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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  July 17, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. we will get a check on traffic and weather. we will start with weather. artscape begins today. >> it is going to be great. >> it usually happens the hottest week of the year. >> it does. when did say our hottest day of the year yesterday. -- we did say our hottest day of the year yesterday. -- see our hottest day of the year yesterday. 94 degrees. last year we saw the same
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reading on july 20. we will see some son managed in the morning hours. and an increase in the clouds by noontime. we may see some showers later this afternoon at as a low pressure moves in. there you go. that is going to be nice this weekend. i will be on our state on sunday. let's check on what is going on out there. you want to come to artscape aa. we will talk about traffic for now. there is a downed tree in one area. take the harris wreck expressway or rte. 30. -- harris are expressed or rte. 30. -- harrisburg expressway or rte. 30.
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it is problem free here. here is a live in view of the beltway. it looks pretty good. the northbound traffic that you did not say would be coming toward us. we will check on closures to see what the situation is. that is the latest. back to you. residents of a baltimore county community are on edge after a liquor store owner was shot and killed. >> it @ addition the nottingham area. it is not known -- it happened at the end not in an area. that is an area that is not known for violence. -- it happened in the nottingham area. it is an area not known for violence. >> police were called to the situation around the knuckle 5 last night. -- 9:05 last night.
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the man was abelieved to be killed during an attempted robbery. >> we have two suspects we are looking for. we are in the beginning stages of this investigation. homicide detectives spent most of the evening trying to gather evidence and by the suspects. no arrests have been made. the identity of the victim has not been revealed yet. reporting live, wbal-tv. a 15 year-old is being held today after confessing to killing a pregnant girl. she ultimately stabbed her in the throat. they discovered the body later the day -- that day when running water leaked into a nearby apartment. police say he is not being
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charged with her unborn baby because it is five months along. it was not considered viable. up police are investigating the death of a man who was discovered dead inside a parked car. it appears he had been there for several days. they are waiting on results from an autopsy to the german if he was killed or died from natural causes. -- to determine if he was killed or died from natural causes. one man was convicted of sex trafficking of a minor yesterday. he admitted to recruiting minors including a 15 and 17 year-old and prostituting them through craigslist. police arrested him in may. he will be sent sensed -- sentenced in october. a legislation broadens the
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reach to protect those physically attacked because of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. , lost recognize crimes reckitt -- current walllaws recognize crimes based on a race, gender, and ethnicity. this raises to our watercooler question of the day. -- this brings us to our watercooler question of the day. email your response to the president's plan is coming under fire. our bottom your reporter is live in march as a with the latest. we saw a lot of movement -- is live on capitol hill with the latest. early this morning, the committee gave a thumbs up on
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the health care bill. >> we now embark on the public marking up of the bill. i am confident that the president will be able to sign legislation in the fall. >> the president wanted it done by august. >> we should take our time with this. >> it won't be until september. >> of this weekend review these initiatives. >> it could be a higher cost. >> rising costs for health care and the aging population will cause federal spending to increase rapidly under any plausible scenario. >> the president is pushing back. >> health reform is about everyone of you. >> he said this at the naacp
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rally last night. >> health insurance for everybody. health insurance reform that cuts costs and makes quality health care coverage affordable for all. >> health care reform is already a around $1 trillion. it is confident that it can get a bill that will cut costs. >> other any proposals under consideration to address the cost concerns for the health care plan? >> that is what they are trying to work on. the house version that was passed earlier this morning, they want to raise taxes as a way to pay for this. some senators do not agree with that approach. a group of bipartisan centrist -- senators are working towards a compromise to pay for this and address the cost. they have not come up with the answer yet. any more time to work on this. >> nikole killion, live in
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washington. thank you. more health care issues. a hospital tops the nation's best. we will tell you call it is. one person gets a new feel on life. his remarkable story next. we are tracking a problem related to a fuel spill on a parkway. we will update you on that as well as a down a tree. it details on all o
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is 77 degrees downtown. a bit steamy outside this morning. it is going to be another hot one but typical like he'd as opposed to yes today where we were above normal and at the hottest day of the year.
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it was 94 degrees. partly sunny skies today. clouds are increasing this afternoon. we cannot rule out some showers and storms the ballot in this evening as a low pressure moves in. 84 degrees to 88 degrees. some scattered showers and storms today. separately scout -- partly cloudy skies saturday and sunday. not a bad beach weekend. i have more on your forecast coming up in a little bit. back to you. a georgia man is on the road to recovery after becoming the first person in the united states to undergo a double and transplant. he was fighting a potentially fatal infection. that is why they amputated both of his hands. in may, he received two cancer
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may 23 year-old a donor. so far he has been doing well. his body shows no sign of rejection. physical therapy is giving him some ability to move his arms. >> i want to hold my wiv andfe's han -- wife's hand and my daughter's hand. there is a list of the best hospitals in the u.s. johns hopkins tops the list. that is no surprise. the university of maryland medical center was also ranked 33rd. for the complete list, go to our web site at
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click on medical alerts. most of us have cell phones. as expensive as they can be, the last thing you want to do is purchase a new one. >> that is true. we will show you how to protect your phone during the summer months. here is a live look of downtown baltimore. we will tell you how the weather will be this when
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good morning. we have bay ackman and onsite ave. -- we have an accident on skype avenue. -- sky ave. so far so good as far as the major roadways of. let's take drive times.
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it is not to bet on the outer loop. 95 out of 100 -- it is looking good through howard county. we are looking at a nice ride despite the activity due to a fuel spill. it is confined to the shoulder and north on 295 near the beltway. that is the latest. here we go for more information on trains and buses. good morning. have a great weekend. we are looking at a delay in in one area. light rail metro subway is on schedule. a couple of artscape the versions. the 21 best -- bus has a life. -- has a delay.
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with the mta it transit team, i have a great weekend. and not is going on on the weekend. that is typical for baltimore. a little bit of light shower activity in western maryland. none in baltimore. we have drier air here. no position -- precipitation developed yesterday. 77 degrees in downtown. 81 degrees in ocean city. he is today we have had a high of 94 degrees. last year, it was that hot. the good thing is today it will probably be about nine degrees cooler in the city of baltimore. in higher elevations, you get relief. slight chance of showers and storms out there.
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there may be some storms this evening in baltimore. we will not have a major event however. partly sunny skies this morning. more clout in the afternoon. the same -- more clout in the afternoon. -- more clouds in the afternoon. the record high was set back in 1988. in all high is 88 degrees. mostly cloudy, showers tonight. at 63 degrees-68 degrees. we have a front that moved through here yesterday. it's all offshore. it is generating a strong batch of showers and storms with a big north easily pushed. -- northeasterly push. we are seeing more cloud around
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the area. with the heating of the day, we may see some activities but it will not be widespread. the weekend will be gorgeous. low 80's, partly cloudy skies saturday and sunday. an 80's shaun monday and tuesday. on a monday and tuesday. for parents with little ones running around, you never know what is going on. >> our reporter has a few ideas you might want to try a around your home. >> relaxing poolside. your favorite electronics can be sent into a frenzy. >> i go outside and people splash. the water goes into the keyboard. >> what to do? we have some advice from the
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peak squad. g eek -- geeks squad. if it is wet, dry it out quickly. >> i tried to drive out with my fan. i wait a couple of days. if it does not work, i have to buy a new one. >> there is a step-by-step process you should try. let's take up the battery of the phone. that will make sure you do not get a short in the bone. take a clean cloth or paper towel and dried outside of the phone. when that is done, pull the phone on east side and make sure there is no liquid inside. >> this can say the cell phone.
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>> it absorbs moisture from the air around it. put it inside in airtight container and put it on top of the gel pack. and put in other gel pack on top. leave the phone overnight in the container. hopefully it will get all the moisture out of the phone. >> and cook rice and a plastic container will do the same trick as the gel pack. if you want your cellphone to last longer, do not leave it in the car. the heat can fry circuits causing the screens to fail and wear out your lithium battery. take your electronics with you. >> take your gps with you. >> remember this, and your favorite electronic device will
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survive the summer. >> i tried at least three of those things. the silicone pecs, the hair dryer on the phone, the rice. >> one time i ended up with my phone in yogurt. i do not know how. it was kind of smelly at that point. i did not want to cancel it. it is 70 degrees on tv hill. we have more ahead. we will take a look at your answers for our water " question of the day. -- watercooler question of the day. here are the numbers from
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ú time to get to one of your
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answers to the watercooler question of the day. should legislation of discrimination include sexual orientation, race -- gender identity? >> it would not matter what the jet writ -- what the victim's gender is if they were fair in their decisions. women raising in high heels has become a global phenomenon. in berlin, you can see delays running. they are running fast in heels. one woman won the race. >> lane one goes down. >> she won a $1,000 shopping spree and a ticket to paris.
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>> lane 5 goes down. >> that looks painful. is your guy in touch with his inner caveman? defending the caveman is one of the funniest one-man shows you may have seen. >> women speak 7000 words on an average day. men speak 2000. when i read that, i understood my parents' arguments. >> there are eight actors in the show. relationships are universal. gatherers will go out in groups. >> the show is playing this weekend. the tickets are under $50.
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this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. cool down with a refreshing iced coffee from dunkin' donuts today. baltimore county police are investigating a shooting at a liquor store that left one man dead. details are next. 10 "the wall st


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