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highs in the mid 30s. wind: nw/sw 5-15mph. wednesday night: light snow possible. accumulations will be 1" or less. cold. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: bitterly cold. lows in the teens. wind chills in the low teens. wind: nw 5-15mph wednesday: another cold day...increasing clouds. highs in the mid 30s. wind: nw/sw 5-15mph. wednesday night: light snow possible. accumulations will be 1" or less. cold. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw
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stay one step ahead of changing weather conditions anytime, anywhere. the wavy weather app is free for apple and android devices. breaking news -- rescuers have suspended their search for 12 missing marines. the coast guard, navy and local officials in hawaii have been looking for them since two helicopters crashed last week. after days of fighting rough water and wind, crews turned up nothing but some scattered debris. they did not
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missing service members. tonight, teams say they have not given up trying to recover the wrecked aircraft. 21;05;05 the decision to suspend this case is very difficult -- our thoughts and prayers are with squadron 463 and loved ones of those missing the marines have identified the 12 people on board the c-h-53-es at the time of the crashes. if you want to learn more about their stories, look for this story on wavy dot com. breaking political news we have word that congressman scott rigell says he will support a fellow republican to run for his
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friday we told you randy forbes has been thinking about leaving the fourth district to run in the second district: a district the soon-to-be-retired rigell currently represents. forbes would be leaving a largely democratic district -- for a more right- leaning contingent of voters. rigell's communications director tells 10 on your side: "rep. rigell is encouraging him to run and if he does he will fully support him." the supreme court has the final say on the redistricting plan now on the table that would force forbes to find a more friendly district in which to run. virginia beach delegate scott taylor has already announced he plans to run for rigell's seat. breaking news -- portsmouth police say they're investigating a deadly accident. it happened on ansell avenue around 7:30 -- a few blocks from george washington highway and frederick boulevard. officers say two vehicles crashed and a woman died. we just got this video of the investigation, and as soon as we have more information we'll let you know.
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something happening at portsmouth city hall. not all of it puts local leaders in a positive light. tonight, it was the taxpayers turn to voice concerns about what many see is a city heading in the wrong direction. . 10 on your side's matt gregory was at the churcland public library. matt, a lot of unhappiness with portsmouth leaders, especially the mayor. inside a room at the library residents packed in. probably 2 dozen people listening out in the hallway and couldnt get in. for the first hour, every speaker asked for one thing, more opennes.. you could feel the tension in the room. and see it out in front, the mayor sitting right next to the man fined for speaking about closed session issues councilman bill moody. that was one of the first issues residents brought up. for almost an hour a dozen speakers demanded more transparency nd more information. the mayor and city council didnt seem to offer any solutions. rather they told people to watch public access
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and go to the council's website. if it wasnt the lack of information or openness, people who spoke say they're tired of the infighting. leon j. harris / upset with city government. the man who started a go fund me page o pay for councilman moodys fine. presented him with the money tonight. now what did the mayor think of all this? for 5 minutes i followed him stood next to him gave him the respect elected officials deserve but not onced did he acknowledge me or the camrea or answer a question
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in portsmouth matt gregory 10 on your side. from city hall to the beach, virginia beach city council has started discussing major oceanfront redevelopment. we've reported the deal involves an area between 14th and 16th street. city officials tell us council hasn't decided whether to vote on the plan, but they did discuss this presentation tonight. the development would add a new pier, hotel, restaurants, time share resort and more parking. private money would fund most of the 245-million-dollar project. smoke and fire lined the rural landscape of surry county this afternoon. crews are still there now, nearly 12 hours later. chopper 10 flew overhead as crews surrounded edwards virginia smokehouse off rolfe highway. firefighters pumped thousands of gallons from hydrants, a creek and an industrial plant to attack the stubborn flames. we learned everyone inside was out to lunch when the fire
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but this loss is a tough one for the dozens of life. i've been with these people almost as long as i've been with my husband, longer than i was with my parents. it is like home, its your family, to me. to think i won't see my cowokers tomorrow or whenever is scary. :56 edwards ham sent us a statement saying it will be closed until further notice. we'll let you know when investigators find a cause. we're learning more about a small plane crash on the eastern shore. state police say a gust of wind pushed it off the runway while the pilot was trying to land. the plane hit the side of a shed and caught fire at accomack county airport this afternoon. troopers sent us these pictures of the smoking wreck. they say the pilot and passenger escaped. the f-a-a plans to investigate. and problems on the ground for a portsmouth
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drove into a building. the driver told us he mistook the gas for the brake outside midtown marketplace on frederick boulevard tonight. his vehicle ended up inside an empty storefront between dunkin donuts and an a-b-c store. but he told us he wasn't hurt. charges are moving ahead against more than a dozen women tonight -- investigators arrested them after raiding six massage parlors in chesapeake. here's a look at some of the mugshots they sent us today. friday, chopper 10 was there as homeland security investigators special agents escorted people away. they told us, they were making sure no one had been living at the business, touching others inappropriately or trafficking humans. a virginia man faces federal hate crime charges tonight. last year, prosecutors say 34- year-old james hill the third from chester attacked a man he thought was gay. an indictment says hill hurt the man based off what hill thought about his sexual orientation. hill
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convicted. we can tell you more about the teen killed in a shooting that wounded three others in gloucester county. deputies say he was 18-year-old josh morrison from yorktown. morrison died sunday after the shooting near ditchley road and gill. investigators say three others were hurt, but they should recover. those who knew morrison say the community has lost a good, young man -- - c0026 08;58;19 "he was honestly just the sweetest, the funniest guy in the world. if you were upset, he'd do anything to make you happy ...he just cared about everybody so deeply" 18-year-old dijon whitter from hampton faces charges for the shootings. hundreds turned out to honor the life and service of a norfolk police k-9. a suspect shot and killed krijger in the line of duty last week. law enforcement officers from hampton roads, virginia, even maryland braved the bitter cold for the memorial service. krijger's handler sat in the front with his family.
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with the department. we talked to an officer who came from richmond. its hard to put into words. we come to work every single day with these guys. i spend more time with my partner than with my family more times than not. he's with me for 10/12 hours a day, every day of the week. every time i come to work 17:00:54 krijger is buried at the pines pet cemetery in virginia beach. norfolk police added his name to a memorial outside the k-9 unit. the feud between uber and norfolk international wears on tonight -- what it will take to get the service back in business there. we're on your side with a warning from the i-r-s: watch out for an annual scam. hear how much thieves have taken from taxpayers over the years. if you've been having issues with your iphone's charging ability, we can tell you what may
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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her family calls it a miracle. amber brown - the norfolk state university basketball player who we told you was fighting for her life - is now on the road to recovery. only 10 on your side's liz kilmer spoke to amber's mom tonight -- liz, amber is now out of a coma? tom, that's right, we're told amber is still critical, but things are looking much better now than what doctors initially expected. amber is now responsive - she can open her eyes and move her hands. her mom, coretta, is thanking god. a thumbs up, from her hospital bed - signifies improvement for amber brown. coretta brown c1 16:31:47 "she was very ill, and god saw fit to bring her through, so now we
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stage." it's been a rollercoaster ride like no other for coretta brown, whose sat by her daughter's bedside since new years day. that's when the n-s-u junior, a basketball star, was found unresponsive in her dorm room - and rushed to the hospital. 16:21:44 "she had been in an induced coma because she was having complications when they brought her in." the 20-year-old had suffered a stroke, seizures and brain swelling. to doctors, it didn't look good. but last week - a miracle. 16:23:40 "it was kind of early in the i was like, thank you god, thank you god! i said, girl, i missed those eyes! i missed you so much i'm so glad you're here." while amber can't yet speak, she's responsive - she can communicate with a blink, by moving fingers - or, with a fist bump, from her teammates. many, have been visiting her - and raising donations for her family during games. 28:45 "everybody is just so
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all just given their all in prayers and love and support and so i think we're all gonna be anxious to see what amber does in the next few days." while there's no telling exactly what the future holds - there is faith that amber will fully recover - and be back to shooting hoops. 16:29:04 "who knows? god knows. but you know, we'll see, we'll see." 27:28 "her story is gonna be told ...and she's gonna be the one to tell it." amber's mom coretta tells me they aren't quite sure what caused all of this - it could be connected to amber's diabetes. if you'd like to donate to the family -- you can find a link to do so on wavy-dot-com. coretta says she's left behind two jobs to care for amber . back to you. hope for peace between uber and norfolk international airport. airport officials say you
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there again soon. they did not give a specific timeline. uber has not been leaving or picking up customers at the airport since november, when it rejected a deal. it's been negotiating a contract with airport officials: one it's competitor lyft accepted months ago. uber has agreed to pay some of the proposed fees, but it wants to make some other changes to that agreement. new at 11, there is enough stress at tax time without scammers trying to get more of your money. the i-r-s wants to remind you about the dangers of phone scams. since 20-13, irs collectors say the scams have cost taxpayers more than 26-million dollars. we've warned you about the scheme before. it usually involves someone claiming to be from the i-r-s and demanding your money. the agency wants us to remind you, it will send usually send a letter and not call on
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tonight: bitterly cold. lows in the teens. wind chills in the low teens. wind: nw 5-15mph wednesday: another cold day...increasing clouds. highs in the mid 30s. wind: nw/sw 5-15mph. wednesday night: light snow possible. accumulations will be 1" or less. cold. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: bitterly cold. lows in the teens. wind chills in the low teens. wind: nw 5-15mph wednesday: another cold day...increasing clouds. highs in the mid 30s. wind: nw/sw 5-15mph.
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snow possible. accumulations will be 1" or less. cold. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: bitterly cold. lows in the teens. wind chills in the low teens. wind: nw 5-15mph wednesday: another cold day...increasing clouds. highs in the mid 30s. wind: nw/sw 5-15mph. wednesday night: light snow possible. accumulations will be 1" or less. cold. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: bitterly cold. lows in the teens. wind chills in the low teens. wind: nw 5-15mph wednesday: another cold day...increasing clouds. highs in the mid 30s. wind: nw/sw 5-15mph. wednesday night: light snow possible. accumulations will be 1" or less. cold. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-15mph. having battery problems
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if it looks like the battery on your iphone isn't charging, apple has or 6-s-plus may keep it from
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it's trying to figure out a way to fix it. for now, it says you can restart your phone. then choose to set the time and date "automatically" from the settings menu. if the battery keeps failing and you didn't change the time settings, apple wants you to contact them. virginia looks to get back on track and snap clemson's five game winning streak. and meet the newest class of the virginia sports
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luana: on the next hampton roads show.
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jim it's been a tough couple of weeks for the virginia basketball team, but the hoo's got back on track against clemson tonight. i'm bruce rader, virginia picked second in the acc pre-season rankings has been struggling, while clemson ranked 12th, had won five games in a row. the two teams met in charlotsville tonight. virginia in white, the star of the game senior malcom brogdon with his 20 points helped the hoo's jump out to a 13 point lead, which they nearly squandered. devon hall, the cape henry graduate from virginia beach, got the start and came through with 11 points, as virginia holds on for a 69-62 win, to snap clemson's win streak. the hoo's host syracuse on saturday. the 2-thousand 16 class of the virginia sports hall of fame was announced today,
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us with the inductees. (7 people got the call.....the 45th class of the virginia sports hall of fame was roads. mariane stanley....a pioneer in women's sports, was the head coach of the old dominion lady monarchs for 10 seasons....under stanley's watch, odu won three national titles and helped pave the way for women's college athletics. old dominion university was one of the first universities to really support women's athletics in the way that we see today full athletic scholarships, matter of fact in 1976 they were the first school in the state of virginia to offer athletic scholarships for women, very privledged to be a part of that history and that tradition and it continues today. stanley is also a member of the naismith basketball hall of fame and the women's basketball hall of fame. -also getting the exective dave rosenfield. -for 48 years, rosenfield was the general manager of the tidewater and norfolk tides. one of rosenfield's biggest accomplishments....saving triple a baseball in
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early 90's the tides were affiliated with the new york mets and norfolk needed a new stadium. that's when the tides moved from met park the harbor park and changed their name from tidewater to norfolk. rosenfield is a 4 time international league executive of the year and in 2004 was named the king of baseball/ other inductees: charles oakley. he was the ncaa division 2 player of the year at virginia union. oakley played in the nba from 1985 to 2004 including a long stint with the new york knicks. this is video of oakley at the 1985 pit. -former uva football star james farrior will be inducted as well. farrior was a parade high school all american at matoaca high school before enrolling at the univerity of virginia. he was the 8th pick in the 1997 nfl draft and is a two time super bowl champion. rounding out the 2016 class, former university of virginia sports information director rich murray and charlie stukes...stukes played
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and won a super bowl in saturday april 30th in portsmouth. brian parsons for the sportswrap. here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor,
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