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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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in this dark time. keesha giffen - victim emma strong -- red cross disaster program specialist lt. johnny anthony - salvation army corps. officer kevin jones - wasn't expected that came children are among the many picking up the displaced nearly 30 people. c9 emma 11:38:27 "for clients who are no longer able to return to their homes, we're providing financial assistance for those who come in." like giffen. she also dropped by a salvation army post - the two organizations located beside each other in the fresh pride parking lot. c2 11:31:27 "we have soup we have hot dogs, gatorade, water, whatever we can give to help that's what we're here to do, a shoulder to cry on, somebody just to talk to, laugh, get their mind off of whats going on around them, that's what we're here for." nearby-- local organizations and leaders collected donations inside the vacant grocery store until the town's 7 pm curfew. c21 11:52:03 "they have been
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everywhere, places that i never heard of before, they have come out and it's not a whole lot of businesses it's mostly citizens coming in their trucks, coming in their cars, just bringing all the donations that they can" in the morning, dozens of volunteers will distribute them to those in-need -- c21 11:52:29 "these are the times that you know how people really are. we may go through a lot during a course of our day but when it comes to a disaster when it comes to relief, we are here." another volunteer group - southern baptist disaster relief will be tarping homes like these on burt street. the red cross is planning to set up a shelter tomorrow -- tonight officials say those displaced including keesha had
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waverly, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. we've spoken to the red cross about how you can help -- they say one of the best things to do is donate money, so they can buy whatever people need. if you have time to give, they also need volunteers -- whatever your skillset is please call us because we have a spot for you we're volunteers even doing what i do in public relations we're constantly in need of that many of you are already getting involved. virginia beach-based operation blessing sent a team from their disaster relief crew out today. the virginia national guard is also stepping in. dozens of soldiers helped with the cleanup in essex county today. they director of the guard says they're ready to call in more people in necessary. now let's get a better idea of how weather experts classify a storm. don slater joins us. don -- the national weather service is
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e-f one. how do they make that determination? tonight: decreasing clouds. lows: upper-30s. winds: w 10-20 mph. friday: scattered clouds. cool breeze. highs: mid to upper-40s. winds: nw 10-15 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. cool. highs: mid-40s. winds: light nw. update on waverly tornado: the national weather service's storm survey team in wakefield has confirmed an ef-1 tornado touched down in waverly. max wind speed: 100-110 mph. max path width: 300 yards. path length: 9 miles. tonight: decreasing clouds. lows: upper-30s. winds: w 10-20 mph. mostly sunny. cool. service's storm survey mph. max path width: 300
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governor terry mcauliffe has made state resources available for cleanup efforts across virginia. today, he toured three of waverly, tappahannock, appomattox county. between them -- four people died. mcauliffe says his heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. he says it's hard to imagine how people rode out the storm, but he see the aftermath for himself. c0028 1644 i think it's federal resources in here
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as possible 1651 the governor says inspectors are still trying to calculate the financial losses, millions. appomattox county. nearly ten-miles-wide. one person died and more than half a dozen others were hurt. and at least one tornado hit the town of tappahannock in essex county. the newport news fire department even sent its hazmat team to help. we haven't heard of any deaths there, but more than two dozen people were hurt. our coverage of these deadly storms continues on wavy dot com. take another look at what neighbors are dealing with today with our picture galleries. you can also learn more about getting involved in the relief efforts. breaking news coming in from kansas now -- deputies say at least four people, including the gunman are dead -- and more than a dozen others are hurt after a man attacked a business. we just got this video from excel industries in hesston -- about 30 minutes north of wichita. the company makes lawn mower products. the sheriff says they shot and killed the
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police have surrounded his home -- in hopes of learning more. they have not identified him at this point. a case of de-ja-vu for portsmouth city council -- it has fined a second councilman more than one-thousand dollars -- claiming he ordinance. danny meeks says he got the notice this week -- because of an article in the virginian-pilot. in it, he discusses garbage disposal plans. mayor kenny wright says that was discussed in a closed session, meaning meeks should not have said anything to the media. meeks says that's not true. 10:40:59 "they said i took the information then when really i already had the information but i didnt have it timestamped and long or any trail because i had it before the town hall meeting." 10:41:15 meeks says he and his attorney will be discussing a plan of action.
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of course -- meeks is not the first councilman to fall victim to this this year, city council also fined councilman bill moody for a facebook post -- in which he allegedly disclosed private city business. residents were so upset, they actually raised money to help him pay it. moody says he's fighting the fine. new tonight -- virginia lawmakers have killed a bill designed to protect police privacy. it would have let the government keep the names of police officers-- secret from the media and the public. the panel tabled the measure today. the bill pitted transparency advocates against law enforcement groups. a state senator introduced it -- after a newspaper requested thousands of records. the case against a suspected serial killer with local ties is moving forward in connecticut. a judge has set another hearing for william howell in may. police believe howell killed six women and a man in 2003 -- dumping the bodies in new britain. howell grew up in hampton, and last year police searched for
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gumwood drive home. he's serving 15-years in prison for manslaughter. newport news police have arrested one of their own-- 30 year old officer laila underwood faces assault and destruction charges. her husband 32-year-old kevin underwood told police they got into a fight. police arrested him -- after laila underwood says he assaulted her. officers did not give us his mugshot. laila underwood is on administrative leave as police investigate. a woman accused of murdering her son will go on trial in september. tonya slaton heard was in court in hampton this morning. investigators indicted her earlier this month. troopers found quincy davis' body in the trunk when they stopped her for a traffic violation last summer. her son had been missing for years. next week is decision 20-16 in virginia. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will be in our area monday -- one day before super tuesday. she recently opened an office in norfolk. her campaign did not say where exactly
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florida senator marco rubio says he'll be in virginia beach on sunday. the republican presidential candidate is planning a rally at the convention center, starting at six o'clock. tomorrow, fellow candidate, texas senator ted cruz will speak at regent university in virginia beach. another g-o-p candidate, dr. ben carson will be there on monday. the republican presidential candidates are facing off in yet another debate tonight. this time in houston. it's last one before super tuesday voting. donald trump has won the last three primaries. a communications professor has lost her job at the university of missouri. melissa click had been suspended since her confrontation with student journalists last year. 012516-ntnszye7 video showed her calling for "some muscle" to remove the students during campus protests. she faces charges for the incident. click says she regrets her actions. the domestic violence case against cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel is headed to a grand jury. completed their investigation into last month's incident.
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colleen crowley, says he attacked her. officers have not arrested manziel. the grand jury will decide whether he should face charges. local police are trying to find the group that cut up a sailboat and left it to sink -- hear neighbors describe what happened. return of a sunken ship off the outer banks, and it's not first story involving this vessel a dangerous accident caught on dash cam - how the trooper involved is
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only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. virginia beach police are investigating the mystery of a sunken sailboat. they're looking for a group of teens who may be responsible. earlier this month, they say it was smoking and sinking at the lynnhaven boat ramp on piedmont circle. that's near the lesner bridge. it's where we find 10 on your side's liz palka. liz -- you spoke to people who work there. tom - it seems to be frustrating for people who work at the facility. now the sailboat is still sitting here. a manager told me it needs to stay here for 21 days in case the owner comes forward. the question is: who's the owner? c47 19:03:24 - it doesn't appear that it was sea worthy.
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impression was that somebody probably dropped it off and took lot...with no explanation. c47 19:02:04 - i didn't see much until the firetrucks showed up and i looked outside and i saw the boat. it was about half sunk at that point. late on saturday february 6th, this old sailboat was discovered at the lynnhaven boat ramp on piedmont circle in the ocean park neighborhood. rich mcgrath could see the sunken boat from his porch... c47 19:02:15 - just watched it go down from there. c47 19:02:26 - just a few feet off the end of the ramp itself. but why the boat ended up here is the question virginia beach police marine patrol is trying to answer. police have learned about five people - who looked to be teenagers - were in and around the boat while it was in the water. the boat started to smoke and sink. the teenagers then got out and left in their black chevy silverado - with a boat trailer on back. the facility's manager says another nearby resident thought the boat was on fire and called it police. fire trucks. ambulances.
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appears to be on purpose. they say both the keel and mast were cut off. and holes cut into the sailboat made it sink easier. leaving it behind for and you gotta do it at a ramp. of. c47 19:04:19 - i just think somebody just had to get rid of a boat and you gotta do it at a ramp. at this point - police would like to know who those teenagers were. and who owns this boat. a spokesman says, it's not registered to anyone. if you know anything about it - give police a call. liz palka, 10 on your side. a boat has washed up just south of salvo on the outer banks. the coast guard says it's the same one involved in a rescue earlier this week. mark gray sent us these pictures of the "waste knot" today. on sunday -- crews say it started sinking, and they rescued three people, about 40 miles souths of the
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it plans to remove the boat. tonight: decreasing clouds. lows: upper-30s. winds: w 10-20 mph. friday: scattered clouds. cool breeze. highs: mid to upper-40s. winds: nw 10-15 mph. cool. highs: mid-40s. winds: light nw. update on waverly tornado: the national weather service's storm survey team in wakefield has confirmed an ef-1 tornado touched down in waverly. max wind speed: 100-110 mph. max path width: 300 yards. path length: 9 miles. tonight: decreasing
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winds: w 10-20 mph. friday: scattered clouds. cool breeze. highs: mid to upper-40s. winds: nw saturday: mostly sunny. cool. highs: mid-40s. winds: light nw. update on waverly tornado: the national weather service's storm survey team in wakefield has confirmed an ef-1 tornado touched down in waverly. max wind speed: 100-110 mph. max path width: 300 yards.
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a trooper walked back towards his car -- then a truck comes whizzing by! the lesson law enforcement hopes you
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a truck sideswiped a patrol car-- during a traffic stop. whoosh the trooper had just gotten back in his vehicle when it hit, so he survived. troopers say it's a reminder of why the "move over" law is so in 2005: "you have to move over, and you have
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slow down." (butt) sgt. jason pace/mshp: "it provides extra security and safety for not just law enforcement-- but emergency workers, highway workers now." both virginia and north carolina have "move over" laws. old dominion looks to beat texas el paso for the first time ever. and what we do best, high school sports coverage, the regional playoffs
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brandan stith with 16
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old dominion beats texas el paso for the first time 74 to 53 tonight. the victory moves old dominion into fifth place in the conference standings, replacing utep, which had won six straight before tonight. i'm bruce rader, the high school reginal basketball tournaments continued tonight 6-a semifinals, woodside hosting c-d hylton . final minutes, game timed at 48-----jordan forbes, offensive board and bucket, woodside up 2. the defensive stand of the game-- hylton goes in for the tie---chris orlina with the block----and on the other end----forbes finishes the deal with a dunk--- woodside wins 54 to 51 and will play for the region title on saturday--- the other 6a south final. oscar smith defeats cosby 70 to 43. donald hicks, he's going to radford, wide open jumper. so it will be oscar smith from chesapeake against woodside from newport news for the 6a
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fields the floater---game high 27 points. norcom holds on for the 5 point win./ in 2-a east region semis. george mason over bruton from williamsburg by five. to the girls. 6a south. woodside clobbers cosby 78 to 34, while landstown knocks off woodbridge. it's woodside against landstown for the 6a region crown. 5a south girls region semifinal. princess anne against salem. salem in red. nice moves by sha-ia-jah dailey, weaves her way to the basket. princess anne however has so many weapons. payton turner forces the turnover, bryonaa ferebee takes it the other way for the lay in. then it's minnesota bound gadeeva hubbard, snatches the ball away, the the hook pass to edley drawhorn. pa over salem 56 to 36. girls 4a east wilson 49 point winners over huguenot. king's fork from suffolk
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3a east region semifinals. the norcom girls against john marshall from richmond. norcom wearing white. tiera chambers with the blocked shot. she's a threat on offense as well, the bucket in the paint. you want to see perfect ball movement? here it is. norcom picking apart the john marshall defense. finally it's genasia everett that ends up with it, easy bucket. norcom over john marshall 66 to 41. petersburg with a one point win over warhill. so it's petersburg against norcom for the
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gerard butler -- jenny slate -- musical guest the 1975. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 425 washington state.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talkin' about. that's what i'm talkin' about. hey! hi. oh, i love you! i love you! come on. welcome, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." thank you for being here. i appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] looking good. here's what everyone's talking about. tonight in houston, texas, there was yet another republican debate. [ light laughter ] even the people on "grey's anatomy" were like, "how long does this go on?" [ laughter ] is it over? [ applause ] tonight was the tenth republican debate. you can tell the candidates are getting bored up there 'cause at one point they took turns


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