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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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new details about a woman killed in a crash with two buss in newark. friends remember the hazard working and loving grandmother. a stepmother charged with
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home in queens. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. samdhi erabas is accused of killing the little girl. she had only been in the u.s. for a few months. >> neighbors say the victim talked about problems with her stepmother before her death. >> stephon? >> reporter: this is a broken family. a 9-year-old girl in new york for a better life, family says she was beaten for months by her stepmother, and her father losing had his daughter and now likely his wife. she's charged with murder, and sources say she strangled the girl, and the question tonight is why. >> reporter: can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: a tearful samdhi erabas leaving the precinct. the clothes she was wearing are now part of the evidence.
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to see the judge. her face is speaking volumes about the charges she is facing, murder for her 9-year- old stepdaughter strangled and found dead in the bathtub. it's not surprise to the relatives of ashdeep kaur. family members pointing to arjun. >> the stepmother, she always tell me that sometimes she beat her up, sometimes. >> reporter: the girl told you this? >> yeah, she told me. >> reporter: it was around 6:00 p.m. neighbor tried to use a shared bathroom richmond hill. the door was locked, and it was strangely quiet. quiet because behind the door, a gruesome scene, a bathtub with no water in it, and this photo shows the little girl with her father, stepmother, and her stepmother's two grandchildren. >> she always come to our
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her, and she beat her up sometimes. she told me. >> reporter: and the girl's grief-stricken father appearing overwhelmed as she left the precinct on saturday, needing help to make it to his car. had her uncle says this is not the dream she came to chase. now a family's nightmare. >> she just came from india 3 or 4 months ago. it's just years after she seen her mother that she come from 3 months here, and now she is finished. >> reporter: the medical examiner needs to determine the exact cause of death, but the question tonight is what could have led the stepmother to allegedly have killed this child in such a violent manner. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, stephon. new at 11, three men shot
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victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. police have not released a motive behind the shooting, but they are investigating. tonight we are learning more about the passenger killed when one new jersey transit bus hit another. 49-year-old jesse garcia of newark was riding on the bus that was t-boned yesterday. she was rushed to the hospital b she died several hours later. the grandmother of three was on her way to work. >> the light of her life were know, all around, and. she was a hard worker. she got up every day, and you know, 6 days a week to work. >> 17 people were hurt, and several remain hospitalized. the over bus was driven by a 27- year veteran. the driver died in the crash. the accident remains under investigation. sandra? >> reporter: heavy downpours
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had to power through the deep water on some roads there, and the rain is all cleared up tonight. there could be more storms in store for tomorrow, and meteorologist jeff smith is here now with details. jeff? >> some of the rain fall over long island, sandra, very impressive. all the totals for suffolk county, calverton with 3.5 inches. east north port, 3.275 inches. from the atlantic ocean. converging and causing the air to rise. the thunderstorms are forming generally north of the l.i.e., south of the l.i.e. in suffolk county, didn't have much of anything. radar estimates confirmed by the ground reports of 3 to 4 inches of rain, and cluster of flooding reports over north western suffolk and the north fork of long island today. as sandra was saying, things have quieted down
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mass in waiting for an organized system to move in for the day tomorrow, especially late in the afternoon into tomorrow evening, and during the daytime light hours, maybe a spotty shower or storm, but by 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening, we could be talking about more widespread and stronger activity, and maybe downpours moving into the area. behind that, an even bigger change we will talk about in your full accuweather forecast coming up. sandra? >> jeff, thank you. power has been restored to the customers who lost electricity. con ed said tree branches brought down power lines, and the outage affected 1200 customers in and around pelham gardens. bloodshed on a day that should have been full of happiness in turkey. a bomb goes off at a wedding. 94 people were injured and 30 deaths were reported. the bombing near the syrian
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terror suicide attack, and it's believed isis or kurdish extremists are to blame. sad news for the boy whose image has become the symbol of devastation in syria. his older brother has died. he became injured from an air strike that destroyed his family's home, and their parents and other siblings survived and five other children died from the very same attack. in the race for the white house, donald trump signaling an apparent shift in his republican candidate making a new appeal to minorities to african american and hispanic voters, but his opponents are questioning and criticizing his move. >> i want our party to be the home of the african american voter once again. >> reporter: at a rally in virginia again tonight, donald trump calling on the republican party to boost its traditionally lagging outreach efforts with black voters,
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trump urged african americans to give him a chance. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, and you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. >> reporter: and they made this bold prediction. >> at the end of 4 years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african american vote. i promise you. of the african american vote. his comments sparking swift criticism, and hillary clinton tweeted, this is so ignorant, it's staggering, and today, reverend al sharpton challenged trump's sincerity. >> show us what you did for these black folk! you've been in new york! where you been on the issues in
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your big tower? >> he's going to be criticized, but the important thing, he's starting to reach out. >> reporter: trump and his team are looking to win over the my yourties in this increasingly contentious race, and he also met today with his new hispanic advisory board, the move that republicans hope can provide a big boost with that demographic. >> reporter: and tomorrow donald trump's new campaign stephanopoulos on this week. that's tomorrow here on channel 7. new details about a frantic race to save a little girl after a boat crash. the toddler lost in the river. the two things that saved her life. caught on camera, a cop car flips over, sending a man in custody, flying out the back window, and the drama didn't
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morning at a long island park. the body of a man found, and police are calling it a homicide. a basserby spotted the body in green lawn memorial park. there were significant lacerations to the body, and the medical examiner will determine the contact cause of death. at this point the victim's identity has not been released. police are investigating the stabbing death of a 37-year- old man in sullivan county.
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after 11:00 last night. they found a man with stab wounds, and he was air lifted to the orange county emergency center for surgery, but he later died. it's believed it stemmed from a dispute. an estimated 60,000 homes in louisiana have been damaged by flood waters. more than 100,000 people have applied for federal assistance, and today the state's health department said flooding damaged across seven parishes. 30 alligators escaped from the pins at one refuge. only five have been rounded up so far. the owner is racing to find the rest before authorities cut through a road to release the trapped water. several simulated explosions in new jersey this morning as the port authority conducted an emergency drill, and the full scale exercise at the port newark elizabeth
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on the water. firefighters responded to a fake fire, and emts rushed to people pretending to be injured. the fdny, nypd and local agencies took part in the drill. volunteers attend the funeral of a woman they didn't know in rockland county. francine stein passed away at 93. her daughter was nervous no one woulsh volunteers to attend. 30 people showed up, and some served as pallbearers. one woman said she was there for an act of human decency. what happened next when an officer was attacked caught everyone offguard. the warning about a scam targeting college students and
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if we have rain come tomorrow, is there part of a day that is better than the other? >> absolutely. much of the daylight hours are not that bad. i think we have spotty activity during the afternoon, and much more widespread headed into tomorrow evening. we head out right now, and it's pretty nice out there.
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area right now, and the southeast wind at 3 miles an hour, and the high on the day, getting up to 83 after the morning low of 70, and that's a degree above average for this time of the year. 97 was the record of this day on 1955, and we got .82 inches of rain fall, not the 3.4 inches of rain fall people got on long island and suffolk county, and we had a downpour in new york city, and over central park, sitting there between noon and 1:00 p.m., and sunsetting 7:46 these days. showers and thunderstorms with the cold front arriving late tomorrow, and i think primarily 5:00 p.m. to midnight. and the 5:00 p.m. showers and storms are probably over western parts of new jersey, and then they will gradually spread east into the heart of the tri-state area into the evening hours, the downpours and gusty winds out there, and then headed into monday, that's a bigger change, breezy and much less humid on monday, and some parts of the area may not get out of the
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in the park. a pair of 7s down the shore in belmar, and 72 in sussex, and the satellite and radar, not showing much right now. this is new haven county, and right outside of the main viewing area to the north and east, and you can't guarantee we will not get a shower or storm with a muggy air mass in place, but we have to wait for the much more organized activity to move in from the ohio valley. and the future cast overnight tonight a few dots here on the radar, and by 7:00 tomorrow morning, could be a scattered shower out there, and throughout the day tomorrow, a mix of clouds, and occasionally peaks of sun. at 5:00 p.m., here's the line of showers and thunderstorms into new jersey, and spreading throughout the area, and we will head into the evening hours, and after midnight, it's gone. it's over eastern long island, and look at this on monday. clearing skies, and much lower humidity, and temperatures not
11:20 pm
of new york city. the heat basically a race for a clean sweep of the front off the east coast, and don't get too used to that. heat will eventually spread back in by later in the week. i don't want to burst anyone's bubble with the forecast. mostly cloudy and muggy. 74 as we head throughout the day, and it's humid out there. clouds and sun, and spotty for the afternoon shower or thunderstorms, and getting high into the middle 80s. much more widespread into tomorrow evening, and especially early in the heavier thunderstorm around, and just mostly cloudy, and we are down to 68. check out monday, and 81 in the city. the areas north and west, don't get out of the 70s. breezy out there, and much less humid. one of the nicest days we have had in a long time. low in the city, down to 64, and it means in the suburbs, probably down to the 50s, and mostly sunny, really nice on tuesday, and 80. warmer on wednesday, and not
11:21 pm
the week. 86 on thursday, more humid on friday. near 90. could be a shower or storm on friday, and a better chance on saturday afternoon, and 88 degrees. we will talk about the beach and boating weather next half an hour. water temperatures are as high as they ever get in the area. we will talk about that down the jersey shore for the next half an hour. >> thank you, jeff. >> we will take a dip. >> might as well. >> keith johnson is up next with sports. >> the mets' season looks to be dose of power on display in san francisco. will the mets have something to
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11:23 pm
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is the west best for the mets? >> wow! >> what a question! [ laughter ] that's a philosophical question! [ laughter ] the mets are hanging on to slim hopes of making this a meaningful season. cespedes returned to the lineup, and yes, folks, he delivers. boom! going, going, gone! that's in the 3rd. that's number 23 of the season.
11:25 pm
colon deep, and that makes it 3-1, mets. to the 6th. alejandro getting ahold of this one. the nets take control. 7-2, but you know what? cespedes, yes, my man, he was feeling it. he put the icing on the cake, but this second home run of the game. 8-2 mets, and they go on to win it. the final in that one, 9-5. the yankees have not been that kind to the bronx bombers. up to all the hype. he hit his 6th home run in the 1st, and he's on fire, and then brian mccann with the single, and that will bring in 2, and the yankees take the early 3-0 lead, and they tack on 2 more, and that's 5-0 in the 6th. the olympics are preparing to wrap up in rio, but the south american olympics has been a u.s. celebration. the men and women's 4 by 4
11:26 pm
it every year since 1996, and the men won despite being disqualified from the 4 by 100 the day before. the medal count for the united states continues to rise, but nothing close to the 1904 games when the u.s. won 239 medals. >> i don't remember that. >> you don't remember that one? matt centerwitcz wins the
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discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. so far the preseason for big blue can give you the blues. thigh got stampeded in buffalo, and boy, it was a bust. the bills got out of the blocks first, and mccoy goes for the 13-yard pass to pay dirt, and now into the 2nd quarter, dahntay dion with the bubble up pass in the end zone, and the gmen get it right back after
11:30 pm
blind sided. the next play, greg little with the connection, and he spreads to another score, and buffalo shuts out the giants, 21-0. >> i finished talking to the team, and i told them we worked too hard for a performance like that to be on film, and they were more physical than we were. that was obvious. we need to take a long look in the mirror and bounce back this week. gang gree getting ready to meet next saturday in the meadowlands, and expect to see more of ryan fitzpatrick for the jets, but who will play behind him is up in the air. nycfc taking on the la galaxy today where they have won three in a row. ronald is all alone, and david is there to clean it up.
11:31 pm
anything with it. he's an unhappy camper. that would not matter. nycfc going on to win 1-nil, and they are in first place in the east. a shocker at the little league world series. japan has been eliminated after a stunning loss today. although he doesn't want to in his father's footsteps, mariano rivera is part of the suns' teams farm system. >> i want to create my own path and legacy and be my own person, showing i'm doing it the right way, as i should be, and people can see, yes, i'm the son of mariano rivera, but i fought to get to where i wanted to be. >> you do remember when he was
11:32 pm
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a woman in queens is charge with the murder of her stepdaughter. sources say samdhi erabas strangled ashdeep kaur. the 9-year-old's body was found in her home's bathtub on friday night. 30 people are dead after a bombing at a wedding in turkey, and authorities believe it was a suicide bomber. officials in newark identified the second victim a crash involving two buses yesterday as 49-year- old jesse garcia. friends say the woman was on her way to work when the accident happened, and she was rushed to the hospital, but she later died. an incredible story tonight. a toddler is alive after the boat she was riding in crashed and got tipped over. >> she was trapped under the boat for an hour before rescuers found her. marcy gonzalez has details on the two things that saved her
11:36 pm
water. please send someone now. >> reporter: tonight from the desperation. >> she has a baby in the water. >> please hurry. >> reporter: deep relief. a toddler trapped under the boat after it capsized in central florida, incredibly found alive. surviving in an air pocket for nearly an hour. >> god is with us. god is with us. >> reporter: tammy bozard was on the boat on friday night with her husband and two young daughters. 9-mont hit something and flipped. >> we heard kennedy crying, and we couldn't find her. we couldn't tell where the crying was coming from. we kept searching. >> reporter: police and a jumping boater jumping in, finally finding the toddler in the air pocket and her life jacket kept her afloat. >> thank you for saving my baby. i can't imagine. i just can't imagine. >> reporter: marcy gonzalez,
11:37 pm
remains have been found in a wooded area near the long island expressway. a man discovered a human skull while riding his mountain bike here express drive, or express drive north in ronkonkoma. they believe the remains were there for some time, and anyone with any information should call crime stoppers 800-220- tips. police released surveillance video of a deadly driveby shooting in the bronx. lincoln town car driving down college avenue in claremont village on wednesday night. shots rang out, but pedestrians scattered, including a small children. dahntay gordon was shot in the chest and died. his 21-year-old friend survived after being shot in the stomach. a bizarre attack in nassau county that involved neighbors. investigators said thomas cummings knocked on his
11:38 pm
stabbed her with a fork. she ran out of the warmth, and then police say cummings grabbed a knife from the kitchen, chased her, slashing her back and arm. her injuries were not serious, but he is facing assault and weapons charges. new jersey state police say a child died in a multivehicle accident this morning. investigators say a pickup truck rear ended a sedan on the hudson bay extension in bayonne. seat, but he was killed. another child and the driver were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, and three other cars were involved in the accident, and two other people were hurt. police said they do not expect to file criminal charges. police have now connected more broken robberies to a pair of suspects on the run, and take a good look at the men in this surveillance video, and police say they held up two delivery drivers last week, and
11:39 pm
apparently getting more violent. the men used a gun for the first time during the most recent robbery, and most of the targets have been people delivering food. in queens, community members honoring the memory of an unarmed man killed in a police shooting. the 9th annual sean bell family day took place in south jamaica. bell was killed in a barrage of police bullets outside of a strip club in jamaica in 2006. the time said she organizes the event for communities. >> 10 years ago my family was torn apart. and with this event every year, we are able to bring families together and communities together and show from tragedy, we can come to triumph. >> she says the day also honors the memory of other people killed as a result of gun violence. in orange county, dozens of guns can no longer be used in a crime. the newark police department worked with the state attorney
11:40 pm
the a.g.'s office purchased 53 guns including 16 handguns, and people received debit cards of various amounts depending on the time of gun they brought in. a warning for college students and their parents, a warning about scammers demanding payment about a fake federal tax, and rebecca jarvis is reporting, and they sound convincing. >> reporter: an urgent warning from the irs to american fa of calls like this. >> this is an automated message from the internal revenue service. >> reporter: it's the new scam targeting college students and parents. >> he had my full name, knew where i went to school, knew the area i lived in. >> reporter: and the thieves are irs impersonators. they want fake taxes.
11:41 pm
court. >> reporter: in 3 years american families conned out of $45 million by irs phone scams, and california, new york, and texas are among the hardest hit states. >> reporter: the real irs reminding taxpayers tonight they will never call to demand immediate payment over phone, ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone or threat ton bring you to local police. -- or threaten to bring you to local police. there's now stiffer bus stations in new york. if a worker is injured, the attack could be classified as a felony and lead to 7 years in prison, and new york governor cuomo signed the legislation because he says the workers are increasingly targets of aggression. new york city taxi drivers no longer have to past their tests in english. they will be available in
11:42 pm
with at base services that don't have an english-language requirement. only 4% of the taxi drivers were born in the u.s. a missing professor found murdered in a quarry. tonight a suspect is under arrest. the reason the suspect lured the professor to his death. an inmate jumps into the rescue after a prisoner attacks
11:43 pm
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investigators in pennsylvania charged a 39-year- old man with killing a penn state professor. police say george ishler lured 56-year-old ronald bedick to a cliff and pushed him off. the body was found thursday in a quarry a week after he disappeared. the student admitted he thought would gain something financially from his death, and ishel had been living with him. a runaway horse has injured five people at a fair in washington state, and the sheriff's office says that the carriage horse became frightened at the southwest washington fair yesterday, and the handler was walking the horse, looking for customers when suddenly the horse bolted down the crowded mid-way, and first responders were
11:46 pm
under control. >> it's going racing speed with a carriage, mind you, just going crazy fast. >> the 38-year-old man and his 4-year-old daughter were air lifted to a hospital in seattle the, and they remain in serious condition tonight, and two other people were also sent to the hospital, and a fifth person was treated as well, and there's no word yesterday on what spooked the horse. a suspect goes for a wild ride when the cop car crashes, and at first you can see the guy partially get out of his to kick the interior. moments later the suspect is thrown through the window as the car crashes, and after the orr dole, the suspect ran away, and he was later found, and after a trip to the hospital, the next stop was jail. the officer on the other hand had to be cut from free from the car. no word on his condition or what caused the crash. another suspect in california was found in an unlikely place. yep, the dryer.
11:47 pm
locked himself in the laundry room. when they couldn't find him, they checked the dryer, and they found him. he surrendered without incident. surveillance video in oklahoma shows an inmate saving one of his jailers. another inmate attacked the jailer and threw him to the floor. the officer called for backup, and then another inmate steps n pulling the attacker away the jailer. together they restrained the man until another jailer arrived. >> it makes it a little more dangerous for the people, and we certainly would not want anyone to be a good samaritan and get hurt in the process. >> the sheriff's office says budget cuts forced staffing cuts at the jail, but they are hoping to prevent such incidents in the future. now the story of the police helping a member of their community. the south dakota state patrol got a call about a young man
11:48 pm
who responded found out that the guy, named tanner, walked about 8 miles a day to and from work. they hatched a plan to get him a new bike and help with the commute. they also posted the photo on social media. a charity created by mark zuckerberg crashed in a big donation. he donated some of the facebook shares to the chan tune of $95 million. the for profit organization is hoping to promote equality for children of the next generation. zuckerberg promised to donate $1 billion of shares to the group each year for the next 3 years. home improvements in
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11:52 pm
empire state building, 76 drs, and mostly cloudy skies. pumping in a lot of moisture from the atlantic ocean, and there's the onshore flow continuing through tomorrow it will be muggy out there, and temperatures topping off in the middle 80s, and a blend of sun and clouds, and mainly cloudy, and a few peaks of sun out there, and then the showers and thunderstorms are coming in full force i think by tomorrow evening. before that happens, before the main line of storms will come in, there could be a spotty shower or storm afternoon hours. these were spotty, but they sat over the same locations over suffolk county all afternoon. calverton with 3.58 inches. east north port over 2 inches, and like i was saying, considered a severe drought over suffolk county, and we will have to see if it has been minimized with the drought.
11:53 pm
breeze is here, coming together, causing the air convergence at the surface. nowhere to go but up. the rising showers and thunderstorms are developing. south of the l.i.e., there was not much of anything. the drought continues for those areas. satellite and radar right now, showing very quiet conditions, and again, a couple of little dots over the atlantic ocean. cannot rule out a shower or storm before the main batch will come on in tomorrow quick. fiona is out here. expected to weaken into a depression early next week approaching bermuda. 67 tonight in morristown. down to 74, and at islip, back up to 84 for tomorrow afternoon. a spotty shower or storm during the afternoon. tomorrow evening, much more widespread activity, and especially from 5:00 mm to mid- -- 5:00 p.m. to midnight. this is on to long island into the mid-evening, and as
11:54 pm
boating weather and the water temperatures are high, especially in new jersey. 70 to 75 for long island, and new york city beaches, and both monmouth and ocean counties have water temperatures nearly 80 degrees, and that's 79 measured officially at places like bell massachusetts the rip -- like belmar. the pollen is moderate to mostly cloudy and muggy. a spotty afternoon shower or storm. much more widespread, especially early tomorrow evening, and then mainly cloudy late tomorrow night, and we are down to 68. check out monday. it's breezy and much less humid. highs 81, and not out of the 70s for some spots. down to the 60s at night in the city. nice weather continuing through midweek, and we will heat up thursday into friday. amy freeze back with more tomorrow. >> thank you.
11:55 pm
and the u.s., many americans are planning a trip to the caribbean island. this is the home that once beloaned to ernest hemmingway. this home has just undergone a major renovation. >> reporter: walking around the most famous house in coup barks it's a journey into the -- into the past. >> all of the windows needed to be replaced. >> reporter: where hemmingway lived, he wrote some of the most famous works like for whom the bell tolls. >> his personal books and papers, his photo albums, correspondents, and everything was in this house. >> reporter: he left cuba in 1960, fully intending to return and resume living here with his wife, mary, but he died before
11:56 pm
ago it was just cracks and failing plaster and stuff, and it was in very bad condition. >> hi, i'm bob veela. >> reporter: he's known for his tv show where he tells homeowners how to fix up their own house. the team has been finding valuables including personal letters discovering moldering in the basement. is the oldest square in havana. >> reporter: this is a personal project for him. he was born in cuba. his mother and father left when fidel castro took over, and they never came back. >> it was the motivation to reconnect to this place. it's been a good thing. >> reporter: the goal is to save priceless american literary treasures, and to make
11:57 pm
and created great american literature on cuban soil. ron clayborn, havana. >> how wonderful! >> yeah. >> to have him restoring the home. >> i love the architectural style. >> this old house will be very nice when it's done. i'm sure. that will do it for us tonight. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. thank you for watching. eyewitness news will return
11:58 pm
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you're sure it's safe to go back to your apartment? rowan knows where i am. b613 always knows where i am. it doesn't matter where i go. (breathes heavily) i'm not the one who wants me to leave. jake. you're safer if i'm here. you and i both know i'm already being defended. by the president? does he know your father's command? does he? no. if he doesn't know who your enemy is? my father wouldn't hurt me, not physically. he put me in a hole, which was bad. what was worse-- every other day he had two guys haul me out of that hole, and he stood there and watched as they beat the crap out of me. they did things to me that you can't imagine. and then he had me bandaged up. set the bones, stitched the cuts, gave me a shot of penicillin, 'cause he wanted me alive and then back in the hole. that was just for fun. olivia, he would hurt you.


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