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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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730 toward williamsburg and newport news. so again that area is still moving in. we will watch out for that very carefully. there are those tornado safety tips. all kinds of warnings out there as that line moves on in. interior room windows, cover your heads and leave mobile homes. tom: what appears to be the worst hit area is where two people were killed -- three people killed in waverly. nicole: 2300 people live in that area. liz has the latest from the state police. >> it's absolutely devastating, as you said three people are now confirmed dead. sergeant, what can you tell us about these victims and where they were found? >> currently we are confirming they are three male victims at
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confirmed non-life-threatening injuries. the three male victims were inside a mobile home and the victims were found away from the mobile home. >> so basically they were thrown from the home. i know it this point we don't know their ages, just that they are three males. >> correct. we're in the process of making confirmation and notification to family members. >> you said eight others hurt, that's what you know of at this time. talk to me about how you are looking for more potential victims. x at this time we have eight injuries that we know of confirmed. currently the volunteer fire department and ems along with law enforcement are doing a secondary search, assessing the scene, infrastructures of the houses and to assure that everyone is accounted for.
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command center and discuss and determine who is missing, if anybody is missing, determine what infrastructures are secure and which ones are not. >> thank you so much for providing us with information. i know that you and all law enforcement are busy right now just making sure everyone is accounted for. we will stay out here and provide updates as quickly as we can. nicole: let's go to jason marks. tom: jason, you have been there since about 3:00. what do you see? jason: we are at main street and we are seeing a lot of action on main street. we've seen plenty of rescue vehicles going back and forth. you can see it is bumper-to-bumper. a lot of people have been
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this is what people here went through. this is a microcosm of this whole thing. we talk to the owner who was in this shop a little while ago and he said it just came out of new -- out of nowhere. it moved through so fierce and so fast, the wind picked up when it got dark and all of a sudden debris started flying. the three confirmed deaths were about three blocks away for me right now. state police have that area cordoned off so you cannot go over there. i can tell you they were in a mobile home. friends of the victims say there were two men and a toddler in the house at that time. the mobile home is right next to a laundromat and the bricks are no longer there. you can see the machines standing there. we will show you some video later tonight at 10:00 and 11:00, but this is the most
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you have power lines and nails. they are asking people here to just stay indoors for the rest of the night as the cleanup starts here in waverly. tom: back here in the metro, no reports of casualties, but there is some damage. nicole: brandy, how bad is the damage there? >> the damage is pretty expensive. the family cannot even get back into the home until it's fully repaired. we want to give you some perspective on how big this tree is. i'm about five put seven -- 5'7". taking a look at the extent of this damage, the tree completely crushed the backside of this house. you can see the children's toys. we talked to the father who live here with his wife and children.
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actually fell into their master bedroom. had it happened in the evening or overnight, they would not have had the same result. the home has been officially condemned by the city of newport news. the family tell me they are happy they made it out alive in their dog made it out ok but they're saying they will have to start over from scratch because they have lost just about everything they owned in this house today. the wind is picking up here and it's starting to rain a little bit but we will keep an eye on conditions here in newport news. nicole: we're keeping you covered on the weather several ways through don't forget about our live streaming and remember if you have pictures or video, you can send those to
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storm roars through the small town of waverly. you will hear their incredible stories coming up. don: these were all the warnings that have occurred in the past 3.5 hours throughout the region.
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tom: we want you to know we are constantly watching the weather for you tonight. nicole: were getting straight back to the destruction and heartbreak and waverly after a possible tornado this afternoon. tom: state police tell us through people have died. strong gust of wind knocked down power lines, mangled cars and homes at around 3:00 this afternoon. our cameras in what is believed to be the hardest hit area off of route for 60. nicole: the damage you're looking at is believed to be the aftermath of a tornado but we are still working to confirm those details. >> the next thing i know, the wind just started blowing. it just took part of the roof
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and the glass was coming in. i thought the truck was going to turn over on me. what can you do? >> the sparks when the power lines were coming down and tree branches, and then the wind picked the car up and shifted us to the side. all we could do was just hold on to each other and pray. >> you are just dumbfounded, you don't know what to say or do. tomorrow is going to be even worse because we have to assess the damage and see if we can get things back in order again. tom: next at 6:00, back to more roads.
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don't go away, get dawn's storm >> from the station on your side you're watching wavy news 10 at 6:00. nicole: we are continuing to track thunderstorms and possible dangerous conditions through the evening. don has the latest in just a moment. first, the first round of storms hit at a bad time. students were set to get let out of school. tom: liz has more damage in newport news for us.
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check out the scene behind me. there are several fire engines out here. there are a lot of cedar trees that fell here on cedar lane. some of them fell onto houses. we can show you just an example, the chief said the grounds already saturated and that's why some of these trees just fell over. he thinks they had some type of straight-line winds and that's why all these trees well. the entire area is blocked off from penn oh road and -- power is out for some of the houses here on cedar lane. however you can see to the left some of the houses do seem to have their life on. dominion is out here, firefighters are working to clear the trees as well as several residents.
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samaritans came out here and they have their chainsaws in there helping firefighters clear the trees out of the roadway. we will continue to check this area out as well as the rest of newport news and we will bring you more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> now, your forecast with chief meteorologist don slater. don: i'm going to do this again for you just to show you. a little more than 3.5 hours worth of radar, i've put it on a non-presentation mode where the watches and warnings or not current but it has all the warnings over the past 3.5 hours and you can see where they have been. it's just incredible the number of warnings that were out there. now want to show you where things are over the past 3.5
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we do have a new warning in effect, however i doubt that anybody is seeing it. just touches into sussex county which is in our viewing area. waverly is right at the very edge of it and use it extending up to certain portions of petersburg. on this time lapse sequence it goes back to about 2:30 in the afternoon and you can see it just make its way through the where -- waverley area where that thunderstorm created that tornado at that point. just to the west of our area, it's a problem area and i will stop motion on this. i want to show you the kind of thunderstorms that are still going on. we can scope this to give you an
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we were seeing some 60 plus mile an hour winds but ill around 50. that's why the warnings are and there has been some circulation out of this as well, moving to the northeast at a pretty good clip. just out of our viewing area of all this action is continuing to move on to the east. we want to watch what goes on with this as it continues to move to the east. not a huge amount of lightning but there is some lightning and assess travels eastward it could certainly affect our area as it travels eastward at about 40 miles an hour. that's what's going on on radar right now. lowest level, interior room like
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if a tornado hits, cover your head with your hands. leave mobile homes in vehicles and seek shelter elsewhere. we will get into thunderstorms, this is a main event. this is the future track computer model for this evening. things starting to move into williamsburg, over suffolk and points south of their. on down to norfolk and suffolk and that's where things are by 7:00, starting to leave the area. it's gone by 11:00 and midnight throughout the area. it will look a lot better once we get to the later evening hours. it has been windy and warm for the better part of the day, and that's helped fuel these thunderstorms.
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a little cooler off to the west so there is some cooler air following that cool front. gusting at times to around 32. we had a gust of early in the day to around 45 miles an hour. i will be with you through the evening hours. we have ashley with us, so we have three meteorologist watching things very carefully for you. we will let you know as soon as things start turning bad again. i will update you at the end of the newscast. tom: severe storms have added to the death toll with that huge system that moved through the south. three people were killed this afternoon in waverly so that brings the total of all deaths from this storm 26. nicole: jason, you been talking to residents and showing why
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jason: friends of the victims tell me there were two men and a child in their mobile home when it was completely destroyed by that storm when it blew through. i'm standing here on main street. it opened up main street and that's why they're so much traffic. this is why we talk about how dangerous it is at night. you have boards like this with nails just digging out. we have seen crews, i don't think there is power in any of the buildings but we do have streetlights. as you can imagine it is starting to get dark. state police have been all over the place. we've heard of rescue crews coming in from every single county around the area helping out as soon as the storm hit. as you mention, three people did die in the storm. just a devastating chain of
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little ways from us, about three blocks. you can see the place is damaged. we've seen a lot of the damage including where those three people died. it was actually a laundromat that is a brick gilding and the storm came through and literally just picked up the bricks and left the laundry machines sitting right there. it's going to be a long night for crews here in waverly. it looks like the dark clouds are moving in so we might be getting prepared for round two. we will have the latest coming
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tom: nicole: our severe weather coverages -- continues online and on air. we will break in as necessary. has complete coverage right now. tom: have our apps loaded on your phone if you will be out tonight in case the power goes out. don: round two will be headed our way. individual storms are moving northeastward. the entire line is continuing to press eastward so you can see these individual storms continue. here's one moving into the petersburg area. there are warnings associated with these, tornado warnings
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white as much in north carolina. between 7:00, 7:30 through about 10:00 this evening we will still see this line marching through. there we are at 7:00, there is where we are at 8:00, on 29:00, right over the heart of the hampton roads cities. by 10:00 it's showing signs of moving out to sea and it's mostly moved out by 11:00 tonight. 48 on friday, 47 on saturday. once again we will have all the details for you, after 7:00 i think we will start picking up coverage as it draws closer to
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nicole: stay with breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled as investigators say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada, tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also, milania trump, a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think he's gone too far. and shocking blast caught on camera. a man's pocket suddenly bursts into flames. tonight a warning for everyone who uses e-cigarettes. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc
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headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. the death toll has risen even higher today from that violent storm system that tore through the south, and it's on the move tonight. as we start here, cities from northern carolina up to the d.c. area under the threat of tornadoes. at least four more people were killed this afternoon, some in waverly, virginia, where there's been significant damage from an apparent tornado. at least seven people have died from this time yesterday. right now at least ten states are at risk for severe weather with the highest tornado risk this evening. nbc's miguel almaguer reports from the storm zone. >> reporter: tonight this is what they fear, funnel clouds, possible tornadoes, a weather system still packing pounding rain and whipping winds with. with at least four dead today there's another night of dangerous weather still ahead. >> look at that. oh, my god >> reporter: forecast calls for


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