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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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look at an 81-year old man who died after his car was hit by another vehicle that had somehow been launched into the wrong side of traffic. three people in that car also died. as did a former aide to governor cuomo. kristin thorn has the details. she's in west hampton beach where some of the victims live. kristin. >>reporter: liz, helen and isade his wife helen is in critical condition at the hospital. we spoke with those at the synagogue and they say they were married 30 years wanted to be involved in programs. always wanted to make sure that people were provided for. isador known as itchy to
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the synagogue -- governor cuomo was set to be married in april. the addisons were on a way to a weathering in new jersey. they were suppose today go with their friend bernie, she's distraught today. >> isador and helen as supposed to come with us and at the late minute they changed and i ended upbringing a different couple with and we made it and they did not. >> we know that at least three other people are still recovering a 3-year old girl. investigators are trying to figt if the little girl's uncle was speeding. kristin thorn, eyewitness news. three major fire in new york
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half. destroyed. 35 people injured and nearly 100 displaced. and all of the fires had one thing in common. they were started by children. with more on the warning from the fire commissioner, eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff joins us from queens village. mallory. >>reporter: joe, this is the site of what the nydy is calling fires. continued work is going on this afternoon. this is the commissioner a parents to start a conversation with their children about fire safety with their children at a young age. the fdy says fires were started by kids. dan yell urging adults to start a conversation. >> parents should insure that children have no access to lighters or matches or don't play with the stove or other sources of fire.
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all times. >> on august 9th in the wakefield session of the bronx, the fdyn said a fire spread after kids were spraying with a fire and dish towel on a stove top. kids playing with matches started a fire in queens village. on august 18th, another fire. kids were also playing with matches. >> these fires damed or destroyed 14 homes. made homeless at least 100 people and injured 35 people. two of our firefighters nearly lost their lives in one of these fires. >> the fdny visited a fire in queens to talk fire safety. >> you shouldn't play with matches or lighters. >> you learned that today? >> yeah. >> kids spent the morning learning life lessons. the experience was apart of a free program that can be set up through the department in advance and other program was
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out to us. reach out to our program to educate young people who may have what's called an unhealthy interest in fire. >> about 80 people die each year in the united states as a result of fire started by kids. in this case, the commissioner is clear, these fires are preventible. y hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. families in staten island has -- staten island chapter has been flooded with donations. >> we cannot keep up with the donations. it's very heart warming, actually. i just -- i don't know. sometimes i can be a sentimental person. this is a tragedy, but i was thinking if everybody could be this way
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better place. >> the group received so many donations they begun distributing them to anyone in need and not just the fire victims. a grand jury has indicted a college janitor with first-degree murder of an imam and his association. he's held without bail. both victims were shot in the head as they walked home following prayer at a mosque in ozone park on august 13th. not given any possible motive and morale does not face hate crime charges although -- all those those in the community are blaming muslim phobia. sims was shot in the neck inside the kernel charles young play ground saturday night. police say she was not the intended target. she lived a block away on west 42nd street.
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a memorial for sims near the shooting scene. all right, after a breezy almost cool morning, you might be forgiven -- don't say goodbye to summer weather just yet. meteorologist lee goldberg outside our studios with a first look at the accuweather forecast. well back, lee. >>reporter: i appreciate that. the stifling and oppressive days over the past couple of weeks and we talk about comfort and invigorating weather. we have a great week ahead. looking at a deep blue sky across lower manhattan and a nice breeze. temperatures at 76 degrees. more importantly, is that humidity at 43%. so it's absolutely comfortable . as we go through the evening hour, a breeze gusting at 20 miles-an-hour. as its sun goes down, maybe a light jacket or sweater is a good call especially in the suburbs where the temperatures are going to drop into the 60s.
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away over the hudson valley. if you're stepping out, look for clear skies and nice breeze which will get lighter after 10:00 tonight. 72, that means 60s in of suburbs. maybe need a light jacket for the first time in a long time. we'll let you know when the humidity comes back. there's three storm candidates at out there and we'll look at the forecast in a minute. back to you for now. need people injured in a deadly crash n serious condition while the other was in either fair or good condition. a bus driver was killed in the accident friday morning in new york. a passenger was pronounced dead at the hospital. we're going to turn to the race for the white house. the trump announced he wanted to come with a fair plan to address the millions of undocumented immigrants. that tone softer
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deport more than 10 million illegal immigrants. we have the latest with maggie. >>reporter: good afternoon, liz. trump is hitting all the talking points as he remains focused on his campaign pivot while the hillary campaign is having to deal with her e-mails. fresh faces on the team and a candidate who appears to do a 180, the trump campaign says they're better than ever. >> this was the best week in the trump campaign. >> standing strong on his firm immigration stance this morning have to be very firm and very strong and people come in illegally. >> so you're not flip flopping. >> no, i'm not flip flopping. >> no mention of his deportation. clinton is dealing with e-mail headaches. today the fbi released ten of thousands of non related e-mails. they have to be reviewed by the state department
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group released e-mails from the aide abadin who shows that the clinton foundation got special -- >> those getting e-mails by individuals -- >> they should shut it down and give the money back to a lot of countries we shouldn't be taking money from. why don't you come clean tell the american people who you're in debt to. >> bill clinton sent an e-mail to donors say if clinton is elected, they will no longer accept donations. joe. >> thank you. george da white gooding insisted he does not have a drug problem despite claims from
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they were scheduled to make a joint appearance, but gooding was a no show. strawberry went so far a quote complete junky addict and gooding reached out to him for his father died. he said strawberry went too far. >> i don't have a drug problem. am an addict, but that doesn't mean i'm an active addict. [indiscernible]. it's a better choice of picking friend. >> goodings and strawberry won a world series with the mets in 1996 after their career derailed due to drug addiction. ryan lochte's drunken -- it
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lauren say they're ending their dies with lochte. in a statement spears says we can't condone the behavior. ralph lauren's agreement with ryan lochte was specifically in support of the rio 2016 olympic games. and the company will not be his contract. meanwhile, both the u.s. olympic committee and u.s. swimming have indicated that suspension. stocks on wall street were flat today. they were wavered between small gains and losses. another drop in the price of u.s. oil discouraged investors. they're looking from word from the fed for a rate hike. the dow fell 23 points and closed at 18,529. a danger at the beach that could catch you by surprise. we'll show you the hazard lurking in shallow water and how you can protect your little
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all right, time for a check of traffic. you're looking here at the grand central parkway at denmark boulevard where traffic is moving well going in both directions. it's a monday in august. pretty light. here's a look at the delays on the hudson river crossing. 15 to 20 minutes at the lincoln tunnel. 20 minutes at the out
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the first phase on long railroad -- governor cuomo walked along the stretches in islip. doubling capacity will allow the railroad to offer more train and leave quicker from service disruptions. governor cuomo is pleased with the process is. >> we do the second track have you a capacity on long island you've never had before. >> work beyond the first phase last august and the second phase is designing a new station near a public airport. it's -- it's scheduled for -- passengers just need to download the app and buy a ticket and have it scanned
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paper ticket punched. customers can use the schedules and see train service status updates. a federal judge in texas has blocked the obama administration's director on transgender bathrooms. the judge granted a temporary nationwide injunction against tightsle 9 which allows transgender students access to the restroom of their choice. that means for now, federal agencies are not allowed to take action against schools that don't follow the bathroom policy. states challenged the white house directive as unconstitutional. president obama is getting ready to visit flood ravish louisiana tomorrow. the president has been criticized for not cutting his vacation to
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remain in shelters. ? [ music ] ? ? take a listen to that. that's a teenager helping flood victims in baton rouge. he took a break to play in an abandoned piano. he saw the piano and couldn't resist. >> when life gets you down, you should look for the bright side of life. >> certainly inspiring. the performance uplifting. >> he can play, wow. >> played beautifully. >> that's impressive. all right. we have lee goldberg outside with a look at the forecast. what do you think? he can - >> it doesn't feel like mid-august today, lee. >> no, it feels great. welcome back to you, liz, as well. >> thank you. >> the wind is awesome. it's comfortable. high energy winds. that's the first time in a while where you think let's go for a
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down. it feels spectacular and we have a nice week ahead. let's go outside and check out central park. central park film festival underway. marcus garvey park tonight and they'll introduce the school of rock near 124th street. i'll be out there late they are week. very an a nice evening shaping up. temperatures at 76, but the humidity is nice and low. pressure on the rise. high pressure over us the next couple of days and the high only and it's base side queens at 79. hollis at 81. bronx in the mid-70s. look at the cat scales. monticello at 68. 80 in islip and 80 in bell more. 88-degree numbers down to the shorelines. a sharp in the -- 30 miles-an-hour wind at jfk. you'll notice the breeze through the early evening hours, but it
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the dew points in the low and middle 50s. we've spent so many time in the 70s. and now we're in this really comfortable invigorating stretch where lows through wednesday. here's your planner through the evening hours. sunshine early sky overnight. coolest night in a while, 63, 64 in new york city. 75 by noon time. not as breezy and a high around the 80-degree mark. and clear. there's the rain maker from last night. got good rain showers over the cat scales and the water sheds so our reservoir level was doing good. a lot of people seeing their lawns coming back. high pressure building. it's over the ohio valley. later in the week the low over the pacific northwest along with monsoon moisture and moisture out of texas, that combine and a front closing thursday night from think. it doesn't look like a big deal.
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the next week. it's a dry stretch. tomorrow, continued comfy. maybe not as breezy, but very pleasant. temperatures are high temperatures and we should reach -- that's what we can see thursday late into friday. it doesn't look like a big deal or wide spread. or freshing breeze in your accuweather forecast. 50s in many suburbs. 62 in the city. outdoors if you can and clear and comfy around 60s. we'll look at the thursday map and and that's when back. we're tracking the trop he cans because we have fiona but we have two other candidates that can become storms by day's end and one may threaten the united states. we'll look at that when i come inside.
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cameras were rolling when a massive dusts storm rolled through the area in arizona. a dust storm approached the phoenix met -- metro area. it caused delays at the airport . >> it looks like a special effect. still to come, a warning for parents. we're going to tell you why shallow water could pose the most danger at the beach. and a
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about
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meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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a warning for those wanting to spend time at the beach. even if you stay in shallow water, the waves with pose a threat. how do you stay safe when the waves come crashing down. we get information from the experts. baring down on you. the place where you feel safe in the shallows. >> oh my gosh. >> sometimes that area can turn dangerous in seconds. >> i think we've all been there. you realize suddenly the water's got bigger. >> in this delaware hospital alone, nearly 2,000 swimmers with injuries requiring emergency treatment in the last 5 years. >> the energy from a three or
4:25 pm
energy getting hit by a small compact car moving at 20 or 30 miles-an-hour. >> josh bazal spent his childhood swimming at the beach until 1 day -- >> i had my back to the ocean. when a wave picked me up and slammed me head first against the ocean floor. >> he's a kwau grow pa leaning i can. >> i'm in malibu california. >> with me los angeles county hasket. when a wave dumps you onto the wet sand. >> it's like cement. >> they say swim in life guarded areas. >> it's the safe area to swim. >> think about a surfer and study the water before you get in. >> look at the ocean and have that awareness. >> waves come in sets. get through the break zones during smaller waves and if you're caught inside as a big one hits, don't place yourself standing tall? it tightens you up and
4:26 pm
o the bottom. >> ken says if you see that wall of water -- >> go down and grab sand. >> go under that and dissipate. relax. grab a breath of air and relax under the wave. >> if you can't get underneath of wave and clear it, these next instructions can save you. >> grab the back of your head and elbows in front of you. so if you hit the sand, you're like this. >> that was abc's becky reporting. in case you didn't catch the last piece of advice, grab the back of your head and put your elbows in front of you so if you hit the sand, they'll hit first and protect your head. a dare devil pastor in western new york takes a dangerous leap of faith. pastor john morgan hopped on a bike in brighton on saturday and jumped
4:27 pm
the pastor's church is named prince of emily, faith on fire. there he goes. he says the stunt was to promote a local charity and the christian faith. >> he got people out there to look at that. >> yes, did he. a price hike feary -- parents of children with allergies are left scrambling to do.
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it can be a life saving device for those at-risk of allergic reaction, but the popular epipen is more 400%. a shift has many parents worried about how those who need it gets it. andrew is live with de-- nj is live. >> doctors and patients and their parents say they're concerned. yes, many are covered by insurance.
4:31 pm
not. or their detectiveities -- it's a lifeline for those with allergies especially children with food allergies. they defend on epinephrine known as epi pen. it once cost $60 and now it cost $600. with children and their parents about to start a new school year, the sticker shock is startling. the maker of the patients, but for others, this is a struggle. >> some patients have come back telling us that the epipen is not covered by their insurance and as a result they have to pay hundreds of dollars outs of pocket for the -- dollars out of pocket for the cost of the epipen. >> just because you have insurance doesn't mean it covers the cost of the epipen. a
4:32 pm
we want to hear from patients and parents at 5:00. >> nj, thank you. a 22-year old man shot and killed during a drive-by early this morning in brooklyn. a gunman inside a vehicle opened fire on the man at 1:00 a.m. along avenue i in flat lands. one bullet struck benjamin in the chest. paramedics rushed him to kings hospital where he died. a wild fire by windy conditions destroyed buildings. an nasa satellite captured the smoke rising from 4 different fires in california. meanwhile at least 16 homes have been destroyed by 3 fires near spokane, washington. >> when i saw a cloud, i knew it was bad. but the closer i got the worse it got. the tom -- the feeling in my tom ago was unbearable.
4:33 pm
hurts. >> the fires scorched more than 9 square miles but no injuries reported. turkey -- a wedding party left dozens dead. 54 people were killed. many of them children when a suicide bomber targeted the curtish wedding party. turkish authorities say officials believe it was the work of an isis militant. a former french president nick planning another bit for his country's top spot in 1017. he made the announcement on his twitter account. the 61-year old served as its french president between 2007 and and 2012 and defeated in alan in 2012. kobe is trading his -- the
4:34 pm
capital fund to celebrate. he helped bring in the opening bell on wall street this morning. the money will help on small businesses dealing with data. bryant and his business partner had been investing in companies for the last 3 years and he retired from the nba at the end of last season. the zika virus spreading. what authorities are saying. says why he could be murdered while doing something he -- the tropics heating up. we have three storms we're watching, fiona and another one here. that one could be -- let's look at the stats. here's what we're watching. we're watching fiona and the middle one, a 50% chance of development and off the african coast, that's going to become a depression later on tonight. close to home, quiet.
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way. a 10-year old boy is among the dead, and an aide to governor cuomo. a fire commissioner wants families to keep lighters and matches out of the hands of children. investigators say children playing with matches started three major fires over the last week and a half. >> presidential hopeful trump says he's not flip flopping on his immigration plan. the defense comes as clinton launches new ads and clinton is answering use of a private e-mail server while she was victim of state. two companies cut ties with swimmer ryan lochte. speedo is dropping their deal and ralph lauren says they will not renew lochte's contract. a funeral underway for a deli worker by a man who stole an officer's gun. friends and
4:39 pm
will be sent back to his native country. he was killed 2 weeks ago after he was shot by a customer. guzman grabbed the gun from an officer's holster. the battle of zika is a battle over money. they're asking for funding to fight the virus there. elizabeth herd has >>reporter: zika fears reaching as far north as new york city have crews out spraying neighborhoods as a precaution. >> what we know, okay, about this virus. >> meanwhile, in miami, student was returning to school for zika lessons. >> they're being taken care of it and they're exterminating the planes and everything.
4:40 pm
zones, but health experts warnings the virus spreading beyond florida is a matter of time. >> whenever you have a situation of flooding, it leaves areas behind where mosquitos can breed and until you get that water cleaned up, it's a hot spot for west nile and zika. >> calling the situation dier, the cdc is representing pregnant women and partners to stay out county stressing the virus needs to be taken seriously. knowing not all visitors and locals share the concern. >> i don't feel like i need to worry about it right now because i am not in the first trimester of my pregnancy. >> the problem with zika is you don't see the issue until six to 9 months when babies are born when they have birth defects. they need people to take action right now. >> bottom line, don't wait until
4:41 pm
to fighting zika, it's about protection and prevention. i'm elizabeth herd for channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile the health department launched a new interactive website with weekly updates on the fight against zika. they have controlled activities and you can tell when your neighborhood was last sprayed for mosquitos. this was a part of the city's 3-year, $20 million plan initiative to keep the zika virus from spreading. city will spray for mosquitos for the 6th time this summer. overseas in india, hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated amongst devastating flooding. authorities say 40 people have died in central and eastern parts of nation. days of heavy rain has -- to rise above the danger mark. many of the dead have been electrocuted
4:42 pm
homes. a medal winner runner in ethiopia feared he may be murdered after the olympics won't be prosecuted. he crossed his arms above his head as he crossed the finish line. it's in support of largest tribe. the tribe has been protesting the government's plan to take over farm land. the athlete was worried he could be killed or tribe, but a government spokesperson said he'll be given a hero's welcome. coming up, why barbara streisand called tim cook to complain about something on her i phone. hear from a family of a toddler -- doctors removed dozens of knives from inside a man's stomach. this is unbelievable.
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remarkable video in italy. cameras were rolling as 700,000 cubic meters of rock came crashing down.
4:46 pm
in the area were closed in advance after cracks were discovered on the mountain side. wow. surgeons in india saved a man's life removing 40 knives from his stomach. the 5 hour procedure took place on friday. he told doctors he had been swallowing the knives for two months and he's addicted to the taste of metal. they believe the map has a mental disorder, but he's exp recover from the surgery. >> wow. nasa released 360 degree video of mars. it was captured the by the mars curiosity rover on august the 5th on the planet astronauts call murray hills which i thought was in manhattan. siren lift hope to scour the area. the curiosity rover has been on the planet since 2012. take a look. what do you
4:47 pm
this bear said when he showed up in a florida mom's backyard. >> whoa. >> and angie saw it walking in her yard and had it on facebook live. the bear noticed the family and the camera and didn't care too much. but hello, i'm here. >> the guy is totally intrigued. -- pour ridge. the weather is not too hot or too cold, but right. >> i don't need a sweater tonight. >> maybe so. >> goldilocks is a nickname i did not enjoy. >> i don't understand. >> why didn't you enjoy this. we have a beautiful afternoon. we have a breeze and our camera always bounce was a
4:48 pm
camera shippy. feels great at 18 miles-an-hour. there's an issue with our water and whether there's drought across our area. we got good rain on the water shed last night. reservoir, but the cats scale, good dose of rain and same across new jersey and parts of long island got rainfall, but needs more. in terms of our rainfall, we're running 5 inches or a look at the reservoir levels. okay at least for the new york reservoirs. the new jersey reservoirs may be below normal. rain chances, not much going on. there's a shot thursday and early friday. many areas may not see a drop of rain. certainly over the next 20 hours or so, it's going to be nice and quiet. clear overnight. dropping into the lower 60s. we'll be near the 80 degree mark during the afternoon hours and
4:49 pm
not as gusty as today. let's look at the tropics. you have fiona right here and the hurricane center calls it invest 99. getting onto the screen is now tropical depression 7. that was announced at 5:00 before the 5:00 update came through and the invest is up. fiona right here with winds of 35 miles-an-hour in the atlantic is a weak storm and a wave of low pressure heading into the atlantic. concerned going into the -- not a big deal there. i want to go to the one that came ouf the african coast and now tropical depression 7 looks like it can ramp up. when that happens, the storms curve into the atlantic. i'm not concerned about that one although it's its strongest of the three. it's this storm invest 99 that is going to continue on this westward track, maybe head to the bahamas. this could be a threat to the east doeft next week whether it's a tropical storm or hurricane. the
4:50 pm
yet. but we'll watch that as we go through next week. meanwhile, our temperatures tonight, anything but tropical. we have upper 40s in the cat scales. 50s many suburbs and low 60s in the city and tomorrow is glorious. really comfortable so the air quality is good. the pollen count after we had that low several weeks ago, now we're in rag week season and it's high and the wind is not going to help things. 80 tomorrow. beautiful day. 5 on wednesday, but the humidity is on the low to moderate side. you'll notice the humidity later in the day on thursday that could be a thunderstorm at night. friday, there's a storm early afternoon, but many areas could stay dry. a new spots will touch 90 and a great weekend. sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s. the final weekend of august. >> whoa. the final weekend. i know. >> where has it gone. lee, sit tight. buckle your
4:51 pm
trending stories. the olympics came to a close. the japanese primely minister aba made a show stopping appearance at the closing ceremony. he a merged dressed as the character, super mario. that's the prime minister. they'll host the games in 2020. he was the top trend for the night. time -- gold medalist gabby douglas will go from being judged to becoming a judge. she'll join the judge's pageant for the miss america pageant in atlantic. siri miss to nounspronounced her name and she call -- siri mispronounced her name. she
4:52 pm
wi she reminded cook it's an s. a soft s like sand on the beach. >> very nice. >> barbara surprise streisand said to have it updated. >> it's pronounced z as in zebra. >> all right. call this good news, bad news situation for a minor league baseball player in brandon thomas hit an absolutely colossal home run in the second inning of his team's game. the 6th victory. that's the good news. what's the bad news. the home run smashed the windshield of his car. it cost him $300, but he tweeted definitely worth it. he parked two counties away.
4:53 pm
weekend jamming with a new band. take a listen. >> sounds like -- >> it's cocoa the grill. she gained fame after understanding more than 1,000 english words. she posted this on social media. the jam session was apart of the day he'll never forget. >> his song is in there some where. >> it's cl >> check out the trend online, abc 7 ny and send your trend ideas using the #thetrend. still to come -- >> i'm not sure all that often. >> a wide shot. >> thank meanwhile, the parents say it's a miracle their daughter is alive. a toddler survived for nearly an hour under a capsized boat. what saved her.
4:54 pm
20 to 25 minutes at
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a family's trip out on a boat turns terrifying when their toddler is missing for close to an hour. eventually found under the boat. now her parents are taking us through the incredible story. eyewitness news anchor ken rosato has the details. >> we felt we were going to lose her. >> reporter: tammy and brian broussard say it's a miracle their daughter kennedy is home. the 23-month-old incredibly surviving after being trapped under the capsized vote in indian river for nearly an hour. >> i'm in the river. the boat crashed. i have a baby in the water.
4:57 pm
water. >> please hurry. >> reporter: the boat flipped after it hit power lines. tammy and brian escaped the water safely with their 7-month-old daughter but kennedy was nowhere to be found. only her heart wrench ing cries were heard in the darkness. >> we couldn't tell if she was in the boat or if she was trapped under the boat or if she was out in the river because we heard cries but it sounded like it was coming from everywhere. >> reporter: first responders rushed to the scene and after nearly 45 minutes they began to lose hope. a very light cry. i put my ear up to the side of the boat. i was listening and i could hear she was right there. >> reporter: incredibly, kennedy was floating in a life vest under the boat inside an air pocket. >> it's a complete miracle that everything worked like it did because we shouldn't all be here today. >> reporter: ken rosato, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> miracle is the right word.
4:58 pm
5:00 begins right now. former met dwight gooden denying yet again he has a drug problem. his family and friends stepping up to the plate to help him. first an eyewitness news exclusive. a 10-year-old boy traumatized and in tears when cops in newark chased him with their guns out in a case of mistaken identity. >> good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. the boy still traumatized by the video on facebook showing her scared child. >> she criticized newark police for their handling of the situation. eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson has new details on this exclusive story. >> reporter: there is no denying 10-year-old legend preston is big for his age. this shy 5th grader who loves math was shaken to the core when newark cops with their guns drawn allegedly chased him down this alley because they thought
4:59 pm
armed robbery. >> some police started coming from this way with guns pointing right at me then i ran in to the backyard. >> reporter: just before that, legend was shooting hoops at this basketball rim when the ball rolled in to the street. he ran after it and he thought the cops were chasing after him for running in to the street without looking. >> i ran because they thought i threw the ball in the street on purpose and they were holding the shotguns at me like this they did have their guns out but never pointed them at the 10-year-old while they were in the alley. witnesses intervened, telling the cops the person they had detained was a child. >> he's only 10 years old. how you all chasing him? got guns out here chasing him, he only a kid. that's messed up. >> little boy ran this way and the cop ran this way with the gun out. i saw that, yes.
5:00 pm
>> that's all right. you feel nervous? >> his mother posted this emotional video of facebook right after the incident which took place on august 10th. he was petrified. his mom was in the house when the incident happened and believes the matter could have ended tragically. >> these policemen had guns drawn on my child are still on the streets. >> police say this is the man they caught in the chase. he's 20-year-old casey joseph robinson who was charged with some similarities between the two but there is no doubt legend is a kid. >> police re-emphasize that guns were never pointed at the 10-year-old kid but they do say the case is being investigated by internal affairs. that's the latest live from newark, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are investigating whether speed and road construction were factors in the


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