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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, extreme weather, fire, floods and tornadoes as new wildfires erupt and threaten homes and the severe storms on the move after spawning several tornadoes. ryan lochte says he's taking responsibility and admitting he being held at gunpoint in rio. what does it peen for his future and millions in endorsements? a new report details what may have caused prince's overdose and the pills found inside his home. the closing ceremony in rio. simone biles leads team usa and on the last day the bizarre moment when coaches stripped in
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boy, that's juan way to protest. good monday morning. we do want to start with extreme weather causing problems. the threat coming in several different forms. >> mandatory evacuations were ordered overnight in washington state after dry and windy conditions fueled wildfires. this new video just in shows flames burning a hillside and just one of three burning near spokane. they have destroyed several buildings including homes. >> cleanup is under way downpours, nearly 9 inches in four hours. >> the severe weather moving east overnight a tornado warning issued outside of boston. that has already spawned at least nine twisters in the midwest. abc's kenneth moton has details. >> reporter: overnight growing washington wildfires. more than a dozen fires are burning thousands of acres across the state sparking emergency evacuations.
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fast-moving fire. in arizona, people took cover as a haboob blanketed phoenix. >> that's not a tornado i don't know what is. >> reporter: they had eyes in the skies from michigan to kentucky. at least nine tornadoes reported. a confirmed twister spotted outside grand rapids, 90-mile-per-hour winds brought pounding rain, tossed cars and slammed trees on to homes. >> i could hear the trees snap and you cou torrential rains just outside of san antonio. nine inches in just four hours. the images and video of flash flooding in the south central part of the state came pouring in as the rain just kept falling. in zapata, this firefighter jumped into action. >> he had water up to his neck and had been there 30 minutes trying to kick out the window. >> reporter: in louisiana, 60,000 homes have been damaged the state dealt with more rain.
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clock to fight mold and mildew. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. the 2016 olympics are in the books and the flag has been passed to tokyo now which will host the next summer games in 200. >> simone biles was the united states flag bearer during the closing ceremony. she is only the second gymnast to receive that honor. >> president obama also sent his congratulations to the u.s. team with this tweet. couldn't be prouder of team usa. your deterna inspired so many of us. you carried that flag high tonight, simone biles. >> that american pride and passion also led to a boatload of medals. 121 overall for the united states, 51 ahead of china. three more golds on the final day including one in men's basketball, they dominated serbia, 96-66. and there's one olympian that remains in the spotlight not necessarily for a good reason.
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punishment for ryan lochte and three other swimmers. >> he is speaking out to brazilian reporters with more on his story and how it evolved. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: the second most decorated swimmer in history back-pedaling. ryan lochte tempting a brazilian tv station -- >> why did you change the version of the story so many times? >> i just -- i overexaggerated. part of it, the very first part, i was intoxicated. i was a little mean, having a gun pointed to you. >> reporter: his story having morphed from this first fanciful account in we got pulled over in our taxi. these guys came out with a badge, a police badge. the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put to my forehead. >> reporter: admitting he should have been more careful and candid did describing the boozy night he was seen here vandalizing this sign and confronting security guards when they said they'd call the
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to lying. >> i overexaggerated the story. i overexaggerated some parts. my part was overexaggerating what happened. >> you don't think you were lying. >> i wasn't lying to a certain extent. i overexaggerated what happened and like i said i can't say if it was a robbery or anything like that. >> reporter: his explanation. >> i was still >> reporter: for a swimmer with $1 million worth of deals there could be fallout. he might lose endorsements after this. how bad could it be? >> when you take the nars sim of what he did coupled with the stupidity of what he did, why? why would someone endorse that? that's dumb-founding. >> matt gutman, abc news, rio. donald trump heading to the battleground state of ohio this evening after what his campaign is calling his best week yet.
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teleprompter even expressing regret for past comments but his pitch to african-americans saying they're living in poverty with bad schools and no jobs is sparking outrage. the trump camp defending his remarks on abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> many in the african-american saw that as insulting as most don't live in poverty and he was making those comments in communities more than 90% white. >> those comments are for all americ americans. he is trying to tell americans >> trump is still lagging in the polls but rnc chairman reince priebus is predicting he will catch up to hillary clinton by labor day. former secretary of state colin powell is speaking out against claims he advised hillary clinton to use a personal e-mail account. his people have been trying to on me, he said. she was using a private e-mail for a whole year before he sent
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that but only for unclassified mess messages. joint military exercises were kicked off. the north says it will launch a preemptive strike if there's any sign of aggression. it's a dress rehearsal for an invasion. funerals have begun for victims of a wedding that the president says was carried out by a child suicide bomber. more than 50 kle 70 injured at a wedding party. they blame isis and says it was attacked by a boy as young as 12 years old. but no group has officially claimed responsibility. the u.s. strongly condemned the attack calling it barbaric. meanwhile, vice president biden will be in turkey for high level talks. well, president obama is
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months of his term. the president expected to travel to baton rouge, louisiana, to see firsthand the flood zone devastation. he'll also meet with local officials about the response there. when he returns there's still the battle with congress over zika funding and, of course, in october, he'll be on the road campaigning for hillary clinton. still ahead a new mystery in connection with prince's death. hear the surprise discovery about pills allegedly found in his home. a miracle rescue, a toddl trapped under a capsized boat for nearly an hour. how she was pulled out alive. evidence of a massive snake
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a train hauling coal derailed in ft. worth, texas, last night sending five cars into a nearby creek. police say the bridge failed which caused the train to leave the tracks. no one injured. in a crash on new york's long island left five people dead including three members of one family. police say the driver lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic hitting two cars. the driver, his son and his sister died along with two victims in the other cars. new york review following last week's scare at jfk airport. he wants to know how false reports of gunfire were handled after they led to chaos, evacuations and flight cancellations. officials later determined no shots were fired saying it may have been just loud celebrations of passengers watching the olympics. there's startling new information on the death of prince. a report this morning says mislabeled pain meds had been
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estate. they were marked as hydrocodone contained fentanyl. investigators aren't sure how prince obtained or ingested it. the zika virus could hang around the united states for a year or two. cases transmitted in the u.s. have so far been limited to two neighborhoods in florida's miami-dade county but officials say other gulf coast states are most vulnerable. they're particularly concerned about texas and neighboring from recent flooding could be a breeding ground for zika mosquitoes. big shoes to fill but the remake of "ben-hur" crashed with $11.4 million. production costs tapped $100 million. "suicide squad" held on to the number one spot. sausage party had 15 million and "war dogs" came in third with 14 million. a suspect trying to escape a
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it took several hours to get it out. the boat owner and 7-year-old granddaughter escaped without injury. monsoon storms continue in the southwest. isolated showers possible from the dakotas to minnesota and you can expect scattered storms from texas to florida into south carolina. if you're flying you can expect airport delays in phoenix and las vegas. a family in florida is incredibly grateful this morning after an amazing rescue. >> somehow their young daughter family's boat overturned and she was trapped beneath it. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: the incredible story of survival after kennedy, a 23-month-old girl is trapped under her family's capsized boat in florida's indian river for nearly an hour. >> we thought we were going to lose her. >> reporter: the boat flipping after hitting power lines. her parents escaping the water safely with their 7-month-old daughter but kennedy nowhere to be found.
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herd in the darkness. >> we couldn't tell if she was in the boat or she was out in the river because we heard cries but it sounded like it was just coming from everywhere. >> reporter: astonishingly she was floating in a life vest under the boat inside an air pocket. >> i mean it's a miracle that everything worked like it did. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. we hear from first responders and how they almost lost hope that she would ever be fo life-saving allergy medicine is sparking outrage. epipens from mylan were $100 each in 2009 and now more than $600. the drugmaker has a monopoly so families have few options but to pay the steep fees. >> this is a life or death medicine. she's had to use the epipen and if we had been without she may not be sitting next to me.
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them. even first responders are expressing outrage at the price increases. volunteer fire departments have to cover the cost of epipens. now to incredible video from arkansas where police were driving a teenage suspect to jail. here you can see him in the backseat, the 19-year-old manages to get out of his handcuffs and starts kicking the bulletproof glass and goes flying through the back window when he gets into a crash. he tried to run from the scene >> amazing video there. parkgoers in maine are on the lookout after skin from an extra large snake was found near a lake. now, police posted this photo of the shed skin found in the same area where a ten-foot snake was spotted earlier this summer. some experts believe it's a hoax and say snakes don't shed that way in the wild and think someone may have planted the skin from a pet snake there. >> ah. >> let's hope so.
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>> that's a big pet snake. >> still, exactly, it still would be a big pet snake. >> whatever it is, i don't want it on the loose. >> up next in "the pulse," an epic meltdown in rio. why did these coaches lose their clothes? and a little leaguer with perfect timing hits a home run and extra special moment for mom. the first person to survive alzheimer's disease is out there. they're going to hold on to everything the disease steals away. that smile they can't hide. the dance class they love. every single piece of them is going to make it through. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen by funding research, advancing public policy
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medal match to uzbekistan. we mean heated. so they cooled off by stripping. one took off his shirt and then there was that guy who stripped to his underwear. both were removed by security and, no, the result didn't change at all. >> that didn't work. >> imagine the security guard who gets called in and -- on the last day you get through 16 days of the olympics without having to escort some guy in his underwear. >> two coaches in their underwear. instagram is calling rio most social olympics in history. >> understandably. the site says the moment most posted about was usain bolt's win during the 100-meter. the top mentioned athlete, top athlete of all time at the games, michael phelps. >> the most liked picture was this image of brazil's soccer player neymar with 1.9 million likes. surprised the mongolian coaches didn't make it up there. >> brazilians are like, yes, redemption for the world cup.
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have found himself a nickname. super shinsho. >> shinzo abe arrived dressed like super mario part of tokyo's presentation because they're accepting the 2020 games. >> even came out of a big pipe. >> yeah, it was actually a pretty elaborate entrance. the queen made an entrance in a helicopter four years ago and there you have the japanese wilson chandler hauled in quite a catch. take a look. a 350-pound grouper on the end of the fishing line here. >> chandler didn't play last season due to an injury and had plenty of time to work on his fishing skills. by the way, the groupers can grow to 800 pounds and eight feet in length. so 350 pounds. >> we know what's on special in tampa. >> lots of grouper at chandler's house. now to a special moment for
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bigger than just baseball. >> talking about j.t. garcia of iowa playing in the little league world series. but even when he's on the field, his heart is with his mom, jen, who is battling pancreatic cancer but jen was right there in the stands. she was being interviewed by espn when j.t. stepped up to bat and this happened. >> get out of here. >> how awesome was that moment? so j.t. couldn't wait to give mom the home run ball. she says baseball has brought normalcy to their family. >> and the entire team is now cheering the family on, each player wears a purple bracelet for jen with a proverb about friends standing by each other in hard times. >> and says it has helped, that support, helped her get through this moment. >> the family is going through so much and baseball has kept
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checking our top story, u.s. swimmer ryan lochte admits he exaggerated telling brazilian media he was drunk when he initially said he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint. firefighters are battling multiple wildfires if spokane, washington. hundreds have been forced to leave their homes. the flames have scorched nearly 1,000 acres. the cleanup sund way in san antonio, texas, after nine inches of rain fell in just four hours. 30 reported. no reports of any major damage. >> et cetmostly dry and slightl warmer weather in the midwest and big cooldown continues for the northeast. 0 in boston. not bad. finally this morning, a birthday boy with a big heart and big wish, a special gift. >> the 9-year-old wanted to
4:28 am
came pouring in. reporter micah hatfield has more. >> reporter: forget the presents and cake. when carson envisioned his 9th birthday he saw himself delivering pizzas to worpeople whose worlds were turned upside down. >> we'll give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they're doing so we'll deliver pizzas to neighborhoods. that is what i wanted. >> what i'm more how many people donated. we thought it was just going to be our internal family and whenever it got out through facebook, it was just looked like the love wanted to spread all over the area. >> reporter: the vision of one child led to 363 pizzas being delivered throughout. carson just showed up at strangers' houses with pizzas in hand. the reactions -- >> thank you so, so, sweet.
4:29 am
very, very much. we appreciate it. >> for a 9-year-old to even think to help people, it's amazing. everybody is here. everybody brings stuff. and for him to get 300 and something pizzas to delivered to people. he probably didn't even have pizza but he brought it to everybody else. >> it's just so humbling. especially in today's time, you don't see children that young that have such a big giving he >> reporter: micah hatfield, katc, tv 3. >> great way to find a bright spot going through such a hard time. >> hopefully delivered in 30 minutes or less. that's what's making news in america this morning.
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are dead after a horrific crash on the long island expressway. we are live with updates on the victim still fighting to stay alive this morning. the tragic death of a beloved wife and grandmother. she was an innocent victim in the rash of shootings in the city. changes in the accu-weather forecast. a little relief from the heat to kickoff the new work week. but not going to last long.


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