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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 4, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> captioned by the national captioning institute steve mcnair found shot to death in national. >> police make a break in the case of a little girl. the details are straight ahead. descending on the inner harbor. some things to know
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>> this is wbal tv 11 news. >> good evening. i am joined by pete gilbert for tragic news out of tennessee. steve mcnair, former reagan quarterback, was shot and killed in an apparent murder- suicides. an awful story. >> we do not know many details about what happened. another woman was killed as well. that is all we know at this point. one of the ravens great quarterbacks, steve mcnair, is no longer with us. joining me on the phone is derrick mason, a teammate with him. thank you for joining us. i can only imagine what is going through your mind as you learned of the death of steve mcnair. >> just shocked. you know, you just cannot process everything fast enough.
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a whole bunch of information is coming in and you are trying to decipher and try to get the correct information. we're just shocked right now. that is the only way i can put it. >> what do you remember about him most in the huddle? you look at the way he threw. it was not pretty, but he was so great at getting the job done at the most opportune time. >> you know, he was coming to me, he was a football player. -- he was, to me, he was a football player. we one of bunch of games with him. his presence on the field, and his presence of the field as well, i knew him off the field as well. regardless of what he did on the
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field, i enjoyed him off the field more than anything because he was just a fun guy. always smiling. the things he talked about, he was just a fun guy to be around. >> shortly after he retired, he had his son with him and he was so excited about his retirement. what has it been like for him since retirement? when did you last talk to him? >> it was a couple of months. we would text to see how he was doing and what not. he retired and he wanted to enjoy it. from what i gather, he enjoyed retirement. he did not second-guess it. this is something that he discussed with his family and it was best for him. he was enjoying his time, you know, as a retired player.
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he was loving life and he was full of life. >> i know it has been a very hard day for you processing the information. thank you so much for joining us this evening. we will see you in a few weeks at training camp. >> no problem. >> we will have more on our website,, and much more coming up later in sports. >> thank you. news out of baltimore city. police arrested a juvenile suspected of shooting a 5-year- old girl in the head. he was arrested at a home in south baltimore this morning. the bullet was intended for a teenager that davis was arguing with. it happened thursday afternoon. today, police -- the police commissioner spoke out on what he thinks is the source of the crime problem. >> it is not because these young men did not have a pal center to
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go to. it is not because there were not enough parks and recreation opportunities for these two 17- year-old maniacs who were fighting in the middle of the street in south baltimore. it was not because a 5-year-old girl was aspiring to be a gang member. this really comes down to criminals, to thugs, to maniacs on our street with little to no parental supervision or meaningful adult contact in their lives. >> families tell us the little girl named as raven and she is now might support at the university of maryland medical center. this was davis's first offense as an adult, but he has an extensive criminal background as a juvenile. we will continue to follow the story. hartford county, police are looking for the gunman who
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killed a man in aberdeen. officials on the victim dead in an apartment on pritchard ave. the search is on for two men that fled the scene. the vehicle was license with a new york tag. erv5831. the men are considered armed and dangerous. for the fifth time in 10 days, firefighters were called back to a complex for a carbon monoxide leak. around 2:30 a.m., fire crews got the call about a hometown -- a town home. high levels of carbon monoxide was discovered in the home. one was taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. this is the fifth time crews were called to that complex. the last one was on the first of july. happy birthday to america. she turns to hundred 33 years old today. it was on this day in 1776 in philadelphia where the continental congress formally
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adopted the declaration of independence. it meant freedom for the 12 colonies who were under british rule. celebrations commemorating that very important day are under way here in baltimore. melissa is downtown. >> the smell of great food is in the air. music is playing. the crowds are down here. the weather is absolutely perfect for tonight's celebration. we'll give you an idea of what you can expect from the fireworks show tonight. we have tracy from the office of promotion and the arts. thank you for being with us. what is new this year? >> one thing is that we move to the entertainment to the area behind the visitors' center. also, with our entertainment, we will have the band the electric brigade, part of the u.s. naval academy. there will perform live during the fireworks show. that is the first time a band will perform live during the show. this is an extra treat.
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>> the move to a different location where there is grass. there will be sitting in the show in this area. >> this is a bullet -- this is a great place to come. the open amphitheater will have the world's largest working cell phone. >> everything starts at 9:30 tonight. tonight also, tipsy taxi is helping out. if you will be driving down here, there are the things you need to know with restrictions that are put into place. restrictions will be in place today until 2:00 a.m., different parts of gates a street and baltimore street. also, there will be some road closures from 9:00 p.m. until later this evening. that is after the fireworks show. that includes parts of lumbard and baltimore street. if you did not want to drive and
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you are having a few deck -- beverages, tipsy taxi will be offering their services. 1-877-963-taxi. if you still have not decided what you want to do, there's a list of things on our website at wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. stay w
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diarrhea just stops me. (announcer) kao speeds to the source to shut down diarrhea and its discomfort. stop it fast with kaopectate. >> south carolina officials say they have a serial killer on the hand. the most recent victim was a 15- year-old girl who was shot along with her father. she died from her wounds this morning. her father died at the scene
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thursday. >> what i would like to see is for them to catch that gentleman and he is not a gentleman, and kill him so his soul will go to hell and the dad will watch him burn up. >> the murders began last saturday. dozens of local state and federal officials are investigating. the statue of liberty reopened for business. how you can get a ticket. >> later, more on steve mcnair found dead today. we will take a look at some of his better moments during his time in the baltimore. >> thousand prepared to say goodbye to michael jackson. more on the public and private services, coming up. >> clouds are moving in. radar is showing some rain to the west. the weather is coming up with the forecast.
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>> they he did not affect some
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plans at the statue of liberty today. visitors could track all the way up to the crown. only 30 people at a time to make the trip. if you'd like to visit yourself, you have to make a reservation. there will be a public memorial on tuesday for the scores of michael jackson fans to say their final goodbyes to the king of pop. first, a random drawing will take place tonight for the 17,000 free tickets given to the select few who want to attend. >> preparation continue inside and outside the stable center. police are gearing up for the possibility of as many as 700,000 fans pouring into downtown los angeles. >> traffic control is paramount. we need to make sure the people who show up, there's a plan to accommodate. >> the lapd will lockdown streets for a quarter mile in every direction around the arena and turn away anyone who does not have the ticket.
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rev. al sharpton has been helping the jackson family planned a memorial. he talked about the event. >> the overall message that i am hearing visiting them yesterday is they want to have a dignified ceremony that really underscores the historic contribution of michael jackson. >> open to be part of the memorial, more than 1.2 million people of sign up online for lottery to give away more than 17,000 free tickets. >> i signed up this morning for the tickets. >> registration closes tonight. winners will be notified tomorrow about where they can pick up tickets on monday. >> it is hard to believe he is gone. >> hundreds of fans continue to get the route of the jackson family home. >> really sad. very sad that he went so soon. >> as a family clans the public celebration of life, they're working for details of a private service and burial, which will
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apparently be held at the forest lawn memorial park in the hollywood hills. along with the celebration scheduled for tuesday the staple center, memorials are now being planned across the city and across the country, including in detroit and in gary, indiana. not is dominated today, but we have been picking up a few clouds here and there. they're getting thicker. there are showers to the west beginning to move in to west virginia. the heavier rain is in the ohio river valley. this initial batch come even then if it gets here before midnight, it would either dry up or does produce a sprinkle or two. let's take a look at what happened during the day today. 82 was the high. we spent the day in the 70's. the temperatures spiked to 82 at the airport.
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there was a trace of precipitation overnight last night. right now, there are the current ratings. 80's around the area. 85 on the boardwalk. 70's past frederick. 63 at oakland. some slightly wetter air is higher up in the hemisphere and that is why we're seeing the clouds of red. here is the next disturbance coming in. this is the son the weather. most of it will pass to the south of us. this will be on the north edge as it comes through. we will see increasing clouds overnight. maybe a sprinkle toward midnight. a better chance for a short war debris. the further to the south you go, the better the chance for the rain. 58-62 overnight. mostly cloudy and scattered showers tomorrow. the further the south you go, the greater the chance for shower activity.
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high temperatures because of the clouds. 70's. a small craft advisory out to in the bay tonight. winds are becoming east on the open waters of the bay. the ocean city forecast, sprinkles up until midnight and a shower toward morning. a few thunderstorms in sunday's forecast. the temperatures in the 70's. maybe a thundershower on sunday. the rain is coming through and it does not look very threatening. a lot that will be to the south of us. by monday, it will be pulling out of the picture. the seven-day forecast, 77 tomorrow. a lot of clouds and arrange a chance. dry most of the week. once again, breaking news from nashville. former raven's quarterback and nfl mvp with the titans, steve mcnair has been shot and killed in an apparent murder-suicides at the age of 36.
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he has four children and a white. a heartbreaking story. we only knew him for two years in baltimore, but he give the offense credibility. he won more regular-season games than any other quarterback in history. he played with honor and heart. he did not have a great physical tools when he got to baltimore, but he played the game with smarts and guts. he threw for more than 31,000 yards in his 13-year career. i remember well just after he retired and was set to throw up the pitch at the orioles game. he said how excited he was to spend time with his kids. one of the sons was with him that they and they had a blast. he was known for getting the job done. he did not put a tremendous numbers, but he was known for of late-game heroics. he led the ravens to yet
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another come-from-behind win. it is simple, but it takes awhile to work. like, 57 minutes. it is worth it to watch steve mcnair with a game on a line. the more the pressure, the brighter mcnair shines. >> he takes hits and he gets right back up. he calls the plan does not even react to how they're hitting him. it is like he does not even take the hit. he goes and makes the next play. >> that is what he does. that is what he has done. he has taken games to the super bowl. >> he leads a game-winning drive. 43 yards passing, 12 them on the ground on the game-winning march. those previous troubles were forgotten. he lets his leadership take control. >> from the top it trickles down. when you're in the huddle, you look into his eyes and you can
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see his demeanor. we got it. it trickles down. >> let's not make any mistakes. the guy believed in them. we did it. the last drive was just pitch and get. that is the way he played the game. >> steve mcnair found dead today at the age of 36 after an apparent murder-suicides in nashville, tenn. nashville, tenn. get new cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. cools instantly with the strongest itch relief medicine. cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. tastes too good. there is fiber. [ chuckle ] no. i can't taste the fiber in this chocolate. they have 35% of your daily value. hmm. oh, samples. hmm.
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and delicious flakes, real cranberries... and crunchy oat clusters. total. are you getting 100%? compare your cereal at and get a free sample. >> a stunning development with the murder of steve mcnair, who is dead in an apparent murder- suicides. >> earlier, we had derrick mason on his teammate.
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he said he was completely stunned. how you come to grips with something like that? what a warrior he was on the field, a tremendous quarterback who always found a way to get it done. he knew him very well in the huddle and off the field. we talked to and on the phone a little bit before and during the news. it is hard to get a grip on right now. much more is coming up tonight at 11:00. >> what you have for forecast? >> after midnight, may besprinkled. tomorrow, a lot more cloudiness and the chance for some showers to the south. only near 84 the high tomorrow. today was the day. dry most of next week. by next weekend, the rain chances reappear. >> today feels like june. we like it. thank you for joining us. see you back here tonight.
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