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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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died in a 3- car collision that shut down the long island expressway for hours as several victims recover. we are hearing from family members who are just shocked by the sudden loss. bullets fly during a house party in connecticut. 13 people were shot. new details on the suspects, still on the run. and the scandal she cannot seem to avoid. a key decision into hillary clinton's e-mails could be made today. morning everyone. i'm michelle charles in for lori stokes. and i'm ken rosato. meteorologist amy freeze in for the accu-weather forecast. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning ken and michelle. absolutely beautiful out there, as the sun is coming up, it is basically shining off the buildings. from brooklyn into lower manhattan the current temperature in central park 69
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could be breezy at times. 6 in riverdale. 67 oakland. everybody else in the 70 to 71- degree range including howard beach, long island 69. >> montauk across the sound 69. jersey shore upper 60s. 59 in monticello. a couple of nights where we'll have 50s and 60s. here's how you can plan your day. 76 by noon. 80 the forecast high northwest in the city. by sunset we'll be back in the 70s. that is weather. traffic getting your monday morning started. i want to show you volume on the grand central parkway westbound heading toward laguardia. with an accident reported, let's go to the maps. it is grand central parkway west right by laguardia a collision. getting reports of an accident
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n, and r, downtown delays with ongoing switching problems george link con and holland off to a really nice start. tappan zee bridge moving smoothly. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. back to you michelle, ken. ? this morning suffolk county police are looking at whether speed may have played a role in a horrific crash on the l.i.e. that killed five people. at stonybrook hospital. diana? >> reporter: ken good morning. it only took a moment, but this morning several families are now dealing with devastating and lasting loss. this crash has now claimed the life of five people the youngest victim died here at stonybrook university hospital late last night. he was just 10 years old.
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pinellas who was also in the car with his aunt. the car lost control flipping into oncoming traffic. they struck 29-year-old martellow. he was killed his fiance remains in the hospital. this happened on the long island expressway in mannerville. carmelo pinellas was driving the out back, headin when he ran into the median. the car went airborne and crossed into westbound traffic. this morning the pinellas family says they are living a nightmare. >> they lived together, she and carmelo and christopher. in one day the whole house disappear.
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and an 80-year-old woman is in critical condition. she was a passenger in the bmw. police are now look into the whether speed played a role in this crash. diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:04. new this morning a man on a motorcycle was killed trying to pass another vehicle in the bronx. 25-year-old george gonzalez lost control when he clipped the rear bumper of a yesterday afternoon on east treatment avenue. gonzalez then slammed into the back of a double parked white tow truck. police did issue a summons to the tow truck to double park snag a memorial service is being held today for a bronx deli working shot and killed by a man who had stolen a police officer's gun.
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native country, maale. he was shot while warning another store worker about a problematic customer there. police say that man, ephraim guzman, grabbed an officer's gun and fatally shot him. 13 people were hurt in bridgeport when shooters opened fire yesterday morning. police believe the gunmen were hiding behind bushes alongside they started shooting in the crowd. >> my brother knocked on the door. there was shots. >> you see these parties on facebook a lot and through instagram. that is how a lot of people end up at the parties and we end up with a lot of conflict. >> the motive remains unclear, in response police have stepped up patrols in that section of
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landfall south of tokyo. gusts have clocked in at 112 miles per hour, damages are reported across the city. the typhoon already has forced evacuations at one airport and 400 flights have been cancer selden in tokyo. -- canceled in tokyo. in a statement north said it will turn seoul and washington d.c. into quote a heap of ashes. despite a controversial week gop leaders insist donald trump is hitting his stride and predict he will catch up with hillary clinton by labor day. trump is working on a new pitch to minority voters but sparked
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to lose by voting for him. hillary clinton will be the topic of discussion at a district court hearing in washington d.c. the group judicial watch is asking for the release of all e-mails sent or received by clinton during her time. the state department agreed toboro duce the e-mails -- to produce the e-mails. hillary clinton will be the guest tonight on jimmy kimmel live. it at 11:35 p.m. following eyewitness news at 11:00. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic good morning meteorologist amy freeze here time 6:07. a beautiful shot. the sun coming up over new york city. looking good on this monday morning. a beautiful air mass, breezy at times this afternoon, but can't complain with temperatures as comfortable as we are going to have them.
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into lower manhattan. here's what alooks like outside. feels nice. temperatures other long island in the upper 60s. right now checking in with homestead at71 degrees. a north wind bring -- at 71 degrees. temperatures limited to right around 80 degrees, because of this new weather put in place behind the cold front. it soaked us, it washed us, and now we go for a sparkling monday afternoon. temperatures in the mid 70s by the lunch hour and a high of 80 today. when the heat and humidity are back in the accu-weather 7-day forecast. thanks a lot amy. volume here on the l.i.e. westbound moving slowly, getting out to our jericho turnpike. that is an accident reported here as we go to the maps, want to warn you about that problem. up to john del giorno, he is
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problem over in queens. good morning to you john. what are you checking out for us? >> we have first live pictures along the grand central parkway. these are live pictures over laguardia airport. you can see emergency vehicles there, along with big delays now as you head inbound toward the city right at the gas station. you can see a multi-vehicle left center lane. police are on the scene. you will see the bumper to bumper volume that begins back in the vicinity of citi field. live john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you john. new this morning, nearly a dozen people run down outside a concert.
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from a possible tornado that touched down near boston overnight. the eye popping closing
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welcome back.
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charges against a 74-year-old who crashed into a crowd at an out door frank sinatra tribute concert in louisiana. the woman confused the brake with a gas pedal last night when she drove on to a packed dance floor. new details expected to surface today of the deadly police involved shooting that spurred two arrests in milwaukee. the findings will be release august 13th shooting. smith ran away during a traffic stop and he was armed when they caught up with him. 6:13 right now. two firefighters suffered minor injuries while putting out a fire at a small church in queens. fire crews believe the fire began in an electrical closet. it was brought under control after an hour. the injured firefighters were treated at the hospital and
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virus could expand far beyond florida. the director of the national institute of health says other gulf states are vulnerable to mosquitoes carrying that virus. right now it is only found in south miami and miami beach. dr. anthony told abc's this week he would not be surprised to see cases in texas and la cxfing -l especially given the recent flooding there. he said the virus could hang around in the united states if a new york's senior senator is calling if an investigation into last weekend's shooting scare at kennedy airport. it led to the shut down of two terminals last sunday. police determined two are no shots were fired and believe rowdy olympic cheering was to blame. senator charles shumer says the various agencies at the airport did not work well together. >> we need them to put their
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will never happen again. >> governor cuomo has already announced plans for a state review of last week's scare. new video of the damage left behind after strong storms ripped through massachusetts. downed trees and utility poles are making some streets impassable in concord. tornado warnings were issued for two counties outside of boston and more downpours are expected during the morning commute. stop what you are doing and look at your screen. is in effect. this wonderful shot from news copter 7. how pretty is that? >> flushing bay. >> near laguardia, overlooking all of that. >> meteorologist amy freeze is in for bill evans. >> reporter: that is spectacular this morning. sometimes you guys, you look outside the window and you are
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today as advertised. temperatures easy to take all day long. no worries about stifling humidity or uncomfortable weather. instead we are getting a break monday and tuesday. here's what you can expect. brooklyn into lower manhattan, beautiful pastel colors over the buildings. looks nice. calm winds, pressure on the rise. upper 60s right now, mid 70s. no need for umbrellas. instead, grab the sula degrees by 1:00 this afternoon. what we are looking at is humidity dropping, bringing in a breeze from the northwest. this sets up a super stretch of weather. wednesdays we'll begin the warm up and the heat and humidity are back by late in the week. summer is definitely not over. the front that came through, bringing about an inch of rain in some areas and also we had storm reports, thunderstorm
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had almost a 50 miles per hour wind and azerspace-2/intelsat- 38 the thunderstorms blew into parts of new england, with wind damage. they had trees down there and that could potentially be called a tornado. we'll wait and see what the national weather service ends up with that. gorgeous sky conditions and temperatures in the low 80s. it is this new, refreshing air mass that is going to feel so good and highs today will be limited because of the new air mass. we are not going to get into the upper 80s. upper 70s and nearly 80 degrees will be the main forecast. the satellite and radar pictures show the story, the eastern half of the united states is really calm and you can let this nice weather continue. the futurecast, we put it into play and nothing shows us down here so we don't have to worry about rain. if there is something you need to get done between now and wednesday, this is your chance.
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be absolutely beautiful. 81, windows open, 64 for the overnight low. mostly sunny and nice, the change comes in by wednesday. uv index is high today and pollen counts are moderate to high. 85 on wednesday, 88 thursday, 88 friday. so near 90 as we head into next weekend you guys. not bad catching temperatures at 80 degrees, that has not happened since august >> wow. that sounds terrific. >> she is having a good timeout there debby. we should go hang out on the sidewalk. >> let's go hang out with amy. >> reporter: good morning everybody. we have a problem right now as we head to the grand central parkway. this is john del giorno high above the grand central parkway westbound right at laguardia airport. it is an accident, you can see
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accident but it is causing heavy delays getting out toward laguardia. let's go to our web cam, heading down toward the 60s with an accident reported and on the subways, n, and r, downtown delays with ongoing switching problems. also delays on the 5, downtown delays with signal problems on an accident reported there. 6:19. the family of dwight gooden is responding to concerns over the legendary mets pitcher's health. he thanked teammate darrell strawberry and others for their thoughts. strawberry said he is worried gooden's cocaine addiction has left him in horrible condition. he has been arrested several times on drug-related charges.
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mixed with plenty of controversy are behind the world's athletes as the flames officially went out in the 2016 games in rio de janeiro. >> the closing ceremony in drenching rain featured samba dancers. simone biles carried the olympic flag. >> at the end the torch was passed to the 2020 of a green pipe dressed like super mario of course. here's at final medal -- the final medal count. u.s. 121 medals. great britain comes in second with 27, and china in third with 26. congratulations team usa. up next the world's most expensive casino, set to open
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. investors look ahead to a key speech friday from fed chair janet yellen. the dow opens at 18552. futures are mixed right now, checking stocks overseas. japan and hong kong closed high sneer there is growing outrage over a medical price hike after the cost if a life saving epi at least 400%. epi pens from the my lan pharmaceutical company have soared. it offers a savings card that allows ensured patients to pay nothing for the auto injectors. but parents who don't have insurance are afraid they won't be able to afford it. new york liberty providing the only direct service to key
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begin seasonal flights to key west. service will run through may 4th of next year. the world's most expensive casino the wind palace opened in macaw owned by -- macau, sky cabs ferry guests across a lake into the hotel and the largest spa in the country with options using crushed diamonds and gold leaf. 6:25. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a deadly accident on the l.i.e. five people killed several more still recovering. a live report from suffolk county, coming up. the real life dangers of playing with fire. what kids need to learn about the message today. and he is not done
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the now infamous robbery tale. let's see what is happening on the fdr drive. moving slowly here down through the 60s. expect delays. is that a marvels start this morning temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s across the entire area. a high of 80 degrees today. we'll repeat it for tomorrow.
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a weekend of violence across new york city. overnight a deadly shooting in palestinian. just a day after a grandmother was shot and killed by a stray bullet in harlem. the community is now calling for peace. new video of president obama touching down in washington overnight as he gets back to work. responding to critics over his response to the flooding in
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ken rosato. >> and i'm michelle charles in for lori stokes. it is monday, august 22nd. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with meteorologist amy freeze in for bill evans. >> reporter: pretty much an average august weekend. middle to upper 80s, a few thunderstorms thrown in there. this monday is anything but average. amazing outside. the sun warming up the picture by sunshine, absolutely good looking day. 69 degrees turns into 80 later this afternoon. no showers, we are rain-free today and tomorrow. sunset park currently at 70 degrees. 71 for you, same for howard beach, riverdale at 69. same for montauk and bridgeport. jersey shore, belmar, 66 waking up monticello, calm weather,
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of forecast. here's your forecast for today, planning out the midday. 76 by noon, and a high of 80 in new york city. that is weather, now traffic. >> reporter: thank you so much and thanks for that nice forecast. let's look right now at the fdr drive, john del giorno as you head southbound through the 60s, look at this it is bumper to bumper through the 60s, delays back toward the 70s. that accident just about cleared but we are going to for the morning. let's also tell you about the subways. the n. and r, ongoing switching problems. also on the 5, getting reports of downtown delays. deegan southbound at the stadium. delays back by fordham road. an accident blocking one lane over there. if you are taking a ride over to the jackie robinson an accident. alternate side of the street
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today. back to you michelle, ken? 6:32. five people confirmed dead in a chain reaction crash that shut down part of the long island expressway for hours. an elderly man died at the hospital late night and the communications director for his service and dedication to the community. diana ro tragedy. diana? >> reporter: ken, as police still try to figure out what caused this tragic and horrific crash, they are now looking at speed as a factor here. meanwhile, the youngest victim just 10, died here at stonybrook university hospital late last night. he was 10-year-old christopher pinellas, and on his way to his
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dad carmelo and his aunt, patricia. they struck 29-year-old scott martel low, and his fiance. scott was a former aide to governor cuomo. he was killed. this happened about 9:30 sunday morning on the long island expressway, shutting down the road for hours. carmelo pinellas was driving an out back, heading eastbound when he ran into and sent the car airborne. it crossed over into westbound traffic. his family is devastated at the sudden loss of carmelo, patricia, and 10-year-old christopher who had just moved here from the dominican republic. >> terrible. terrible. when i was first told about it, i just, i couldn't believe it. we grew up together, we came to this country about the same
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have a 3-year-old daughter. she was in the car with them and miraculously survived this crash only with minor injuries. two other people remain hospitalalized this morning. i'm diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:34 right now. we learned new details about a deadly shooting in brooklyn overnight. 22-year-old elijah benjamin was found shot to death outside of flats section. police have not released any information. a weekend of violence across the five boroughs. at least half a dozen shootings. among the victims a 61-year-old grandmother who, sadly, became a victim of violence. tony yates has more on that from harlem. >> reporter: so very sad. 61-year-old odessa sims and
6:35 am
her husband decided to go home and a gunman, targeting someone else, shot mrs. sims instead. she was a grandmother, she was also a wife of more than 30 years, well-known in her community. loved so much out here. police say it was saturday night around 11:45 when she was watching the card game after her husband left, he was he ducking behind cars. last night a vigil was held here in the park, people specking out against the gun violence. the same night a man close to the scene was shot in the leg and a man in brooklyn attending his birthday party for his son was shot 13 times. they are grieving for this heartbroken husband. >> something is wrong, when we
6:36 am
fear sitting out on a bench playing cards or checkers or chess on a nice summer night, that we have to worry about young people playing with guns. >> of all the people in the world, she is an innocent woman. i ain't going to be doing good forever. >> his partner forever gone. as we said a couple of other shootings happened within hours of this one and so far police have not arrested anyone involv in the death of mrs. sims. channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:36. today vice president joe biden is leaving for an overseas trip that includes a stop in turkey on the heels of a deadly attack at a wedding. 51 people were killed in saturday's bombing near the syrian boarder. the turkish president blames isis and says the attacker was between the ages of 12 and 14.
6:37 am
is back in dc this morning from his family vacation in martha's vineyard. he is set to survey the damage and devastation from severe flooding. is that more than 60,000 homes were damaged and 13 people killed. volunteers are helping with the clean up. don't nations continue to pour -- donations continue to pour in teammates are not out of hot water for their actions in brazil. the ceo of the olympic committee said quote further action is coming. lochte spoke with brazilian television, admitting he exaggerated about the incident he originally described as an armed robbery. >> >> if i didn't exaggerate none
6:38 am
vandalizing a gas station bathroom. he says he takes full responsibility for what happened and apologized to the people of brazil. 6:37 is the time. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist amy freeze here with the accu-weather forecast outside right now. wow, what a day. looking over the park, lots of sunshine, blue skies, almost like a postcard, looks so good out there. as it warms us up later today, the sun will bring our temperatures from the upper 60s and low 70s from where we are for 80 degrees. not much to slow us down as far as getting our temperatures to 80. there is in the eye lot of -- a lot of heat building. low humidity. today and tomorrow looking good, temperatures in the mid 70s. we'll hit a high of 80 late this afternoon, but we'll talk about temperatures and overnight lows. i think it is windows open kind of weather for the next nights which is the kind i like in summertime. thank you amy.
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to the westbound side of the belt parkway. traffic moving slowly right toward kennedy airport. again as we go over to our other camera, here is the westbound belt very busy. also volume on the eastbound belt, an accident blocking one lane there so expect delays. traffic is moving slowly on the crossbronx eastbound. n, and r, downtown delays with ongoing switching problems on the n, and r. and also on the 5. some downtown delays with small problems. let's go up to john del giorno. good morning. >> reporter: good morning debby. we've got kind of double trouble now on the eastbound crossbronx coming off the george washington bridge. the disabled vehicle is out there but way out by white
6:40 am
southbound on the deegan sprees way. we are going to pull this shot out. what you are going to see are the delays. backing up not only on the major deegan expressway, but you can see all the overpasses that carry the traffic inbound on the crossbronx, some of that volume getting back up onto the bridge itself but look for additional slowdowns as you come inbound this morning across the george, all due this major incident. new information on the investigation into prince's death. what authorities uncovered about the pill bottles found at his massive estate. a string of recent house
6:41 am
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the queens district attorney announced the arraignment ofagen. the girl was found dead in the bathtub at the richmond hills home.
6:44 am
charges for her ex-husband raymond,agen was with him and their grandchildren friday. the pills found in prince's mansion after his death had been mislabeled. the pills marked as hydrocodone contained fentanyl. fentanyl has been described as 100 times stronger than morphine. the source says prince had so much of that drug in his system there was no chance he could have survived. york city following recent fires all caused by children. the fire economieser is holding a safety event today urge parents and guardians of young children to take immediate action by educating them about the dangers of fire. the move follows three major fires caused by kids. dozens of people were injured, nearly 100 people are still
6:45 am
coming up next. george stephanopolous live in times square. >> reporter: good morning ken. a lot coming up this morning including the race for the white house. donald trump has a new team in place trying to pivot, possibly coming out with new positions on immigration, facing backlash for comments he has made about the african-american community. also hillary clinton facing criticism from secretary of state colin powell. wildfires out in washington state forcing evacuations. front lines this morning. and trouble for ryan lochte. still facing criticism despite his tearful apology. after the spectacular closing ceremonies of the olympics. >> let's check in with meteorologist amy freeze in for bill evans. >> reporter: sometimes this
6:46 am
in the summer. and cold in the winter tame but today i would like to stay here all morning actually. what a fantastic sunrise. nice time lapse here, big and bright the golden star in the sky, bringing us a fantastic set of days. not just today, but also tomorrow. replaces lot, sticky august temperatures. so we are going to go with the upper 60s and 70s right now, tu into about 80 degrees this afternoon, and we have a northwest wind that could make it breezy at times but really beautiful the next couple of days. brooklyn into lower manhattan, winds calm, temperatures on the rise. a high today of 80, i think we repeat that again tomorrow. the humidity drops a super stretch of weather. by wednesday we begin to warm
6:47 am
and near night by the weekend. satellite radar, no showers today. leave everything that you need for rain at home, because it really is sunny with sunscreen need and probably your beach ball as well. gorgeous from the hudson valley, long island looking terrific for you. offshore winds 15, 20 knots, be aware of that if you are doing all a fantastic forecast. we let this satellite and radar picture expand across the east. there is no stormy weather headed in our direction. we have a nice stretch here of a couple of days in a row, where we are rain-free, storm free, and that nice pattern gets released bay this, jet
6:48 am
air to return. storms return terrific weather and we'll enjoy the winds too, making it so comfortable around here. as far as the pattern late in the week, i think when the heat and humidity returns, we'll stay storm free until about friday. that front actually looks like it could be the transition front that brings showers and storms into the area. by the way, over the we got 2 to 4 inches over the north shore of long island. that helped the area that needed rain but too much too soon to cause problems. the accu-weather 7-day forecast looks good. uv index ratings at a 9. it is back in a big way for the second half of the week. if this is your week to be at
6:49 am
to come back in now. >> or else we are going to come out and stay with you there. >> reporter: absolutely perfect right now. let's go. pictures from john del giorno, high above this problem over on the deegan. the deegan southbound you see the stalled car. delays are tough here. they also seeing exiting delays from the george washington bridge getting into the deegan. crossbronx east at white plains road. it is an accident being cleared. westbound leaf out by kennedy airport. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. 6:49. new video of a crocodile prank
6:50 am
looking for the men who pulled off this stunt. the four shirtless men pushed three crocodiles through the window of a college office. police are trying to figure out from. >>
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afternoon eternal resting place if a family of six for $7 million. >> according to the new york post the basilica of st. patrick's old cathedral, the to open its 200-year- old cryptic for the first time to the public in the selling of a vault. the cryptic keeper says whoever buys the spot can be buried among the people that set the catholic faith in new york. there are signs of a closing gender gap in the sports world. >> we tail ticket praises for the u.s. open women's final are
6:54 am
men's. >> serena williams will have a chance to capture her 23rd grand slam title. 6:54. another check on your top stories when we come back. news copter 7 is showing us
6:55 am
6:56 am
a crash that killed five people and injured six others on the long island.
6:57 am
year-old boy were killed when a car crossed a median in cherylly where he had morning. carmelo pinellas's car went airborne and hit two other vehicles. his son and sister were killed in the crash. police are looking for the shooter who opened fire on a street in harlem, killing a 61- year-old woman. odessa sims was sitting outside saturday night, playing cards rang out. odessa was a beloved member of the community. you can see a memorial growing in her honor now. police do not believe she was the intended target. a memorial service is being held today a bronx deli worker who was shot and killed by a man who stole a police officer's gun. friends and relatives will pay
6:58 am
wally ca mar. guzman shot him after grabbing an officer's gun and opening fire. news copter 7 has its eye on the morning commute. these are the problems we see on the deegan expressway southbound as you approach yankee stadium. a disabled vehicle there in the right lanes. delays not only back but up on the crossbronx as well. additional issues on the crossbronx. that means inbound george washington bridge a little heavier than normal. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you. debby, looking at traffic. >> reporter: thank you so much. tell what you else subways seeing delays as well. 5, ongoing signal problems. also on the d, m, nand r, delays with switching problems. inbound george 25 minutes in,
6:59 am
the disabled car at the stadium. white plains road is a collision as well and busy on the cross island north into linden boulevard. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. back to you michelle, ken. look who came inside. >> had to drag me in. man it is really nice out there today. it is that thing where you look outside the window and it looks fantastic but it is not always the summertime. not today. it is gorgeous, absolutely fantastic. feels just right outside. a breezy beauty with a high of 81 today. tomorrow practically a repeat. 80 degrees, sunny and pleasant. the transition happens on wednesday with more humidity. warmer conditions and the heat is back. people who love the summertime, it is going to be near 90 thursday, friday and saturday. it is back. thanks amy. that is the news for now.
7:00 am
good morning, america. three massive wildfires are tearing through washington. families evacuated. a ring of flames, clouds of smoke destroy homes. firefighters battle 25 major blazes in the trump's new tactic. his campaign signaling a possible change on immigration as he faces backlash over his attempts to appeal to minorities and this morning new for hillary clinton over her e-mails. is she trying to blame colin powell for her problem? ryan lochte still under fire despite his tearful apology for that scandal in rio. >> i just want to say i am truly 110%, i am sorry and it won't happen again. i lerred from it. >> the u.s. olympic committee says the gold medalist and his teammates aren't off the lock. now lochte facing questions about endorsements and his future in the pool.


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