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tv   The Hollywood News Report  NBC  January 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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"hollywood news report." your cinema guide for what's going on in movies today. from the star studded red carpets to the biggest blockbusters. i'm taking you behind the velvet rope and sitting down with your favorite celebrities for an exclusive inside look at hollywood's latest films only on the "hollywood news report," where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. >> you need to know how to punch. >> show me how to punch. >> for seven years, amy poehler made us laugh on the popular sketch comedy show, "saturday night live." she soon brarched -- branched out and became one of hollywood's most sought-after comedians on the big and small screen. in 2007, poehler starred as a professional ice skater with her
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blades of "glory." >> two men skating together? >> we play bother and sister on a team who are raised to be these perfect skaters and that's our whole life and when anybody tries to get in the way of that, we will destroy them. >> right. >> and that's how we are at home. >> that's how we are at home. >>. >> poehler joined the "shrek" franchise and lived out every little girl's dream by becoming a princess in "shrek the third." >> donkey? >> i don't get it. >> the cat turned into a little horse. >> the princesses are snow white, cinderella, rapunzel, sleeping beauty and we're fina's friends and they have to save themselves in this movie instead of waiting for a man to save them. a modern day version of what those ladies would be like now. >> 2008 was a good year for poehler. she left "snl" to star in her own tv show, "parks and
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the dr. seuss animated feature "horton hears a who" and got together with her frequent collaborator, tina fey, for baby mama." >> it was really great. we shared a similar vocabulary and got to screw around on set. it was nice to work with someone you knew so well. you didn't have to spend the first couple of weeks getting to know each other. >> after voicing galaxhar's computer in monsters versus aliens," poehler joined the chippettes for "alvin and the chipmunks: the squeakquel." >> we had the records and listened to the chipmunks growing up and they were on the radio a lot. >> proving to have a knack for animated films, poehler signed up for more animated fun. "hoodwink 2, hood vs. evil,"
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and the secret world of ariety. >> the children are more vicious than the grown-ups. >> i love the idea that there's people around you all the time and frankly it's a nice lesson or theme in that children notice things that we as adults don't pay much attention to. >> in 2013, poehler starred with her "parks and recreation" co-star, adam scott, in the comedy, "acod." >> do you know how many men i could have married? a lot of men. and i married your father who had an adult son the same age as me. >> adam and i are so used to being lovie dovie with each other, it's fun to hate each other and surprisingly easy. >> what are you doing here? >> he's with me. >> he's my husband. >> following the comedies, "error you here" and "anchorman 2 the legend continues," poehler tried to help owen wilson and woody haralson take turkey off the holiday menu in "free birds."
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>> i'm a plucky, determined eater who helps him learn that the flock is just as important as each individual turkey. >> go jump in a lake, meat head. >> in "they came together," poehler formed a romance with fellow comedian paul rudd. >> we worked together many, many years ago on a crazy film and this is another crazy film and we had little time and little money and we made something really cool. >> all right, everyone, fresh start. we're going to have a good day which will turn into a good week which will turn into a good year which turns into a good life. >> in 2015, poehler brought to life joy in pixar's wildly successful animation, "inside out," became a star on the hollywood walk of fame and ended the year by starring alongside tina fey in "sisters." >> i don't get this dress. >> one of my apples keeps rolling out of the bag. >> but i like the story it tells with the fringe.
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in high school and can you change, can you recapture that feeling, if you had the chance to do it again, how would you be different? all those things are universal regardless of the time you grew up. >> when we come back, more from
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"hollywood news report." >> thanks for joining us again. let's get back to more hollywood news on the "hollywood news
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>> from indie flicks to summer blockbusters, actor mark ruffalo has been able to master acting in any genre and any budget throughout his 25-year career. >> the situation is a little weird. my girlfriend situation. >> i'm sure it is. >> in 2004, ruffalo erased jim carrey's memory in "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind." was love sick over jennifer garner in the romantic comedy, "13 going on 30" and then tried to hunt down tom cruise in "collateral." >> there's a man named venton. >> i read it, i didn't know what to do with the part so i told him, michael, i have to be honest with you, i don't know what the hell to do with this part. i don't know these people. i don't have an idea of who he is. i'd have to spend time with a homicide detective and he looked at me and he's like -- he basically offered me the part in
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>> after a few romantic comedies, in 2006, ruffalo got caught up in dirty politics in "all the king's men." >> if you don't vote, you don't matter. >> i haven't stopped to understand where i'm at, maybe. that's maybe part of my sort of idiot savant sort of genius is that i just keep moving and i don't -- you know, to me, it's always about where you're at and what's coming up next kind of and the past sort of gone. so it's hard to put it into context other than where we are right here, right now. >> by 2009, ruffalo's career was flourishing. he was able to bounce from dramas to comedies with ease which caught director ryan johnson's attention for "the brothers bloom." >> why send her in alone? >> because no one will know we're here. >> it's life but in a much grander, more adventuresome way
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story that's going on, not only a romantic love story but the love story between the two brothers, too. >> you are hereby required to surrender your firearms. >> we have duly appointed federal marshals. >> partnering with leonardo dicaprio in the psychological drama, "shutter island," ruffalo played a sperm donor in the dramedy, ""the kids are all right." >> i'm glad i did it. >> his whole life is basically for his pleasure. and then boom, two kids show up and he's got a vague curiosity but that's still connected to, hey, i can make two kids. you know? and then he falls apart at the seams because he sees, he gets attached to them and i think he realizes there's a lot more to living life than just for your own pleasure.
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>> in 2012, ruffalo upped his star power by taking over edward norton's role as the incredible hulk in the blockbuster franchise the "avengers." >> we're not a team, we're a time bomb. >> we always knew he wanted this wry sense of humor. he really gets the situation he's in and it's almost funny to him at this point. he gets where he's at and that's funny. >> "now you see me" had ruffalo tracking a group of criminals using magic to rob banks. >> it has this action thing and this salty, you know, f.b.i. cop and has the magic. it's a really high concept film that could probably go terribly wrong. >> ruffalo went back it making indie movies with "thanks for
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he then grabbed another oscar nod for "fox catcher." >> i'm really sorry about your mother. >> no, no, it's fine. >> there's a greek tragedy, everything is for sale and what happens to people when they're in a system that values almost everything at a price. >> you're bruce banner. don't mention puny banner. >> in 2015, we saw ruffalo return to the marvel universe for "anchorman 2 the legend continues," garner a golden globe nomination for "infinitely polar bear" and receive critical acclaim for his role in "spotlight." >> are you telling me the catholic church removed legal documents from that krause? >> when you take something on like this, it costs you and it's risky and it's scary and because of that they have in some way
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>> there's more hollywood news
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news report." >> we're back, now let's take a look at some more films on "the hollywood news report." >> i'm not a mexican. >> great, what was that all about? >> lucy's from el salvador. >> he started off being clueless
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and juliet" on the big screen and after playing a camp counselor in "wet hot american summer," paul rudd found his calling as a correspondence in "anchorman 2 the legend continues." >> for my research, i listened to a lot of dialect tapes and wound up for seven months -- before we even started shooting, for seven months i spoke only in an english accent. i showed up on first day, they said, that's terrible, don't do it. >> in 2005, he reteamed with his "anchorman" co-star steve carell for the "40-year-old virgin." rudd sparked a relationship with the film's director, judd apatow, who cast him in "knocked up." >> isn't it weird when you have a kid and all your dreams go out the window? >> we were making lists, the two of us, my wife and i, about things we hated about each other and it went on for months where she would just say, out of the blue -- oh, here's one you can tell judd, pick up your coffee cups.
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the film and there were things, we were both cracking up about it. >> after a few comedies, rudd felt what it was like to be role models with seann william scott and sparked the ultimate bromance with jason segel in a love you-man. >> is he your best man? >> i'm nervous, when you get into the sentimental part of things and it becomes treacly. you want it to be real so if you can take the shine off of it with a boner joke or something, it makes it a little more palpable. >> palatable. >> you invited him to the dinner to impress your boss. >> he's a sweet guy. >> he's a tornado. >> 2010, rudd and steve carell got back together for an amusing dinner party in "dinner for
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>> the common thread, i think they worried about character first and not so much jokes. how would this work as a dramatic scene, what's really going on, behaviorally and all of that stuff and they worry about that and they focus on the comedy coming from that as opposed to just punch lines and i think that's important. >> george, this is my boyfriend. >> nice to meet you. >> who is he? >> following, getting caught in a love triangle with reese witherspoon and owen wilson in "how do you know," rudd showed off what it was like to be the idiot brother." >> he said your personality gets in the way of your looks, your very good looks. >> he's made a specific, conscious choice to live his life this way and refuses to be beat up emotionally and every other way when it doesn't always work out for him but i thought that's an incredibly interesting
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the summer. >> why are you not at work? >> i got fired. >> in the comedy, wanderlust," rudd and jennifer aniston left the city for a commune. >> there were 10 people that were totally naked and you have to concentrate to retain eye contact and it's a weird thing you would never think about when you're talking to people, oh, hey and oh, and i know you're nude and you know that i know you're completely naked and i'm doing everything i can not to look at you. >> you know they say if you make one friend on your first day, you're doing ok. >> next, rudd tried to help a student in the coming of age drama, "perks of being a wallflower," and then felt what it was like to grow up in "this is 40". >> why does it say 38, not 40? >> because your mom wants to be 38. >> we've worked together now several times and i have known the girls since they were little so there really is this sense of
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everyone's been doing this for years and that doesn't happen in this kind of industry too often, i can't believe. and there's something really nice about that. >> look at him! >> he's not dead. brick, you're not dead. >> in 2013, rudd reprised his role as everyone's favorite reporter, brian fantana, for "anchorman 2 the legend continues." >> i love the choice of starting this sequel, this movie, at the advent of 24-hour news and it is a bit of a -- i think it's a very clever observation and i thought oh, well i can't imagine news teams and real journalists saying, yeap, that's fairly accurate. >> when you're small, you have super human strength. >> in 2015, rudd was called up to the big leagues to portray
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>> you want to show me how to punch? >> my dad was my hero so i know my kids look at me right now as their hero and hopefully they will continue to look at me like that. i think we do that with our parents.
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>> we'll be right back with more a lot of news to show only on the on "the hollywood news report." >> he's a musician turned actor who landed his first major role in catherine hardwicke's the "nativity story." it wasn't long before hollywood came knocking and tapped oscar isaac to star in ridley scott's "body of lies" and "robinhood." >> he has no filter and you do see a journey from a person that feels he's been given the short end of the stick and so is like, fine, and rebelling, and then gets the things he's always wanted but has so much
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easily manipulated. >> there's guards everywhere. >> in 2011, oscar played an orderly with bad code of ethics in "sucker punch." >> it's about imagination and escape through imagination and how imagination is ultimately the most empowering thing and that's the one thing that your captors can't get at. >> oscar's career took off, getting offered big roles in films like "drive," "we," "the bourne legacy" and the drama, "won't back down." >> my character is less focused on the ideology and the political aspect of it and really tries to zero in on his classroom where he feels he can make a difference and explicitly, even after a romantic relationship with jamie, maggie's character, will not join the movement simply because it is anti-union and
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he would never have taught had the union not helped his band teacher when he was a kid. >> what did you say you played? >> folk songs. >> folk songs. i thought you said you were a musician. >> oscar's portrayal of a struggling folk singer in the 1960's earned him his first golden globe nomination. >> i was elated to get to play music live in its entirety, full songs. i still candy -- can't believe it happened. >> i'm only interested in this company growing. >> in "a most violent year," he made his american dream come true. >> he made his way up in this heating oil company and he wants to expand his business. the problem is that it's 1981 new york city and it was crazy there, the edge of bankruptcy. it was one of the most violent years statistically on record so
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from his competitors, from his employees and his wife. >> 2015 was an amazing year for oscar. he received rave reviews for his performance as a tech genius and now can be seen in the biggest big screen reboot in cinema history, "star wars: the force awakens." >> the force, it's calling to you. >> i didn't know what to expect so as soon as i walked on set and saw oh, my gosh, it's actually all here, they built this massive set, and the hundreds of extras and it's not just on a green screen in a little room, that was really exciting because it felt like you were part of the world. >> that's it for this week. join me next time on "the hollywood news report." where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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