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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight - forever changed - people gather to remember a chesapeake family... 58=:16:20 "it was definitely a shock it was unexpected completely" six people dead - a family and a community at a loss of words. 74=26:53 "we are all in complete shock we can't even wrap our minds around it" tonight - everyone's leaning eachother to move past this inconceivable crime. right now - the lives of these six family members are being remembered at a vigil. hugs, tears and a lot of shoulders being leaned on as people still try to wrap their minds around what happened to the dooley family earlier this week. that includes a lot of questions still to be answered - especially for people in the tight-knit deep creek community. 10 on your side's liz palka is live at the vigil in chesapeake - where a huge crowd
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deanna - this is temple baptist church where the dooley family was very involved. we were asked to stay away from the actual gathering in the parking lot. but i would guess there are about 200 people here, maybe even more. members of the dooley family are also here. and todd dooley's brother, michael, gave a statement on behalf of his family. you'll hear more from him, first lets show you some of the gathering. we're told the vigil was organized by brooke's friends and classmates at deep creek high school. many people wearing purple, which is deep creek's color. this family was taken from this community sudden and brutally earlier this week. chesapeake police are still working on an exact timeline...but they have said all six family members were shot to death in a murder suicide. they say 26 year old cameron
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killed his dad todd, mother lori, brother landon, sister brooke, and grandmother doris. he then shot and killed himself after a police standoff that lasted several hours. the community has been hurting since learning of this tragedy. and tonight we heard from todd's brother and doris' son, michael, for the first time. "while i do not have the words...holy spirit." the vigil started in the parking lot then the large group walked to the houses where the murders happened. on wildwood road and then to the house on george washington highway. police here
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for the complete coverage on this story - go to our website wavy dot com. a woman is in the hospital and a man is in jail after a morning shooting. officers say the woman was shot multiple times on westcliff drive around 9. she is in sentara norfolk general hospital with serious injuries. police also found three small children near the scene - none of them had any injuries. new information about a shooting in hampton from friday night. it's a story we first brought to you as breaking news on wavy news 10 at 10. we now know - two robbery suspects were shot as they tried to rob a store. police say an 18 year old suspect died. the other was hut hurt. everything started around 6:20 friday evening at the gift card atm store on west mercury boulevard. the suspect who was hurt
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several charges. the store employee legally carrying a gun shot the two. that employee isn't facing any charges and didn't have any injuries. new information about about a body found in a norfolk river friday afternoon. police now say 25-year-old david isaac's body was found just before 4 yesterday in the lafayette river. that's near 26th street and villa circle. teenagers called 9-1-1 after they saw the body. the medical examiner is still working fo find out the cause of death. new at 6 - two buildings are damaged because a fire this morning. people called 9-1-1 shortly after 10 this morning to report the fire. heavy smoke and flames were shooting through the roof of one house. fire officials say embers from the fire spread to the neighbor's shed. no one was home when the fire started. the red cross is helping the family. the fire is under investigation let's take a quick look at weather. it's been a beautiful start to the weekend - the sun shining and the
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but, of course, this time of year those temperatures can always get a lot colder. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the weather center to let you know how long the nice weather will stick around, ashley? tonight: clear skies. somewhat mild. lows: near 40. winds: s 5-10 mph. sunday: sunny and warm! highs: upper-60s. winds: sw 5-15 mph. monday: mostly sunny. another warm one! highs: near 70. winds: sw 5-15 mph. what a great way to start the weekend - abundant sunshine with highs in the low-50s! if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow..but in the clear skies with temperatures dropping will only drop to 40 by tomorrow morning..not bad considering our average will be in the upper-60s sunday, you'll have another chance on monday. off the week. a cold front will swing through monday evening, so that will give us a chance for groundhog day with highs in the low-50s. our next decent chance at
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still ahead on wavy news 10 at 6 - safety and education - residents in one city say - those two things need serious improvement. the steps they're taking to make sure it happens. and -- tunnel closure - we'll tell you the area you need to avoid all weekend long and the detour to
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a 10 time saver traffic alert for you this weekend. the midtown tunnel is closed. here's a live look from our traffic cam. crews are taking down the elizabeth- river-trail pedestrian bridge. the tunnel will be shut down until 5 o'clock monday morning at the latest. your main alternate is the downtown tunnel. and the tunnel re-opens earlier than expect -- we'll be sure to let you know. still ahead - major priorities - we'll tell you the things people in one area city say need to be prioritized
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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safer streets and better schools. it's those two issues that portsmouth residents want to see as a priority in next year's budget. 10 on your side's joe fisher was there this morning -- as they took their message to city leaders. joe. deanna -- a little more than three months left until city officials in portsmouth finalize their next budget. and after a highly publicized and critized budget process last year, the city is now polling the public on their priorities. seventy percent of people in this room at woodrow wilson high school saturday -- say public safety is the most important issue in the city of portsmouth. dr. lydia pettis-patton/portsmouth city manager ((c197 43:28)) "that's important across this nation: safety, safety, safety . in everything we do. in the schools, in the community, everyone wants that." that majority -- urging city leaders to improve police and fire services. in a seperate question -- 100 percent of people agreed school safety should be a top priority. already the district has resource officers at their high
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superintendent dr. elie bracy says they can do more. dr. elie bracy/portsmouth public schools superintendent ((c197 42:39)) "what we want to do is to at least expand one security officer into our middle schools, because things happen." one of many improvements the district hopes to make. others include hiring additional teachers to knock down class sizes -- and expanding vocational learning opportunities. funding that's hard to get when less than 50 percent of the room has a favorable view of the school district. sarah duncan hinds/portsmouth school board ((c196 31:35)) "i found it interesting that they said our schools need more improvement, but only a third would vote to increase the funding for the schools." the same goes for public safety and other city services. residents say they want change -- yet they're not willing to put up more money to make it happen. dr. lydia pettis-patton/portsmouth city manager ((c197 49:55)) "i think you have to look at a balance. money is not the answer to everything." ((c197 41:22)) "do those goals involve possibily increasing taxes." "i can't answer that at this time. because we are still reviewing,
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use it prioritizing funds for fiscal year 2017. this was the first of three public input sessions. the city will host another meeting this coming thursday night at i.c. norcom high school. and the last meeting will be next saturday morning at churchland high school. i've also posted the city's entire presentation on wavy-dot-com. i'm joe fisher, 10 on your side. the city of portsmouth is also inching closer to hiring a new police chief. about 50 had the opportunity to hear from the final three candidates this afternoon at i.c. norcom high school. interim chief dennis mook came to the department after chief ed hargis portsmouth police department expects a new chief to be hired sometime in february. we're following developing news from the richmond area. two people are dead and a teenager and a child are after being shot. it happened in caroline richmond.
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9:45 friday night - calls came in about a shooting at the family's home. investigators say the shooting appears to be a domestic incident. an 18-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy are in stable condition at mary washington hospital in fredricksburg. the caroline county sheriff says, "this investigation is ongoing...please keep the gray family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time." tonight: clear skies. somewhat mild. lows: near 40. winds: s 5-10 mph. sunday: sunny and warm! highs: upper-60s. winds: sw 5-15 mph. monday: mostly sunny. another warm one! highs: near 70. winds: sw 5-15 mph. what a great way to start the weekend - abundant sunshine with highs in the low-50s! if you liked today, you'll love
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meantime, we have to get through tonight first. this evening, expect clear skies with temperatures dropping back in the mid-40s by 9 pm. because winds will stay out of the south overnight, the mercury will only drop to nothing but sunshine in the forecast tomorrow. with a southwest breeze, highs will be in the upper-60s - a perfect day sunday, you'll have another chance on monday. with sunshine and a southwest breeze again, the mercury will surge close to 70 as we kick off the week. a cold front will swing through monday evening, so that will give us a chance for groundhog day with highs in the low-50s. our next decent chance at rain will hold off until
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i'm nathan epstein---college basketball saturday----uva came back from 11 points down in the last minute and 23 seconds----then beat wake forest on a buzzer beater for their first acc road win on thursday--- today---going for back to back road wins at 16th-ranked louisville--- the cavaliers number 11 in the nation--- a racaus crowd in louisville--but uva hushed them up real quick--- anthony gill---the steal and the slam---- that was a theme all day--- malcolm brogden---very good day for the senior-- the dish to isiah wilkens----step son of dominique--- cavs up 2--- then they start to pull away--- off the steal---brogden himself-----tied a team high with 13 points--- uva led by 15 at halftime--- and absolutely left no doubt in the second half--- devon hall from virginia beach the miss--- there's gill with anther slam--- and just for good measure in the
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brogden to gill again---- uva wins 63-47---the worst loss for louisville in their home building---] uva now 17 and 4---6 and 3 in the acc--- over to norfolk-----old dominion lady monarchs coming off that blowout win over florida atlantic----home against florida international---more of the same story----second quarter---ije ajemba----one of two players with 13 points-----still in the second----jennie simms---one of the best in conference usa---nice fade away jumper------she led the team with 23 points----old dominion only led by two at halftime----they outscore fiu 30 to 10 in the third quarter and go on for a second straight blowout win----84 to 49---they're rolling---- and a very special halftime-----a celebration of 1,000 wins for the lady monarch program------alumni day-----players from every decade going back to when the program started-----celest hilll---all american--two time player caa player of the year----anne
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title team in the early 80s----a team led by her----marianne stanley----three times led old dominion to national titles----and now---voted in to the virginia sports hall of fame---- "transcribebitehere" tempers getting a little heated between florida and west virginia---the gators unranked taking on the 9th ranked mountaineers-----and what a game for dorian finney smith out of norcom high school in portsmouth---one- handed jam----he was 7 of 12 from the field---5 of
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range----and had not one--but two highlight real jams----the second ---on the ally oop----game-high 24 for finney---and the gators take down 9th ranked west virginia---88-71jj. i'm brian parsons. in hampton roads, an all a standing room only crowd at collegiate, the call it the tree house. the mighty oaks, fresh off of an overtime loss to norcom. cape henry, the reigning division 1 state champions, the dolphins have been rolling. first half. cape henry wearing grey. dolphins force the turnover. mark seaman to malik marrow, who finishes with the lay up, he had 21 points. then it's going to be pj roach, he takes it to the basket, off the glass, cape henry led by 6 after the first period. but then collegiate goes on a run, a big run, led by the big fella, sebastian towns, drives the baseline, gets position and scores. more towns.
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rebound, he gets the putback, basket and the foul. game high 26 points for towns. a 15-0 run by collegiate. oaks by 10 at the break. second half, more collegiate, kyonze chavis,through three defenders for the lay up. cape henry starting to run out of time. the dolphins did cut the deficit to single digits dajour rocker with the tough bucket. but the night would belong to norfolk collegiate. the oaks defeat the state champs 76 to 62 in what some would call an upset. that's the final from norfolk. and a stunner down under---championship match of the australian
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on this saturday night, down to the wire. with 48 hours to go, the candidates make a final push for votes in iowa. tonight, we go inside the war rooms and door to door. clinton and sanders neck and neck and a real battle among the republicans as iowa gets ready for the opening act of 2016. captured. three escaped inmates back in jail tonight after two are caught on t streets of san francisco.
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