks only to eyewitness news. the man who does not want to be identified, he was pummeled by a customer. he asked to leave because he says that the man was sexually harassing a worker as they said they took that fight outside
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officers, but he told our stefan kim through a translator that he didn't realize that they were traffic cops. >> i was expecting the three uniformed officers to protect me and pull the guy away, but that didn't happen. >> reporter: that suspect gomez was arrested at the scene. now to 2016 and a wild scene on the republican gathering today in northern california. protesters managing to breakthrough a police line there, blocking donald trump from either going into the front door as he will be taking a secure route to get inside that hotel across the grass as you can see and then enter that back door. in true fashion, he told the crowd that he felt like someone was trying to get through illegally. >> reporter: there were helicopters following you as we went through the fence and under the fence. i felt like i was crossing the
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i was crossing the border. >> reporter: mr. trump is leaving the same way as john kasich, he is also speaking there today. tomorrow the senator will speak. and a traffic mess this weekend for drivers that are crossing the bridge. three out of the four northbound lanes are now closed for repairs. work started at 9:00 and they continue until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. they will be back again on saturday into sunday. and the construction crews, they will need to drive piles into the river bed for the new bridge. drivers are being told to take another route or at least expect delays. straight ahead at 11:00, another eyewitness news exclusive tonight. a driver going down the road when they slapped on their brakes. why did the driver end up getting a ticket? right now, they are looking
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it's not the driver in question, but the cop. tonight, we will hear from a
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on his brakes, but gave him a ticket. the driver's dash cam video now touching off an internal affairs investigation. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid has more. >> reporter: a clifton man is getting plenty of reaction from this video he posted online of a cop car stopping short and then an officer accusing the college student of tailgating. >> i was a car length away. >> reporter: the video has more than 80,000 away. the internal affairs review. >> you brake checked me. >> i braked because i thought you were going to run into me. >> reporter: we spoke to the driver exclusively tonight. his name is omar and asked me not to show his face during the interview. though you can see him in the dash cam video. >> it is disgusting. you can see that there is a car on the right and oncoming traffic on the left. you don't put someone else in danger. >> reporter: omar says he has the dash cam on his car in case there is an accident and he needs that evidence, but never
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use it against a cop in court. omar was cited for not having a front plate, dark windows, and tailgating. he told the officer about his camera during the march 19 incident on west van helton avenue. clifton police said that the department is aware of the incident. therefore we will not be commenting on the incident at this time. >> i think the proper thing would let me pass and then put your sirens on and your lights and then conduct the normal traffic stop. but he chose to slam on the brakes. i thought he was very irresponsible. >> he rejected a plea deal in court and plans to fight the charges when his trial begins next month. >> hopefully the right thing happens and this cop gets disciplined. >> reporter: in clifton carolina leid channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what do you think about this case? we have posted that video on our website and facebook page and watch it there and tell us how you feel. new at 11:00, watching from our area as forensic science
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found dead 35 years ago. the teenage girl discovered a ditch in southern ohio back in 1981. these are the new composite images after a new testing where they would say that the pollen on their clothing would spend time in their northeast in the city and that they would hope to narrow down the area that she was from. a new legal battle over the iphone as they belonged to one of the two 14-year-olds that vanished while fishing off florida as they were never found, but that they were recovered last month. and the phone was given to the parents of the teen who owned it and the other teen's family filed a lawsuit to ensure an impartial third party would examine it, all to send the phone to apple to analyze it for evidence. trending rescue efforts tonight on the scene of the building collapse. we have video of the baby getting pulled alive out of the rubble. you can see the baby being passed around the rescue workers as it is whisked to safety.
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still be trapped under all that debris. the residential building collapsed and in that heavy rain and flooding. new information tonight in the investigation into prince's death where they are learning that over the past three years that four calls for emergency assistance, they were made from the paisley park home. but the reasons for the calls, they have not been made public as the last call was made on the day he was found dead last week. investigators are awaiting autopsy and toxicology results to figure out a cause of death. meanwhile the rain falling on the park in brooklyn tonight that was the purple variety as they would host a tribute to prince and hundreds of people, they would sing along to their hits holding up their cell phones in honor of the late super star. the movie purple rain has been shown and everyone sang along to that too. meanwhile we have new video on the box truck going out of control, rolling backwards down the street in massachusetts.
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you can see that the furniture delivery truck is losing their brakes. no driver at the wheel managed to jump out before the truck crashed. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg as they get an upside down april as they started near 80 degrees in the middle 60s. today it is 7 degrees below average. how about tom's river? 16 degrees below average. struggling in the 50s here with a wet night tonight. moving slowly here wet across the span after some light rain, and only 46 degrees. the easterly wind at 6 and the high is 58 in the park. your sun -- and sunrise and sunset times a beautiful day. they should get past that 60- degree mark. rain ending the next couple of hours with breaks by dawn. 50/50 weekend for you tomorrow. a raw rain on sunday. that rain is tapering late. a sampling of the computer models. we will end up somewhere in the
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steady during the middle part of the day. 7:00 a.m. the clouds are breaking for the sun and variable at times. looking mostly cloudy at times showing a lot of blue, allowing us to get those temperatures in the mid to low 60s a dry day and a brighter day with some heavier showers near bruster more than winchester where we see that going over into stanford and grenwich as well, tailing over eastern long island moving out. still cloudy off to the west with some breaks here with a wind as they might be a bit to break and a few breaks by morning. then we turn our attention to the system we showed you earlier causing severe weather here and snow across the front range of the rockies. we are not getting that, but it is a piece of the system that will be coming their way on sunday knocking around the door. rarely from their get go that you will not have rain. from start to finish that they could taper later in the day and that their steadier rain will be there during the morning hours. we will be stuck in the clouds
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to get to the 50-degree mark. all right, looking at a close up of the future cast starting tomorrow morning in the low to middle 40s. notice how we totally lose them here. but we will get to about 66 degrees. here comes the rain early sunday morning. a soaking through the middle of the the day and tapering as we go into the evening with just a drizzle during your sunday evening, easier to travel with standing water as well. clearly tomorrow is the better half for your weekend and then soaking coming in on sunday. your accuweather forecast a chilly start, breaks the sun at 46. a high of 63. clouds are mixing in with sun and more breaks east of new york city. tomorrow night clouding up, rain towards dawn or the five burro bike war on sunday where it will be wet and very different and be very careful to take part there, march rather than may, still unsettled with a couple of showers. tuesday is the best bet and it will be unsettled next week. they will time the rain for the rest of the weekend. >> we heard that by the way.
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is >> i didn't mind. [ laughter ] coming up next, the new test for the zika virus that could be available in a matter of days.
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ba da ba ba ba the house and the senate in recess for a week. the money wanted asap to prepare for summer when mosquitoes is expected to spread the virus in the u.s. the federal government is taking some actions, approving the first commercial zika test. a small network of the cdc approved labs could run the zika test. quest diagnostics developed the test, available by as early as next week. with more testing capacity, doctors and patient wills get results more quickly.
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house to the top of the british monarchy, but don't worry it is only a twitter war. over the annual invictus game. the wounded warrior charity is behind it and harry may have won this round by getting the queen involved. >> she didn't look too happy. >> if you are starting with a little extra money the power ball jackpot, we will give you a chance. you can watch rob powers next on you witness news at 11:00 with sports. >> the yankees are on the road, setting up the big baseball
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games straight ahead. and offensive e motion, the likes of which the mets have never seen before. wait until you see this. plus the jets are having trouble signing the quarterback for last ye pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief.
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they boosted their record by beating teams they were suppose to tonight. a giant's test, the san francisco giants with a good test at home. cespedes drives in two runs, 16 rbis. he was just getting started.
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as cabrera drives in two more runs. making it 6-0. all six runs in the 3rd inning. again, just getting started. later bases loaded for cespedes, how about a grand slam. sixth rbi for him in one inning. overall the biggest inning with 12 runs, 15 batters, eight hits, four walks. mets lead 12-0. and that is all good for stephen metz. yankees won in a road trip battling boston with no better place to get back on track as we start in the bottom of the 2nd inning. alex rodriguez is coming around. he takes one deep. bye, bye, so long, farewell. now watch he's going to leave his bat for the little kid. how nice, huh? game tied 2-2 in the 8th inning. david ortiz and there goes the game. then ortiz one ups rodriguez. and hugs some kids. can you believe this? they lose 4-2 as another rough night. all right the nfl draft will continue tonight.
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with a couple of picks as we would start with the giants. round two the pick to oklahoma receiver sterling shepherd. quick, fast, scouts love this kid. urban randall is not around anymore. in the third round another need overall selection number 71 giant goose defense with a safety from boise state. darian thompson. the ball hawk for your starter -- ball hog for your starter. overall pick number 51 the jets take penn state quarterback christian hackenburg. a big kid, mixed reviews, but another strong arm in camp. ryan fitzpatrick still unsigned, it's your move. third round pick 83 linebacker jordan jenkins four- year letter winner at georgia, explosive, athletic, now a vet. more draft tomorrow. tunsil's bizarre opening last night didn't get much better today says the social
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minutes before round one started. tunsil's stock tumbled. dolphins took him at 13. today they said tunsil wasn't speaking and then an hour and a half later he showed up. >> like i said i'm blessed just to be here, you know, it's a great opportunity. >> pretty much it. islanders and lightning stanley cup playoff day two tomorrow. luke walton will be the next head coach. nba playoffs tonight. they hosted the raptors. paul george 21 points. pacers face a game 7. 101-83 indiana. final game sunday in toronto. the charlotte hornets with the chance to advance past the miami heat. but they said no. 10 of their 23 points in the


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