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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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here's adrienne becker with the story. >> reporter: a night on the town in rio, turning into an international incident. police questioning whether members of team us aswimming lied to police. new developments today surrounding 12 time olympic medalist ryan lochte and three other swimmers who claim they of rio. a federal police source in brazil saying surveillance video shows one of the swimmers breaking down a bathroom door at a gas station, then getting into a fight with a security guard. it comes the day after fellow swimmers who were with lochte that night were pulled from a
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come off the plane. >> reporter: overnight jack congresser and gun that are bentz will continue the discussions about the incident on thursday. james feeing began is also communicating with authorities. lochte is back in the u.s., previously telling nbc news he had a gun to his head. >> the guy pulled out his gun, cocked it, put it to my forehead said get down and i was like i put my hands up i was like whate saying the gun was only pointed in his direction. a brilliant judge -- a brazilian judge questioning the demeanor of the three as telereturned. >> reporter: the u.s. olympic committee says they have been released from police custody but are awaiting further discussions on the incident with brazilian authorities.
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intentionally drowning his mother in their backyard pool in suffolk county. 23-year-old dennis cullen was arrested last night two hours after his mother's body was found. cullen has a history of mental health issues and his mother comes from a high ranking military family. long island reporter kristen thorn is live in central islip where new information about the murder just came out in court. >> reporter: lauren the dennis cullen jr. prosecutors say he said in a several-hour long videotape to police that he and his mother got into a fight about him not taking his psychiatric medication. they were in the pool at the time. he apparently says he put her in a headlock, dragged her from the shallow end of the pool into the deepened and drownedler. he then took her body out of the pool, put it near a shed.
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car keys, took her car into the city to meet his sister and allegedly told her what he allegedly did. we are hearing from our sources that 23-year-old dennis cullen jr. was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia several years ago, and was released recently from a loss. he is being charged with second degree murder in his death of his mother, 63-year-old elizabeth cullen. it happened at their home in cold spring harbor yesterday afternoon. about 20 minutes this morning. >> spoke to him for a couple of minutes. he is pretty calm. and as i indicated, he hasn't been convicted of anything, so he is not sorry at this point. he hasn't said i'm sorry. >> reporter: and we've also learned more about the victim here, elizabeth cullen, comes from a high ranking military family her brother, the former army chief of staff george casey. her father, the late general
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a helicopter crash during vietnam. cullen is being held on $8 million bail. we are live in central islip, kristen thorn channel 7 eyewitness news. long island railroad service is back up and running after a train fatally struck a person. for several hours three branches experienced delays because of the tragedy. commuters riding the branches all forced to search for alternatives or simply wait for up and running. >> we had to jump on another bus and take another route to work. a little hectic, but we'll get there. >> reporter: residual delays continued through the morning. the mta says the person hit was not authorized to be on the tracks. turning now to the latest in the death of an imam and his associate. religious and city leaders on the steps of city hall asking
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with the story. >> reporter: people are mist identified. those are the words of mayor de blasio speaking today for so many in the city who say they simply cannot comprehend these cold blooded murders. you know, there is no known connection to the alleged killer and the victims. police say they have answered virtually every question in this case except one. oscar moral has insisted he didn't do it. that he is not the man in the behind and executing two muslim men in broad daylight. the 55-year-old imam, and his 64-year-old assistant, each shot point blank in the back of the head. he is charged with multiple counts of murder but he is not charged with a hate crime. on the steps of city hall this morning, leading muslim clerics
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respected leaders are unknown, but many believe they are a byproduct of a growing antimuslim and antiimmigrant sentiment. >> reporter: relatives of the victims say there is no other conceivable motive. >> we want to know what is the reason for it and we want justice for it. then we will be at peace. >> i hope this all comes to an end with the world a better pl insisted that the evidence is overwhelming. crime scene investigators recovered the .38 caliber revolver, what they believe is a smoking gun. a precise ballistics match to bullets recovered from the victim. >> people are mist identified -- are concerned. a huge task force was put together to find this
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still isn't clear. >> reporter: the mayor insisted the police department is determined to find the motive if there is a motive to be found. of course, without a clear bias motive the suspect cannot be charged with a bias crime. 's appeared here in criminal court moments ago, a routine procedural court appearance. i'm told a formal indictment could come as early as tomorrow. channel 7 eyewitness news. nj, thank you. a sex offender has been arrested. 52-year-old michael mann sexually assaulted a 27-year- old woman at knifepoint after she got off the j, train tuesday. after the attack, the suspect called police. officers say he was slurring his words during the call. he asked police for a ride and told them he had a knife. when police arrived, they realized he matched the description of a rain suspect they were look -- of a rape
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he was convicted of raping a woman in brooklyn. hillary clinton meeting with law enforcement leaders in new york city today. the meeting set to begin in 30 minutes. clinton requested the meeting to talk about the challenges they face in policing. meanwhile trump is blaming the obama administration for not doing enough to fight terrorism. the republican candidate predicts more terror attacks are in our future. trump spoke out, he criticized president obama the way the u.s. withdrew troops from iraq and for being politically correct. trump called the withdrawal ridiculous and said it led directly to isis being formed where we have problems in this country. we are letting thousands and thousands of people come into our country. there is no paperwork, nobody knows what they are doing and they are coming in by the thousands. yesterday trump met with his national security team at
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his first classified briefing at the fbi headquarters in lower manhattan. trump was scheduled to receive information on isis but was not briefed on covert action details. a warning about a string of disturbing encounters in new jersey. >> a driver coaxing children over to his car, ask then exposing himself -- and then exposing himself. the clues detectives have. a new twist in a twin tragedy. the woman, accused of killing her sister in hawaii is facing new ch new york. and new details of the affordable healthcare act controversy surrounding aetna. the company responds to reports it threatened to drop out of obamacare. i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. the showers have left. the clouds are around. there will be sunshine. temperatures here at noon time have been right around 79 degrees. we are going to be looking at temperatures increasing as we go into the afternoon. and i think we have to have some sunny breaks and a nice
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police say she nearly hit a carbing driven by a new york state trooper. duval previously faced charges after a crash in hawaii that killed her twin sister. she was released by a judge who determined there was from probable cause for a murder charge. a man in dallas that left
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johnson had his weapons taken away from him during his deployment in afghanistan after he was accused of sexually harassing a female soldier in his unit. a grenade and prescription medicine belonging to another soldier were found in johnson's bag. johnson was killed by police, as you know, during a standoff in dallas last month. new details on the controversy surrounding aetna. the company says poor financial results, not a government ruling against a proposed pull out of affordable healthcare act health exchanges. last month aetna told the justice department if its proposed merger with humana was blocked it would be forced to stop offering exchange plans. the department did block the merger. earlier this week the company said it will stop offering coverage in 11 of the 15 states where it operated. meanwhile new york business executives say the affordable healthcare act is killing jobs. the federal reserve bank of new
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and manufacturing executives in the tristate area. about 20% say they expect to cut jobs in response to provisions in the law. right now crew in his california fighting to contain a monster wildfire consuming nearly 40 square miles, 60 miles from downtown los angeles. the san bernardino blue cut fire threatening more than 34,000 homes and a major freeway. the flames are so fierce, firefighters just can't figure already been destroyed. only 4% of that fire is considered contained, and the extreme heat and dry conditions, allowing it to spread fast. we have made the move from showers to clouds. now we are headed toward a weekend warm up. meteorologist bill evans has the st. louissive accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: -- exclusive accu- weather forecast. >> reporter: new information on
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in louisiana the national guard and many volunteers are working to help people recover from the devastating floods there. some of those helping. the university of louisiana football players got right to work. fema looking into temporary housing options right now,
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shelters even camping on front lawns. at least 13 people have died and an estimated 40,000 homes damaged by floods. those were bad floods. >> that was tough. >> that is awesome. >> that they are helping out. >> yeah. louisiana lafayette. >> bring in the football team. strong guys. so we have a little bit of rain and now, is that gone? >> it is kind of comfortable. it is cloudy, not picturesque perfect sunshine. we'll see more in the way of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s, so it is not oppressively hot. not necessarily humid and our temperature at noon 7 degrees close to the normal that it should be for this hour of the day for this time of the year. got a calm wind and humidity is kind of in the low range or you could say the low end of moderate here. 80 in garrison. 78 around sunset park and howard beach.
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not much. it is a calm wind to a very light wind. either nothing or some individual winds that are around, so we are looking at just some clouds that are kind of coming by from west to east. look back to the west. a lot of sunshine now in western jersey. the hudson river valley. there are a few sprinkles in this air mass coming across to binghamton, mostly it is going to be sunshine and high sprinkles, north and west, into the mid-80s, they go away at sunset. tomorrow morning we start out in the 70s again and by afternoon we are looking at mid- 80s again, showing up a possible sprinkle on the guidance but those chances are very low. sunshine going into saturday. boating forecast good for the afternoon. winds are two feet. 79 in the sound, the rip current risk is low with that light wind out there. so clouds and sunshine. passing shower possible, particularly north and west we are at 85.
12:20 pm
is 67. 74 the five boroughs. 62, 63 north and west. a sunny, warm day tomorrow with a high of around 88 degrees. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. saturday the best day of the weekend. 87 warm and humid. a nice warm august summer day. saturday into sunday a front is coming for sunday. a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. eastern long island gets away without a shower during sunday. look at next week. low 80s, to 84 by wednesday but the humidity is very low and lows at night are you know, in the mid to upper 60s. so really nice weather on monday. if you want a break from this heat and humidity. >> i cannot wait. >> i think a lot of people are happy about that. >> yeah i think so. it has been a hot summer. >> thanks bill. a scare in the air. a passenger jet forced to turn around just after take off.
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the emergency landing.
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. cameras were rolling as a jet was forced to make an
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look at this video, you can see flames coming out of one of the engines on the left side of the plane. the airbus a-3 30 was en route to the capital of qatar when it landed safely. fortunately no one was hurt. a ship sank in the great lakes more than two centuries ago. an underwater explorer stumbled upon the washington in a deep dive. the ship went down powerful storm in 1803. when it was in use the ship was used to transport people and goods between western new york, pennsylvania and ontario. in a close encounter with two humpback whales, it was caught on camera the group was paddling through the water north of vancouver when they spotted the humpback and her calf. they didn't realize how close they were until they saw both jump out of the water.
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up i actually said to the group guys back paddle, even though she wasn't close to us. when mama come up, it was apparent we needed to get back and get back fast. >> back paddle faster. >> the leader of the adventure trip says the group followed the rules and stayed 100 meters away from the whales. but it is sometimes difficult for kayakers because whales are able to swim as you might guess much faster than a kayaker can probably tested their best they could paddle at that point. >> i think i would freeze. >> 100% of the time in a one-on- one with a whale, even michael phelps might have trouble. thanks david. at&t and doing away with extra fees for going over your wireless data. but it is not exactly a free pass. under new plans that begin next week customers who go over their data plan limit will not
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of the month. it is part of an overhaul of prices by the wireless carrier. and new at noon, in the future, your uber may be missing something big. the driver. the ride share service will test self-driving cars on the streets of pittsburgh over the next several weeks but there will be a back-up driver from the car to keep an eye on everything. a predator alert in new jersey. police on the lookout after several children say a driver lured them to his ca and exposed himself. what authorities say to watch out for. plus crimes against cab business. a pair of thieves teaming up to rob taxi drivers. and flooding fuss. why local residents are upset about a new plan to protect
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a police official is telling the associated press american swimmer ryan lochte fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. surveillance video shows one of the swimmers breaking down a bathroom door at a gas station and then getting into a fight with a security guard. this comes after two american swimmers were pulled from a u.s.-bound flight and kept in
12:30 pm
say he intentionally drowned his mother in their backyard pool in suffolk county. 23-year-old dennis cullen was arrested last night after his mother's body was found in cold spring harbor. all new this half hour. a warning from police in two new jersey towns. investigators have received several reports of a man exposing himself. two cases in rose park and two more >> joining us live from linden with the latest. stephen? >> reporter: a disturbing act. but adding to the concern is the frequency of these alleged incidents. police say it has happened eight times since may, with six incidents occurring here within the past few weeks. this is an image of the suspect's car released by cops. it is a clark colored older model 4-door vehicle. the suspect, in each case, targets young children. sometimes alone or in a group.
12:31 pm
calls them over, exposes himself and then drives away. he is described as in his 20s, clean shaven with a crew cut hairstyle. he struck twice yesterday in broad daylight. the victims, just 7 and 9. and like in the other incidents, he always strikes in a residential neighborhood. >> it does occur to us he is becoming more brazen in his activity. his vehicle and confronts the p entercom communications any -- -- the juveniles any more than sitting in his car. >> reporter: police at this point are unsure if it is the same man they are looking for in these august incidents. what cops say they could use the public's help for is to get a license plate number of these vehicles. live had in linden, stephen
12:32 pm
shooting in the bronx. gunshots rang out about 9:20 p.m. on college avenue, killing 17- year-old donte gordon and wounding a 21-year-old man. emergency personnel rushed both victims to lincoln hospital but gordon died from his wounds. the 21-year-old remains in critical condition at the hospital. police are working to catch a robbery duo in manhattan who is targeting taxis. one man distracts the driver cash. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan has the story. >> reporter: ask any driver of a yellow taxi. >> you always have to be worried. at all times. it is a dangerous job. >> reporter: police say these two men are responsible for a number of yellow taxi robberies this month and last, and some of them have been violent. the men have struck at least six times. some of those were up on fifth avenue in the 30s. but the best surveillance video, the clearest shot of the
12:33 pm
video shows the two young men approaching a taxi, police say as the first man distracted the driver the second reached in and stole cash from a cup holder in the car. police say the first man punched the driver, and then both men walked away. just moments later they flagged down another driver. do you worry about that during your day? >> yeah it is my job. i worry. >> reporter: police released still photos of the two men a batman logo tattooed on the inside forearm of one of the suspects. drivers have different strategies about how to handle the situation. >> reporter: would you give them the money. >> no never. >> reporter: if somebody walked up to rob you, what would you do? >> i would give it to him. the money. >> reporter: just give it up? >> yeah i need my life. >> reporter: police are hoping someone will recognize the men and tell police who they are. jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness
12:34 pm
on a can't con amusement park ride. a man and four children were hurt while riding the scrambler at ocean beach park in new london. the malfunction was caused by faulty wiring. no one else's injuries were considered serious. the wiring has been repaired. a second person has died from a house fire in bergen county, new jersey. police in little ferry say a grandmother died last night after suffering burns to 90 her body. yesterday morning a 5-year-old girl was critically injured in the fire as well. she died at the hospital of the the girl's mother still recovering. other residents in the 3-story home jumped from windows to escape the flames. homeowners in west chester county claim no one talked to them about a flooding plan before it was released. the 700-page report from the army corps of engineers calls for 50 property owners to give
12:35 pm
be built to divert water from homes. it claims none of the residents had any objections to the $70 million project but homeowners say they only learned of it when they got a letter in the mail. meteorologist bill evans got the afternoon accu-weather forecast? >> reporter: a few holes starting to breakthrough in the sky here. the story down the east river all the way down to world trade, gunshot got good visibility. 79 degrees, pretty much normal there is a few showers that are back to our west that might ride into the area west and northwest. cloudy skies, breaks of sun at times. we clear out, going to be a great evening with temperatures in the 70s. i have your weekend forecast to talk to you about next. thank you bill. mayor bill de blasio announcing his plans today for one of the largest investments to the city's parks since he took
12:36 pm
plans to spend $150 million to improve five parks, one in each borough, each park will get $30 million toward hiking and walking paths, and soccer fields. plus he is a billionaire businessman and a former new york city mayor. now michael bloomberg has a new role, and it is on the stage.
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some black list is widely circulated that is being used to deny prospective tenants in new york city. the data lists people who have been sued by landlords. critics say the list doesn't tell the whole story, including settlement or housing conditions, so now there is a proposal to regulated this black list. were horrible. sometimes you had to take your landlord to court. but then you end up on there black list. >> council is pushing for new legislation. they want a process that would give consumers a chance to dispute inaccurate and incomplete reports. happening today new york
12:40 pm
to court on a hurd charge. durst is -- on a murder charge. durst is expected to be arraigned today on charges he killed his friend susanber man. prosecutors say durst killedber man in order to prevent her from talking about the disappearance of his first wife. a family in kansas devastated after random gun violence left two children dead. cousin ross died. a barrage of bullets cape into their home in kansas city. after he was sit he went to his 12-year-old brother in bed and held on to him. jaden died in his brother's arms. >> what can i say to him? he actually held him. he held his cold body you know what i'm saying? how do i teach my son to cope with that? >> still no word on a possible motive behind the shooting. police are asking for the public's help to find the
12:41 pm
coast of puerto rico is still smoldering 24 hours later. fire broke out in the engine room of a ship that makes daily trips between the dominican republic and puerto rico. more than 500 passengers and crew were told to abandon ship down emergency slides yesterday. more than 100 were treated for smoke inhalation and dehydration as well as shock but luckily, no one died. former new york city mayor michael bloo with the united nations. he will now serve as ambassador for the world health organization. bloomberg's support to control smoking and tobacco use and improve road safety will help reduce deaths across the globe. bloomberg said he is honored. blake shelton getting backlash for tweets he made in the past. how the country star is responding today.
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. one of the best ways i think on the water and a new fun option for the public is on the scene if you don't mind getting wet. >> yes you've got to get wet. >> reporter: bill evans shows us a way to see the city. >> we commute from a car or bus or train or walking the streets. but here's a new way. you should take beautiful city. >> reporter: every day, tourists, commuters, residents all see the city from a different perspective, you can see it by bus, car, taxi, pedi cab, train. but today i'm going to show you a unique way in which you can view the city. the most unique way to see the city. riding a jet ski in new york harbor with see the city and our guide adam schwartz. >> the energy you feel on the
12:46 pm
feel out on the water around new york. >> reporter: it is true. the tour has the same characteristics as a day in the city. it can be fast paced, it rough. it can be nerve wracking. and for those who crave it, it can be quite the adrenaline rush. >> you can feel your heartbeat. >> reporter: but then there is my favorite part. seeing the most beautiful city in the world from a totally different perspective. the tour will take you all through the sights of lower manhattan. we begin at the world trade center. >> reporter: we then head up the east river to the south street seaport and up to the brooklyn bridge. >> what a nice shot of lower manhattan, wall street all the way down bowling green. >> reporter: then we go along the brooklyn waterfront to governor's island and out to the harbor to see the statue of liberty and ellis eyed. the tour lasts about an hour and if that is not enough there is a two and a half hour tour
12:47 pm
@adam has over 30 years experience on the waterways. our trip was exciting and safe and trust me, the new york water tastes great. >> i have been boating in new york for 30 years and i will tell you it is cleaner than it has been in 100 years. >> come see the city with sea the city, one of the most fun, picturesque and memorable times you can have on the water. >> when it's too hot, here's how you cool off. >> you get all the fun jobs bill. >> reporter: also if you want to see an jet ski tour, head to our website at abc 7 new york. >> how much did you drink of the water? >> it depends on what ferry boat you go on. >> i would get waked. >> reporter: you get wet but it feels good. water temperature is like 79 degrees. >> refreshing in the last couple of weeks. >> reporter: it is fun to walk the streets and get on a jet
12:48 pm
it is a great look. >> something i have been thinking about doing particularly this evening tomorrow and saturday, you take the ferry over from lower manhattan, right at world trade go to liberty landing and meet the guys and see the city and you see adam and tell him we sent you. it is really you know, kind of a quiet day we have clouds. one of those days nice like for an afternoon nap. 79 degrees, dew point you see, air temperature. the farther away the dew point is from the air temperature the drier it is. a calm wind out there. 82 in smith town. 83 in norwalk. where you see these temperatures in low 80s in spots. you see it is 77 white plains. got some clouds in spots. 8081 down the jersey shore where the sun has been breaking out. and a little bit of a west to northwest wind. some of the sprinkles here in
12:49 pm
the northwest. you know, aloft. might create a sprinkle this afternoon. we are looking at a good boating afternoon. if you are going to be in the harbor, the waves are only two feet unless you are around some of the ferries and there is a little wake action. other than that, water temperature 79. rip current risk is low. clouds and breaks of sunshine. passing sprinkle, particularly northwest. 60s in the suburbs. 74 around the five boroughs. tomorrow sunny and very warm, 88. feel like 90, 926789 then we go to saturday, which is a good day. warm and humid 87. sunday is transition day from a cold front coming in late in the day, with a shower and a thunderstorm late in the day and that will knock out the humidity and knock down the temperatures for next week. less humid and cooler temperatures actually below normal a few days next week. >> don't have to use the air conditioner at night. >> that will be nice. thanks bill.
12:50 pm
singer blake shelton. the tweets appeared to have come out in 2007. he tweeted in part comedy has been a major part of his career and sometimes he can be inappropriate and immature. he says he is never hateful but he is deeply sorry to those he offended. harry potter fans, you are about to be let in on a secret. author j. k. rowling is releasing three short ebooks secret history of hogwarts. each will combine entries in the archives with new details about the background of the school. the ebooks will be released on september 6th. >> i admit i got hooked. reading them to my son i got hooked. we'll be right back. first here's a look at what is coming up next on the chew. today we are sailing away and serving up delicious island eats. michael is making an easy
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12:54 pm
i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up first at 4:00. talk about a story that just keeps getting more bizarre. new video of ryan lochte on the night he claims he was robbed at gunpoint. take a look. this is the video here. brazilian officials are saying the swimmers lied on that night. we are going to keep you posted on these new developments. more on there video for you. also co up, from mechanic to pop star. how a day at the garage turned into one man's big break. >> he can sing there. those stories and more on eyewitness news first at 4:00. >> sounds great. time for the feed right now. we are going to begin with a rule at a catholic high school in arkansas that hopes to teach students to be responsible for themselves. by the way, lots of people on social media love this rule.
12:55 pm
facebook page. it reads if you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, book, et cetera, please exit the building. your son will learn to problem solve. some responded to the post by writing give the kids a break. but many others agree with the school's rule. one wrote you learn by taking responsibility not by escaping it. >> interesting lessons there. british sing heir dell had to cancel her second show in phoenix. she explained why from a very >> i'm really, really sorry. i have had a cold for a couple of days and i have been pushing through it and i did my show last night and i loved it but i pushed too hard and my cold has gotten the better of me and as you can hear, even if i did the show, it wouldn't be very good. >> i can't blame her she sounds terrible. she continued to apologize throughout the one minute clip. adele went on to promise a makeup show for her fans in phoenix.
12:56 pm
row. >> her nose is so red. >> i know, poor thing. an 11-year-old girl has racked up more than a half million views with a video showing her doing similar moves to the ones that earned the final five the gold medals. sandy didn't think she was that good at gymnastics even though she trains three and a half hours a day. pool matt. not bad. >> -- on a pool mat. not bad. >>er mother put it on instagram. turned her daughter into a star. she has gained 100,000 new followers. >> that is what we have to do more. >> i guess so. we have to do flips. >> you have got to get to pool and start doing back flips. >> the money is being donated to a hospital. >> good for them. how clever to think to do that on that raft. >> well it is smart you know?
12:57 pm
in the water. >> i would rather do a face plant in the water. >> safer. >> strategy going into that. well that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. have a great afternoon. s b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if
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most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. o sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up turns to make-up. and tag becomes, hashtag and don't miss our brand new show, the magic of art, featuring abby cadabby. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit only at sesame place dot com sesame place
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