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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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just not in places like this. the burglars most likely used this back alley in the middle of the night. once inside, they apparently had their run of the ground floor of the indonesian consulate. at times, wondering perhaps if they were being seen on surveillance cameras. both to 25 years old. do these people look fox to you? >> no, no. we don't know them. >> reporter: never saw them before? >> never saw them before. >> reporter: the heaves make quick work of the break-in making off way suitcase containing clothes, a kales of vodka and a vehicle from the consulate fleet. a tan honda minivan with
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could they have gotten in a part of the consulate where sensitive materials are kept? >> no, no. this is where they were just entering without -- i mean, they don't know what they are stealing. >> reporter: in other words, the ambassador says a crime of opportunity. the fact is, indonesia has been a target for terrorists in recent years, so this security breach had a high states and it is a real wake-up call for the government. security is being stepped up. i'm nj burkett, "eyewitness news." and a fall at a construction site sent a worker to the hospital at west 38th street and landed on scaffolding. no word on the worker's condition or what caused him to fall. new information this noon
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damaged on long island. police in suffolk county charged a man with dwi. investigators say he rammed his truck into a overnight. kristin thorne is in center port. kristin? >> police a mark duly was driving westbound here on east main street when he crashed into nine parked cars. they were parked right here he has been charged with dwi. there was a birthday party going on when this happened around 9:00 last night. they said they heard the loud boom and then it sounded as if he backed up, hit more cars, reversed, then hit them again. police aren't yet saying whether this entire thing was intentional or just an
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what was going on. >> oh, my gosh it was crazy. we were having dinner. it was my birthday. ill after a sudden -- all of a sudden it was a bunch of smashing and screeching. >> reporter: danielle tells us two men from inside of the tavern came out and tackled him inside of his car and held him until police arrived. rht is on his way to new orleans to see the flooding and damage there. he faced backlash from republicans for not sifting sooner. marci gonzalez joins us now from baton rouge. marcy? >> reporter: hi, joel and shirleen. this is what the president will see. house after house with every piece of furniture, every
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over. many of them don't have flood insurance. from the subsiding floodwater to everything it destroyed. >> it looks like a bomb went off. >> the united states government and american people will be standing with the people of baton rouge as they rebuild their community. >> reporter: a community reeling from the storm that hit neighborhoods not normally prone to flooding. killin damaging an estimated 60,000 homes. >> louisiana needs this assistance. it's widespread. >> reporter: president obama facing criticism for not cutting his vacation shorter but the governor defended the decision. >> we have to take hundreds to provide security for that type
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people engaged in the response rather than trying to secure the president. >> reporter: at the same time, governor john bell edwards praised donald trump who visited on friday saying his presence brought much-needed attention to a disaster many feel was otherwise largely ignored. not ignored by fema, unlike the slow federal response to katrina, agents are already here starting to process claims to the more than 110,000 people who ha for help replacing all that was lost. marci gonzalez, channel 7 "eyewitness news." donald trump is back on the campaign trail. he has a rally in texas tonight. he was supposed to lay out his immigration policy, but that
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health. a funeral today for one of the victims of a deadly crash on the long island expressway. services will be held for scott martell la this afternoon in dix hills. a setal of six people will be killed. carmelo was speeding when his car went airborne over a thin westbound lanes. a show of solidarity as members of the new york city police department said a final good-bye to a brother in blue. nypd commissioner william bratton delivered the eulogy for former first deputy commissioner and chief of department john timmy. he died last week after battling lung cancer. he was 68 years old. he began his career as a beat cop in 1969 and worked his way up the nypd ranks.
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were killed in a fire in an apartment building in chicago. police say it appears to have been deliberately set. it took 200 firefighters about three hours to put out the flames. a man as well as a 4-year-old, 6-year-old, and 3-month-old were killed. police say the fire was set after a domestic argument. they are now searching for a person of interest. a heartless theft. a wheelchair stolen from a teenager. we'll show you the response from his community. >> plu a case that stunned doctors. a teen survives a brain-eating amoeba. >> are you thinking of taking a trip? perhaps. find out why now might be the cheapest time to book a flight. >> 77 degrees right now in central park. this type of perfect weather can't last forever,
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the fbi is investigating a possible isis-inspired double stabbing in virginia. witnesses say an attacker yelled the islamic phrase that means god is great before attacking two people in roanoke on saturday night. one victim was slashed on the leg. suffered a necklace ration. 20-year-old wasil farouqe was take noon custody. he recently traveled to turkey and may have tried to sneak into syria to train with isis. a court appearance for bowe bergdahl. his team wants the case against him thrown out. the soldier's team says comments from senator john mccain swayed his prosecution.
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including donald trump make a fair trial impossible. bergdahl walked away from his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was held captive until 2014 when a prisoner swap put him back in u.s. custody. an all clear for daily fantasy sports companies to resume business in new york just in time for the nfl season and the major league baseball playoffs. the state's gaming commission and three other operators. in march, the companies suspended business as they cited them as illegal gambling. doctors say a 16-year-old girl survived a brain-eating amoeba infection that kills more than 97 of the people who contract it. officials say the teen was on vacation with the family
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hospital for children. doctors began antimicrobial therapy and put him in a medically induced coma. days later, the team was able take out his breathing tube and bring him out of that coma. >> since then, he's done tremendously well. >> doctors say the teenager is walking, talking ready to go home. he will have to under go extensive rehabilitation. >> wow. a modern day daredevil died in a base jumping accident in the french alps. alexander polley died in a wing suit jumping accident yesterday. the 31-year-old was a star on youtube. videos of his gravity-defying feets have garnered millions of views.
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be the day to book your flight. today is called "cheap flight day" because it marks the start of the travel season for airlines. depending on where you go to and from, you could see a drop in ticket prices. don't worry if you aren't ready to book a flight yet. experts say prices should stay low until the first two weeks of november. here's a trip you won't want to take. getting stuck between two buildings. wait until you find out where he ended up in the first place. >> plus, a baseball player hits a home run but gets a real shock when he heads to the parking lot after the game. >> taking a live look outside. another stellar day out there but when will that high humidity return? meteorologist jeff smith is up next with your exclusive
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dozens of wildfires flared up overnight across parts of the west from southern california to washington state. hundreds of homes have been destroyed in california as x fires burned across the state including a 52 square mile blaze that forced thousands to evacuate their homes. in washington, at least seven fast-moving fires are causing
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>> that was just on the west coast. so dry. you could smell the wildfires happening. back home, coming back home, it is beautiful weather. >> so perfect out there. this morning, funny story, a guy walks by and says, it's too cold. [ laughter ] >> you can't please >> no, of course not. >> this morning in central park. a lot of the suburbs got down into the 50s well north and west. a look up the hudson river toward the george washington bridge. look at the dew dew point sitting at 49. basically when it comes down to it, our comfort level. it was in the 70s for so long
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the 50 degree mark. normal high is around 82. we may not even get up to normal during the day today. so we're talking 80 degree sunshine and low humidity and light winds. that's perfection out there. with that humidity on friday, there could be a shower or thunderstorm around. the best chance of that happening being north and west of new york city. then it clears out in time for the weekend so it is a fantasti final weekend of august? 79 newark, 75 at white plains. that's a nice recovery. 73 at sussex. mid-70s on the island. you can see the clockwise
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area of high pressure. the developing tropical storm gaston is moving at 21 miles per hour. no threat to land. this one east of the lesser antilles is moving off to the north and west. this may come closer to land as we head into the weekend early next week. here's your accuweather forecast for the afternoon. plenty of sunshine and nice 80 degrees for a high for tonight. clear, down to 67 in midtown. probably no 40s tonight in those areas well north and west like last night. sunny and partly cloudy warmer during the day tomorrow. the high getting up to 87
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here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. the better chance being north and west of new york city for a chance of showers. saturday looking mainly sunny and warm. a high getting up to 86. 84 on sunday. the thunderstorm threat returning a little bit into early next week. monday could be a shower or storm in the afternoon. the high getting up to 84 degrees. this morning. >> it's too cold. [ laughter ] >> thanks, joe. >> i'm not complaining. >> absolutely not. me, neither. three men in brooklyn are charged with a slimy crime. police say they caught the trio with hundreds of stolen boxes of frozen eels. yes. at a dim sum restaurant in brooklyn. the tweet sent out by the nypd
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shipping terminal. the suspects are accused of using fake paperwork to steal more than $1 million worth of fish. police recovered more than half of those stolen boxes. $1 million worth of eel. >> wow. a traffic stop turns deadly. a deaf driver is shot by police. what happened before the trooper opened fire? >> caught on camera, a crowd
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caught on camera. talk about a bad date. a man in pennsylvania had to be rescued after suffering a terrible accident while trying to impress a woman. yes. police say the man tried to jump from one roof to the other but he missed. between both buildings. -- getting wedged between both buildings. the crews realized the only way to rescue him was to bust a wall in both buildings. more on the woman he was trying to impress. an international rescue in canada. 1500 americans were participating in the annual port float down when winds blew them into ontario.
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floats, rafts, and inner tubes. several canadian police and others helped them and sent them back to michigan on transit buses. take a look at video out of taiwan showing a crowd on the go in the hunt for pokemon. the stampede was starting when a rare creature spun nearby on the popular pokemon game. according to a local newspaper, the area has become a popular for drivers as players literally blocked the road to catch them all. a woman sat down to enjoy her morning coffee when she noticed she had company. three black bears war searching for food. new hampshire wildlife
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are on the rise after a slow berry growing season. we've been reporting these stories a lot more. right, joe? >> the best advice, leave the bears alone. take a picture from a distance. and helping parents choose programs may not work. the journal pediatrics says it's spreading across shows such as pg and na. scientists say it trivialized and glamorized. the best way to protect children is to watch tv with them and have a discussion about media and hickey behaviors.
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i'm shirleen allicot. >> we begin this half hour with a special gift of a teenager who had his wheelchair stolen from him. he suffers frommer is rebrawl palsy -- cerebral palsy. >> thousands with are raised to buy him a new one. this morning, he received the special gift. >> a.j.? >> reporter: shirleen this is one of those peel-good stories
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from ear to ear. not only was the stolen wheelchair replaced, this is courtney playing with his friends. he thunder bug is described as the rolls royce of wheelchairs and already opening up an enfire new world of opportunity for courtney, his friends and family a few short weeks ago, he had his wheelchair stolen as his moth was helping him upstairs. surveillance cameras captured an 18-year-old joy riding in the stolen chair before police arrested him. someone from pennsylvania offered to pay for a new chair but swanson paid it forward on tuesday. >> it's so amazing, you know?
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you know, i really like that we love everyone. >> reporter: courtney has already taken it out for a spin. he's with his friends now. coming up later this evening, i'll have more details on just all of the bells and whistles that this chair offers and a little bit more abo how courtney and his family plan to use it moving forward. i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 "eyewitness news." a new jersey judge a woman convicted of killing her 5- year-old son decades ago should get a new trial. in may, a michelle of khelir son in 1991. she was originally scheduled to be sentenced today. her attorney is expected to argue that prosecutors didn't present enough evidence and question why the jury foreman was dismissed during deliberations. we get a look at a man
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year-old woman. he followed her into her building. that's where police say he kicked her in the back and stole her necklace before taking off. this happened sunday afternoon in broad daylight. if you recognize the man in that picture there, police want to hear from you. to politics now. focus on minorities. maggie? >> reporter: good afternoon, joe. donald trump is on the offensive attacking hillary clinton and making yet another passionate plea to minority voters while hillary clinton is left once again rallying an enthusiastic crowd. >> i just get the feeling we're going to win in a landslide. >> reporter: daniel trump once again asking after -- donald trump once again asking for the african-american vote.
12:33 pm
the street without getting shot. >> reporter: now he's expanding his plea to hispanics as well. rick kline says trump's outreach is also for white voters. >> he wants to cut into those margins and give as many white voters comfort in a campaign that is being as expansive as possible. >> reporter: more things on repeat, trump appears to be softening his firm stance on immigration and once again accusing the democrats of rigging the election against him. trump asked supporters to make the polls. >> when i say watch, you know what i'm talking about, right? >> there are circles in the right wing that feel like voter fraud is a rampant issue you that needs to be controlled. >> reporter: meanwhile, controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails continue appearing to slow a closer relationship between the clintons and the state
12:34 pm
last night on jimmy kimmel, clinton seemed to laugh off the allegation. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. >> yeah, mine aren't. >> i'm embarrassed about that. so we've already released, i don't know, 30- 30,000 plus, so what's a few more. >> reporter: there's little doubt that these debates will be some of the most watched ever. shirleen? >> maggie, thank youp. several young children including a baby surrounds a fire in new jersey thanks in part to a brazen quick-thinking 12-year-old girl. officer brian gay was first on the scene whether flames ripped through the home. he might not have made it in time had it not been for a 12- year-old who was inside with her cousin and aunt and led everyone to the bathroom. then she jumped out the window
12:35 pm
we might be dead. >> the first person you call when you are in trouble are the cops. so they ribbed their families to save my kid and my house. >> reporter: officer gay got there in time to catch one child who jumped and broke the fall of another. even though the fire destroyed their home, they are extremely grateful and proud of jalen. we want to get a quick check of the forecast. bill evans has the afternoon forecast. midst of some of the entire summer. 77 right now in the park and belmar, great day to be down the shore and along the beaches of long island. temperatures in the mid-70s there, lower 70s off to the north and west. the next seven hours will top doubt close to the 80 degree mark. a lot of sunshine, absolute perfection out there. things heat up in the accuweather forecast. plus we'll talk beach and
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coming up, why uconn's incoming freshman class is making history. plus, a deaf man killed by police. a community outraged and demanding answers. what led up to the shooting? >> and country singer miranda lambert getting a special propos ?? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't,
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long?. ?? the university of connecticut is welcoming its
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full history. the class of 2020 includes 5100 incoming freshmen. the largest bump is in the school's hispanic population. >> there's the key to fighting those pesky lines and wrinkles may have nothing to do with your skin care routine. researchers found latinos age at a slower rate than other ethnic groups. how about that? the study found a di cell composition and blood. experts still don't understand why. they call at the time hispanic paradox because hispanics live longer than caucasians despite higher rates of diabetes and other diseases. just days after the fahrenheit roller coaster stopped mid-ride, another rotor coaster at hershey park got stuck with several people on board. yesterday, the side winder ride left 27 riders stranded for
12:40 pm
ride functioned properly by stopping and allowing the guests to exit safely. a family is demanding answers after a trooper shot and killed their relative who was deaf. friends and family gathered for a vigil last night to remember daniel harris. harris was shot and killed in his driveway thursday after troopers chased him for six miles trying to pull him over for a speeding ticket. witnesses believe harris was trying to use sign language to communicate with before they shot him. >> he was home. he was trying to get to the safe place he knew. a new public school in washington d.c. makes history as it prepares students for the future. ron brown high school is the first all boys public high school in the nation's capitol. it's modeled off a similar
12:41 pm
that means chicago, the low teacher to student ratio and focus for getting students prepared for the future. >> they are able to focus on the instructional aspect of the school. >> i see people who look like me who have some of the same goals and achievements as me. that's something that's empowering. >> only ninth graders will attend this school year with more students added every year. success. >> they are. a veteran service dog the target of a crime. someone snatching the pup off a street in new york city and what he's doing with his rent money to find his dog. >> a grand slam with a twist.
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. a funeral will be held for
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the 101-year-old was a favorite at nino's tuscany at 58th street. he created fusion albums including a combination of, get this jewish and latin music. he called it bagels and bongs. he died at his home saturday. a veteran in the bronx is putting everything he has into finding his dog who was not only his best friend but kept him safe. surveillance video shows a man walking away with a shitzu tied up on third avenue sunday afternoon. he belongs to john navares and is a vietnam service dog. he is so lost without his companion, he is putting his rent money for a reward to find him and bring him >> i would bring home. i want to know where he is or
12:46 pm
drops him off somewhere. >> reporter: the dog has a microchip so if someone finds him and brings him to an animal shelter, he can unite the two. a baseball player broke open the game of a home run that broke the windshield ofs a very own truck. the gate way grizzlies were down 3-0 when brandon thomas uncorked his grand slam home run over the fence in left field. so he leads his team to victory >> it wasn't a little crack like down here. that's good damage. at least i know i hit it pretty good. >> i didn't realize it at the time but the chances of something like this happening in that situation, you know, just can't be too hard. >> thomas will be parking behind home plate, jeff, from now on. >> the gate way grizzlies went on to win 17-6 and thomas went home with a $300 windshield
12:47 pm
i hit it good. >> it's all good. the ball went into my windshield. [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. beautiful day out there. can't stop talking about it. >> the weather is delicious. >> that's how i have to describe it. >> not that bad, though. we get up to 90. we've been through this before during the summer. we get up to 90 by the time friday rolls around and the humidity will increase by then as well. central park right now. temperature, a pair of sevens. we like seven here on channel 7. commack right now 73. 73 at hampton bay. a little warmer in rosslyn sitting near the 08 degree mark as you head to -- 80 degree mark. 75 in white plains. low 70s well north and west and over in monticello where you
12:48 pm
this morning. so this was our coolest air mass since the middle part of june. it's been a while. nearly calm winds during the afternoon. low humidity, temperatures hanging out in the upper 70s. probably touching 80 at some point in there. there's the satellite radar. there's nothing much to show you over the eastern third of the country. there's storminess heading into the intermountain west right now and that front will head in here during the day on friday. it is a pretty weak front. doesn't have a lot of moisture to wo w while we have a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, it is a low probability and the aboutest shot will be north and west of the city. as i showed you the last half hour, we have the tropics starting to fare up right now. -- flare up right now. we're heading in that direction. we have gaston heading west- northwest at winds 65. that will be strengthening into
12:49 pm
out to sea. what i showed you before was another system is what we're more concerned about. it's just a disturbance at this foot. this is what our computer models are showing during the next five to six days. a general west-northwesterly movement. especially if it stays north of the islands here. it could have an opportunity to intensify over the very warm waters, approaching the bahamas and may be approaching the southeast coast by early ne close eye on and approach a much more active time of the tropical season. meantime, around here, low humidity, clear skies during the day today. high pressure moves off shore late in the week and gets into that classic bermuda high with the backside of the southwest wind. it's warmer and less humid. if you are headed to the beaches today, winds southeast at 5. water temperatures ranging from the low 70s along the new york beaches to the mid-
12:50 pm
on the low side. here's your accuweather forecast for the rest of the week. the high getting up to around 80 degrees. your accuweather seven-day forecast showing warmer conditions for tomorrow. after a cool start after 50s in the suburbs. 86 and look at friday. there could be a shower or thunderstorm with the best chance being north and west. looking good mid-80s by day, upper 60s and lee goldberg back here with more at 4:00. >> good. [ laughter ] a group of muslims in arizona got a way to get a message out about isis. local muslims wanted to condemn the terrorist group possibly and start a conversation about their religion so they say islam means peace. that's exactly the opposite of the mission of isis.
12:51 pm
isis, you suck from actual muslims. what isis stands for is not in our religion at all. >> a national nonprofit muslim group is responsible for the billboards. they hope to place billboards in cities all around the united states. kfc has come up with a way for people who lovitz chicken to smell finger lickin' good. they are giving away 3,000 bottles of sun sheen that smell fried chicken. >> come on. really? >> it's part of a new promion for the new extra crispy chicken. sunscreen makes sense because actor george hamilton has the deep, dark tan doing the ads playing the colonel in the commercials. he could use sunscreen. i think it's time. >> maybe have flavoring in it, too. [ laughter ] speaking of chicken, first, let's take a look at
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here's what's coming up later on "eyewitness news" first at 4:00. we'll be live in louisiana as president obama visits the flood-ravaged region after he was criticized for not cutting his vacation short. we'll tell you why a off his silver medal. the reason proves he has a heart of gold. those stories and more beginning on "eyewitness news" first at 4:00. time for the feed. facebook, twitter, instagram, snap chat. i can't keep up, sorry. now there's life stage, i know. life stage is the newest one. it is just for young social media users so we don't have to worry about it.
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chat, the videos aren't sent to friends. instead, users have a profile page where they can post videos for their friends to watch. there's one way facebook makes sure it is a younger crowd, all users must be under 21. there you go. speaking of the younger crowd, second grade teacher's homework policy going viral. >> what is that? >> parents in texas received this letter. instead of traditional homework assignments, they are asking parents to spend evenings with including reading, playing outside and eating dinner together. it will lead to security success. she says -- lead to student success. >> she will be a popular teacher. >> basically saying how about parenting your child. well, you know country singer miranda lambert? >> yes, we do. >> she got engaged. her 6-year-old super fan got down on one knee and asked her
12:57 pm
as you can see from these photos, these were posted on instagram. he even gave her a ring, her answer, by the way, in east rutherford, new jersey, she said yes but that he'd have to wait 25 years. >> i think he's going to stick it out. >> i think he will. that'll do it for this edition of "eyewitness news." i'm joe torres. >> i'm shirleen allicot. thank you for joining oaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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? >> announcer: today, it's all about you because "the chew" wants to have what you're having. mario's turning one viewer's leftovers into a brand new dish. plus, carla's raising the bar on dessert with a decadently delicious treat. and you'll never guess what happens! >> key lime pie! >> announcer: when clinton and his childhood friend hit their favorite hideaway. >> i learn from you. >> maybe so. >> announcer: the party starts right now here on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello and welcome to "the chew." you know there so many things about summer that we love. the fresh fruit, grilled steaks, michael symon in flip-flops. it's really hard to pick a favorite, but today our favorites are what you guys at home are making because we're


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