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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 20, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain ra but to educate and teach you. and put it in perspective. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. i'll say this. it's better than it's been. how about that for a way to view a market that's no longer quite so punishing. or inherently unstable.s the market could go down gently. dow dropping 21, nasdaq advancing .38%. all of the sudden it's kind of a placid environment, that's a in significant change. do you know what it's done? this less brutal backdrop allowed us to analyze individual stocks of individual companies. and make individual judgments before the year. becoming less dow's best performance for 2016 this week.
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the federal reserve is putting itself on hold. c p let's not talk about rate hikes. it might be just what's developing. plus oil and china are behaving themselves which leaves earn ings.veve that's the strong suit around bottoms up analysis. look what managers have been able to achieve despite slowing growth, a weaker overseas market and a bizarre down shift in consumer spending for many items, particularly fashion and apparel.avit even as the consumer has more spare change in the pocket thanks to better employment and cheaper gas. with that in mind let's go to the game plan for next week. monday starts with a company that's been in the crosshairs of not for fundamentals. that's allergan. almost all candidates want prices down and mergers that s lower taxes like the deal that the foreign domicile is doing with pfizer which will result in an entity that can give itself a
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america. allegan is a jersey company. new, not the island of. my charitable trust at action owners has a significant position and the stock isn't doing that well. perhaps they can spell out a road map for a higher priced stock. a a maybe one that allows the company to achieve eventually at least a $60 increase in the stock price. something that was hoped for when the original allegan pfizer tie-in was announced. it's been a rough ride to own any pharmaceutical company with the exception of johnson & johnson, the new favorite of investors.opouou after the close we hear from one of the most controversial companies we follow. fitbit. i am adamant this is not just some sort of fossil, apparel,
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this is health & wellness confirmed by dr. david agus, author of "the lucky years" who this week on the show said devices like fitbit can play a vital role in lengthening lives. will it matter?hon we'll find out. now i have to acknowledge i have been on the wrong side of the trade here in my affection for both the company and the stock.ti agus mentioned he thinks apple will do amazing things with this watch when it comes to health and wellness. can i take a moment to say apple is taking a lot of political heat for a stand that made a lot of us covet its products before. the company's commitment to privacy. seems odd that the government is asking tim cook to violate the policy and the trust.ol t cook is a lot more pro law enforcement than he's portray.
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apple gave you its word you p would have privacy. they can't go back on it easily. this is not an apple marketing ploy. it is a pledge that's not easily broken.arar particularly those in fashion and apparel doing poorly as we saw with nordstrom and disappointing numbers from vf corp. these are good companies.lytr for their stocks to get slammed as they are well off the highs could be a sign of what happens when macy's reports tuesday morning. i can't be that positive ahead of the quarter. it's too similar to nordstrom. sells too much product from vf corp. and it is a play on a weaker dollar.he but we have a strong dollar that will hurt earnings. on the other hand, home depot will have a better story to tell when it reports at the same
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estimates and talk about retirement and more household formation is causing more stra ton is a huge supplier to home depot. i don't know if home depot competitor lowe's will have as good a time as things. to make shareholders a little bit more h investors taking an interest in a company too linked to the price of oil. stick with home depot. after the close wednesday, we hear from cramer fave salesforce. the ceo seemed confident about his long-term prospects when we spoke in san francisco a little bit more than two weeks ago. the stock is well off the high
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would buy the software concern. a little bit more negative than the stock price may reflect that negativity. thursday we have earn ings from two different disappointing ga retailers. sears and kohl's. kohl's yield has been the bottom of the groups that have fallen on hard times.fa if it gets hit on a weak macy's quarter maybe you buy kohl's ahead of the results. maybe it can bounce anyway. sears, it's just bad. you know who i bet will have a
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domino's pizza. this company sells good pizza. they are a technology company. we hold the cheese in our house when we order via facebook. domino's has a bizarre history of selling off in good earn ings and rallying.fa h i'll be all over it to help you through the domino's situation. thursday we get results from palo alto, one that put on a good day after a relentless course down latelyt . we like this group. we were fearful of the stocks valued highly. if you are inclined to buy palo alto, limit your do you know side as it does cut off your upside.
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speculators love it. it's one that you don't have to own. on the other hand, foot locker also reports on fridaylo. we know footwear is one of the strongest sectors out there. if foot locker gets hit ahead of the quarter on some of the other retail weakness stories it's worth buying especially as nike and under armour report sales. next week we are all about earnings, mostly retail. you have to pick your spot. earning and management gloriously matter and the good ones prevail while the others get hammered. ratherer than the endless trading. isn't it exactly the way it should be? robert in north carolina, please. robert. d atmmmm >> caller: jim, thanks for all you do for the home trader.
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ings from alphabet was there pl anything other than profit-taking that caused the $90 drop in price and where do you think the price is headed. >> i'm going to use the price that sounds ridiculous. if it were valued like the typical growth stock it could easily trade to $1,000. my charitable trust owns it.ertr it was pure profit taking. over the course of the next 18 months it would not surprise me if that went to $1,000. that's how strong the business is. ben in iowa, please. ben. >> caller: this is ben from iowa. thanks for all you do for us. i own shares in sam adams and is it time to make a move?$1si fo >> i actually like constellation brands more. it's got corona and mo dello and a good wine business and craft beer.nd i like stz. oscar in ohio.
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this is oscar calling out of to le do, ohio. my question is about marathon oil corporation with oil being volatile at these levels. i was wondering if this is a good time to buy marathon oil.ile hi >> it seems cheap but cheap isn't cutting it in the oil world. we dobts like the stories. stu in florida, please. >> caller: jim, it's a pleasure to speak with you. >> thank you. >> caller: you remind me of my father without the facial hair, same stature. >> thank you. >> caller: he taught me the value of dividend stocks when i was young.meha i didn't know whether to buy more or how it's going. >> yield is 3.91%. we have the ceo on recently.
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here's what you do. if that stock were to break back to 45 i want you to pull the trigger. [ shotgun ] the market is heavy for the stocks and when oil goes down this stock goes down with it. they laid out the story about why that shouldn't occur. 45 bucks, next level to buy. next week it's all about earn ings. finally. the good ones prevail while the others -- well, pain. which is the way it should be. tonight, rev up the lawn mowers. spring is in the air.e. i check in with the gas powered equipment maker briggs and stratton. love the products. stay tuned for the rise and fall of lionsgate films. what happened to the studio behind "mad men" and "the hunger games". i have been studying and they
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why don't you stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money."t follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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at a time when so many stocks have been annihilated since 2016 it's worth remembering there are winners out there. take bbg shlgs the maker of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment as well as finished products like generators and pressure washers. the stock is up 25% year to date which is incredible when you consider the weakness of the broader a.j.s. the reason for the performance, there was a strong quarter on january 20. the company sales came in light but they delivered 16 cents earn ings bead off an 18 cent basis growing at a 30.8% clip as sales declined year over year. management also raised the full-year earnings guidance and you know what?
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valuation is reasonable. stock trading at 13 times next year's earn ings estimates and supports a nice 2.5% yield. let's take a look with the chairman and ceo of brigs and stratton to get a better sense of where the company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> great to be back, jim. thanks. >> i have to tell you, one of the reasons i wanted you on is you are the best performing stock i follow. how is that possible? first of all you make snow blowers. we haven't had much of a snow season. second, holy cow. this isn't lawn mowing season. what's going on at briggs and stratton? >> what you are seeing is the result of a lot of hard work by our team. when you go back a few years we rationalized product offerings, took capacity out. what you are seeing is a lot of cost coming through. the cost savings. at the same time, we were working on a lot of innovative products. over the last two years we have come out with more innovation
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that's showed up in the margins, too. it is the execution of the strategy and hard work on the part of our team. >> we think because we are fans of home depot and not apparel. you do big international business, but they want to spend to make the home more valuable. briggs and stratton fits in there. >> the housing market being down had an impact on us. when people buy existing homes that are first time home buyers they want to take care of their investment. with the housing market being where it's been, it's been a few tough years. now we are seeing the rebound in the housing market which was obviously showing up then
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housing. that's helpful, too. when you look at the exposure we have been trying to diversify business. we are 70-30 now, u.s. and nonu.s. for a few years it didn't feel good being mostly a u.s. based company with where the housing market was. now it feels good to be in that spot. we think we've got additional runway out there as housing continues to go. i think we'll continue to see an uptick in the market for us. >> i have to tell you. november 10, 2015, industrial conference, you said q-3 january through march is the beginning of high season. how is high season going? >> well, it's too early to tell. we are still in this funny period. stores are stocked for the spring selling season. it's one of those things where it's tough to tell where things will go.
3:19 am
over year. we are cautious at the same time. on in the market between discussion of negative interest are cautiously optimistic, if you will. we think this could be a good season for us. >> all right. i'm a big user of your products. we have an in and my best friend, you know, he's a demo guy. we power washed my place, used briggs and stratton and i see you have something that matters. i'm thinking about getting it. you have an engine that's quiet power technology. that's an innovation server sus everybody else, isn't it? >> it is. it's one of the things we are doing with innovation. starting, noise and storage are three things customers look for and users look for in equipment. so the technology you refer to is 66% quieter than other things
3:20 am
through it. starting the other thing. we are using lithium ion batteries for push button starting on a walk behind lawn mower. that's different. we have a mower you can stand on end. i don't know about you, but i don't have the garage space. i could have a ten-car garage and not have enough room. mow and stow allows you to gain back garage space. those are innovations in the past couple of years. i have the privilege of being able to see what's in the pipeline and i am excited about what we are coming out with. >> john deere reported a not great quarter and agco. why haven't you been hurt by that? >> it's not so much ag. it's lawn and garden. we are tied more to housing than agriculture. when you look at housing and people mowing lawns, that sort of thing. that's where we live, if you will.
3:21 am
small. when you look nationally, it's a small part of business. really it's the housing market and cutting grass here and in europe. >> it's been a remarkable year already. it's a great company. we love your products. thank you for coming on "mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> chairman, president and ceo of briggs & stratton. love their products. amazing to see the stock do well. they have the better mouse trap. "mad money" is back afternoon. >> announcer: coming up, they are hiding everywhere. the market's pitfalls that can't be seen by the naked eye. well, cramer is getting out his magnifying glass to help you spot the hidden trends for your portfolio. just ahead.
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ever since 2016 began we have seen a monster sell off. it's been absolutely brutal. many of the stocks are still troubled even after the recent rally earlier this week. i talked to you about how alliance is worth buying because the stock is so cheap. not every growth stock that's been obliterated is necessarily worth purchasing here.
3:25 am
lionsgate entertainment. the movie and television production company behind the hunger games, mad men, orange is the new black. the stock kept roaring endlessly higher thanks to wave of hits, the stock climbed 28% in 2011. 93% in 2013. but then it plateaued, inching up a percent in 2014 to 32. in 2015 lions gate shot up to $41 in november and gave up a huge chunk of gains plunging down to $32 and change at the end of december to close up the year barely up more than 1%. lions gate stalled out but the story fell apart in 2016. ever since the rooer new year began the stock has been plummeting less than twos mo.
3:26 am
growth stocks of the moment. the company lost its mojo going from a beloved name to a play thing of the short seller in record time. let's start with the rise of lions gate. content is king and for years lions gate had the hottest tv shows and franchises. they made a killing on diver gent and hunger games and are behind some of the best shows on netflix. what if you plow a bunch of money into a property and it's a flop. lions gate is good at diversifying product offerings. they produced 12 to 15 films, mostly small pictures and one or two franchise films that rake it in at the box office. on the television side they are producing sit com, drama, reality, miniseries and excelling in the con tents across multiple platforms. they aren't beholden to anyone. lions gate doesn't care if you
3:27 am
and the shows are on 24 networks. the company is disciplined when it comes to the movie making side. 70% of lions gate films are profitable which is a high success rate. more important they have never lost more than 20 million bucks on a movie. they have been a disciplined player. they don't make many mistakes. when they get a major property like "the hunger games" they make a fortune. i recommended the stock four years ago, a month before the first "the hunger games" came out. the stock traded at $11.34 thanks to my younger daughter i head read the books and knew it would be huge. you have a 75% gain since then. four months ago when the stock was at 41, you had a 261% gain. why have the wheels come off? how is it lions gate has round tripped? in a way they have taken on the characteristics of a pharmaceutical company whose drugs are about to go off patent. starting in 2014 investors worried about what became known
3:28 am
halfway through "the hunger games" saga but people are concerned what happens when this franchise came to an end. the movies generated over $200 million a picture. sure enough the stock peaked before the release of the final "the hunger games" film "mockingjay 2." then the stock began to slide when the opening day box office was weaker than expected. two weeks ago they reported a disappointing quarter including a 4% miss. revenues at $670 million. street was looking for $770 million. they missed by nearly $100 million. management gave negative guidance indicating the numbers are tracking below the previous forecast. no wonder the stock plummeted 27% in a day off the news. the culprit, the last "the hunger games" under performed. the company produced fewer new episodes of "orange is the new black" than expected but
3:29 am
the next quarter. anyone worried about a post "the hunger games" earn ings drop off had to be worried. lions gate managed to blow it. gods of egypt, seems to be bombing. they are changing the film strategy with the idea to release lower cost films. trying to come up with new expensive block busters that may not be big hits. they have a new franchise in the power rangers that has potential. on the television side most agree the weakness in the quarter was a timing issue more than a fundamental problem. the next quarter looks good. the tv division has doubled over the last four years and net flick renewed "orange is the new black" for three seasons. that could be llucrative. it may be cheap at 14 times earnings but the company's revenue has been declining for the last five quarters.
3:30 am
that trend is worrisome to me. you can get higher quality plays like time warner for 11 times earnings. these companies may have issues but unlike lions gate they are growing. here is the bottom line. until they figure out a way to grow consistently you need to stay away from the busted stock. i don't see how it can perform versus other big media companies with more levers going for them. this is a boom and bust story. we have been through the boom. now "the hunger games" is over and the bust has begun. to own media stick with disney which has a massive number of tent pole franchises including "star wars" and the theme parks. disney may have trouble with losing espn subscribers but we know how to triumph over the issues long term. lions gate has no idea how they can get the groove back save a
3:31 am
until we have a change in fundamentals just stay away from lions gate. brian in new york. brian. >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for having me on. my question is this -- i'm a few thousand long in netflix at an average of 90. my average price is 90. i wonder what advice might you have on how to play it forward and where do you see netflix going? >> down 21% for the year valued at 38 billion. that's an amazing decline. it is a cold stock. if you like what's on netflix, i tell people, listen, go buy it. i won't stop you. it's not an earn ings story. sells at 313 times earn ings and i am an earn ings guy. i won't get in the way of this or amazon. if you like the product i won't say to stay away. netflix's opportunity is too great to be contained by the
3:32 am
mustafa. >> caller: thank you, jim, for taking my call. >> sure. what's up? >> caller: my question is with viacom at 50% discount from the high and knowing cable companies are playing hardball with apple, would it make sense for apple to buy viacom now? >> i like the yield of 4.5%, but not the balance sheet. we have high quality companies like disney and time warner selling inexpensively. i would much rather have you go with them. all right. lions gate is no longer king of the jungle. the rise and fall story could go down. if you want a media company consider disney or time warner. much more "mad money" ahead. i pulled a couple of all-nighters. getting tired here. never. i have answers to the questions that stump me. some of your favorites make my list for smart speculation. don't miss it. then are you ignoring signs of a stock sell-off lurking in the portfolio? i will reveal the clues and rapid fire calls in tonight's
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time for much needed homework. on january 14 isaac in new jersey called and said i told him i would get back to him when i had time to do research. it's a tiny development stage biotech company for drug that is work for you. this is a speculative story. the company has a pretty real pipeline. the lead drug is a treatment for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic kidney disease in patients on dialysis. it is in phase three clinical trials. they have a phase two for high potassium in kidneys and heart disease patients as well as early stage prospects. they have plenty of cash. $80 million but the secondary is a reason the stock got slammed. i think they are a legitimate speculation, especially with
3:37 am
lead drug this year. to pull back below the $9 level before i recommend getting involved. this is tough for speculation. you have to be willing to take pain, by the way, to get involved in this kind of story. next up in january 26, virtually all of the ipos from 2015 especially high risk health care plays. we had the ceo of nova cure on. this is a very intriguing story. the company developed a novel, potentially rev elusion their anti- cancer therapy called tumor treating fields using alternating electrical fields to disrupt key molecules inside cancer cells, a much less invasive way to stop tumors than surgery, chemo or radiation. this is not a pie in the sky idea.
3:38 am
as a first line treatment for the most aggressive form of brain cancer. studies shows the as effective as chemotherapy with fewer side effects. anthem announced they are willing to pay for nova cure's brain cancer therapy making them the fourth national insurance play to do so. nova cure is studying the same revolutionary technology and a number of types of cancer for nonsmall cell lung cancer, ovarian, pancreas and mesothelioma. this is still a terrible environment for stocks like nova cure. that's why it's down more than 45% year to date. this is a vicious decline giving you a terrific entry point. if you want to speculate in a company like nova cure, get comfortable with the idea of real pain.
3:39 am
nature foods. i wasn't that familiar with the company but said i would get back to him. it's a tiny food company leading global packager of specialty rice particularly basmati. it's been a wild trader. short sellers published a scathing report saying the shares were worthless saying it should be delisted from the american stock exchanges. it came out they hadn't been able to file the annual report on time. over the course of august, the stock plunged from $12 to $2 and change. since then they filed their 10-k in december and the stock rebounded back above $10. the company repeatedly missed the deadlines. most of the analysts who follow the stock discontinued coverage and i can't recommend the stock. maybe basmati rice is taking the
3:40 am
much for me to get involved. why stick your neck out for rice. february 11, day after my pirt day, nick in ohio called about himx. i know this one and i want to take a fresh look at it. the display driver chips, tvs, laptops, monitors, tablets, smart phones. car navigation systems. they make controllers for displays and various chips for digital cameras. this is a play on the entire consumer electronics landscape. the share price has been flat lining with the stock stuck. two weeks ago the company reported a quarter with guidance stronger than people feared. however management struck a
3:41 am
receive news went down. and the gross margins, the key metric in the semi conductor space have been shrinking which translates into a sharp decline in profitability. at the end of the day they are competing in a tough space and the stock is expensive at 20 times earnings. if you buy it you are betting on a turn around in a company that's very tough exposure to china and difficult end markets like personal computers and cell phones. my view, why pay 20 times earnings for this when you can buy a higher quality chip maker like skyworks solutions for less than ten times earnings. they put up magnificent 40% plus revenue growth. to me, skyworks is much easier to own. i say pass on himx and buy skyworks for something similar. don't go anywhere. i'm not done. this market is giving you clues hidden in plain sight. i'm calling them out. "mad money" is back after the break.
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it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." want to start with dick in virginia. dick. >> caller: hi, jim. your staff is great. >> they are great. >> caller: i read your book on charting and i notice united health trades sales at 120, down to 110. i'm thinking about trading around my position. what do you think? >> brilliant.
3:46 am
i don't recommend trading but this one is doing the pattern. i will encourage you if you like to trade to do it. james in virginia. james. >> caller: boo-yah, sir. i got in early and believe in the product pipeline of gwph. they have nose dived. i believe in relieving pain and suffering. however we are a changed country. this one is in the cross hairs of too much politics for me now. it's too speculative. vince. >> hey, jim. how are you. >> good. how are you? >> caller: first time caller but literally a forever fan. >> thank you. >> caller: i want to personally thank you for your wisdom over the years i have been fortunate enough to watch your show. >> thank you. >> caller: i know your time is taking my call. >> i'm okay. >> caller: my question is about
3:47 am
they are inexpensive. down a lot. hopefully it comes down. thank you for the kind words. joe in virginia, joe. >> caller: is this comrade cramer? >> yeah, man. what's up? >> caller: this is joseph from northern virginia. >> okay. >> caller: uncle joe here. first time caller, long time viewer and reader of your books since 2007 i rolled over my 401(k), began managing my own retirement accounts and my winners areal still outweighing my losers. >> thank you. >> caller: hey, my stock is an old cramer fave and one of my old dogs. >> oh, geez. it's so cheap. no catalyst but it is cheap. it's a grass company which is coming back. recycled over and over. i can't go against it. it's too low. jared? new york. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. happy friday. >> oh, man. same to you, partner. >> caller: thanks for all you
3:48 am
you and the staff are great. >> they are good. >> caller: my question is on twitter. i own it at 17. i bought it in mid january. buy, sell, hold? >> hold on this time. i think they will figure it out. my charitable trust has a tiny position. we kept it because we are fascinated with it. but they have to get mojo. they have to find a way to monetize the product. they have not been able to yet. in a way that's satisfying to growth investors. sharon in louisiana. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i would like to know your opinion on dollar general. >> i will give you a two-fer. i like dollar general and i like dollar tree. pat in kansas, pat. >> caller: hey, jim. how you doing. >> all right, how are you? >> caller: great. love the show. >> thank you. >> caller: my stock today is wynn.
3:49 am
mgm has come down to my level. 98%. david faber interviewed the ceo today. 98% of what they do in vegas is booked up. go for that. rich in new jersey. rich. >> caller: jim, jersey shore boo-yah from red hot red bank. >> man, i'm loving the jersey shore. la dolce vita, best italian food in the country. what's up? >> caller: united parcel service, u.p.s. >> that one and fed ex. i have a theme going. they're good. [ buzzer ] >> it's friday. that's when i kick off. everybody else is asleep. i get energized. frank in florida, frank. >> caller: hey, jim. how are you? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: good. i inherited cypress semi conductor and it's been cut in half since then. i want your thoughts. >> it's too cheap. you are hearing it a lot from
3:50 am
what can i tell you? i'm not going away from it. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh.
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sometimes you shouldn't try to figure out things. you don't have to. sometimes you need to watch the interviews on the show. you will get a good feel about what's about to happen. take today's miserable sell-off in john deere, the agricultural equipment maker. the stock was hammered on a weak quarter down more than three bucks. did anyone hear anything that competitor agco told us the
3:53 am
money"? do people think the weakness described in his sales would not carry over to deere? these have the same cash strapped customer. no reason you would think things would be better for deere than agco. just listen. how many night dos we have to bemoan the sorry state of the mall department stores? how difficult is it to compete with amazon. nordstrom which started to act better said it has to spend too much money versus what it can make. unless you have very specialized unless you have very specialized
3:54 am
do. the customers are buying there is a decent chance they will buy materials. yahoo!. we heard from the ceo of verizon who told us the company wants to make a bid for yahoo!'s assets. take a listen. >> at the right price, i think marrying up assets with aol under tim armstrong would be good for investors. >> he didn't hem or haw. he came out to propose to marry up. we talked about the ceo of yahoo! and she said it's up to the board when it comes to selling company assets.
3:55 am
company verizon which bought aol already telling you it wants to buy yahoo! and you have a ceo who doesn't deny her company's assets are for sales. should we be shocked yahoo! has a committee to consider the overtures from verizon and the stock going up? how sit for those who saw the mcadam interview? yahoo! goes higher but don't be surprised here. the market can be difficult to figure out and 2016 has been a nightmare. can we stipulate one thing? when trends are so pronounced executives show you what they are about to do or what's happening in the industry, should we just ignore comments and act all shocked when things unfold as predicted? no, we should profit and avoid potential losses. the possibilities and opportunities were there to be had. you just need to listen. you needed to listen to what the darn ceos were saying here on your tv screen. stick with cramer.up. that's so interesting honey because i'm going to share
3:56 am
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the american consumer isn't spending on fashion and apparel. that's over. two, they are still spending on the home. when home depot reports next week that could be the brightest star in the retail firment and i like the stock. be careful with macy's. the other thing we discover, if oil stabilizes it allows us to focus on individual companies. i like that. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i will see you monday. george oliphant (voiceover): the tranquil expansiveness of the highlands is humbling-- the enchanting countryside oozing with fairytale charm come to life.
4:00 am
bagpipes cry out. the woolen tweed between your fingers. the fine aroma of an aged single malt fills the air. scotland is an assault on your senses, and is the kind of ambush you welcome with open arms. scotland is a country rich with a culture influenced by over 5,000 years of history. surrounded by water, this stunning landscape creates vistas that look as though they were painted, not formed by nature. to the north, we have the rolling hills, to the south, cities bustling with energy. but anywhere you look, everything is uniquely scottish. we start our journey in the largest of scotland, glasgow. split geographically by the river clyde,


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