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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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described as mosquito born infections. in other words, zika infections contracted directly from mosquitos in miami, specifically a single stretch of miami beach. now a second section of the city where zika has been identified. >> we have a new zone in miami beach that is less than 1.5 square miles. we'll do everything that we can to help the pregnant women across our state. we have a safe state keep it that way. >> reporter: but the federal officials are increasingly worried. the federal cdc issued a travel advisory. pregnant women and their partners that are concern bad being exposed to zika may want to consider postponing nonessential travel to all parts of miami-dade county. >> the risk is still low. but the result is catastrophic. so i think you have to put both
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the risk is low but the outcome so horrific that you want to try to avoid t. >> reporter: risk is to the unborn children of pregnant women that contract the zika from mosquitos or their partners. and pete is heading to miami with his family. >> i'll he'd the warnings. -- i'll heed the warnings. >> reporter: miami officials said they have been doing everything they can to wipe out had some limited success but this latest news is clearlily a setback. we have posted all the cdc's zika alert areas on our website. another dangerous mosquito born virus has turned up in our area. west chester county found its first batch of the insects with
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department of health has sprayed the area and removing any standing water. a police chase in new jersey comes to a tragic end when a woman walking along a sidewalk is struck and killed and the car crashed crashed into several other vehicles and killed 23-year-old china willis. aj just talked to the family. walking along university avenue and barely had any time to react. and the family placed candles and balloons at the scene of the accident. and they are overwhelmed with grief tonight. >> car on top of the fence. people screaming and letter
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dodge charger suddenly jumped and the curve and killing 23-year-old china willis. >> don't chase the cars. >> reporter: the family members said that willis was visiting a friend in the area and her sudden passing has left so many heartbroken. >> she's a good person. she's well known. everybody knows her. >> reporter: neighbors that heard the tires and loud crash metal described the aftermath. >> it was like a movie. >> reporter: the willis was walking with friend and had little time to react before ken gunther's car hit several near cars and a light pope and a large a drugs were found in ken gunther's car. >> the first thing you think
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somebody does not have a child this morning. >> reporter: after several accident along this short stretch of road, neighbors said they want to see safety changes. >> it is a dangerous curve that is why we need speed -- bumps. this is like the forth accident this year. >> reporter: and the growing memorial is here and they're trying to reach out to some of china's friends to plan a vigil between to the deadly crash involve two new jersey tran transit buss in new work. one bit t-boned another bus nearly fliping it over. a 70-year-old driver was killed and another passenger was killed and others were hurt, a few critically. and the accident happened at
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downtown newark. mallory hoff is at university hospital where many of the injured were taken. >> reporter: tonight at least one person remains in critical condition. a passenger shared with us that he considered himself lucky after he was thrown from his seat. a bus driver and a passenger are dead after a devastating morning crash at north broad boulevard in newark. involved in the crash two new jersey transit buses this video was captured by a passenger and it shows the horrific scene on board. >> you got a lot of people injured. one guy almost die. >> reporter: and the crash victims were initially taken to saint michael he is, beth israel and university hospital some have since been transferred or released. >> we're trying they survive.
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that they are in a hospital. some people have been and are being released. right now the hospital we have one critical, five serious, four fair and four good. >> reporter: after being discharged, he said that he's fortunate. >> no fractures. so i can go home. >> i was the only one in the back in was good. >> reporter: and now an investigation into what led to the crash is underway. >> all ended. we want to provide closure for folks that lost their lives and name were injured and affected by this. we want to make sure does not happen again and the buses are safe. >> reporter: the essex county prosecutor's office will handle this investigation, an investigation is is sure to be
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that fast moving fire on staten island. apparently children are to blame. fire investigators said that two children playing with matchestor blame. flames burned for hours. and now more than 40 people, half of them children, with no place to live tonight. >> in a matter of seconds to own everything that you sewn crazy. -- that own cats and turtles t is so much. >> of the 23 people injured, most were firefighters. within person is in serious condition. -- one experience in serious condition the boys will not be charged. but the boys will have to attend a fire intervention program. apology accepted. that is the word from rio after the the u.s. olympic swimmer
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the mayor said that he feels pitty for lochte and the three other swimmers. he said it is a situation that should have been avoided. initially he claimed that he was an armed robbery vick. that turned out to be -- victim. that turned out not to be true. donald trump's campaign manager has resigned. he announced his departure just donald trump thanked him for his service before flying off to louisiana to tour the flood zone there and took the opportunity to take a shot at president obama. >>i heard he was trying to stay under par while we're under water. >> he'll never be under par. >> louisiana's girlfriend said that he welcomes -- governor said that he welcomes donald trump to the state but not for a photo op. and president obama said that
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tuesday. and hillary clinton told supporters how to donate to flood relief and hinted that trump's visit is a distraction. she's calling on her opponent to disclose his ties with russia. and a quick look at a tragic chapter in new york city's history as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this friday night. marking the 25th anniversary of the crown heights riots. we go back to see how the community has changed. nypd driver to the rescue when a lot of dog decides to go out for a swim and gets out too far. we have a few clouds hanging around tonight. and 85 right now from brooklyn
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. a powerful show of unity after the crown heights riots 2 years ago. and it puts a the spotlight on the deep division between the jewish and the black community in brooklyn. they say that time has helped with the racial divides. >> i've seen more communication and they ng come together so people do not we're all part of one community. >> residents crown heights plan to mark the anniversary at a family festival on sunday. a lot of dog has been reunited with his owner rescued i about the nypd. they got a call and they
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shepherd named chase that swam a half mile out and they found his owner through a search on facebook. he wandered away from his home on thursday. and a surprise honor today for a world war 2 veteran decades in the making. 70 years after he earned them, john -- received his world war ii medal and american theater and medal for his years in service. after the war, he and his fellow sailors set out to rebuild things damaged after the battle. >> did not expect this. live at good, happy life like i have. thank you all. >> john was given a proclamation by west chester officials commemorating his incredible life. a grandma that you don't
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80-year- old woman that could give you a run for your money in the gym. and the weekend weather, one
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80-year-old terry -- became one of the oldest certified trainers two years ago. she said it was a dream she had for a while and didn't pursue was not a factor so she now trains clients that find her to be an inspiration. >> i'm trying to encourage everyone, especially seniors that age is not a factor. at tied is. >> i love when they say i don't need a walker or cane. >> if she can do it, we can do it. >> anyone at home, enough to
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gym as well. she afternoons 7 five k races every year. she's an inspiration. >> go girl. so we got a great weekend but one day better than the other? >> that's right. i think saturday is the better day. sunday has a threat of showers so that will have eye to the sky. and west clouds in brooklyn and the clouds have been thick but no worries -- shadows, no worries and the pressure is falling. 88 for the high and in the bureau, you see 85. and it is cooler for islep. and bell mar 83 and the temperatures slip into the 70s and a few clouds around but a nice start tomorrow as we clear
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play as well. and the two combined will make it feel real hot and steamy tomorrow. and we don't have any worries out there. but the futurecast, you'll see by sunday afternoon, not only will there be a slept of a spotty shower early on sunday, but we could see the front coming back from the west, move in the late afternoon and the evening hours and 5:00 this is tenders the areas north and -- enters the area north and west of the city. between 5:00 and 8:00, we get people starting to close out their weekend. but we get drenching downpours here. but we have a sticky, steamy air mass and that could create the soaking rainfall. monday look if you're heading out to the boat, it will be a good one at the beach and going on board and we'll see the temperatures in the mid-80s and two foot waves are expected. 75 overnight and tomorrow right
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is around. but that front on sunday night is going to bring a big change for us. monday, we're breezy and cooler, 81, tuesday low 80s, sunny and beautiful and this slow climb with the humidity wednesday, thursday and friday as the temperatures get back to the mid 80s. and we cut through the humidity and the 7-day forecast promising us and august break, if you will the late week of august. let's not bring it up twice. 87 tomorrow and sunday we're looking at storms. is we'll keep an eye to the sky for that. >> so we can put up the windows and get that nice breeze in. >> i think the low 80s monday and tuesday and that will bring the refreshing feel that we're looking for and maybe a break from the air concerns. >> hot tomorrow.
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so lochte never admitted that he lied but he did issue an apology. >> isn't that the way everyone apologize, social media and the swimmers are returning to the united states and ryan lochte
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did touchdown in miami and jimmy fegan will be joining them. he just got his passport back after agreeing to pay $11,000 to charity. lochte expressed regret for his behavior and not being more candid in his description of what happened. he said it is traumatic to be out in a foreign country and a at you to let you leave. i should have been more responsible in how i handled myself and for that, i'm sorry to my teammates, my fans and fellow competitors. on one game stand between the united states basketball game and a third straight gold medal. last night bolt proved when it comes to the track it is him and everyone else.
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straight olympics and a golden night for a local track star. queen native -- captured the crown in the 400-meter hurdles. the fist american woman to ever win gold in that event. yankees open a series with the angels. the mets, steven matt scratched shoulder issue. last night's series open near san francisco, it was another tough go for the mets and their ace. jacob -- could not hold the lead. new york put up 7 runs but it still was not enough in the 10- 7 loss. it still may not count but the fans will take a win anyway they can get it. the jets meeting washington for
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for the starters. they will hand that over to the guys looking to earn playing time and roster spots. and ryan fitzpatrick knows he's safe. but there's still plenty of the qb to accomplish tonight. >> no injuries and more snaps and eliminate the stupid penalties and turnovers. that will be important to us. >> buffalo tonight ahead of the and the bills tomorrow. >> looking forward to getting out there and for me having taken a hit or live action in a lung time so i look forward to getting on the field. >> basketball note for you, the nba moved the 2017 all-star game from charlotte to new orleans that to north carolina law that eliminates the
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gay and lesbian people. she threw him to the matt twice and then putting him on the shoulder. they discussed beforehand and he gave her permission to toss him to the matt. >> really quick about lochte, this is all about endorsements about wing th the gold. >> what do you think this will mean to him? >> i can't imagine they are too happy with them. we'll have to see in the coming days. a warning for expected mothers, beware of what you eat. the food links to behavioral issues to children and thousands of people driving illegal but it is not their
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at the connecticut dm tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. gold medalist ryan lochte breaks his silence. tonight, the apology -- 24 hours after this surveillance was revealed. and for the first time, michael phelps is asked about his teammate and the scandal. also breaking tonigh aim at president obama. asking why he's golfing instead of visiting the disaster in the south. just hours after trump toured the flood zone himself. the friday rush hour nightmare. the deadly collision. two buses crashing into each other. for the first time, we take you inside the fire zone tonight. moving at stunning speed, east of los angeles on the way to vegas. nearly 100 homes burned to the ground. and the new headline tonight


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