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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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there's a chance you'll run into wet weather at some point. chief meteorologist don slater joins us. don, when will it start and how long will it last? tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne 5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne
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breaking news from chesapeake police are on the scene of a domestic situation, that has become a standoff. it started around 5:30, and it's still happening near wintergreen drive. police say the suspect's home is near the intersection with north george washington highway. they say officers are negotiating with the suspects, but they don't know if there are any officers. we continue to check with authorities about a swat situation that caused a school
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virginia beach today. police spent more than eight hours trying to serve a warrant at a home on ewing place today. a viewer sent us this video . police arrested 47-year-old kevin hall for theft, and called in special teams when a second person refused to leave the home. they say the situation ended peacefully this evening. salem elementary was on lockdown as a precaution. breaking news from virginia beach -- a house fire on sedgemoor road. firefighters say this is the neighborhood between baker and diamond springs road. they say the home was badly damaged, and four people, including two children, will have to stay elsewhere tonight. they say one person was hurt, but medics treated them at the scene. josh morin just sent this picture to us. investigators are still trying to figure out how it started. now to reports of teacher troubles across hampton roads -- three face charges for sex crimes. two investigations involve children. we've been following the cases against samantha
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darrell walker from pasquotank county and gary jordon from norfolk. we start in norfolk -- where liz kilmer has been learning more about jordan. liz, the accusation is parents. parents are outraged assistant principal at the madison alternative center - allegedly made inappropriate comments to a child. investigators say it happened on bowden's ferry road - which is where the school is located. we're working to learn if school property. c53 pamela outsey 08:59:18 "i'm appalled, i am really shocked and upset about it." parents with kids in norfolk public schools can't believe the allegations against an administrator. police say 64-year-old gary jordan, an assistant principal at the madison alternative center, made inappropriate comments to a child. c52 robert lassiter 08:56:48 "we livin' in a world now where mostly everybody's doing what they want to do, instead of doing what's right." investigators say it happened on january
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charged with taking indecent liberties with a child in custodial care. police aren't confirming if the victim is a student. still, parents say it's scary. c53 08:59:24 "we trust these people, you know we trust these people to take care of our children." c52 08:57:14 "we tryin' to protect our children the best way we can, you know, so much is going on now so i tell people, it's time to pray. it really is." a spokesperson with the school district tells 10 on your side that jordan has been placed on administrative leave. according to the school's website - the assistant principal had previously taught math for 11 years. a woman who lives near the alternative center says it's a great school. she hopes the allegations won't tarnish its reputation. c51 robin bernath 08:05:10 "i do think that madison, what it's doing, giving these kids a second chance, is really neat." 08:04:45 "i think personally, it's a very valuable resource to this neighborhood, they're doing, as far as i can
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jordan was arrested on monday. he's right now in norfolk city jail - without bond. we requested an interview sheriff's office, but are told he declined. this investigation is ongoing - jordan is due in court next month. live in the newsroom, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. where a former teacher faces sex crime police say 25-year-old samantha quinn was involved with a high school student last spring. officers say the boy discussed two incidents with another faculty member in november. the school system put quinn on leave, but they say she resigned less than a month later. ((c37 49:43)) "we put our trust and faith in the juveniles. court documents say-- the day after the school reprimanded quinn, she messaged the now 17-year-old victim and said "was it you?" -- referring to whoever contacted police. we expect a perquimans county middle school teacher in court tomorrow. police have charged
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students. court documents say a man told deputies he agreed to do landscaping at walker's house in elizabeth city. instead -- he says walker forced him into sexual acts. deputies arrested him that night, and school officials alerted parents the next day. they do not believe he has done anything with students. we've learned: a discussion of school discipline ended with a mother knocking a teacher unconcious in portsmouth. we told you: 43-year-old tracy lawrence faces charges. according to court documents, she got angry with assistant principal sylvia hodges-melvin. they say she hit the administrator-- and took off. in court today, lawrence said she has three children: 10, 12 and 16 years old. she's ordered to stay away from portsmouth schools. you may recognize hodges-melvin's name. she's married to portsmouth circuit court judge kenneth melvin, who's also a former delegate. we'll continue to follow developments in these cases. find updates anytime on wavy dot com.
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are looking for the man they say shot two teachers in washington d-c. officers say justin headspeth shot them in a car, monday. at last check, the man and woman were both still alive. police could not say whether the suspect targeted them. court arguments have started, as a local transgendered student fights to use the men's room. we've been following 16-year-old gavin grimm's case for more than a year. the gloucester county high school junior says he feels uncomfortable using the women's room or a unisex facility. but that's the only choice he has, according to the school board. the a-c-l-u is representing grimm. the judges won't make a ruling for a couple months. tonight, police and state troopers hope you can help them find a missing teen. they say 13-year-old nichole lovell was least seen early this morning in blacksburg. they say she has a scar on her throat. she was wearing black jeans, a grey striped shirt and brown and pink boots. if you see her, call police. police have charged a
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tourist with local ties. 39-year-old jessica colker grew up in yorktown. the atlanta woman died in the attack over the weekend, while visiting grenada with her husband. dave benjamin could get the death penalty if convicted. virginia beach police charged 30-year-old nicole scott for a stabbing at the oceanfront. they say she attacked a man she knew at the edgewater condominiums on tuesday, and he should recover. local business owners are getting behind congressman randy forbes. they sent him a letter -- encouraging him to run for a spot in the second district. the republican currently represents the fourth district. because of recent redistricting, he's been considering a run in the 2nd when current representative scott rigell retires. rigell has also supported forbes as his successor. chesterfield native john adams says he will be running for virginia's attorney general in 20-17. the republican hopeful graduated from v-m-i, served in the navy and currently works at a lobbying firm. he has also worked for
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president george w bush. some veterans are asking donald trump to leave them alone. we've reported-- the republican presidential candidate will skip tomorrow's fox-google debate in iowa, and host an event for veterans instead. the group, "iraq and afghanistan veterans of america" says: it will decline any money raised during that event. the founder said he didn't want to be part of a political stunt. the justice department has reached a tentative agreement with police in ferguson, missouri. it would reform the department, after an officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown two years ago. his death sparked protests in the city and drew sharp criticism across the u-s. the overhaul has been making. it calls for more training and changes to how officers use force. a man faces charges in york county -- after investigators say he bit a deputy. investigators say 33-year-old francisco romo-maurico stole things from the walmart in tabb last night. they say he tried running away and
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which ended in a bite on the thumb. new tonight. a man facing terrorism charges will appear in a virginia court, friday. prosecutors say 20-year-old ardit ferizi from kosovo was in court this afternoon as well. they say he hacked into sensitive files of u-s servicemembers and federal employees. investigators believe he used the information to support the islamic state. he could spend 35-years in prison if convicted. new tonight. the coast guard says a cutter will be back in portsmouth tomorrow, after nearly two months at sea. they say cutter northland has spent the past 56 days on patrol. and the crew has seized more than 16- thousand pounds of cocaine and meth. only on 10 -- the lead detective searching for a missing man says he's out of leads. new information in a case we've been following since last year. as if a blizzard wasn't enough-- hundreds of d-c residents and commuters are facing fines. hear why the city
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for nearly three months - suffolk police have been searching for a missing 30 year old man. we first reported on quantez russell's disappearance in november. family sent us these new pictures of him, but they haven't been able to find him yet. they say they've exhausted every lead, and they need your help. only 10 on your side's liz palka sat down with the lead investigator in the case. liz what did he say? tom and nicole - i'm told police have received a significant number of crimeline tips related to quantez russell's disappearance. but as a detective told me today - the tips and evidence collected keep leading them in the same circle. and they need new, credible information about where is could be. c1 2:44:12 we're doing everything we can following up with everything we can do to try to get some sort of resolution to this. detective william shockley is going over
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a file of information that has not yet led them to the missing 30 year old suffolk man. c1 2:37:01 - we'll get a lead it's as much information as we can get from it we go with that information kind of go out try and flush it out a little bit. and that's where we're having the problems, it kind of all leads to the same spot. :15 russell was last seen at his home on forest street on wednesday november 11th, in the early afternoon. he said he might head toward newport news. the investigation reveals his vehicle was discovered that night at a downtown newport news gas station - although shockley can't say which one. and there is evidence that russell was not the person who left it there. c1 2:35:54 - we have strong indications that it was moved, yes, and not by him. :56 on possible surveillance or specific evidence that was gathered from the vehicle. c1 2:36:22 - we got a little bit out of said the investigation has led them to newport news and hamptonwhere russell spent a lot of free time. c1 2:39:44 - that's kind of where our focus a lot associated, where he's been. :50
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seeing him anywhere but he vanished. leaving russell's eight year old son, mother, father and siblingswith painful unanswered questions. c1 2:43:30 - two and a half months now. with no word whatsoever. and for anybody that can be difficult. and especially for his family it is. :37 about a month after russell disappeared - police did say they needed help finding a man they thought might know something. they did talk with himbut nothing came of it. this is where they need your help. they're asking for the public to come forward with any tips about where russell was on november 11. they say it's not too late - and they need new information to help this family find their loved one. liz palka, 10 on your side
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plan to turn themselves in-- and face charges in texas. a houston grand jury indicted them earlier this week. they're in trouble over these undercover videos -- that allegedly show planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted body parts: which is a crime. the activists' attorney says the charges won't hold up in court. was last week's storm the most expensive to ever hit virginia? it could be, according to governor terry mcauliffe. the richmond times dispatch reports: the recent storm took up the commonwealth's entire 200-million-dollar snow budget. although it's mostly melted here in hampton roads, people are still digging out to in the northern and western part of the commonwealth. governor mcauliffe has said he will request federal help, to cover the cost. . in d-c, the city actually managed to make money during the historic storm. parking attendants cracked down on anyone who didn't move their car before the snow. they have issued more than a million
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tickets -- and an extra 65-thousand in fines. they also towed 665 vehicles from the city streets. they city's mayor says she warned everyone to move their cars -- tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne 5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne 5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw
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tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne 5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne 5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw 5-15mph. tonight: partly cloudy and cold. lows in the low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in
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5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw tonight: partly cloudy low-mid 30s. wind: n 5-10mph. thursday: mainly cloudy with a chance for afternoon & evening showers. highs will be in the mid 40s. wind: nne 5-15mph. friday: a mix of sun & clouds. highs in the mid- upper 40s. wind: sw
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still ahead-- a fish story. why a virginia man now has bragging
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a virginia man has set a state record for catching the biggest marlin in north carolina. marine fisheries says: neil manning from ashburn caught a 138-pound fish off hatteras last year. the fish is 85-inches from the tip of its lower tail. it is 37 inches around. a 118-pound fish set the state record in 19-76. meantime -- the world record marlin weighed 181 pounds. preperations are underway for the super bowl. and what do the redskins plan to do with quarterback kirk cousins?
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a brand new field, a halftime show featuring coldplay--a hall of fame quarterback, the hottest young quarterback in the league. preperations are underway for super bowl 50--by the bay. i'm bruce rader, the carolina panthers returned to the practice field today for the first time since winning the nfc championship. welcome sight for panther fans. 5 time pro bowl defensive lineman jared allen was on the field today, he missed the nfc championship game with a broken foot. and cam newton, the panthers' suddenly "superstar" quarterback kicked off the game's media blitz by adding fuel to
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explanation for all the heat he's taken for his flamboyant style on the field. newton will be the sixth black quarterback to start a super bowl, but the 4th in a row, and contends his race has a lot to do with the criticism he has recieved. s/ cam newton / quarterback "i've said because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. and it's like here i am, nobody changed me, nobody made me act this certain type of way, and i'm true to my roots." : speaking publicly for the first time since training camp, redskins general manager scot mccloughan made it clear today that he wants to sign free agent quarterback kirk cousins to a long-term contract. while the franchise tag is an option, mccloughan
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senior bowl he'd rather get a long- term deal done but the team has alot of options right now regarding cousins future. cousins will be mccloughan's top priority of the offseason after setting redskins single-season records for passing yards and total touchdowns. after some close but disapointing losses, old dominion hopes to even its league record to 4 and 4 tomorrow night when the monarchs begin a two game florida road trip against florida atlantic, a team that has won three of its last four games. old dominion just can't seem to get over the hump in some of these close games--and it's something that coach jeff realizes his team has to do to live up to it's pre-season potential. "i hope our guys understand that we are not playing badly but we just have to play a little bit better, there's a difference, if we were really stinking it up that would be cause for concern but we have to make some adjustments make some improvements and we get an opportunity to do that
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"we've been through this before we're a tough bunch of guys everybody gonna pick our heads up." "we're going to do what we have to do, prepare try to pull out two wins." after tomorrow night's game, odu travels from boca to miami to take on florida international coached by former norfolk state head coach anthony
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