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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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wires fallen on a home. >>reporter: the pole cracked at the base bringing down the power lines. across -- if front of 564 bricks avenue. we got lines across the roadway here. if you normally travel through this area, they do not yet know how they're going to get this up and fixed. it's shut down between elm street and we're expecting power problems through this area. shannon sohn, eyewitness news. a robbery at a con sew lut in manhattan, police say two people broke into the indonesia consulate made off with vodka to a car. >> nj burkett has the details. >>reporter: a real embarrassment for the indonesian government. the thieves got through a side door left unlocked.
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burglar alarms, nothing. the thieves had their [indiscernible] up the ground foor. indonesia consulate going through the middle of the night wondering if they were watched on surveillance cameras. the consulate told us the staff haven't seen them before. >> do the people look familiar? >> no, we don't know them. >> never saw them before? >> no. >> the ambassadors say the thieves entered through -- they made off with a samsung tablet and a suitcase full of cloekts and vodka and a vehicle from the consulate flee. a mini van was diplomatic plates. the ambassador insist they have no access to sensitive documents or communications.
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a part the consulate where sensitive materials are kept. >> no, this is random. i think they just entering without -- just crimes and they don't know what they were stealing. >> it happened early monday morning and the thieves have not yet been caught. indonesia has been a target for terrorist for years and now it's the top -- embarrassment as i said before to the indonesia government and a wake up call. more on that story at 5:00 tonight. on the upper east side, nj burkett. we're hearing from an 81-year old woman robbed in her home in the bronx. a suspect ripped a necklace from her neck with a charm that said world's best grandma on it. the nypd
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avenue and two women were apart of recent attacks. the victim was followed into her apartment building. she says she was surprised by the attacker. >> i opened the door and he came from behind and pulled her chain. she was screaming. and he pushed her and through her on the floor. >> she says the man kicked off twice before taking the necklace. she wasn't seriously hurt. the man in this surveillance video is the attacker. in louisiana. president obama today surveyed the damage, promised support for the victim. and the visit comes after critics call him to end his his vacation early. >> no drop enter on the president from the controversy, but he said this was not a photo
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they cope with the loss of 13 lives. the president talked to residents who lost everything in the devastating flooding more than a week ago. because this hit areas that aren't normally prone to flooding, the residents had no flood insurance. the president promised help from fea which is processing claims for 110,000 prep. the president calling for those -- seem too much to bear, but what i want the people in louisiana to know is you're not alone after the tv cameras leave, its whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt.
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president hopes to take away from this after seeing this devastation. marcey, eyewitness news. it's a cool day for august. let's check with lee goldberg. >> it's the coolest since june 18th. it's a gorgeous day and not a cloud in the sky. 80 degrees and the humidity is nice and low at 38%. very unusual for august. the differs difference , the winds are lighter. beaches in the upper 70s but pleasant and another gorgeous evening. so nice, clear and comfortable. 74. while it's very quiet at least in the main land, we're looking at the tropical atlantic. we have gaston and a storm that may threaten the east coast of the united states by the weekend or
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york city of investigation's ochs released -- they broke rules involving its investigations. the doi found the nypd intelligence bureau failed to renew investigations before the investigation expired half the time. nypd brass put a positive spin on the report. inspector general gave us high pleased that. they gave us recommendings regarding tracking devices. >> the review was not all negative. the inspector general found the intelligence bureau had legal and valid reasons for 100% of these surveillance cases it conducted. well, a construction worker is in serious condition after an accident in midtown. the worker
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west 38th street near broadway. the victim sell several stores before landing on scaffolding. investigators are looking into what caused him to fall. friends and family say goodbye to a man killed on the long island express way this weekend. services held for scott in dits hill. he was one of six people killed early sunday morning. tomorrow's services for helen will be in west hampton beach. police are one of the people who died carmelo was speeding when his car went airborne separating the eastbound and westbound lanes. a woman convicted of of convicting her 5-year old son -- she was accused of killing her son. the judge expected to rule in the coming weeks. she was
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killing her son timothy in 1991. new to new jersey. a bazaar seen happening in monmouth county. anthony johnson is there with the details. anthony. >>reporter: first and far most, it's an awful smell out here. the kind of smell that hint you right in the pit of your stomach. we're in the trade winds marina because we just want to show you how the fish get in the water. you can see thousand upon thousands of fish right below me. like we said the smell out here is awful. the boat marina in kings bureau is covered with peanut binger fish. channel 11 did look down on the water of the fish skilled.
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in the way -- they pile on top of each other in stagnant water. the smell is horrible. insect is feeding on the rotting carcasses. the fish fell to the shoreline where they're baked in the sun. officials believes low oxygen levels in the water led to this massive fish kill. scientist say that's not unusual for that to happen during extremely hot summers. residents say the same thing happened a year about 8 years the state dep is investigate and residents are dealing with their once again awful smell. >> i don't know where they came from. but it stunk and it still stinks. >> the smell is bad. at night i woke up and i was ready to gag. you can't eat. >> everywhere you look in the
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fish. they float in. ads far the cleanup is concerned, they haven't started yesterday. officials hope to start tomorrow. that will left up to the -- anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. police arrested three men and charged them for it investigators, they brought the eels seen here in photos posted by the nypd, month brooklyn. the suspect's were caught in a sting operation outside of a dim sung restaurant in decker heights. police recovered half of the 2000 stolen boxes. >> check on wall street stocks there smap a losing streak today with a rise in the price of oil. that happened boost energy
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investors are still being processed waiting for an interest hike. the dow closed 17 points. closing at 18,547. still to come, a life saving measure that brought one doctor to tears. we're going to tell you about the teenager who beat the odds and stunned his doctors but surviving a deadly and eating amoeba.
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and we really can't say there is any. it is really signer light out there. isn't that great. that's the george washington bridge. no delays there happy to report. the hudson river crossing, it's 15 minutes at the inbound lincoln. 25 minutes at the outbound and 25 minutes at the outbound holland. light. clinton's e-mail -- is she used her position to benefit her family's charitable foundation. maggie ruler is in washington with more. >>reporter: a promise under oath at her conformation order that there's no special treatment to donors at the clinton foundation. >> it not be influenced or in the atmosphere. >> a batch of e-mails is raising questions.
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a meeting through clinton through normal channels. he was successful once a foundation authority asked them -- calling the prince a good friend of ours. the fbi also released about is a thousand new e-mails to the state department for review. the e-mails are work related and personal. clinton hasn't had a press conference in 9-month, but she laughed about her e-mails on jimmy kimmel last night. >> my e-mails a b about that. we have released, i don't know, 30,000 plus. what's a few more. >> trump's is not laughing , but calling for a special con cuter to investigate. he delegated his nance to illegal immigration striking a different tone on fox news >> we're going to get rid of the bad ones. as far as everything else we're going through the process. >> rick cline explains that
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group on immigration is less about getting the minority vote and making white independent voters feel good on the trump's presidency. >> what he's doing is saying that voting for trump is the right thing to do. >> clinton is aiming for red states setting up in set lake city. a state hasn't gone maggie, eyewitness news. brayton delivered a eulogy. jaime began his career in the bronx back in 1969. he worked his way up the nypd rank and left the department in 1996, but
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cities lives on. >> he was of the 80s and 90s when we took the city back to the city we enjoy today couldn't have happened without the life of john. >> timothy died of lung cancer and was 68-year old. emotional moment from a doctor in florida. a boy defected with a deadly brain eating amoeba is going to surprise. they believe that de leon contracted the virus by swimming in a pool. doctors began giving him a micro drug. he was put into a medically induced comma and test were negative from the amoeba so doctors took out his teething
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coma. >> for an hour he spoke. [ crying ]. >> story. >> since then he's done tremendously well. >> that's the doctor who cares. he's walk and talking and is ready to go home. we'll have to undergo intense -- he's one of four people in the last 50 years hang in there, sir. >> that's amazing. >> that's amazing. the doctor is to fragile. it's amazing how the young body, the young brain can attack and help out and -- >> absolutely. watch out the door this morning and it didn't feel like august. >> no, no. i loved it. it was crisp and it was nice and now this afternoon, it feels great. yeah, it was the cooler
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couple of -- it's gorgeous. if yesterday was a 10 and today has to be a 12. i-2 of the central park film festival, aj ross will be at the park. 124th street and she'll introduce the 1985 classic, "the dragon." 81 today. a couple of notches above yesterday's reading and talking about. 61 in the park is the coolest temperature since june 18th. 54 in white plains. 56 in i'ms lip. 54 in belmar. a few degrees above the readings. open the windows -- 76 in west hampton. tom's river, comfortable.
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and lower 80s. evening is fantastic. it's mainly clear skies. the difference from yesterday is this nice, -- the generale breeze. the heat will come back with humidity. tomorrow it's warmer, but dry. when i say warmer, if we're around 88, 81, we're in the upper 80s. it's different tomorrow. that high will slip offshore as we go into thursday, then you'll we'll be in the mid-to upper 80s and they'll be more cloudiness mixing in. i can see how late in the day there might be a shower that can slip in northwest new jersey. this isn't a fronting front and something to rearrange your plans. it might be an isolated storm. what's more important is we're looking at the atlantic here. we have two storms we're tracking and fiona is fizzling. this is one that can become a
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like it's going to stay over the ocean. 99l which becomes hamoney and that's a threat to the southwest. i'm hoping to get the hurricane track before 5:00 and pass it to you. for us, clear and pleasant. 50 many suburbs. 67 in the city. tomorrow, 87, mostly warm. the humidity is nice and low. 70 thunderstorm night. clear and warm and the humidity is creeping up. the heat is peaking near 90 degrees. there's not a lot of storm activity on friday. the week looking dry and heating up. that inspires karate classes for me. [laughter]. >> can i say i hope that invest 99l goes away because saying
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>> right, exactly. >> all right. >> thanks, lee. >> she doesn't do that well. a wild scene at sea. a seal jumps onto the boat. why the seal thought the boat was safer than the water. plus quarterback tom brady speaking publicly after what is being called a quote, silly accident with scissors. >> oh, my. a woman from new jersey who
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an italian base jumper died. it's the second death in the alps. he died in a wing suit accident in the french alps. last week, 29-year old emanuel died in a crash in the swiss alps and the two are stars u tube of the videos of their gravity denying wind suit, flights have gotten millions of views. well, tom brady speaking today after his mysterious absence from practice raised questions. he missed the first two practices this week for coach personal reasons. it
4:26 pm
>> it's great to be back with the team and i missed everything. so just getting caught up on everything. >> >> his absence comes after he missed the two games. he was involved in the deflate flight scandal. >> not the right thumb. inspiring pga tour players and spectators. she'll host as a -- beth page state park on long island through the 28th. they fell in love with the game years ago. she was born without fingers on her left-hand. she had to develop her own swing. she says she tried to get help. but no one was equipped to deal with her disability.
4:27 pm
courses will have some excess excessable. she's taking part in a volume challenge and he's asking those to vote for her on by august 27th. the volunteer with the most -- it may be august and 80 degrees. nowhere near holiday time, but -- that didn't stop the rocket from promoting their chris mall show. they closed down 6th avenue in front of radio shack musical. they're preparing for their christmas spectacular show. they have been apart of the show since 1973. >> you can expect one of the most spectaculars in the spectacular city of the
4:28 pm
to the beard. >> it's because the heat. >> right. to close up the event you saw santa was there. he appeared on top of the radio city marquis with a bunch of dancer, soldiers. >> you can almost see the christmas trees across the street. new details about the man police took into custody. here's a question. do to impress a date.
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a trail of damage left behind by a suspected drunk driver. it started with a goggle friend out celebrating a birthday. when the party came to a screeching holt -- >> kristin thorn live in center port with the details. kristin. >>reporter: joe, and liz, police say 53-year old mark zully was driving westbound on east main street when he crashed into nine cars parked right here right
4:32 pm
outside the mill pond restaurant in center port. he's being charged with dwi. there was a birthday party going on last night when this happened around 9:00. we spoke with an owner of auto body shop. he estimates the damage at 150 and -- they heard the loud boom and it sounded as if hit more cars, reverse and hit them again. the birthday girl says everyone ran out to see what was going on. >> oh my god. it was crazy. we were having dinner at my 30th birthday. it was 9:00 at night and all of a sudden there was smash and screeching. >> danielle says that two men from inside the restaurant ran
4:33 pm
kemon inside his car and held him until police arrived. he's being held on $15,000 bail. i'm kristin thorn. a lesbian is suing a catholic school that fired her after marrying another woman. kate lawsuit can move forward. a request by catholic high school to dismiss the suit was denied. she says the school violated the state's discrimination l dean of guidance and head coach of the basketball team in january. the school claims it has the right to fire an employee for being in a same-sex marriage. a person of interest is questioned in a suspicious apartment fire that killed four people including three children. it took 200 firefighters 3 hours to put the fire out. a man and a 4-year old, and a 6-year old and 3-month-old were killed. residents say they believes the
4:34 pm
to her door asking for money. >> he said i owe them $10 and i slammed my door and told him i didn't owe anything. he began to kick and punch at my doors. >> officials say the -- the wells were burned. communication confusion may have led to the killing of a deaf driver by police. he was shot by troopers in his driveway. they chased him for 6 miles trying to pull hill over. neighbors say they believe he was trying to use sign language to communicate with the troopers before they shot him. >> police need to be aware of how to communicate with deaf people and what that might look like and how to avoid situations
4:35 pm
with police giving chase because it was a safe place and he was scared. attorneys for army sergeants bug crocodile -- it swayed -- officer recommended lesser charges will testify this week. liz, here first impressions. it may be the worst fails. a man was trying to impress his date and he jumped between two buildings and got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters. >> this man a student the pit wedged between two buildings after he tried to impress his day failed. >> he was jumping in between two
4:36 pm
>> his date called 911 around 2:30. that sent first responders to forbes to try and rescue this man. he man was alert, but getting to him was a challenge >> we had to go through three walls and we had people on roof, one of the paramedics did repel down 3 stories to render assistance and provide landmarks as to where he was. into the restaurant in order to find him. >> he said his foot was trapped under a pipe. once the medic got down there, we were able to release the foot. >> 4 hours later they got him out. >> he was alert and talking and he was there for three and a half to (4) hours and he was. all in all i think he was in good shape. >> good enough shape to give a
4:37 pm
he was loaded onto an ambulance. whether or not his date was impressed, that's unknown. the outcome of this rescue is clear. >> it's amazing and fortunately he didn't land on his head otherwise it would have been more serious and more of a circumstance to get him out. >> here's not clear. whether the man will face charges and whether they'll be a second date >> do you think there should be a second date? is someone charming about it. she had to go do dinner alone and call 911. >> oh my goodness. a teenager who had his wheelchair stolen is the recipient of a moving act of kindness. we'll tell you why he's smiling today. >> very nice. we'll tell you why a polish athlete is auctioning off his silver olympic medal. the reason he has apart of quiet.
4:38 pm
can been. we're watching two systems because fiona fizzled at this moment. we're looking at index 99. that could be a threat to florida. we'll give you the latest tracks on all three. this evening if you're headed out, nice and
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here's 4 stories we're following at 4:00. new york city police are searching for two suspects who stole electronics, alcohol and a van from the indonesia consulate. a man and woman got in through an unlocked door. from manhattan to the bronx, who stole a necklace from an elderly woman. it's the second robbery on arthur avenue. president obama was in louisiana touring the flood damage there. he says the nation is quote heart broken over the loss of life. and thousands, we're talking thousands of small bay fish washed up dead in kingsburg new jersey. authorities believes low oxygen levels in the water have led to this massive fish
4:42 pm
the bahamas over the zika virus. the agency says local transmission of zika has been reported on the island of new providence where the capital nassau is located. those who travel there are urged to prevent mosquito bites by wearing repellent and pregnant woman shouldn't track to the bahamas. zika virus has been linked to birth defects. he was a silver he's auctioning off the medal he won to raise money for a 3-year old boy who needs eye cancer. he needs $100,000 to travel to new york that could save his eyes. on facebook page, he wrote, quote, i fought for gold. today i caught on all people. let's fight for something that's more valuable for the health of this fantastic boy.
4:43 pm
new york city. the olympic's team visited empire state building. all five were there, katie rice man and simone biles -- >> it's wag we all dreamed of. it was a phenomenal experience. >> welcome home, ladies. the team won gold round competition in rio. >> our championships. coming up next, a seal is scared for its life so he jumped
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firefighters appear to have gained the upper hand on the dozens of wild fires burning across the west. firefighters have fully surrounded one of the largest fires in southern california. it's now 100% contained after charring and more than 300 homes and buildings. meanwhile, washington's governor have declared a state of emergency in hopes of stamping out the fires because of and windy weather. there's a few hours left to take advantage of cheap flights day. that means travelers could see a 10 to 20% decrease in
4:47 pm
or flying from. if you don't book a flight today, don't worry. experts say there should still be good deals on-air fare until the first 2 weeks of november. after thanksgiving, however, prices will go, like that plane, go back up. >> i never heard of discount, but would we call them trip. >> i don't know with that. oscar winner lauren topping the list of the highest paid actresses in the world. lauren pre-taxed for the last 12 months. a big chunk of lauren's impressive hall is a slice of the profit from her final hunger games film. comedian mcarthy was second on the list and earned $33 million. actress johansson came in third followed by jennifer aniston who made the bulk of her money through endorsements. >> my daughter was thinking of trying out the rachel. >> the haircut? really.
4:48 pm
going to do it. >> that's cool retro. >> did you let her go for it? >> if she wants to. >> it's a popular. >> it's vintage once again. making you feel old. so we have beautiful weather to talk about. incredible. it's amazing how our weather goes on the back burner. you look at the atlantic and things afternoon, beautiful with low humidity and a look at lower manhattan. the waters in the harbor may be calmer today on ferry. the wind is light. it is reported calm in central park. we had a 10 or 15-mile-per-hour sea breeze along the coastline. but it's a nice summer wind. the temperatures super low over the next five-days.
4:49 pm
great and sunday as well. it might be sunday into monday where we get the adrenaline pumping. rain chances not high over the next 5 to 7-days. nice and clear. not as cool as last night, but comfortable. low humidity. 50s in the suburbs. there's fiona fizzling. there's a storm here. an gaston. you can barely find clouds with it. this is gaston and probably going to be a hurricane tomorrow. the new advisory from the hurricane center did not increase its intensity, but you see how it's going to go off to the north and west as a cat 1 hurricane. maybe it's a cat 2 hurricane. it's staying east of bermuda and no threat to the u.s. main land. it's this we're worried about. the hurricane center giving it a 60% chance of developing into a
4:50 pm
at the track which actually is really getting an agreement with the computer models through bermuda. a close call with south florida as we get into the later last of the weekend. after that, a little concerned about some of the renascence of that getting into the golf. maybe next week we get moisture from that. we'll have to see if it trends. it's quiet. not as cool. 50s north and west. during the afternoon hours, we 80s is moderate. west wind going south, boaters, very light. calm seas. here's your 7 accu weather forecast. there might be a spotty thunderstorm late in the day or at night on thursday. again, very spotty on friday, but near 90, hot and humid.
4:51 pm
great weekend with sunshine and 80s. humidity coming back with a thunderstorm on monday and we'll watch the gulf to see if that storm is florida. lots of questions with that tropic is the heat -- the headlines, thank you. take a look at the story trending this afternoon. a teacher, liz, is trending in text tax after her no-homework policy went viral. take a look. second grade teamer brandy young teacher brandy young -- the second grade teacher brandy young wrote a letter to parents saying no homework. i ask that you spend your evenings doing things that's proven to correlate with students success, eat dinner as a family and read together and play outside and get your child to bed early. >> i love that. speaking of
4:52 pm
get students pumped for the upcoming school year. take a listen. >> ? welcome to the first day, so happy to meet you ? ? >> ? can't wait until i see you, go and have a good time ? ? >> ? we'll learn about science ? ? >> okay. my 4th grader at home would be so psyched if she saw that video and if that -- and if that was her teacher. >> i'm teacher. [laughter] >> exactly. >> keeping it cool. next, listen closely to this heart warming moment. a father talks to the pitcher's mound. he's going to talk to his son. remember. >> i just came out to tell you how much i love you as a dad and as a player, okay. you're doing awesome out here. >> oh my gosh. exactly. where's the tissue. am i going
4:53 pm
hit one in his ear hole. >> he can coach and he wanted to tell his son -- >> he's proud of them. >> look at the son. >> that's amazing. watch a clever and desperate seal expressing from orca whales whales. you can see the whales circling around the boat. that minute ago. at one point the seal went back into the water and jumped back in the boat again. >> okay if i hang. >> yes. >> fortunately the story is a happening ending for the seal who ultimately swam to safety. yeah. how smart. >> i don't think the seal had a choice there. >> you're going to show the whale in the boat next. check out the trend online, you can send your ideas at abc 7
4:54 pm
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that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. he needs his wheelchair to get around. when a teenager had it stolen, it was a major set back for him. >> major. today he has something to smile about after an act of kindness. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross has the great story. >> i am so overwhelmed to see it. i am so happy. behind the radiant smile is a 14-year-old who persevered
4:57 pm
cp worth. his -- cerebral palsy. his wheelchair was stolen. >> as a parent of a special needs child, i didn't sleep much that night. >> reporter: 18 pe -- peralta was joy riding in the chair before police arrested him. >> i couldn't believe it would happen. >> reporter: touched by the story like many others around the country, senator kevin o tile reached out to quantum pennsylvania that donated this $30,000 state of the art chair to courtney, tuesday. >> restoring my mobility and elevating the quality of life. >> as a father, as a resident, a citizen, i was upset. >> we are so thankful to the community, so everyone that heard about the story and
4:58 pm
>> reporter: described as the rolls royce of wheelchairs it comes enabled with features that enable better mobility. this is a life changer. >> it was amazing. i couldn't believe my ears. row stored my faith in the community. we love everyone here. >> a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you go. >> absolutely. >> th begins right now. new at 5:00 a veterans grave targeted twice. what the thieves have to stop grave robbers in their traction. >> he said he was the victim of a hate crime and victimized again when police ignored his
4:59 pm
how the officers handled the case. >> the young man suffered a gash to his face after he says he was called a gay slur then punched. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in midtown with more on the story. darla? >> reporter: diana, sade, the victim posted information, pictures and details about the attack the day after the incident on facebook. he said that is only when an nypd detective saw the post and reached out to him. he said at the attacked on the steps and walk down the street to a group of nypd officers, they didn't take a report or call an ambulance. >> i was in front of six officers. i had to -- i got help through facebook the next day. >> reporter: there he was in front of six nypd officers with a gash above his right eye, skin hanging down and his white shirt drenched in blood. but omar couldn't get the time
5:00 pm
we are here to help? find someone that cares. we are here for terrorist attacks, not homeless people. >> reporter: it felt like a punch in the gut after being hit in the face. he said he spotted a group of officers halfway down the block and went right to them for help. >> i felt like i was intruding their conversation. >> reporter: the 25-year-old was with a friend when they briefly stopped on the steps of york public library. he said the suspect simply came up from behind, called him a gay slur and him him in the eye leaving him badly bruised and with six stitches. >> like who is talking to me. the moment i look up, he just, before i could fully take a full look at him, he hit me in the face. >> reporter: the nypd is investigating both the assault and their officer's actions saying hate crimes task force is investigating and iab is


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