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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 8, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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details. >> these walks are designed to encourage community intervention in troubled neighborhoods. as the mother put it, these walks have been going on for years in her enabled, and her daughter still got shot walking home from the store. it is a show of strength in an aching neighborhood. dozens of carrollton ridge residents walking to reclaim the southwest baltimore streets where raven wyatt was shot last week. >> i am very angry. >> the 5-year-old was hit by a stray bullet allegedly fired by lament davis. the governor wants a full accounting of his record, and the family wants to know why someone with 13 arrests since the aim of 10 why was he on the streets? >> was it a case of the
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juvenile justice system failing them? >> i wouldn't say that. >> we lost the grant we had because of the cancer in the community with the drugs and the violence. i strongly believe that people have lost self respect. if you can't respect yourself, how can you respect anyone else? >> the guardian angels challenge the enabled. >> you need to say that guy is no good. i am turning him in. i am getting him off the street. >> the family tells us she is still in a precarious state. her condition is listed as critical but stable. reporting live downtown, i am kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there are new developmenting tonight in the case against mayor sheila dixon. according to paperwork filed today, three witnesses are being called today about the
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mayor's use of gift cards, including those solicited for the holly trolley tour. she is accused of stealing gift cards sbeended for need any families. lawyers are asking the judge to quash the subpoenas. >> tonight amtrak service has been restored after a natural gas leak halted trains for several hours. fumes shot from the ground, shaking tree limbs above the break. fire officials say the leak happened when construction workers hit a six-inch gas line under a bridge. no homes were affected by the gas leak, and no one was injured. well, not even 30 minutes later, sky team 11 flew over the blaze of the suburban house restaurant. crews say the fire started in a storage area. about 35 workers and patrons inside at the time had to be evacuated.
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fortunately, nobody was hurlt. the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. >> tonight, maryland health officials say the state has recorded its second death due to the h1n1 flu virus. the person is an adult male from the baltimore metro area and had serious underlying conditions. the first death was an elderly baltimore resident who also had significant health issues before contracting the h1n1 virus. officials say if you have flew systems, which include fever and sore throat, you should see your doctor immediately, especially if you fall into the category of high risk. >> young children under the age of 5 and people over the age of 65, and those with chronic conditions that affect their immune system and response. >> state health leaders say a total of 686 h1n1 flu viruses have been confirmed in the state of maryland. >> tonight the investigation
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into the death of two teens hit bean an m.t.a. light rail heating up. the police department is over and several federal agencies will following it. lowell melser has been following this story, and he joins us with the latest. >> well, one thing we know for sure tonight is that a light rail train hit these two boys from behind as they were walking on the light rail tracks and ultimately killed them. what we still don't know is why the driver of the train never stopped or saw them. they have called on the baltimore county police department to take the lead into the investigation to find out why. >> there is something wrong with this whole thing from the beginning. >> the parents of 17-year-old kyle feel like they have been getting the runaround from the m.t.a. since their son and his stepbrother were struck and killed by a light rail train sunday. since the incident, there has been one question that keeps running through their minds.
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>> why couldn't the conductor have seen them? he is supposed to have big windows around, eight-foot or 10-foot wind dose. what was he doing that he didn't see the boys? >> out of respect for the family, i have asked baltimore county to take the lead on this case. >> at a wednesday afternoon news conference, the add a straightor made it very clear he would get an answer to the question, which we still made sure to ask. >> any idea how the driver could not possibly know that he hit two people? amtrak trains hit people all the time and stop, and they are much heavier than light rails. >> wore taking all the details of the event, and that is the answer we are looking for. >> not only has he asked baltimore county to take the lead, he has called than ought ntsb, and the american public transit association to offer expert consultation. he says police will re--review
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tapes, and well we interview witnesses. they will see if the driver was on a cell phone or texting at the time of the accident. >> he got lazy or careless. whatever he did, he killed our boys. >> still, for the victims' families, at this point they just want the truth. >> i just want closure. that's all. >> now the investigation is expected to take 30 days, and then will be handed over to the state's attorney's office for review. i am told this is standard procedure when dealing with a death case. as far as the driver of the train is concerned, he has been taken out of service until this investigation is complete. we are live at the north after neen light rail station. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> well, earlier today, steve mcnair was remembered at the stadium where he played much of his nfl career. the tennessee titans opened the
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field to fans. pete gilbert has fan reaction tonight from nashville. >> all day long, steve mcnair fans here have waited in long lines to go ahead and sign their personal tribute to leave a message for steve and the family and to watch a video tribute inside. unfortunately, it is also the day we learned the particulars of what happened. according to police, it was a murder-suicide. he was killed by his 20-year-old lover. hard to come to grips with. fans are choosing to remember what they saw, the greatness they saw on the field and in the community from steve mcnair. >> you have to try to put that out of your mind and think about his family. i hope they can deal with it the best they kfment it is hard for us. >> the titans opened their doors unsure of what the reaction from fans would be. quickly they learned it was the right thing to do.
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>> they have a chance to come and reflect on the great career that steve mcnair had. so many people have remarked how much he men to them not just as a player in the nfl for the tennessee titans or the baltimore ravens, but for what he has done out in the community, giving back with charities, signing autographs, the camps that he had. groups of kids coming off school buses to pay their respects to a gentleman they look up to. it has been an emotional and remarkable day. >> quarterback of three super bowl teams, steve, air mcnair. >> i pray for his family right now and i am taking it hard. a-- and i know it is hard for them. but we love steve. >> more than 5,000 fans at the stadium on wednesday. they expect the same on thursday. also thursday afternoon, a memorial service, and again, more than 5,000 fans expected to attend.
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derrick mason from the ravens as well as ozzie newsome will be in attendance. we will have coverage at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. pete gilbert. >> and there are no details in the murder of steve mcnair. >> police in nashville say the married father of four was shot and killed by 20-year-old girlfriend sahel kazemi. >> somebody has been shot. i hate to be the one to make this call. it is so messed up. >> police in nashville released the 9-1-1 calls made on the day steve mcnair was murdered. on the same day, investigator concluded he was killed by his 20-year-old girlfriend sahel kazemi. >> we believe that mcnair was seated on the sofa and likely asleep, and we believe that kazemi shot him in the right temple, then shot him twice in the chest and a final time in
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the left temple. >> and then she turned the gun on herself. >> we believe she tried to stage it so she would fall in his life. >> the murders occurred in a condominium leased by mcnair. >> she believed mcnair was involved with another woman, and that, too, participated in her state of mind. >> investigators say mounting financial problems may also have led to her deadly actions. >> we believe she was paying payments on the escalade, she was paying payments on a kia, and her room bay was about to leave, and she had become distraught. she had told her friends and associates that her life was all messed up, and she was going to end it up. >> she had been arrested for d.u.i. mcnair was a passenger in the s.u.v., but he left the scene without speaking to her. they say they had been dating
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for several months, and she was making plans. they said he told her he was getting a divorce, although reports say there was no filing in nashville. >> and there is continuing coverage of mcnair's murder on our website, you can watch the tribute to steve mcnair beginning at 8:00 in the eastern live on wbal-plus. we are also going to live stream the memorial on our website, >> well, some call it a way to generate revenue, but city leaders say it will save lives. tonight, the push to put speed cameras in some neighborhoods. >> close to a million play pence recalled tonight. >> and temperatures getting cool across the region. we could be seeing temperatures near record-setting levels by morning. insta-weather plus is straight ahead. >> lyme disease cases um 100%
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in maryland. ary sent diagnosis took our own
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>>? tonight's consumer alert, about one million play pence are
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being recalled because they possess a hazard. the consumer products safety commission has received reports of the side rail latches popping open, and that could cause the play yards to collapse unexpectedly. 21 kids have been injured, one with a concussion. you can find details on our website at, and then click on consumer. >> well, donna hamilton had planned to report on lyme disease this month. it is on the rise here in maryland as you know. but then something very unexpected happened. >> you see, donna was diagnosed with the disease, and lucky she was. deborah weiner explains why in tonight's alert. >> the wedding was picture perfect. >> my little baby boy grown up. >> and 11 news anchor donna hamilton couldn't be happier. the morning of the wedding, donna wake up to something startling.
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>> it was like a round, kind of oval red spot, and it was on my chest here under my arm and then back around. i thought that is the oddest thing i have ever seen. it really was. >> with the big day ahead, donna put the rash out of her mind, and it was hidden by her dress. she called her dermatologist. >> she took one look at it and said lyme disease. i was like really? >> lyme disease comes from the bite of an infected black leg particular. it is carried by deer and mice. according to the state health department, the disease is up more than 100% in maryland, from about 1,200 cases to more than 2,500. so the huge increase is probably a result of a true increase in disease, but it may be also a reflection that doctors are more aware of the disease and therefore more
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likely to diagnose it. >> donna could have been bitten right in her yard. she loves to garden. ticks reside in places with tall grass. >> to you remember a tick? >> i never saw any tick. i really don't know if it was here. i remember i was picking up trash along the roadside which did get me into the words a little more. >> they are very hard to spot. >> the stage of the tick that trance mits the decease can be no bigger than a period at the end of a sentence. >> she did have some vague systems, fatigue, aches, an an unexplaineded two-week bout of diarrhea, other simms could be feefers, chills and headaches. she wrote her off to stress. >> i had stuff to do, and people to say, places to go and promises to keep. so i didn't really think about it. i just kept moving forward.
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>> and like donna, "people" magazine -- many people develop a rash. it may resemble a bullseye and usually, but not also at the site of the bite. >> unfortunately, on 70% or 80% of people are going to have that sign. if you don't have that really interesting smooth-edge rash, then you just think i am tired. i just don't feel so great. it is so vague. how do you know you have it? >> left untreated, lyme disease can be serious and cause severe headaches, shooting pains, heart pal pitations, dizzyness, short term memory loss. >> not all ticks cause lyme disease, and experts say only a small percentage are infected. plus, they have to be aattached to you 24 hours to transmit the
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infection. >> caught early, the disease is easily treated by antibiotics. >> i am not supposed to be out here. >> donna had to take the antibiotic a month, but was feeling more like herself in a couple of days. >> i feel good. i feel lucky that it was caught, drugs, done, better. >> and we are glad, too. by the way, donna's blood test did not indicate lyme disease, and that is common. a lot of times, lyme disease will not show up early in the diagnosis, and so a lot of times doctors will make the diagnosis based on simms and the rash. >> the state health department recommends you way long sleeves and pants to keep the ticks off your skin when in long grass. when hiking, walk along the
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trail away from brushy ears, use an insect repel ent containing 20% deet. and check for insects in the area. you can find more on our website at click on medical alert. >> temperatures dropped by 8-9 degrees today compared to yesterday as a cool front went through last night. that set the stage for a nice july weather pats earn that will hold through tomorrow. 81 degrees today at b. i. six degrees below normal. the record low, a chilly 53 set in 2000. tomorrow morning's low is 54. we will give it a run. the only thing that could hold it back would be some cloud cover.
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you can see some in the lower parts of the bay right now. if we get any kind of cloud cover, that would prevent the temperature from dropping. wur already down to 57 in southern pennsylvania. the low-lying airport in the salisbury liege at 59. look for lows to range from 52 in the suburbs, 62 downtown. sub rise at 5:48. an area of low pressure moving off the new england coast helping to draw in high pressure with the cool dry air out of southern canada. that will be our weather tomorrow before the next system begins to roll in. tomorrow, sunny skies into friday. the stormy weather in the great lakes not expected to make a push across the mountains and into baltimore until stimulate in the day on saturday. it will be warmer ahead of the
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system with the possibility of in smorms. tomorrow another beautiful night. 75-82 with winds 5-10. winds out of the northeast at 10-15 knots on the bay. in the mountains, chilly. some areas will be down in the 40's tonight. and then a thunderstorm may pop-up in the higher elevations tomorrow after nato as temperatures climb to around 7 . low 80's around the bay with sun and clouds mixed. at ocean city, maybe a shower just to the north, but otherwise, 76. a chance for a thunderstorm on saturday, 87. nice finish to the weekend before storms arrive again on monday. >> still to come on 11 news, if you speed through neighborhoods, consider this a warning. >> leaders are helping to get eyes in the sky to help catch speeder. after the break, the measure
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>> speed cameras could soon be coming to a street near you. >> in case you didn't know, last night the city council approved a proposal to begin targeting areas for those cameras. police say data captured by red light cameras reveal a major speeding problem in many neighborhoods. to combat the problems officials have proposed converting red light cameras into speed cameras. by law, speed cameras must be
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within a quarter mile of a school zone. officials say that presents greater charningse. >> 86% of the city is in a school zone. we want to make sure there is a nexus between where we put the camera and where the problems are closing. >> the city council must take a final vote before cameras are installed. >> christmas may be six months aa way. but the mariners decided to but the mariners decided to give the orioles an early gift.
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>> you could say a lot of things about the orioles, but one can't ever say is they quit. the orioles did it again, rallying back from a 3-0 deficit in the ninth to stun it is mariners. brian roberts got the day off because of a cold. first inning, jose lopez smokes one to left. it goes off the foul poll, so it is a fair ball. 2-0 seattle. the orioles threatened in the sixth. garrett olson pitches out of a jam. still 2-06789 but then the mariners blow is in the ninth. bases loaded. jones the grounder, moore scores, 3-1. nicks batser, nick markakis grounds into a double play,
11:30 pm
united states lopez drops the ball. 3-2, still no owns. then it is wiggins who makes up for the earlier double play. two runs come home. the orioles with a tremendous 5-3 comeback, and they are back home friday against the jason. one guy you won't see is former oriole b.j. ryan. he got cut by the jason. didn't they pay him a lots of money to leave the orioles? you are rights. they gave him $47 million. he was the ultimate free agent bust, saving only three games. lenny dykstra. remember him? he was nicknamed nails. apparently he put the screws to a bunch of of people and filed for bankrupty. he put his assets at under $50,000, his debts between $10 million and $50 million. he made $36 million as a
11:31 pm
player. bought wayne gretsky's house for $17 million in 2007. told espn back in april he was worth $60 million. and now he is down to $50,000. that must have been a heck of a poker game. it seems like every year we are telling you about a new swimming star coming out of baltimore. this week at the u.s.a. swimming championships in indianapolis, it is 15-year-old elizabeth pelton who qualified for the world championships by winning two events. and then there is a guy named michael fems. phelps was in two fines. first up, the 200 meter freestyle. he won with the fastest time in the world this year. an hour later, back in the pool for the 200 meter butterfly. once again he turned in the fastest time by any swimmer. look at him. he is unhappy with his team. unbelievable swimmer.
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today's tour de france stage went for 122 miles. how is this for the ultimate vote of confidence. thomas video cameraler said i am not one of the best riders in the world. why is that surprising? because he won the fifth stage today. he was the fastest guy in this race. and he is throwing in the towel. maybe he has some false modesty. lance armstrong is second
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>> insta-weather plus seven-day, temperatures running below normal for a couple more days, then back to normal with thunderstorms on saturday. >> have a good night. >> thanks for joining us. good night. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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