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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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earlier that day -- around 2 am. police think 38 year old kevin bristow is in this video -- and that he demanded money from two employees before shooting one of them. we're told the clerk is out of the hospital and the suspect got away with about $50 dollars. according to the national association of convenience stores, businesses can help protect themselves by minimizing the reward and maximizing the risk. like making it difficult to get cash quickly with time-released drop safes -- and ensuring the layout cash quickly, using those time-release drop safes, and making sure that everybody in the store is visible at all times. live in norfolk, erin kelly, 10 on your side. >> we contacted the 7-eleven
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they issued this statement. every 7-eleven store in the united states is equipped with surveillance cameras so we can improve the safety of our guests, store employees and franchisees and aid law enforcement officials in pursuit of criminals. the precautions include keeping cash levels low, upgrading lighting and camera systems inside and outside, and issuing personal safety devices to alert alarm companies of events involving police and suspects. we'll continue to track these latest robberies for you on >> and this is an attempted robbery in broad daylight in virginia beach. 10 on your side at the citgo store on diamond springs road this afternoon, where an employee was cut on the arm during the robbery. and the suspect didn't get anything at that point. nearby bayside elementary school went on lockdown as police moved in. if you know anything about any of these robberies, you should
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>> an update on the story a lot of you are still talking about tonight. we now know more about the driver whose big rig went over the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel. only chopper 10 was over the bridge, after 33-year-old matthew killmon of wachapreague, virginia, was rescued from the bay. tonight we're hearing about the chain of events that led up to the crash. jason is live with that new information. reporter: nicole, officers are still investigating the crash, but they do tell us that charges are pending against 33-year-old matthew killmon. but more importantly, he's lucky to be alive. >> i'd love to sit down with this guy, and go, how did you get out out of this truck? my thinking is that he was probably ejected out of that -- ejected out of that truck, based on the damage to his head and one arm. reporter: that's just a theory. only killmon knowings for sure.
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suffering a break to his arm and hypothermia. >> we carry these in case something like this were to happen, that we could at least attempt to assist the person in the water. i cannot remember the last time we had to use one of those. reporter: all bridge oicers carry life rings. they tossed it to killmon after they found him floating on a piece of wood, holding on for dear life. >> they were constantly talking to him, assuring him that help was on the way. reporter: rescue boats got there about 45 minutes later. the water was only 49 degrees. >> took off their uniform jackets, covered him up, tried to give him as much warmth and comfort as possible, then tried to move him from our boat to the fire boat. reporter: chopper 10 was high above when rescue crews rushed him to the hospital. >> he was able to tell us no one else in the truck. this is what i was carrying. you know, give me out of -- get me out of the water. reporter: we're told the truck will be pulled out of the water
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the company tells us their main concern is making sure the driver gets better. crews are still amazed he survived. >> he's lucky to be alive. the man upstairs was on his side. reporter: spencer tells me that there was actual damage to to the asphalt of the road. that has to be repaired first. then they can repair the guardrail after that. that's the latest here, 10 on your side. >> you can see more images from chopper 10 as well as some of your pictures, on the photo galleries page of >> in this follow-up, 10 on your side has learned that a fight may have led to a shooting at a chesapeake hotel. it happened after 4:00 this morning at the extended stay america on greenbrier circle. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police do have a person of interest in the case. norfolk police have identified the man killed in a double shooting monday night. 27-year-old christopher allen
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he died at the hospital. while detectives investigated there, a 26-year-old man arrived at the hospital with several gunshot wounds. he is expected to survive. >> new tonight, we've learned more about the two people found dead in a home in hampton. officers were called to that house yesterday morning. police say 65-year-old richard garrity killed himself after killing 55-year-old barbara cayton. we're told cayton was assaulted and garrity died from a gunshot wound. the two reportedly knew each other. a bit of chaos after a fire alarm in portsmouth. as students evacuated the building, a fight broke out. that led to a number of other fights. school officials say there were minor injuries and order was restored fairly quickly. there was no fire, and classes resumed as normal after order was restored. >> none of us won the half billion powerball that the lottery was trying to give away last night. and boy!
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saturday's drawing is now up to $700 million! the largest u.s. lottery jackpot ever, if you take the cash all at once, you'll get $428 million, before taxes. no doubt it will go up between now and saturday night. however, you may have won a little something. maybe from having a few numbers. here they are again. check your tickets. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, with that powerball number, 17. good luck! >> still to come on wavy news 10 at 6:00, macy's will soon be moving out of three local locations. what will that mean for the malls they anchor? >> looked like everything had been blown apart by a blizzard. >> not just blown apart but gone! we'll tell you about the group of local business owners heated up over stolen ac units. >> as we continue through this evening, we will have mostly cloudy skies, which means temperatures are going to hold
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full forecast, coming up. >> and in sports, will o.d.u. fix their road woes while breaking one of the longest home winning streaks in the nation? >> bruce has that and more as we continue.
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at 6:00. >> we're learning more about the impact from store closings
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>> yesterdayaye told you several local macies stores will close this spring. they will be cut. nearly 300 employees are impacted. the company c.e.o. cited disappointing sales last year as a reason. this comes as no surprise to leaders we spoke to. in norfolk, it means an opportunity. >> we believe we have a mix of retail. but we also have a real opportunity to increase our business base dramatically. it's a great central location for that. also, to bring in new residential communities and other uses from a residential perspective. >> he's referring to that military circle location. you can read complete statements from officials in chesapeake and hampton on >> next at 6:00, hot under the color about stolen -- collar, about stolen air conditioners. >> but first, keep up to date on
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construction schedules and tolls, anytime on the traffic
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more news, after this break. >> from the station on your side, you're watching wavy news 10 at 6:00. >> a decent day around hampton roads despite clouds. the sun will make an appearance here and there, but not much in the next couple of days. it's still mild, though. ashley has the forecast in just a couple of minutes. fortunately, we are not feeling the heat like we did in december. >> especially because an office complex in hampton is without air-conditioning in a big way! 10 on your side got a call saying ac units were ripped apart in the riverdale office park. nearly every business was hit. joe fisher with the story of the air conditioner caper. joe? reporter: tom, it's believed
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units sometime last weekend, units upwards of $1,000 each to replace. some employees telling me they know exactly why they were targeted. >> it is shocking! reporter: air conditioning units ripped apart, all over the place. behind this office building in hampton, in a complex lined with one medical office after the other. >> we help people. we don't want to work in this kind of environment. reporter: thieves helped themselves to large air-conditioning kem compressors. tracy and jackie work in a dental office in a complex now without ac. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven units. reporter: seven units that hampton police say someone or a group of people stole between thursday and sunday night. >> mobbed, we just -- monday, we just thought they were repairing it. but yesterday, we actually came and looked at the units and realized there was no copper on any of the units.
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other metals inside the units, likely sold as scrap, according to ac professionals who say it's quick cash and a quick catch for the criminals when these ac units are not protected. >> because i had actually mentioned to my office manager, they can't continue to leave these units open, because the copper is going to be stolen from these units. you hear about it in the news all the time. sure enough, the copper is gone! everything that's salvageable to sell is gone. reporter: unfortunately, there's no cameras in the rear of the building. that will make catching the criminals tough. but the businesses want them to know this. >> it's a shame that you gotta go around stealing people's air conditioning, because we still use ours. >> i would hate to think that the people who live in this area would do something like this. reporter: and hampton police say they received a similar report around this same time last weekend about five miles away on the 100 block of research drive. two ac units were stolen there. officers say there's no suspects or leads in either case.
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on the lookout. i'm joe fisher, 10 on your side. >> big news on redistricting. today a federal three-judge panel picked a new congressional map for virginia that could be in place for this year's election. it would move african-americans from the third district, represented by bobby scott, and place them in surrounding districts. this is what it looks like now, including parts of hampton roads. last year, the panel concluded legislators illegally packed block voters into that district in 2012 to make adjacent ones safer for republican income bents. however, the panelists' decision could be overturned by virginia republicans who want to preserve the map approved in 2012. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist ashley baylor. >> we made our way into the 50's today. it was actually a pretty decent day overall. we did have mainly cloudy skies out there.
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that's going to remain the case over the next few days. we will be tracking more clouds than sunshine. now, as we head into tomorrow afternoon, there is going to be the possibility for a stray shower or two. not even worth dragging the umbrella around. i would just maybe have a jacket with a hood. we are going to be tracking more rain saturday night. if you're going to be out saturday night, definitely bring the umbrella with you. that rain will last into sunday morning. by sunday afternoon, things will dry up and we'll be talking about highs back in the mid-60's. today we had a high of 52 in newport news. 54 in suffolk. not too bad. now, as we take a look at current temperatures, it's about 50 in both virginia beach and -- we're down to 48 in suffolk 6789 . temperatures not dropping too much. because of two things. not only because we still have quite a bit of cloud cover out there, but we are also still tracking winds out of the north and northeast at about six, up to 12 miles per hour. when we have clouds at night and when we also have winds at night, that helps kind of keep
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almost acts as an insulator. here's our satellite. we did see a couple of spray sprinkles up along the peninsula. just about an hour ago. now things have dried out. again, we're tracking mainly cloudy skies. over the next few days, we're going to see more clouds than sunshine. but clearly, that is not going to affect temperatures. our average high this time of year is 48. but we'll be in the mid-50's tomorrow. upper 50's expected on saturday. around 65 on sunday, so looking great for sunday afternoon. but all good things must come to an end. back in the 40's for monday and tuesday. let's break this down for you. as we go from this evening on into the overnight hours, clearly we're going to keep the clouds locked in place. so temperatures are only expected to drop into the mid-40's by 7:00 tomorrow morning. not a bad start to the day. the kids will not need several layers as they head to the bus stop. friday, we are going to have
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some peeks of blue sky but they will be few and far between. warm front will get close enough that we could actually see a couple of stray showers here in hampton roads. it's note a great chance. as we head into 7:00 saturday morning, once again, more clouds than sunshine. that will remain the case throughout your saturday. but by saturday night, we'll throw another round of rain into the forecast. tomorrow, in northeast north carolina, maybe an isolated shower. not a great chance. we'll top out at about 54 degrees. partial sunshine, a stray shower with a high of 56 in suffolk. about 54 in virginia beach. 55 in portsmouth. more clouds than sun across the peninsula. only winds out of the northeast at about five to 10 per hour. so that will keep temperatures closer to 54 in yorktown. 53 expected in hampton. and 56 up in williamsburg. across the middle peninsula, the
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shore, a high of 53 and about 55 in gloucester. there's our seven-day forecast. partly sunny on saturday. most of the day is going to be dry. as we go into the evening and overnight hours, we are going to be tracking another round of rain. that rain is going to continue on into sunday morning. but by sunday afternoon, things will dry up with a high of 65. we're back into sunshine for monday and tuesday. you'll note that i dropped the chance of any rain on tuesday and wednesday. yesterday, we were tracking the potential for a coastal storm. that is now out of the forecast completely. looks like most of next week is going to be dry. in the meantime, find our latest forecast updates at >> the old doe dominion basketball team looks to end two streaks and things get intense as the redskins get ready for the packers!
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next on the sports wrap. >> the old dominion basketball team has won 32 home games in a row but have not won on the road since february of last year. will the monarchs end that troublesome streak tonight? it won't be easy. i'm bruce. old dominion started the season as one of the favorites to win the conference u.s.a. title. while the mon marks have won 35 home games in a row, they can't seem to put it all together on the road.
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snap that snagging streak at louisiana tech where the 12-2 bulldogs have won 39 games at home. after a disappointing start, including an embarrassing start to charlotte, coach jones is not as concerned with ending louisiana tech's winning streak but getting a breakout conference win for his own team and turning the monarchs' fortunes around. >> more important than ending their winning streak, you know, getting a road win in conference u.s.a. i mean, that's huge. there's some awfully good teams. we've got to try and scrap for any win we can. we've got to see if we can get that one under our belt. >> the monarchs have won their last four games. they hope to make it five in a row tonight down on the bayou. jay gruden, who has had plenty of success coaching as an assistant in nfl playoff games is preparing his first playoff game as a head coach. that will be sunday evening when
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despite green bay's recent history and its future hall of fame quarterback aaron rodgers at the helm, this is a winnable game for washington. gruden admits the intensity picked up at practice today. >> now, the intensity level has picked up today, obviously in practice, and the guys are starting to feel it. but really, when it comes to preparation and getting the team ready physically and mentally to play, not a lot of change goes on. >> while the packers have struggled this season, they still have aaron rodgers, who has shown his frustration in the past few weeks but seems to be in a much better place now, realizing everything can change if he beats the redskins. >> it's tough. but i think we can galvanize the team. when you're going into a hostile environment -- i know we're will follow us there. but those are the fun wins. there's not much better.
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but the feeling you have with a road win is a pretty special feeling that any former player would tell you is at the top of the football mountain. >> can the younger redskins players handle the pressure and adapt to the faster pace of a playoff game? can aaron rodgers break the hearts of redskins fans? we'll find out. kickoff, 4:40 sunday evening, on fox 43. and i'll have the sports of the day, tonight, 15 minutes of it, at 10:45 on the sports wrap and i'll see you guys back at 11:00. >> we'll see you then! >> it's actually going to be a pretty decent weather over the next few days. maybe a stray shower tomorrow afternoon. but heading into the weekend, we're going to be into the upper 50's on saturday. we will still stay in the mid-60's on sunday. we are going to see things dry up on sunday. full sunshine by tuesday next week. we'll be back.
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