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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i've got it at a situation where just able to show you what is going on where we saw warnings. from 8:00 this evening to 11:00. you can see all the warnings right there here. earlier we had some stretch through the peninsula as well. i will get rid of those and show you in sequence for those warnings are doing in the region over the past three hours. no longer a warning in hatteras island. we move on in for a closer view. the warning just expired at hatteras island. it is moving offshore. over the eastern shore, we had a warning earlier on for some thunderstorms but they fell apart. they really fell apart as they moved on. still some scattered rainfall.
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no lightning going on right now. cape charles is looking quite. the line extends all the way southward. a little bit of rain along virginia beach. you can see it extending down into chesapeake as well for scratch go. again, nothing big. even then, the warning has been allowed to expire. we are looking pretty good. much, much better. better than we have been looking all day long. it began with jeremy this morning and it continued row the afternoon and evening. pilot and :00, -- by 11:00, it continues to move through midnight. we will show you what is going on with a longer-range future track. it will become an ally forecast in just a few minutes -- the live forecast in just a few minutes. tom: power outages.
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customers without power. the spokesperson said the biggest trouble spots are on the peninsula. we are going to keep you updated on the status of those repairs. nicole: we want to show you two different views of the storm. on one side you can see lightning strikes caught on our tower cam and on the other side, dark clouds moving over waverly. tom: a heartbreaking sight for that tiny town of waverly, a community of 2300. nicole: three people, including a toddler that there today. there is so much to clean up when the sun rises. tom: what is the latest liz? >> local police have shut the town down. they are enforcing a curfew and requested that the media stay away from the destruction. the aftermath of this deadly storm, a likely tornado, has
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twisted telephone wires, homes and businesses mangled, devastation left behind a deadly storm. >> i saw the clouds getting dark in the back, the next thing i know, the wind started blowing. >> what seemed like seconds, those in its path watch the storm come fast and to with it so much. people saying here holding one another -- seen here holding one another, trying to grasp devastation ever before seen. >> it is devastating. it is horrible. cars were crumpled on the highway. >> two men and a young boy did not make it. a 50-year-old, 26-year-old and a two-year-old were in a mobile home that virtually blew away. one of several gone. >> you would have never known it was there. it just picked it up and took a clean across the highway. >> this is his uncle's mobile
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they had just left and were driving. >> we saw some sparks from the power lines and tree branches flying, then we saw the railroad guard tracks go across the doctor. the wind actually picked the car up and shifted us to the side and all we could do was hold onto each other and pray. >> firefighters, police, paramedics rushed to the small town. this is a local command center that was set up at a local shopping center as cleanup continues. the people of waverly pledge to continue. >> the question you have to ask yourself is, after a situation like this, you know, the worst happen -- did the worst happen or the best happen? >> we are told that eight others are hurt but their entries are non-life-threatening. at last check, no one was reported missing.
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wreckage making sure that everyone has been accounted for. as we said, a curfew is for -- is in place. stay in your homes until further notice. we will provide continuous coverage. we will have a crew out here starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. live in waverly, liz kilmer. nicole: the governor has declared a state of emergency. that enables public safety agencies to devote public resources. waverly and appomattox suffered severely. after the worst move through, many people went out to expect. several tell us they got caught in the storm and somehow made it out alive. >> what was it like as a game through? >> like a train.
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like it was picking it up -- shook the trailer. like it was picking it up. it was bad. i would never want to do it again. never. ever. nicole: several neighbors we spoke to told us they thank god but are sad to hear about the loss of others. tom: in the metro, we have been following reports of weather damage. a tree blew over onto a home. so badly damaged. that residents cannot stay there tonight. we are tracking similar situations in the same city. >> we are on cedar lane where fire officials think straight-line winds caused a lot of damage. many trees have fallen onto the street. some of them, was uprooted and felt towards the house.
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the storm. >> i think it is a mess. the loudest when i ever heard in my life. he never expected the old cedar like this. >> it was quite an xp is. i would tear on my life and i have been through hurricanes but through house like this. >> the soaking ground plus strong winds knocked these trees houses. power was cut off from the residence. no one was hurt and thankfully no one was hurt. street. a family of six was home at the house. the house was condemned. residents say they grab as much
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>> glad no one was hurt. >> on cedar lane, there is a sense of gratitude as residents came out of their houses with their own chainsaws and help fire crews cleared the trees. >> i think it is nice. improve there are still some nice people in this world. >> crews were here until about 10:00 p.m. clearing streets. contractors will be back in the morning to continue clearing the debris. tom: those same storms brought this to suffolk. you hear that? a viewer sent us this video of hail coming down the yard. flooding. downtown and old town or drivers.
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take much for the streets to flood. some photos. the high water is near the museum on water street. tom: one of the more intense storms that prompted a tornado warning for portsmouth went right over the navy base. this picture shows how the rain showed -- rain turned a parking lot into a lake. if it is safe to do so, take your pictures and videos and
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tom: we are picking up coverage of severe weather in waiver -- waverly. at least three people died. we were on the scene capturing the devastation and speaking with residents. here's a look at what they saw while walking through the town. >> we let main street about 15-20 minutes ago. we showed you some of the damage on main street. some of that damage was mainly roof damage.
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you can see that we are starting to see some of the major damage that we were told is here. i'm being told that at least one mobile home is completely gone. there's a laundromat up here that is completely gone. when you look down the street, i can see some washing machines. describe me what i'm saying. >> it used to be the waverly want -- waverly laundromat. >> when you look at it, and all you see is the frame, what is that like? >> it is sad. as a kid, i grew up and watched a lot of close at the laundromat. it is very sad. tom: this is what used to be the waverly laundromat. moments ago we showed you how the storm started -- turned into
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a viewer posted this picture to our facebook page. we have been gathering your pictures and been posting them in a special gallery on nicole: and appomattox, -- in appomattox, we learned another person had died there. that means it killed four people. troopers say they have not identified the person nor the three victims from our area. a 50 euro, 26-year-old, and a two-year-old were in a mobile home. we will let you know as soon as we have more information. tom:nicole: it has been a busy night. the signal reminder to tell people that we are required to stay on the air when we had these warnings. don: it is the right thing to do. nicole: absolutely. don: we are talking about lives. it is very unusual for last to be lost.
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let's talk about how you can be safe in a tornado. i would to show you the we are in the clear first. a look at what is going on, super doppler 10 live. three hours ago, we had warnings all over the place. tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings. many of the tornado warnings, across most of the south side, going back to earlier this evening. here's where things were. they were tornado warnings all over the place. 22 people were trapped in a building. crazy stuff was going on. we did have one last warning for hatteras island, a few thunderstorms rolled on through. otherwise, things are quiet. quiet on the eastern shore. we did have a severe thunderstorm warning there but nothing going on.
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not too much more than that. that is the last of the rainfall. some lightning over it but that is what has been going on over the past three hours. this has been going on all day. i will repeat these. you will know what is going on. you saw that laundromat, the only thing left was the ash cool -- actual machines, those kind of thing still move. lots of times if you have a desk , that when i move. that is why we ask you to go to the lowest level of your house, the basement is best. go to an interior room or closet. you go to an interior room away from the outer walls, a bathroom or a closet that is closed in. you can get into the bathtub. that is one of the safest places in your house. cover your head.
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debris can fly through windows. cover your head with hands. mobile homes are completely unsafe. in a laundromat, if somebody was there. if they would have ducked down extra one of those washers or drivers, they would have survived. or at least served -- stood a much better chance of surviving. that's the kind of thing you want to know about with any kind of tornado or bad storm. it is starting to move on out the sea. there it is. that is the cold front. over the chicks beach area. that is where the storm is. we're going to cool on down there. temperatures, 61. it little warmer than that, i think. it will cool down overnight into the 40's. 42-44 when we get up tomorrow. it'll get up to 56-58 degrees.
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on friday, temperatures around 45-48 degrees that is reminiscent for normal high temperatures for the middle of winter. here is where things are by 7:00 on friday evening. it stays cool into saturday as well. look at the rainfall coming down. the wind is still stronger. the camera is still shaking around. lots of lightning. lightning flashes are just a flaxen -- fraction of a second. 63 in newport news. 70 at virginia beach, that will not last. temperatures are going to be cooling on down overnight. we're going to see these temperatures started cool on down. during the wind shift, we will see this. southwest winds here.
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line is coming through. still some strong, gusty winds. overnight drop to 51 degrees by 4:00. 50 to start the day. 57 at the middle of the afternoon. lots of sunshine. windy side. cooler, death valley cooler for friday and saturday. -- definitely cooler for friday and saturday. nicole: we'll be back in a bit. we will have a fresh forecast with jeremy starting at 4:30
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>> on the next the hampton roads show. chris:
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>> plus, nicole: here's the bottom line following severe storms in our area. tom: three people including a toddler has died. have a dozen others were hurt. we are still working to learn whether that was a tornado. nicole: we have team coverage starting at war: 30 a.m.. -- 430 a.m.. throughout the day, look for exclusive video from chopper 10. tom: i will be traveling from waverly as well. look for my life reports. in the meantime, get updates on
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bruce: the high school basketball playoffs were postponed tonight. look who is up for a spot in the
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the spor
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drove a racecar as good and as long as anyone ever has. now he has a chance to be inducted into the nascar hall of fame. i am bruce rader, ricky rudd is one of 18 nominees for this year's hall of fame. rudd is now 58 years old. walked away from the sport he loves a years ago after a career that spanned more than three decades. ricky made 906 starts, one 23 races, finished in the top 10 over 300 times. he will always be known for setting the modern-day record for 788 consecutive starts from 1981-2005 earnings in the title of nascar's ironman. may. all this severe weather shutdown the high school layoffs for basil. playoffs.
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we have the entire date -- entire list of the games that were moved to tomorrow. the and click on sports to check out that. one school we are watching -- go to and click on sports to check out that. -- and click on sports and check out that. nathan joins us from portsmouth. nathan: state champions last year. >> we are like the heat, they started off that when they had the brunt. nathan: it was back to back for norco high school. >> hopefully we can do it again this year. nathan: this year, the big three are back and primed to repeat. >> it has not been done here yet. we went back to back and we are
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bruce: norfolk state was on the road.
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msu is now in third don: it's a long day. it started this morning with some that weather. got a break early in the evening and right now things are winding down very nicely.
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in the area, he can see a little bit of action but that is moving out. one last little line over virginia beach is done. we are looking good from here on in. what a day. winky and 58. -- windy and 58. nicole: we want to leave you with some images from the storm today. tom: our coverage continues tomorrow as a look at what happened [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson, mike birbiglia, musical guest fka twigs. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 424 compton.
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jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh. oh. oh. i feel the love! [ cheers and applause ] i feel the love. welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. you made it. you're here. this is it. [ cheers and applause ] you're in from the rain. what a hot crowd. >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: oh, i love it. oh, welcome. [ cheers ] it's a great show tonight. thank you very much. here's what people are talking


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