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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> that's all right. you feel nervous? >> his mother posted this emotional video of facebook right after the incident which took place on august 10th. he was petrified. his mom was in the house when the incident happened and believes the matter could have ended tragically. >> these policemen had guns drawn on my child are still on the streets. >> police say this is the man they caught in the chase. he's 20-year-old casey joseph robinson who was charged with some similarities between the two but there is no doubt legend is a kid. >> police re-emphasize that guns were never pointed at the 10-year-old kid but they do say the case is being investigated by internal affairs. that's the latest live from newark, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are investigating whether speed and road construction were factors in the
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expressway. that crash on the westbound l.i.e. killed five people. the victims, an 81-year-old man and family of three from hempstead, and suffolk county executive steve ballon's communications director scott martela. he reflected on the loss of his colleague. >> he had such a respect for people and he was so committed to helping people and he really did that in his unfortunately too brief life. he touched so many lives. other people are recovering in the hospital tonight including a 3-year-old girl. her mother was killed in the crash. three major fires in two weeks, all of them started by children. new at 5:00, one father is bringing the message to kids all on his own. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff live in queens village. >> as we know, kids are curious
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fire can spread. the fdny says this home behind me is a very good example of exactly what can happen when kids play with fire. >> reporter: three devastating august fires could have been prevented according to fire commissioner daniel nigro. >> all caused by children playing with matchesr playing with fire. >> reporter: a dad who's friends with one of the families that lost their home tells us the situation is another conversation with his kids about the time. do not play with fire. i don't even want to see you close to the stove when it's on. >> parents should ensure that children have no access to lighters or matches. or don't play with the stove or other sources of fire. >> reporter: on august 9th in the wakefield section of the bronx, the fdny says a fire spread after kids were playing with fire and a dish towel on a stovetop. just days later the fdny says
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matches caused a fire in queens village on august 13th. then in the st. george section of staten island on august 18th, another fire. the fdny says in this case kids were also playing with matches. >> these fires damaged or destroyed 14 homes. made homeless at least 100 people and injured 35 people. >> reporter: the fdny visited a summer camp in ozone park, queens today to talk fire safety. >> you should not play with matches or lighters. >> you learned that today? part of a free program that can be set up through the department in advance. other programs for kids with an unhealthy interest in fire are available as well. >> important to note, two firefighters were critically injured while fighting the fires. they're expected to be okay, but nothing further reason to continue the conversation about fire safety.
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overwhelming support to the families devastated by one of those fires started by children. the national action network says its staten island chapter has been flooded with donations. >> we cannot keep up with the donations. it's very heartwarming actually. sometimes i can be a sentimental person. if everyone can be this way toward each other on a constant be such a better place. >> the group says they received so many donations, they've begun distributing them to anyone in need, not just the fire victims. claims tonight donald trump is flip-flopping on his tough immigration stance. now the candidate is delaying a speech he planned to give on immigration this thursday. the change in schedule announced just a short time ago and it comes after trump said that the u.s. needs to be fair but firm
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trump had previously proposed using a deportation force to move living in the u.s. illegally. his campaign manager says that proposal is to be determined. meanwhile, hillary clinton taking a break from the presidential campaign trail but her e-mail scandal remains in the spotlight tonight. today the state department confirmed the fbi uncovered 15,000 additional e-mails from her time as secretary of state, e-mails not previously disclosed and former state colin powell is pushing back on reports suggesting he gave clinton the idea to use a private e-mail server. howell said, quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me. what a gorgeous day outside. meteorologist lee goldberg is here with a quick look at the accuweather forecast. lee, good to have you back. >> appreciate that. what a great day. look at the breeze out here. it's really blowing at about 20
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to the evening hours. lots of sun now. clear sky overnight. wind gets a little lighter late night. it will be in the 50s. maybe a light jacket later on this evening. we'll tell you how long the humidity is going to be on hold. your 7 day accuweather forecast just a few minutes away. new information, a grand jury today indicted a college janitor for first degree murder in the fatal shooting of an imam continues to be held without bail. both victims were shot in the head as they walked home from a mosque in ozone park on august 13th. prosecutors still haven't given any possible motive and morel does not face hate crime charges though many in the islamic community call it islamophobia. two companies are dropping the olympic gold medalist.
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with him. the swimmer initially said he and three teammates were robbed in rio after the taxi was pulled over by armed men posing as police. he's since said the story was made up and he's apologized for embellishing what happened. a federal judge in texas has temporarily blocked an obama administration directive on bathroom rights for transgender students. texas and 12 other states asked may. the federal government told u.s. public schools that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity. today the state department said it's disappointed in the ruling and reviewing its options. new at 5:00, a young woman's rough ride on a roller coaster at six flags. we're hearing from her tonight and why she had to have emergency surgery. >> also, the queen of soul
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we have breaking news out of brooklyn. an x-ray technician is facing charges of sexually assaulting two women inside of kings county hospital. the alleged assaults happened some time on saturday. the victims, a 57-year-old woman and an 83-year-old woman were in the hospital to receive x-rays when they were allegedly
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was arraigned yesterday. dwight gooden's family is concerned tonight about the former met's health. darryl strawberry says it's drugs and he's begging him to clean up his act. today gooden spoke out and he said he's just fine. you can hear him and judge for yourself. eyewitness news sports anchor laura behnke here with more. >> it's no secret dwight gooden has had a long history battling drug abuse. eventually got clean and he remains that way now. darryl strawberry says that's not the case and fears for gooden's life. >> reporter: what started as a missed public appearance by dwight gooden last thursday night has turned in to an ugly dispute among long-time friends after darryl strawberry went public with his concerns that his former teammate once again as a drug problem, saying gooden has relapsed in his use of cocaine.
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but according to strawberry, gooden was a no-show because of his addiction, which he says will kill the former pitcher if he doesn't get help. he today broke his silence, denying he has a problem. >> i don't have a drug problem. i am an addict. i'll have that the rest of my life but that doesn't mean i'm an addict. >> reporter: he said his friendship with strawberry is now over, saying strawberry's public declarations of his drug the belt. further discussing his concerns about the accusations during the radio interview. >> i'm not perfect but it hurts me now because i have kids that are older that read this stuff. >> reporter: his children are also concerned. today the gooden releasing this statement: this has been a hard year for our entire family, with our grandmother's diminishing health and her passing last month, the stress and sadness this has brought us has been unthinkable. between this and our father's work schedule, he's been under
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and above all, sadness. he's been planning on taking a break from the spotlight to regroup. we'll be pushing this respite up. >> publically gooden's family may not be saying he's again battling drug use but strawberry told the daily news that dwight gooden, jr. reached out to strawberry asking him to help his father before he dies of his cocaine use. we've got more breaking news. this is sad news about that on the westbound l.i.e. in manorville yesterday morning. a sixth person, a sixth person has now died after that accident. again, police are investigating. they're trying to determine whether speed or road construction were factors in that accident. but once again, a sixth person has died in that multi-car crash on the l.i.e. all new at 5:00, a woman says she was hit in the face by a flying object while on a ride at six flags great adventure in
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of her injuries pretty graphic. sabrine nassir said something hit her. she had to have emergency oral surgery. >> it was like a baseball bat to the face. i'll wake up and it will be like >> six flags says its ride safety policy strictly prohibits any loose articles on ride. the park says the ride was closed after the incident and only reopened after a full inspection. new details about the mta's e-tix app. its roll out is now complete. the app let's customers purchase train tickets directly on their
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display to the conductor. officials say e-tix is a central component. >> bringing those state-of-the-art features that people expect as they ride the ride systems in other parts of the country. they see them there and want to know why we don't have them here. >> customers can use the app to check schedules and see train service status updates. new at 5:00, burial sites in manhattan, they're extremely rare. but now one is available and it's for a family of six. pay big bucks. $7 million for a crypt under the basilica of st. patrick's in soho. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot is live in soho with more. >> think about it, resting eternally in one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the country under one of the most historic catholic churches out there. yes, it is a rare opportunity for just one family that can
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st. patrick's old cathedral opening its 200-year-old crypt to a family of six for $7 million. for that price tag, expect to be buried near several historic figures. >> here the first bishop of new york is buried underneath the church. >> reporter: general thomas t. ecker, close confidant of abraham lincoln. >> the people that introduced high end hospitality here in new this church. >> reporter: frank, the director of the centuries-old basilica says the opportunity came as a fundraising effort as the church undergoes renovations, also came the need to restore its 150-year-old pipe organ. >> the urban organ itself needed funds to be restored and it's a million dollars to restore it. >> reporter: the price tag is steep and alfieri admits it's
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a family, is to support the efforts here of reviving, restoring the urban organ, and more importantly, provide that family with an opportunity of a once in a lifetime chance of being inter underneath the old cathedral. >> whichever family is chosen, they'll also get the naming rights to that historic pipe organ. if you can't afford that $7 million price can't. there are also cremation niches that are being built and those are starting at $10,000. live in lower manhattan, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> [ laughter ] >> not on your checklist? >> not the first thing i'd buy. welcome back. you've got the glow. >> thanks a lot. >> good to have you back. you came back to a top 10 day. >> what oppressive heat?
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you don't get cabin fever too much in summer but that heat was tough the last couple weeks. to get out today -- >> beautiful. >> great breath of fresh air today. really nice and energizing as you go outside tonight. it's really pretty. we've got a nice northwest breeze as well. let's give you a week's worth of beautiful weather just like it. shirleen will be out tonight, the festival all week. 76 degrees, humidity at 42%. northwest wind around 23 miles per hour. pressure on the rise. high today just shy of the 80-degree mark. normal high is 82. sunset tonight, 7:43. i think breeze and temperatures will be dropping through the low and mid 60s in many of our suburbs. already 66 in monticello. 73, cold spring. and west port at 76. long island, you're at 80 so
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off the northwest, 80-degree numbers go right down to the beaches. water temperatures in the mid to upper 70s right now. wind gusts have been over 20 miles per hour in many spots. even gusts over 30. that wind will be feisty through the evening hours and back off through 10:00 tonight. the dew points measure the amount of moisture in the air and the mid 40s to lower 50s, that's a fall feel. we go from that oppressive feel to the invigorating feel just like that over the weekend. 75 during the lots of sun. lots of sunshine tomorrow after that comfortable start, 50s in many suburbs. mid 70s at noontime. around 80 during the afternoon hours. skies clear right now. there's the front last night that brought a good soaking, especially the hudson valley. left the scene nice and early this morning and now high pressure in control for a couple days. it's late week. we'll watch this low and some of this moisture combined. and that may bring us a thunderstorm especially north and west later thursday in to friday but that's not even a guarantee.
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more of the same on wednesday, a little bit warmer. there are the showers that may threaten the area by late thursday. refreshing breeze tonight. 50s in many suburbs. low humidity, around 80. 67, clear and comfy tomorrow night. here's what we're working on for 5:30. will we get that storm by late thursday or will the next seven days be dry in many spots? and tropical storm gaston hasn't formed but could be on the verge of that. more on that in the 7-day accuweather forecast after 5:30. president obama will visit flood ravaged louisiana tomorrow. the president has been criticized for not cutting his vacation to martha's vineyard short so he could survey the damage earlier. volunteers are now helping with the cleanup. the flooding cleaned 13 people and has damaged an estimated 60,000 homes. more than 2800 people remain in shelters. in tonight's health alert, trying to eat healthy may have
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report from a leading pediatric group says parents who push dieting or skipping meals could be contributing numbers of dieting or obesity disorders. a nutrition plan for your teen can be far more effective. things like planning family meals together can go a long way to promote a healthy lifestyle. a battle churning on the hudson involves barges on the river. coming up, the new proposal and why some lawmakers are pushing back. >> a family buys a new puppy but days later. when they can't find the seller, they ask 7 on your side to
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some good news for newark. a panel of experts says if the city of newark continues to show progress in how it runs its schools, it could regain control in two decades. the panel created by the city and state found newark has earned control in key areas including personnel and fiscal management. the state took over in the mid 90s citing mismanagement and low test scores. is shutting down today and most staffers of the flagship site for gawker media are being assigned to other editorial roles. it's part of a deal in which
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million following bankruptcy proceedings. gawker filed for bankruptcy after wrestler hulk hogan won a $140 million judgment for invasion of privacy. as the uk maps out its exit strategy from the european union, remaining eu countries are meeting to discuss the impact of the brexit. leaders from italy, france, and vermont met for a mini summit. economic growth, improved security, and new job options for young people were among the topics. for an eu-wide summit. this is going to happen in september. vice president joe biden leaves today for an overseas trip that includes a stop in turkey on the heels of a deadly attack at a wedding. at least 51 people were killed in saturday's bombing near the syria border. more than 20 of the victims were under the age of 14. the turkish president blames isis. it's the deadliest attack in turkey this year. we have new video tonight
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from carrying out a suicide attack. they say the would-be bomber was 15 years old and intended to target a shia mosque. a driver slammed in to a crowd injuring nine people. this happened last night in a parking lot in parma heights, about 10 miles south of cleveland. police say the 74-year-old woman was leaving the concert when she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of a brake when she was pulling out a parking space. the injured are being treated at the hospital. investigators are considering whether to file charges. new at 5:00, actor leonardo dicaprio and his girlfriend got in to a fender bender in the hamptons over the weekend. police say the actor and 24-year-old supermodel were involved in a crash on montauk highway saturday afternoon. police say the accident was minor and no one had to be taken to the hospital. aretha franklin is canceling
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doctor's orders. the 74-year-old singer says she will cancel a few concerts including two performances at radio city music hall. the queen of soul says she should be back on the road in november. >> let's hope so. soaring prices on a life saving medical product. why customers now have to hand over hundreds of dollars for epi pens or go without them. >> and family members gather to say goodbye to a deli worker killed in the bronx. >> also ahead, scorching wild
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a shocking price increase for a life saving device for children. millions keep an epi pen handy
5:30 pm
saving device has recently skyrocketed. >> eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett has more live. >> it's one thing if your insurance covers the cost of, pi pens, but wha if it doesn't? what if the price of epi pens suddenly skyrockets to $800? that's the reality for some families. >> reporter: an estimated 6% of america's children have life-threatening food allergies. for those kids, the drug epinephrine is a lifeline. matthew is 12 years old. >> if i don't have that pen and i eat it, i can pretty much die right away. my whole neck will swell up, my cheeks, boom, done. >> this is a life saving medication. >> reporter: sherry is one of a growing number of doctors concerned about a startling increase in the cost the single dose epinephrine
5:31 pm
pharmaceutical, by some accounts up more than 500%. the epi pen has virtually no competition since another product has been taken off the market. they have insurance that covers it but others do not. >> some patients have told us the epi pen is not covered by their insurance and as a result they have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for the cost of the epi pen. >> reporter: tonight the company refuses to explain the price increase, saying, quote, people and families are enrolled in high deductible health plans and they're bearing more of the cost. we recognize the need and are committed to working with customers and payers to find solutions to meet the needs of the patients and families we serve. end quote. joe caldera ha a 6-year-old boy. >> if i didn't have a chance, it would be terrible. i'd have to do somehow because it would save his life if we ever needed it.
5:32 pm
for families with high deductibles it's a struggle. as we pointed out a moment ago, there are some families that have insurance that doesn't pay the cost of epi pens. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. a funeral is taking place right now for a bronx deli worker who was killed by a man allegedly who stole a police officer's gun. friends and relatives gathering at an islamic center in the 49-year-old wally camara. police say he was shot by an unruly customer. efren guzman allegedly grabbed a gun from an officer's holster and opened fire. the long island railroad double track project is on track and rolling forward. governor cuomo walked along the stretch of the new tracks in central islip today to mark completion of the first phase of the project. the lirr is doubling the capacity on part of the ronkonkoma line to allow the
5:33 pm
quicker from service disruptions. >> we do the second track, we do the third track. we do them quickly. we do them well. you have a capacity on long island you never had before. >> the second phase of the project will include designing a new long island railroad station near republic airport and is tentatively scheduled for completion in 2019. a man was killed while celebrating his birthday after police say he laid down in front of a car and was run over. jonathan merkley was partying with friends at a hotel in san diego overnight when a female party goer decided to leave. merkley laid down in front of her car, apparently not wanting her to go. she did not stop and she ran over his chest. he died later at the hospital. the lawmakers in florida are asking the federal government to fund in the fight to go against the zika virus.
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zones but health experts warn it's only a matter of time before the virus spreads beyond florida. the cdc is recommending pregnant women and their partners stay out of all miami-dade county. and the new york city health department launching a new initiative. an interactive website with weekly updates in the fight against zika. this is part of the city's three-year, $21 million initiative to keep zika from spreading. the map-based site can tell you sprayed for mosquitos. tomorrow the city will be spraying for mosquitos for a sixth time this summer. right now we want to turn to breaking news. the fdny on the scene of an underground transformer fire in chelsea. shannon sohn is live in newscopter7 with more. >> that fire broke out at about 3:19 this afternoon. you can see con ed is on the scene along with the fire
5:35 pm
under control. unfortunately not before 433 con ed customers just on this immediate block of west 14th street between 6th and 7th avenues lost power. no word as to when that will be restored. but as we bring you over to 6th avenue, you can see they had issues here as well. for a while, this traffic light was out. it looks like they have gotten that back up and in operation. so the good news is that mta is not affected by this and traffic is light through the area so not too terrible as far as traffic without power now because of the transformer fire and unclear when the power will be reporting live over chelsea, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. the heat is on in california. wildfires have already scorched hundreds of thousands of acres and the flames don't appear to be easing up any time soon. >> reporter: another terrifying scene in the west.
5:36 pm
as seven major wildfires burn there. >> when i saw the cloud, i knew it was bad, but the closer i got here, the worse it got. >> reporter: three fires burning just outside of spokane. one of those exploding in size overnight, jumping from 250 acres to around 5 ,000 in a matter of hours. >> gone up in flames. it's a gut wrencher. it hurts. >> reporter: the fire is ripping through buildings. jj anderson finding his a pile of ashes. >> everything from their trips to the letters, graduation pictures, whatever. all gone with nothing to show. >> reporter: firefighters all over the state are now on the attack, hitting the fires from the air and on the ground. it's the same across the rest of the west as at least 25 fires burn from california to nevada.
5:37 pm
the mandatory evacuation orders for the blue cut fire have been lifted. that fire burned more than 30,000 acres and is now almost fully contained. abc news, los angeles. secretary of state john kerry says east african foreign ministers from countries including south sudan have agreed to move ahead with the deployment of a regional peace keeping force in that troubled nation. south sudan at first rejected month the u.n. security council voted to deploy peace keepers. fighting erupted in the capital last month killed hundreds. leaders along the hudson banding together to lift the anchor on a plan to allow barges to park on the river. >> also ahead on eyewitness news, a prank with dangerous potential. how did several crocodiles end up in a school administrator's office? >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. satellite picture, couple fair
5:38 pm
quit, close to home. 76 degrees. tropical depression right there. another storm that could become a tropical depression soon. this is tropical depression 7 and could become a hurricane cat 1. we'll tell you where all these no way, that's jacob degrom.
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new at 5:00, a coalition of mayors from westchester county is banding together to fight a u.s. coast guard proposal to along the hudson river. >> our waterfront is our greatest asset. that's why we stand together today because there's a harmful threat to that success to the health and to the safety of our residents. >> the shipping industry says the anchorages are needed to safely navigate the river but local officials say they will damage the environment and cause safety and navigational concerns.
5:42 pm
crocodiles. surveillance video shows three crocs being dropped through the window of an administrator's office. this was down in australia. the pranksters then ransacked the place. the crocodiles' mouths were taped shut and later rescued. police are trying to figure out where they came from. surgeons in indiana saving a man's life when they removed 40 knives from his stomach. the five-hour operation took place friday in india. you ask how did the knives get there? the man told doctors he'd bee for two months. he says he's addicted to the taste of metal and the foldable knives are made of metal and he said i like this. doctors believe the man has a very rare mental disorder but he's expected to recover from the surgery to remove all those knives. from hate to love, a stunning show of support for a couple who appears to be the victim of a hate crime.
5:43 pm
later. >> he died right in my arms. >> what you need to know about your rights buying pets coming up. >> coming up, the deadly police shooting was a young deaf father trying to use sign language. a man armed with an assault rifle caught on camera. the new wildfire out of control
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some residents in massachusetts taking a stand for their gay neighbors following a possible hate crime. carrie and lori recently returned home from vacation to find their house had been egged while they were away and their pride flags, they were stolen. after word of the crime got out, the couple's neighbors hung more than two dozen rainbow flags on their homes in a show of
5:47 pm
fill up with tears driving down the street. can't speak. it's overwhelming. it's overwhelming. the support. >> the couple filed a police report, unsure if it was a prank or hate crime. so far there are no suspects. if you couldn't score a ticket to see bruce springsteen and the e street band, you have another chance. additional tickets are available for the three concert gig at metlife stadium tickets are available at the stadium box office and through ticket master. the concerts will be held tomorrow, thursday, and august 30th. cameras were rolling when a massive dust storm rolled through the desert in arizona. this is a massive one. this is a time lapse video of the storm as it approached the phoenix metro area. it developed more than 20 miles southeast of the city before covering the downtown area and causing delays at the airport. and car washes were very busy afterwards, right, lee? >>
5:48 pm
second time this month that phoenix has had what's called a haboob. a thunderstorm followed that but that can go miles high in to the atmosphere and of course created all types of delays around the area. this time of year with the monsoons in the area, not unusual to see that. we've got our own winds. nothing like that 60-mile-per-hour winds. we've had wind gusts over 20 miles per hour. 76 degrees our temperature right now. chance of rain for us after spots last night, minimal. maybe later thursday in to a part of friday. this is a small chance for a thunderstorm. certainly not tonight. clear skies overnight. numbers dropping in to the 60s. super comfortable. open the windows, 50s in many suburbs. near 80 tomorrow afternoon. and the humidity is still in check. the tropics here, three systems we're watching. that's tropical depression fiona. a wave of low pressure, area of thunderstorms. even though this track looks a little threatening toward the
5:49 pm
in terms of tropical depression depression 7 newly formed, 35-mile-per-hour winds. this is likely to become a hurricane. because it's strengthening rather early, i think this will stay out in the open waters. this storm we have to watch more closely. it's called inves. it's a storm system that tracks over the bahamas during the next five days. early next week we could be watching the systemn f the carolina coast. we'll watch it very closely. this is the one to be a little bit more concerned about being a threat to the east coast next week. for us, nice and dry tonight. 49 in monticello. 53, newburg. 63, islip. 60 in belmar. 64 in the park. tomorrow near 80 degrees with a low humidity. air quality is great. index will be a 7. pollen count, unfortunately the ragweed is through the roof and the wind won't help. boaters, nice day tomorrow. 10 to 15 knots.
5:50 pm
temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. rip current risk down to low to moderate now. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. warming up a little bit on wednesday. here comes the humidity as we go in to thursday. there might be a late day shower or thunderstorms. i think the daylight hours are just fine. on friday that's just a very low threat, 10% or 20% shot. by early afternoon that threat is over. if you have to get away friday afternoon, i think we'll to 90 degrees. last weekend of august is fantastic. middle 80s. lots of sunshines and not too humid. the only problem with it, it's the last weekend of august. [ laughter ] >> thanks, lee. at least 40 people have died in flooding in central and eastern india. hundreds of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes. days of heavy rain have caused the ganges river to rise above
5:51 pm
have been electrocuted or crushed by collapsing homes. flooding is common during the monsoon season which runs from june through september. in japan, a powerful typhoon made landfall today, grounding hundreds of flights at tokyo's two airports. the storm's strong winds forced air traffic controllers to evacuate the control tower at one airport. winds clocked in at 112 miles per hour. launching a $100 million venture capital fund. to celebrate, the former laker helped ring in the opening bell. the money will focus on helping smaller businesses. bryant retired from the nba at the end of last season. a puppy dies days after its purchase but anguish turns to anger when the buyer says she couldn't get a refund. 7 on your side's nina pineda
5:52 pm
>> i'm liz cho. coming up at 6:00, we're learning more about the victims of the horrific weekend car crash on the l.i.e. a sixth victim has just died. we also have the latest on the investigation in to that car wreck. plus, new at 6:00, an outpouring of support for families burned out of their homes after a huge fire on staten island. hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? he's kidding! [laughs] oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at the same time. and there's no data cap, so... the kids must love that, huh?! hey, there's the birthday girl! let's get this party started! get time warner cable 300 meg internet.
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a family's excitement over a new puppy quickly turned to despair when the dog died a few days later. >> now the buyers say they were sold a sick animal under false pretenses. 7 on your side's nina pineda tracked down the seller and has >> two red flags. the mixed breed poodle was going for half of what a breeder would normally charge. next, the seller wouldn't let the family see the litter, insisting on doing a doggy drop-off delivery instead. >> i was helpless. i felt so much anger. >> reporter: their new puppy gismo died just six days after they bought him. >> he died right in my arms. >> reporter: last may alicia saw the poodle mix puppies for sale on craigslist complete with a health certificate from a
5:56 pm
bringing the puppies to her. >> two guys come. one stayed in the car. one came out, did the transaction. >> reporter: she paid $500 cash but two days later they had to rush gismo to the animal hospital. >> the next few couple days, he was gone. >> reporter: they buried him and texted the seller since the sales agreement states within 14 days of sale if the animal is unfit, the buyer is entitled to a replacement. >> he never answered you after you told him the dog died? >> no, no. any call him, i tried different phones. >> reporter: we investigated, visiting the vet whose signature is on gismo's health certificate. but the vet told me he never saw gismo and the certificate was a forgery. >> are you upset they're doing that? >> of course i'm upset. >> reporter: after the seller wouldn't return our calls, we went looking for him. >> he died a week after you guys brought him. >> what did he die from? >> reporter: the seller's brother said the health certificate was not a fake but
5:57 pm
puppy to to pay them back on his brother's behalf. >> i didn't think it was going to happen. thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. >> reporter: alicia got her refund, $500, and joey got a new dog. >> thank you all so much, nina. >> thank you, 7 on your side. >> you're welcome. >> the dog seller told us he changed his cell phone and never knew the puppy died but he's deeply sorry. before you buy dogs off craigslist or the internet. there are little to no regulations if there's a problem and always insist on a health certificate. call the vet to authenticate. if you buy an animal from a pet shop you'll have two weeks from purchase date to get a refund or replacement if it gets sick. shelter or rescue dogs make great pets. still ahead, donald trump
5:58 pm
s he changing his position or is he changing his position on immigration? >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. the 10-year-old little boy shaken up after he says police pointed a gun at him whi suspect. tonight his outraged family is demanding answers. it's an eyewitness news exclusive. but first, new tragic details. a sixth person has just died in the horrific car crash on the long island expressway. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. investigators tonight looking at whether speed played a role in that crash in suffolk county. one car going eastbound,
5:59 pm
no concrete barrier on that part of the l.i.e. >> it then crashed in to two other cars going the other direction. helen aidalson died this afternoon. her husband isador was also killed in the accident. three members of another family were killed. the communications director for suffolk county did as well. >> helen and isador were synagogue for 20 years. people fondly knew isador as itchy. >> reporter: people say isa isador and helen were at the core of the synagogue in hampton beach. >> itchy and helen are the cement of this synagogue. >> reporter: their friend bernie schickman says sunday was supposed to be a happy day.
6:00 pm
to come with us. at the last minute they changed and i ended upbringing a different couple with me. >> reporter: isador and helen died in the crash along with four others. police say they're investigating whether 26-year-old carmelo pinales was speeding when he lost control of his car and went of the l.i.e. striking two cars heading in the other direction. pinales' sister died, as well as his 10-year-old son. also killed, 29-year-old scott martela. he had just assumed a role as communications director for suffolk county executive steve balon. he served as an aide to governor cuomo for several years prior. >> he worked for me for a number of years.


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