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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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00:07:05 "it was a loud noise and everyone turned around to look hear more from someone inside. ----------------- plus -- local police tell us they're making the most of a generous donation. which officers have more protection tonight. those stories ahead, but after days of winter weather -- we're expecting things to get warmer. we've been following a storm that killed at least 42 people and slammed nearly a third of the u-s. you can see what's left of the snow around here-- chopper 10 found some patches in york county, hampton and newport news. it didn't find any in norfolk. chief meteorologist don slater joins us now. don, if it gets as warm as you expect it to -- there may not be any snow left! tonight: partly-mainly cloudy sky.. not as cold. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: sw 5-10mph tuesday: partly-mainly cloudy and unseasonably warm. (stray shower possible early for ne north carolina coast & virginia beach). highs near 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly-mainly cloudy sky.. not as cold.
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30s. wind: sw 5-10mph tuesday: partly-mainly cloudy and unseasonably warm. (stray shower possible early for ne north carolina coast & virginia beach). highs near 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly-mainly cloudy sky.. not as cold. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: sw 5-10mph tuesday: partly-mainly cloudy and unseasonably warm. (stray shower possible early for ne north carolina coast & virginia beach). highs near 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. signs of snow may be fading here -- but the
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major problems to our north especially when it comes to transportation. in arlington, virginia crews are still moving mountains at reagan national airport. it's a similar scene in new york city at laguardia. the snow clearing efforts are helping, but there are still delays and cancellations due to the weather. some are still affecting flights to and from norfolk international. amtrak has been slowly restoring its service to the northeast. it has been cancelling some routes or changing schedules due to the storm. we'll let you know as soon they restore full service between our area and other cities. breaking news from portsmouth. police say two men walked into maryview hospital suffering from gunshot wounds around 8:30. they say it happened in the cavalier manor section of the city and both men should recover. officers could not tell us whether this is related to a shots fired call on roosevelt boulevard. we'll let you know when we have an update. breaking news -- police are investigating an armed robbery in virginia beach. dispatchers tell us it happened around nine at the skinny dip in the providence square shopping center. that's
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dispatchers say officers are looking for the suspect. we'll we have more information. we're hearing more from the woman who says a man city. 28-year-old brett cote case. 10 on your side's liz palka spoke to the victim liz? nicole - a situation like this would be terrifying for anyone. the victim is 74. she's a mother, a grandmother. but as soon as she realized what was happening...she didn't give into the threats. and fought to get away. c2 17:13:49 - dumbfounded. just stunned. that it happened to me. you never know when it's going to happen to you. i never dreamed it in my life. :57 all she wanted was a newspaper. that's why she stopped at the zoom in convenience store on west main street extended in elizabeth city. the woman - who we won't identify - says it was here that this man - brett cote - opened the door to her suv. c2 17:12:35 - he opened the door and he says maam can you give me a
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friends left me down here stranded i need some money. :42 the victim says cote seemed sincere. c2 17:15:02 - and i thought he looked nice and he had a clean shave. and he really looked like a nice young man. as she arrived at gateway bank on ehringhaus street police tell us cote demanded she get money out. the victim said he wouldn't take his hands out of his sweatshirt pocket. she said it looked like he had a gun. c2 17:15:18 - i noticed his hands in his pockets. and i thought, he said, now maam, i'm not going to hurt you.and that's when i thought something. and then when he started to reach for my purse. and then i got my purse and then i reached for the keys and that's when he hurt me. :35 the victim says cote squeezed her hand so hard she's now bruised. she didn't let that stop her. moving quickly, she got out of the driver's seat and started running into the four lane road, waving for help. c1 17:11:02 - it happened so fast. only thing i could think about was getting away. that's
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off in her suv. by then the victim and passersby were on the phone with police. officers located the suspect and vehicle about 15 minutes later on 17 north. he's now in jail on a 315--thousand dollar bond. c2 17:14:13 - i hope he serves every bit of his time. the victim thinks cote only got away with loose change. but he's still facing a number of charges, including, attempted armed robbery and larceny of a motor vehicle. north carolina courts website says he will be in court in february. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. police say a man from hampton is still in the hospital tonight after someone attacked and seriously hurt him -- neighbors on smiley road tell us someone shot and stabbed the man they know as t-j overnight. they say they heard at least eight shots. one person tells 10 on your side he found his friend lying in the street -- bleeding. another friend says she was happy to hear t-j should survive.
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don't see how even made it to the hospital he was that bad i mean i was trying to talk to him couldn't get no response all you could hear was a gurgling from the blood. that neighbor says someone attacked t-j out of revenge because he helped police catch a reckless driver. at last check, police had not identified a suspect. york county officials are working to find out what caused a fire that destroyed a mobile home-- and sent three people to the hospital. this is what's left of the home off route 17, in the harwood mills community. the fire department says bystanders, a sheriff's deputy, and an off-duty williamsburg fire lieutenant rushed to help. they found one victim in her bedroom-- and pulled off the side of the home to rescue her. fire officials say cpr revived her -- and she was airlifted to the hospital. c0096 - asst. chief chris were in the right place at the right time to make a difference and this family and the victim's life, had they not been on the scene, i don't think it
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outcome that we had here today. 5653 the deputy who helped -- went to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but should be okay. the fire department says another woman got out on her own. we're told one other adult and 5 children -- also lived in that home. a woman may face charges for driving into a post office. chesapeake police say seven people were hurt, but they should recover. 10 on your side's liz kilmer joins us in the newsroom. liz, how did people inside the post office describe this crash? tom and nicole - the word we heard - surreal. kristy stevens was inside with her three-year-old daughter when the crash happened. she says glass shattered and flew everywhere. debris struck one woman, forcing her to the ground, where she was in and out of consciousness. kristy stevens c27 00:07:05 "it was a loud noise and everyone turned around to look, and the display case came through." terror within this chesapeake post office, after a woman reportedly crashed her car through the front doors. 00:07:34 "i had started to walk towards where the car was and then that's
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and stopped." kristy stevens was inside with her three-year-old daughter as the black sedan plowed through - striking a display case and a wooden median. stevens 00:08:49 "there were giant pieces of wood and glass flying everywhere and it was god's grace injured." but not everyone else was so lucky. police and fire officials arrived to the north battlefield boulevard around 12-30. 7 people - not including the driver- were rushed to the hospital. bobbie c3 00:01:33 "they've been searching inside to see if there's anybody else beneath the vehicle." police say the driver accelerated from a parking spot. while investigators believe it was an accident - she may face charges. stevens 09:21 "she was just sitting in her car and everytime i saw her, there was just no emotion on her face, nothing." the crash marks the second time, in as many years, that someone drove into this very post office. the last happened in july of 2014. an 80-year-old was behind the wheel, and hurt one person. bobbie 01:12 "that's what i've heard and it's just crazy." witnesses can't believe
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stevens 00:08:03 "they should put a pole up or something in front to stop them because somebody really could have gotten killed, i mean it was scary to see people with blood, laying on the floor..." again, we're told, fortunately, the 7 hurt are expected to be okay. investigation and the driver may face charges. clean-up crews arrived on scene this afternoon - office is expected to re-open tomorrow morning. live in the newsroom, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. police adding a face to the crime is new information. tonight we can show you the person police say robbed a bank in poquoson. officers sent us these pictures of a man they say hit langley federal credit union on wythe creek road. witnesses say he handed the teller a note and demanded cash. they say he took the money and left -- but never showed a weapon. if you recognize him, call police. a texas grand jury has indicted two anti-abortion activists -- we're talking about the people who filmed secret videos of planned
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one of the indicted center for medical progress. the controversial videos allegedly show planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of human organs. the grand jury cleared the organization in texas, activists. activists in virginia safeguards for those opposing same-sex marriage. the virginia catholic conference and other groups are asking for their support. two republican lawmakers have introduced a bill to protect business who oppose same-sex marriage based on religion. but democratic governor terry mcauliffe has promised a veto. the a-c-l-u of virginia says it would allow people to discriminate against the l-g-b-t community. norfolk city officials will have the final say on a memorial for a fallen police officer. the family's latest effort to honor their loved one. a professor faces charges following a confrontation with student journalists. an update to the story behind a viral video -- a sheriff's deputy says
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alive after a truck hit him. see the crash -- caught
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we can tell you more about efforts to protect police k-9s across hampton roads. it comes about two weeks after a suspect shot and killed a police dog, in norfolk. a virginia beach charity has been working to make sure that doesn't happen again. together with c-n-n's anderson cooper, spike's k-9 fund has been providing protective vests to local dogs. on facebook, both newport news and portsmouth's police department say they have benefited from the donations. all k-9's in norfolk also have the protective vests now. the family of a fallen norfolk police officer hopes to make a permanent memorial in his honor. city officials say they are reviewing the request from officer brian jones' widow. in a memo, they did not say exactly where the memorial would go or how long it would take to decide on the application.
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civic league moved a memorial on wellington road. that upset the family and some neighbors. a suspect shot and killed jones as well as 17-year-old mark rodriguez in may 2014. we can tell you what left more than 100 people in military housing with little to no heat or hot water over the weekend. the navy says - a valve on a gas line was turned in the wrong position. residents at the ben moreell lincoln mliitary housing complex in norfolk say: the heat went out saturday during the storm. they say it was not restored until early sunday morning. some residents called 10 on your side because they felt they couldn't get updates. one family should book a hotel - because two people in their home another. i would have appreciated even if they said don't hold your breath for 12 hours. we got nothing. 23:00 military housing reps told us - they couldn't give residents updates because they didn't know when it would be resolved. they did open up community centers, and
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the navy also opened up a gym, provided cots, and warm showers. ten families have settled with the owner of a sunken cargo ship -- including a family from virginia beach. el faro sank in a hurricane last year with 33 sailors on board. reporters in florida say the families will receive 500-thousand dollars each in a settlement with tote maritime puerto rico. the settlement includes a claim from the local family of richard pusatere. the company says it covers "pain and suffering" among other things. a college communications professor faces an assault charge tonight. it's from her run-in with student journalists at the university of missouri. 45-year-old melissa click could spend 14 days in jail, and pay a three-hundred dollar fine for the confrontation in november. click went up to two student photographers and called for their removal. the university president and a chancellor both resigned amidst the protests -- over what some saw as an
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tonight: partly-mainly cloudy sky.. not as cold. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: sw 5-10mph tuesday: partly-mainly cloudy and unseasonably warm. (stray shower
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north carolina coast & virginia beach). highs near 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly-mainly cloudy sky.. not as cold. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: sw 5-10mph tuesday: partly-mainly cloudy and unseasonably warm. (stray shower possible early for ne north carolina coast & virginia beach). highs near 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly-mainly cloudy sky.. not as cold. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: sw 5-10mph tuesday: partly-mainly cloudy and unseasonably warm. (stray shower possible early for ne north carolina coast & virginia beach). highs near 60. wind: sw 5-15mph. a dash cam cathches the
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a dash cam cathches the moment a truck ran over a deputy! see how it happened and hear how he managed to survive the crash. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air
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lisa: we are talking to and
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and another chance for dash cam video caught the moment a truck hit a deputy in ohio. it may be difficult to watch, but he survived. the deputy was directing traffic when the truck drove up onto the train tracks and stopped. that's when a train hit the truck from behind -- sending it off the road and into the deputy. he says he managed to roll to safety -- and avoid serious injury. the deputy is recovering from stitches and a broken left hand. he hopes to start working again next week. it's meac monday, highlights as both first place hampton university and second place norfolk state look to keep their red hot pace going. and who's the favorite to win the super bowl?
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the stage is set for super bowl 50th--and as it always is, it's all about the quarterbacks. peyton manning of the broncos against cam newton and panthers. but the smart money is on carolina, as the panther open as an early five and a half point favorite and that line will probably go up. and why not. cam newton is fantastic--he proved his yesterday as the panthers punched their ticket to super
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fashion--scoring six touchdowns as they pulverised mvp candidate carson palmer and his supposidly high powered arizona cardinals offense. cam is the most valuable player in the nfl--and as good as the denver defense is, cam newton is tough to contain. "i don't know that we've faced the dual threat guy like cam this year with our schedule. i saw him first hand last year. we played him last year when i was in baltimore. no, it will be different for us. having to tackle him out in the open field, having to defend the quarterback runs and those type of things will be something different for us. so, nice to have a couple of weeks." how hot is carolina? 17 and 1 this year, and 22 and 2 since they got hot last season before losing in the playoffs. sort of like the seahawks of a couple of years
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it's meac monday and both first place hampton university, and second place norfolk state were in action, lets start with the hampton u pirates. the pirates looking to go to 8 and 0 in the meac---taking on south carolina state, the number three team in the confrence, reginald johnson gets things going for hampton with the 3 pointer, he finished with a team-high 19 points--- and after jumping out to a 10-2 lead, the pirates went cold--darryl palmer slams home the ally-oop for south carolina state, and the bulldogs showed just how even the meac is this year ---- quinton chievous the player of the week and defensive player of the week in the meac kept pirates first confrence loss of the season, but they are still leading the meac with a 7-1 record. the hampton loss opened the door for norfolk state to gain some ground, tonight coach robert jones and his spartans taking on savannah st. and this one wasn't even close as the charles oliver and the spartans
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with this game, oliver scored 19 points against south carolina state on saturday and backed up tonight with 25 points. d'shon taylor---stops and drains the three pointer of his own---he added 14. and off the bench---how bout johnathan wade---he hits the three from the corner-- 14 for him--- norfolk state led by 32 at one point and would go on to win by 19---the spartans are now 5 and 1 in the meac---alone in second place, and this confrence race should be interesting down the stretch---- and don't forget the meac tournament returns to norfolk in early march at scope, always a great time
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