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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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for 17 years as a crime scene investigation supervisor - is finding herself on the other end of an investigation. holding out hope. c1 2:25 - the first few weeks to a month was really, really hard. c1 2:29 - and all i can do is just continue to pray on it. c1 2:34 it's just been really tough not knowing where my son is right now. :38 the lead investigator tells ten on your side russell's silver lexus was discovered the night he vanished at a downtown newport news gas station. they can't say exactly where...but did reveal, they think someone other than russell left the car there. c13 28:01 - give me my son back. tell me something please. russell's father, eugene boone, said this family needs closure. c13 27:27 - call and tell us where he's at. call and tell us where he's located. give us some type of closure. that's what i'm looking for. some type. because they are desperate to bring their son, brother, and grandson home. c1 4:34 - if they have kids, they should be able to understand my heart and know that i need to know where my
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police want to find russell, too. they tell me they have exhausted all leads and need new tips. so if you know anything about where he was on november 11th...or even where his silver lexus police. or the crimeline at 1-888-lock-u-up. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. all new at five-thirty - ever wondered why city hall in virginia beach -- is several miles away from the main freeway in and out of the city? a new plan is under consideration that would move it to town center. investigative reporter chris horne has more on the proposal that could move city hall about nine miles to the north. this proposal comes from the city's department of public works and boils down to this - the current city hall in the princess anne municipal complex is in bad shape. so which is the best plan - to renovate it and maintain the same city officers currently there - or build an entirely new
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the current building? city hall is the one we know as building one. it's where city council meets, where you can pay a bill to the city treasurer, and where the commissioner of the revenue collects your property taxes. public works director phillp davenport says the 50 year old building has significant deficiencies that must be addressed in the immediate future. his report to city council says the building has issues relating to asbestos, an aging hvac system and communications and it systems that are out of date. davenport says the building needs to be empty while the improvements are completed. so do you put the current city departments in temporary space and then move them back in - or do you build a new city hall at town center, and give building one a new life with new departments? the plan would have communications and it move into building one and centralize. that department is currently spread over 17 different locations. the plan says that move
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greater efficiencies throughout several city buildings. right now this plan is just a plan. public works says it's a chance to get a conversation started. it's an interesting proposal that would take several years to materialize - the next step would be for the city to approve funding in next year's budget for a feasibility study. chris horne 10 on your side new information tonight about the death of a blacksburg teen - investigators now say 13 year nicole lovell was stabbed to death on the day she went missing. two virginia tech students have been charged in her death. prosecutors announced today charges for 19 year old natalie keepers have been changed from accessory after the fact -- to accessory before the fact. 18 year old david eisenhauer is also charged with kidnapping and first- degree murder. both are being held without bond and are due back in court on march 28th. an update to a story we first told you about yesterday--- amtrak officials now know it was a rock that hit one of its trains in philadelphia. it happened on sunday
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headed from d-c to new york city. there were more than 200 passengers aboard when the train was hit. the rock cracked a window. an amtrak spokesman says it used reinforced safety glass on all northeast corridor trains. no one was hurt - but the train did stop in new jersey so inspectors could check out the damage. the incident happened near the site of a deadly amtrak train derailment last may. in flint michigan -- the f-b-i is joining the investigation into the contamination of its drinking water. it's now part of a federal investigation that also includes the u-s attorney's office -- the u-s postal inspection service - and the environmental protection agency. officials have not said whether criminal or civil charges might follow. flint switched its water source from detroit -- to the flint river - back in 20-14 - in order to save money. the river water was not properly treated -- causing lead from pipes to seep into the city's drinking water. a chesapeake realtor is collecting bottled water to send to residents in flint, i told you about the drive last week and due
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generosity they've hit a bump in the road. all thank you to wavy for putting the message out, it has been an outpouring of support none that we could have gotten on our own :28 since last week the dream girls of real estate have collected - well so many cases of water -- they stopped counting! c8 19:36:50 we thought we'd harris from virginia beach got the motorcycle community revved up nats c10 19:40:03 see that's why i needed a big strong brother outhere to do this for me :06 she could barely fit in her car with all she collected. c15 19:42:57 and then the clubs i gave them the address hre and they just been showing up with trucks :00 portsmouth church and wilson high school. (nats) there's just one problem. they collected way more than they bargained for and they need help getting it to flint. c8 claudine ellis /organizer 19:37:37 tractor trailers where ya at (laughs ) :00
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with a big heart and even bigger truck rolls in before they're ready to roll out the donations on february 22nd. if you would like to donate a truck or water williams in chesapeake or in portsmouth you can drop it off with pastor bamberg of judah sanctuary church of god in christ. we've put contact information with this story on coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - gearing up to fight the zika virus. why experts are worried the outbreak could be devastating to families. plus -- still ahead -- we're looking at cases of i-d theft. new technology is helping when it comes to credit card fraud. so -- where are thieves turning to find their next target? my full forecast is coming up in just a few
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the world health organization continues to meet in switzerland -- where it says its gearing up to fight the microcephaly outbreak linked to the zika virus in latin america. experts are concerned the virus could spread to asia and africa. the agency is working on putting together a set of "guidelines" for pregnant women. doctor anthony costello - a world renowned expert on maternal, newborn and child health -- says even though complications from zika virus are relatively mild -- it can be devastating to families. 56-1:12 dr. anthony costello/ who expert "the potential for spread not just across latin america but into africa, into asia which have the highest birth rates in the world, we believe is a matter of public health concern and constitutes an international emergency."
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organization declared the zika virus an international public health emergency on monday. this is only the fourth time the organization has declared a global health emergency. it's a case that's sparked outrage - a pharmaceutical company raising the prices of a life-saving drug by five- thousand percent. the company ended up firing c-e-o martin shkreli in december. he's now set to testify before congress later this week. today - the house oversight and government reform comittee released thousands of documents -- emails between shkreli and his staff -- offering some insight into what they were thinking. in one e-mail - shkreli wrote "one billion dollars - here we come." shkreli - dubbed the mosted hated ceo in america -- is facing securities fraud and conspiracy charges related to his time as c-e-o at a different pharmaceutical company. federal officials believe he bilked them out of millions of dollars. we learned today -- he's hired criminal defense attorney benjamin
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brafman has had other "celebrity" clients - including sean combs - michael jackson - and even mafia bosses. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - an exciting night in iowa. with one caucus down -- the candidates are moving on to new hampshire. we'll have all the latest from the campaign trail. consumers are fighting back against i-d theft -- and it's working. so - where are theives
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iowa voters have spoken. on the democratic side -- hillary clinton eeked out a victory over bernie sanders. after counting all night -- clinton was declared the "apparent winner" by a narrow margin - just a handful of votes seperate the two candidates. on the republican side -- ted cruz was declared the winner. donald trump came in second -- with marco rubio a close third thanks to his committed campaign workers. the texas senator acknowledged the hard
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fanned out across the hawkeye state -- thanking caucus-goers who showed up for him last night. cruz says it's all about the commitment - and power - of the grassroots. 1:14-27 you know we had 12,000 volunteers here in iowa. we've got over 200,000 volunteers nationwide. and our campaigning here was done person to person, neighbor to neighbor, looking the men and women of iowa in the eyes. we're doing the same thing in new hampshire. cruz -- wasting no time -- he hit the ground running -- attending a rally in the granite state earlier today -- he's headed to a rally in south carolina a little later tonight. hillary clinton -- also campaigning in new hampshire today - where she's neck- and-neck with rival bernie sanders right now. she told one crowd -- she is proud to be coming there a winner. with me this week. make this journey with me. stand up with me. fight for me. and when we win, i will stand up and fight for you every single day thank you and
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none of the candidates have much time to rally support. the new hampshire primary happens one week from today. something else is right around the corner -- spring! according to punxsutawney phil. pennsylvania's most famous groundhog did not see his shadow when he emerged from his tree stump this morning. phil has been predicting the weather since 18-87. he's only forecast an early spring 18 times. there is a slight disagreement in the forecast though -- chesapeake chuck did see his shadow -- predicting six more weeks of winter in hampton roads. our meteorologist jeremy wheeler was on-hand for the annual ceremony at the virginia living
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tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in by late afternoon and early evening. warm with highs in the low-mid 70s. wind: s 15-25mph. thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw 10-15mph. unseasonably warm weather remains for wednesday, but much warmer with 70s. this warm up will take place ahead of a cold front that will cross overnight wednesday into thursday morning. aside from the warm up, the front will bring scattered showers and storms. the timing looks to be in the late afternoon and evening for the rain, and lingering into much of thursday. in the wake of the front, it gets much cooler for the end of the week into the week with seasonable temps. the big game on sunday will be seasonable with a chance
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tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in by late afternoon and early evening. warm with highs in the low-mid 70s. wind: s 15-25mph. thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw 10-15mph. unseasonably warm weather remains for wednesday, but much warmer with 70s. this warm up will take place ahead of a cold front that will cross overnight wednesday into thursday morning. aside from the warm up, the front will
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and storms. the timing looks to be in the late afternoon and evening for the rain, and lingering into much of thursday. in the wake of the front, it gets much cooler for the end of the week into the week with seasonable temps. the big game on sunday will be seasonable with a chance
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coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder. what happens when sesame street meets silcone valley? and i'm tom schaad. next on wavy news 10 at 6-- best friends to the end. a young life is lost-- his friend winds up in the hospital. what we know about a tragic crash that
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and counterfeiting concerns in a hampton roads community. someone is passing off phony money-- and you could fall victim. what you need to know-- when nicole and i see you
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"sesame street" is moving -- to silicon valley. america's iconic children's show is broadening its reach from
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start-up. the creators of the "sesame workshop" have created a venture capital firm to invest in tech startups. the start-ups will have access to extensive expertise regarding children and families. the fund plans to invest up to one million dollars each in new companies that develop products that help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder. more than 13 million americans became victims of identity theft last year. that's according to the latest research -- and it remains relatively unchanged from 20-14. the amount of money stolen is down to 15 billion - the smallest amount in six years. as consumers have changed over to chip-enabled cards, fraudsters have found it more difficult to use stolen credit card numbers. thieves are still using stolen social security numbers to set up new accounts. new account fraud has more than doubled in the last year. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - caught driving drunk - by her teenage daughter. what happens when mom doesn't know best.
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school system shut down situation on the eastern
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at a 16 year old girl -- being commended by police --- after calling 9-1-1 driver was the girl's own mother! it happened in georgia. the girl noticed her mom was weaving all over the road and asked her to pull over.
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called 9-1-1. mom is now facing d-u-i charges. stay with us... wavy news 10 at 6 is next. a tragic scene on a norfolk street. two boys rushed to the hospital-- only one survived. tonight-- new insight into what happened in this tragic crash-- and the young life being remembered by loved ones. we begin at 6 with new information in this difficult story from norfolk-- a 9 year old boy killed-- his best friend-- in the hospital. lucas ballard died in the crash on west 27th street and llewellyn avenue. tonight-- what police know-- and what we're learning from loved ones about about the young life lost. 10 on your side's erin kelly now-- with the latest. erin? we learned today from police that evidence shows lucas ballard -- the 9 year old who passed away -- was wearing a seatbelt. police could not determine whether or not the other child recovering here was. meanwhile tonight lucas' family says -- the little
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is dancing in heaven. amanda hernandez - lucas' cousin c0002 - 4624 it hurts so bad because no lucas was a nine-year-old kid with a personality larger than life. amanda hernandez - lucas' cousin c0002 - 4812 he was always there for that hug or that pick me up 4813 or that, you know whatever happens, type, i love you type, saying, you know...most kids don't give you that 4918 lucas was very close with her 7 year old daughter -- and the three did everything together when they visited lucas in north carolina. amanda hernandez - lucas' cousin 4646 i stayed the
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>> he was recovering from serious injuries. >> he doesn't know that he has passed away and will be hard for him to find out. >> they are so determining the cause of this crash. the common wealth department will decide if there will be any charges. we understand there is a fundraising page set up for the family. on your website. >> thank you. in the meantime, police say the men killed crossing west mercury boulevard was a 39-year-old wilbert sanders. this happened around 6:30 last night. the driver was not hurt and the police have not said anything yet. >> also, an early dismissal for an entire school system on the eastern shore. all because of a threat called in. all of the system schools, two elementary schools and middle and high schools went out at 11: 45.
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person who made that call.
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