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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 16, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that right now. any comment i might make about that right now might be premature given that we are doing our own internal investigation. >> a teenage girl told us yesterday that lamont davis had the gps unit on that during the time of the arrest, but left it at home when he went to go visit her several miles away. they cannot use the satellite tracking to find him. the group also said he frequently pushed the boundaries of the system. >> he was not supposed to be outside at all. >> did he go outside? >> yes. >> how often? >> every day. >> the secretary has called the company that makes the system. >> this case has raised concerns about not only the technology, but also some questions about the vendor that monitors the
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system for us. >> several sources have told us that there is concern that juvenile offenders have figured out ways to circumvent the gps system. >> it is normally known for its beautiful scenery where hundreds of residents go to relax and exercise, but this morning it became a crime scene. lowell melser is live in northeast baltimore and has the details. >> police are still calling this a suspicious death investigation. a jogger made a gruesome discovery around 10:00 this morning. at this point, it seems police are waiting on the medical examiner's office to determine if this was a murder. >> i have been walking here and we have never had a problem like this. >> people around the lake
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continue to speculate about a gruesome discovery, wondering what the circumstances were and if foul play was involved. >> watch your back when you walk. >> just before 10:00, a passerby noticed a man slumped over in a car. detectives say there was evidence that the man was in the car for at least several days, but they could not tell the cause of death, labeling it a suspicious death. >> we are getting different reports as to how long the car has actually been here. the medical examiner and homicide detectives will be able to tell us more. it was obvious that the man inside the vehicle was deceased. >> walkers react to a shocking find it. >> i hope this is an isolated incident. normally, it is a quiet area.
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people walk around with no trouble. >> neighbors who live around here tell me they have never noticed that white car until they sought it this morning. police are saying that the body showed days of decomposition. the looks like we will learn a lot more when the medical examiner's report comes out. >> police are investigating an accident involving an mta bus. sky team 11 was over the scene in southwest baltimore. authorities say the crash involved the bus, a semi, and an suv. there were no passengers on the bus. >> harford county executive david crag officially tapped the property tax today. they gathered to sign the bill, which caps a homeowners annual property tax at 5%.
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some property owners and representatives from the county were invited to attend. >> state budget cuts will be painful, and none of them will be popular. that warning today was from gov. martin o'malley as he slashes $700 million in spending. david collins joins us live downtown and has an update. >> the governor has settled on $350 million in cuts so far, not including closing any prison facilities, an idea that was on the table, and is not considering any new tax increases. red ink is pouring out of annapolis. the comptroller's office report today that tax collections in june are nearly 6% less than what was expected. governors say the scalpel is not
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big enough to make the cuts that need to be made. >> all of it will be painful, none of it will be popular, and it will require us to make sacrifices. >> a labor union warns budget cuts could compromise public safety and impact social services. >> i am here today to ask the governor martin o'malley commit to making state youth centers, hospitals, and all understaffed and overwhelmed state facilities his top priority. >> falling two rounds of budget briefings, the governor settled on $350 million of cuts so far. >> the solution will be very painful and will require cuts in many, many places in our state government that we would never want to cut, where it not for this contraction in the economy. >> the governor has already ejected cuts floated by the
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department of corrections. $36 million is the estimated savings from closing facilities. union officials once the governor to make good on a campaign promise and collect local property taxes from companies that avoid paying them by cooperating in another state. the union also suggest the governor take a whack out of consulting contracts. the state spends more than $2 billion a year on outside consultants. >> they are able-bodied, qualified, hardworking state employees that could fill in the gap, and we think that is one great place to start. >> the first round of cuts will become the board of public works on wednesday. the next round will happen in august. >> howard county officials are warning residents of a water
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quality sales scam that is going around door to door. melissa carlson is live with details. >> and number of people got these kits. howard county officials say you don't need to worry about of the water, you need to worry about these tests. you can find small plastic bags and official-looking instructions inside. >> i happen to be walking my dog at the time and pointed out to a man that solicitation was not permitted. he said it was water testing and how horrible the water was. >> other residents called it to inquire about the water. an administrator -- >> howard county's water is
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great. the solicitation actually was not from the county but rather from a private organization that did not identify itself. >> while the small print reads, howard county officials say it can be deceiving and possibly an expensive mistake. >> oftentimes, people will come back with an indication that your water is not save or should be better in some way and then will try to sell you what could be system that you may or may not need. >> some people filled out the requested personal information and left their sample, while others tosse the test. >> 44 hours later, they came back and they wanted a charge, a water sample or something like
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that. >> officials say they are still investigating. >> the process of identifying the company, we will talk to them about potential violations of law. >> they are also telling people if people come to your door, he should ask to see their solicitation license -- you should ask to see their solicitation license. if you need more information, there is an number that you can call. it is on your screen. or you can find a link to our website -- a link to their website on our website. >> supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor had her final round of questioning today. she appears well on her way to become the high court's first hispanic justice. laura kinney has details.
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>> her nomination is widely expected, but lawmakers had one more chance to grill the nominee. and the final day of confirmation hearings, republicans called it a star witness. a firefighter whose lawsuit was rejected by the judge in a ruling overturned by the supreme court. >> achievement is neither limited nor determined by one's race. >> lawmakers pressed her repeatedly on the ruling of the case, probing her work on a legal defense fund and statements that critics say is biased. some senators argued those statements contrast with her mostly mainstream rulings. >> you appear to be a different person almost in your speeches and in some of the comments that you have made.
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>> they drew an apology from the nominee. >> i regret that i have offended some people. >> after 3.5 days, the nominee got to hear from her admirers. >> i think you are an example of the best part of the united states of america. >> i cannot think of any greater service that i can give to the country then be permitted the privilege of being the justice of the supreme court. >> a senator seemed to speak for the committee when he said, "the conventional wisdom is very strong for her confirmation." >> 1 carroll county farm got a much-needed cleanup from many volunteers. >> the history looks -- the
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history of the tennis match looks like a history today. >> more web weather coming this way. the outlook for friday, saturday, and sunday is coming out. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
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>> is your lifestyle bad for your heart? we may be misinformed about what is really healthy. donna hamilton explains. >> most of us want to be healthy. we tried to take good care of our hearts, and many of us think of the healthiest option. cardiology -- this cardiologists says the answer is often no, especially when it comes to sodium. >> sodium raises blood pressure, and that leads to heart disease.
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>> which would you think it is a higher sodium content? >> i think the answer to this is going to surprise a lot of people. that answer and a lot of surprising information about the foods that you think you know is tonight at 11:00. >> dozens of volunteers got together to help of a farmer in need. charlie jones a farm and was in a terrible car accident that left him unable to work. they got together to help him with various repairs around the farm. volunteers cut down trees, repaired parts of the roadway, and painted several barns. >> is a lot of fun. it feels good to serve. god has provided wonderful
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weather for us. >> volunteers say hancock has had at least five surgeries and is in need of several more. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> most of the state is dry, but hot and humid. showers are skirting around the edge of maryland. a little showered there on the potomac river. up to the north, keeping an eye on storms developing in southeastern pennsylvania. it looks like most of maryland will remain dry through the evening. a better chance for showers and storms ruling in tomorrow. we hit 94 degrees today at bwi marshall. you have to go back to almost a year ago when we hit 94 degrees.
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it was only the second time this month that we hit the 90-degree mark. looking at the normal high, it is at 88 degrees. the record high once again way up over that triple digit mark in 1988. hagerstown is warm, as is cumberland. 60's and 70's tonight with a chance of a thunderstorm to pop up in your neck of the woods. scattered were isolated storms developing along this front as they try to push through. another weather disturbance will try to roll through here tomorrow. 80 degrees to 87 degrees tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover not the temperature back.
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-- cloud cover knocks the temperature back. southeast winds, waves 14 last. into the mountains, a thunderstorm on friday. 70's tomorrow and comfortable weather out in the mountains. a little muddy around the chesapeake bay tomorrow. -- muggy around the chesapeake bay tomorrow. a little sunshine in the morning. the rest of the weekend at ocean city is cooler. there is a moderate risk of recurrence at ocean city on friday. 85 degrees on -- 85 tamara with partly cloudy skies, temperatures running -- 85 tomorrow with partly cloudy skies.
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>> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> more than three decades after a classic duel the british open,watso watson returned to te course today. he shot an amazing 65 to date to grabbed second place in the opening round. he last won the tournament back in 1982. he is at 5 under. a far different day for tiger woods. his approach on no. 16. this is not going to work out well. off of the green and into the water. he shot 1 under. a birdie putt on 18, he goes 6
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under with one stroke ahead of the legend that has resurfaced. >> i have had some pretty good moment here in the past, one in 1977, one in 2003. you use that to help you play with good golfers. the type of shots you hit during winning golf tournaments, he put them in your memory bank. -- you put them in your memory bank. >> the leader is looking for his first win for the british open. a tough start for tiger woods, he stands tied in the 68th place. a nascar driver now qualifies as the most unlucky man in sports or the stupidest one.
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he tested positive for using drugs and answers. he might have to hire a few more lawyers. he tested positive for methamphetamine again. according to nascar, he tested positive for the second time on a july 6. not a lot of family support forthcoming on this one. his stepmother cause the driver a longtime user of methamphetamine. -- his stepmother calls the driver a longtime user of methamphetamine. stick around, tom tasselmyer wi.
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>> a 15-year-old maryland boy is charged with murdering a
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pregnant woman. we are marking 40 years since man landed on the moon. hear from astronaut buzz aldrin.
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back in the mid 80's tomorrow with a couple of showers and storms. partly cloudy skies into monday and tuesday. for the next seven days, we are a little bit below normal, temperature-wise. >> why did you look at me when you said a little bit below normal? >> thank you for joining us. >> we will see you back here at 11:00. ♪
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