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tv   The Hollywood News Report  NBC  January 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> everything he does turns into some sort of celebration anyway. it's because of his passion and conviction and dedication to his quest and his unquenchable thirst for movies. he baffles, he exhilarated, he perplexes and surprises and most of all he entertains us and we want more of these imprints. in 24 frames per second. what quentin did for a lot of actors and collaborators, he put to them on the map. he put me on the globe. here he is for his imprint, four more and not the most important ones. >> someone was asking, are you excited? i was like, it's not that i've
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i've wanted to put my hands in the courtyard way before i ever had a career. this is something i've wanted to do my whole life. i have to admit positively my favorite one is right rogers. his saying is cool and he put his sick shooters in there. i thought i would bring my glock down today. i kind of think the time has changed a little bit and it might not be the greatest idea. i'm going to let roy have that one. i appreciate my friends coming out and all of you guys and the theater for inviting me to do this. this is a thrill and i'm honored. >> when we come back, more from hollywood's biggest films only
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>> we are happy is it and we've returned and we've got a lot more movie news to show only on the hollywood news report. >> all the dealers in atlanta are being supplied by antonio tope -- cope in miami. >> put me in on it, james. >> kevin hart and ice cube go undercover in miami to stop a drug trafficking ring in "ride along ii." >> you going to help me get some hard evidence on him. >> get to the north hallway and
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>> nobody said nothing to me about getting out of a window two stories up. >> we had everything in place, all the players. just wanted one last meeting for us to kind of talk it out and talk it about expectations and we just were in a grooving at the meeting the kevin had him in stitches i was playing off what i was doing and i knew once i got on the set the magic would continue. >> once people responded to the movie the way they responded to the first one, you knew you had something special. we said why not take advantage of that? get in the lab now and cook up another one and the wrires -- writers and producers did another great job of getting us another solid foundation on film. >> what you got? >> you want this one? >> what you got in -- for sne >> i tried get into this and it fried my computer.
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>> aliens. >> i've never seen a device locked this tight. someone encrypted this to a level we can't crack. >> noy, we started working on this and then very soon after one came out, that's when we set the plan in motion for ride-along two. we -- it's been two years but a fast two years because we shot two right after one. >> it's chaling but you've got to be fearless when you approach a sequel the if you've got a successful movie, you down there. fans. but you've got to be fearless, just go for it. that's what we did. people can tell when the film-making process is fun.
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evident on the screen and this was a fun movie to make. >> future down! drop it! put it down! >> stop screaming! >> put it down now! >> holster your weapon. they're cops. put your gun away. >> future down, castro! >> ok, you put it down. >> we go way back. >> yeah, but i think we just met on set and -- >> no, we didn't see each other until "ride along ii, "qus but it's been so fun seeing him, watching his rise. every character you do, you don't play it the same way. and there's a plan or no plan? because it feels like no plan. >> maybe for the week. no, i have no thought in this noggin. i just say things.
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it depends on the project and character the like for a.j., simple things, wearing watches. if you know silicon valley you know no one wears watches any more. but it's simple. where is the heart or the joke there? sometimes they're one and the same, sometimes they're not. >> i'm in the driver's seat, jamess. >> why does this seat tell like burned toast? >> get hell out! >> that's kind of where i leeve. -- live. it's like a little brother that's annoying you, you know, and it's just that place, it's where you live. >> i know he's thinking something bad. but he keeps turning his head to the side and it's that observing look.
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something along those lines. but it does the trick. you can't find the process if the process works and in this particular case, it works. >> we have a loose set. it's not intense to where you don't have room to be silly at times or play around. you need that. there were times i was laughing and times i did the same thing. the only guy who skip thely doesn't break is q. >> my counterpart is q because i could really focus on him and being noid with him. but the real thing was ruining nine or 10 takes due to uncontrollable laugh 1234rer789 james. >> maya. >> james? >> maya. >> you're an eagle. i saw an eagle take this playedy's baby one time. >> biggie small sefment slightly overrated? >> he's no skir -- sir
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>> may na. >> maya. >> james. >> shut up! >> there's the scene where they are overnight and had to shoot it again because i ruined so many because of laughing. they are so funny! >> they're continuing a long line of comedy duos that have that same kind of interplay. kevin is a master comedian. he works really hard. and cube is o.g. gangster from compton so when you have that kind of energy meeting what kevin brings there is something truly organic and magical that emerges. the end result is deeply funny. >> kevin is the energizer bunny every minute of his life. it's crazy. that's who efments >> but you know what he does? he actually is pervasive so
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he gives that energy to the whole crew. we have to shoot late nights, sometimes come in at 5:00 in the morning. kevin is always on time and always a ball of energy. the crew feeds off that. >> i remember one will came and said what about putting kevin and q together and he couldn't finish the statement before i said "i'm in" because i knew putting them together would be classic. >> all right. a.j. is on it. >> step aside, por favor. >> wait! this is all your fault. >> i'm your bodyguard. not your certify vant. >> you are what i say you are -- not your certify vapt. -- serveant. >> you are what i say you are! >> traditional sign of respect. >> you have to preaire and prepare and when you are doing comedy there is a melody and
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there are moments when he and kevin say one thing and the whole audience laughs. you just prepare every character the same and if you want to make people laugh you got to hit the right key. >> she's gorgeous. let's just say it, ok? she's break -- freaking beautiful. >> but she's also grot -- got great combedic timing and -- >> you would be surprised how smart she is. just a great addition to this family. >> the -- we're partners, james. we protect each other. >> on the vest. >> i definitely saved your life, man. >> don't go too far now. >> james! >> we'll be right back with more of your favorite stars
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news report. >> we're back. now let's take a look at some more films only on "hollywood news report." >> i want you to go up on deck and have a look. >> chris pine, eric bana, and
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coast guard's true story of the attempt to rescue mariners during a blizzard in "the finest hours." >> please call him back in. >> you can't be in here, miss. >> i think that's the great thing about watching stories like that, you are not watching a caped crusader, you are watching someone who looks very much like you look, could be your next-door neighbor, could be you. and what would you do in this situation? i think it's about who these men are but it's important to have these stories out there because there are people all around the world serving their country that are ordinary people that in circumstances can do by sheer force of will incredible things for people. >> it focuses on all the good they were doing and the heroism of this.
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it nice to see a movie that captures that in a really simple is, straightforward kind of old-fashioned-y kind of way. i extent a few days on a similar boat and a few days on the set talking to an expert about what every little crank does and lever does. but i'm sure there are times i should be spinning it this way or pulling it that way and no one knows the difference. >> i don't know how she's going to date a guy in the coast guard. >> i'm not afraid of the water, bernie. it scares me at night, that's all. you can't see what's underneath. >> the -- i met bernie the last day we shot the film wand -- and she was a lovely, lovely woman. it was a move to see -- it was kind of moving to have her see her dad in this kind of hollywood way.
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wrong word but what i really enjoyed about it is in any situation where you are under great physical duress on -- or an expenditure of energy there is g -- not really any time to do anything other than your job. i appreciate that and i think there is some sort of ligament that attaches us to the real guys in that while we were not in any great danger we felt a little bit of what they must have felt, which is that hyper- zen like focus on the job. >> working with chris is lovely. kind of felt like we were trying to keep it fresh all the time and trying it different quays as well. we did lot of takes. kind of a lot of playing with different levels and confidence. we played around with it a lot. it would have been lovely to work with some more of the guys. but i literally passed them noy and then through the stoop doors.
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and it was so cold. apparently i just heard over lunch, that they had to take a little shot out of the scene because viewers were saying i didn't look cold enough. and i was like, "i didn't look cold enough? i was bloody freezing!" >> p everyone wants to live and the only way that happens is if we work together. >> it was great. there were so many stunts involved and i love to see that, guys that will throw themselves off buildings and everything. when it was really cold and wet, they from -- were the first to clam up. some of the toughest guys nope and then you hang out with them after, they're animals but on set they're the first to wrap themselves up. it was challenging with the wind and water and the shaking. but approximate -- when you go through something like that are, at the end of the day you
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something hard and together and it's a bonding experience. >> furs -- fun part is we were able to go around with the real coast guard and see the real boat. it's so sobering and inspiring being around these men and women who do this job. every day people's lives shall saved by people like this and that becomes our job, to represent them, and that's the greatest privilege the >> lost the pump. >> we all live or we all die! hold on!
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on if >> thanks for joining us again. now let's get back to more entertainment news only on "the hollywood news report." >> he successfully made the jump from television actor to
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now steve carell is receiving is one of hollywood's highest honors, a star on the walk of fame! >> there is no one more prepared. there is no one who works harder and no one who cares about their material more than steve carell. then the other thing i started to notice is oh, are my god, this is an amazazg guy. he's a is sweetheart and i could tell every time we worked on movies, i could tell he like, virsally missed his family. don't get me wrong, i love my family, too, but when you are on a movie, you are busy. every chance he had, steve would be like, can i go home and see my family on the weekend? >> today the city of angels is crying. but not tears of sorrow. they are tears of joy as we
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terms that come to mind when you think of steve car snell brash talking. gunslinger. punch first. ask questions later. that's what we come to expect frl a steve carell. -- from a steve carell. today there is not just one steve carelled. there -- karel. there are thousands. we are all steve caret. join me in saying be "i am steve carell." >> i am steve carell! ing french french -- [speaking french] >> thank you so much for coming out. this is an awful, awful day to be doing this. i'm looking at the bank of photographers here, and eye more miserable group of people i don't think i've ever seen. this means an awful -- awful
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you can push it aside and say it's sil, it's fun, but it really does mean an awful lot. last night i was putting my son johnny to bed and we had read our stories and he asked me about the ceremony stood and what it is about and why i'm being honored. i was talking, tall -- telling him about it and what a great honor it is and the star going to be on the sidewalk forever. it's a big deal. we talked about it a while and then, i'll never forget it, he leaned in and whissered in my earthquake "how long is this going to take?" and i will never forget it. >> that's it for this week. please join me next time on "the hollywood news report"
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