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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 24, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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70 feet off the ground. the innocent explains that it is up to the pilot to determine if it is safe to fly and explained that the pilot in this case was experienced and had just re-upped his medical certification. >> he reported at the time of his application for that medical certificate that he had 630 hours of total flight experience. he was certified as a commercial pilot for both helicopter and six-wing aircraft and he was also a helicopter flight instructor. >> the ntsb says the wreckage has been transported to a location in delaware for further investigation. in hagerstown, melissa carlson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> three of the four crash victims worked for advanced helicopter concepts of frederick. the fourth was a friend of theirs. >> david collins spoke with some of the victims' family members today. >> one of the victims decided when he was only 7 years old that he wanted to fly. another graduated just last year from college with top honors.
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he was also the son of a director of the howard county board of elections. family members of those killed were all, understandably, too distraught to talk on camera. 39-year-old george tutor jr. of westminster started working for advanced helicopter concepts two weeks ago. he had been an electrician for b.g.e. for the past five years. according to his mother, george wand to fly since he was 7 years old. she says he had a pilot's license and just last week finished a safety training program in california. after graduating from north carroll high school he did a stint in the navy. he loved hand demriding but thought flying was better. he's survived by a 14-year-old daughter. family members say he'd call her a half dozen times a day to say i love you. 24-year-old jeffrey nordaas of columbia not only had his pilot's license but was certified to train pilots. his three older brothers say he was a fantastic individual. his brother dan released a statement saying, in part, he made everyone around him want to be a better person.
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i will truly miss him more than anyone can imagine. this is truly a devastating loss to everyone that knew him. 43-year-old niall booth of new market worked for advanced helicopter concepts and was the c.e.o. of the sales bridge solutions consulting firm of new market. booth was a native of england who moved to the u.s. with his wife and two children in 1997. according to the frederick news post, booth coached a youth rug by team and was a master swimmer who come speeded in the 2006 world championships. mr. booth was also the director of heli flights for hope, a charity formed by advanced helicopter youth foundation. the fourth passenger was 48-year-old kim felix, the regional sales manager for heli plus corporation. she had been active with girl scouts, cheerleadering and the p.t.a. funeral arrangements are incomplete. >> of course, we have
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continuing coverage of this helicopter crash on our website, there you'll find a photo gallery, video from the scene as well as video from today's press conference. a former anne arundel county police officer is in jail tonight. he was sentenced for a fatal accident involving alcohol. he was accused of leaving the scene of the accident. barry simms is live in harford county with details. >> dayne hall will serve 18 months behind bars. prosecutors wanted seven years and so did the family of the man killed in the crash. >> this has been a devastating, horrible thing for the family. >> it was january of this year when 28-year-old antonio martinez died in a wreck on i-95 in harford county. he and two passengers were on their way to a construction job in delaware. in april, 29-year-old former anne arundel county police officer dayne hall pleaded guilty to next homicide and failure to stop and remain at the scene of an accident resulting in death.
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prosecutors wanted a seven-year sentence. they asked what is the value of a life? >> i just think the responsibilities that come along with being a police officer and leaving the scene of the accident and someone being killed in the accident was worth more than 18 months. >> the question is not what is the value of the life of a poor soul that's been killed as much as it is how do you punish somebody that has killed someone whose life is invaluable? >> hall resigned from his police job in april. he was off duty at the time of the accident and had just left a party at an officer's home. more than five hours after the crash, court records show his blood-alcohol level was slightly higher than the legal limit. in court, hall apologized to the victims family saying i don't know what happened.
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i dozed off and it was a huge mistake not to investigate further. the judge seemed to take into account hall's police work in the sentence. >> he is immensely grateful that the judge did not include a period of incarceration in the division of correction. as a former police officer, that would have been the third tragedy in the case. >> actually, a former police officer going to the division of corrections, very bad things can happen to him there. i'm sure that weighed very heavily on the judge's mind. >> hall was attend to the harford county detention center. after serving 18 months, he will be placed on home detention for two years. his attorney says he has already volunteered to tell his story about drinking and driving. >> we have breaking news right now. captain roy taylor up in the air over what appears to be a
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water rescue. >> we are in glen cove. make it kent county. from what we understand, crews are on the scene of a rescue in progress. a boater ended up striking someone in the water. the preliminary information is that it was a young male about 10 years old. coast guard is on the scene. they've requested dive units from harford county to respond and the department of natural resources is also on the scene. right now they have an area that they're in the process of searching to try and locate this victim. as we get more information on this, we will update you. >> in tonight's "medical alert," maryland health officials say a fourth person has died from the h1n1 virus. state leaders say what's different about this case is that the eastern shore resident apparently had no illness or risk factors like the first three cases. authorities are now conducting a medical investigation to
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determine why the person died. state health officials should take this strain of the flu virus seriously until a vaccine has been developed. >> it was one of the final steps taken to save towson catholic high school. two families filed suit in hopes of keeping the 87-year-old school open. after weeks of protests and fundraisers, it all came to a head today. and the judge issued a ruling. lowell melser is live tonight at the courthouse in twove. >> it looks like parents, teachers, students, alumni of the school have really run out of options at this point after a judge denies a motion for a temporary restraining order which could have let the school be open for one more year. it looks like at this point it might be the end of the road. >> we're very disappointed. it's a great little school. it's like the little engine that could. it doesn't get the attention that a lot of schools in the community get. >> attorney richard grayson representing the two families who filed an injunketive relief
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suit against the archdiocese reacts to the news. as part of a first step he tried to convince a judge that a temporary restraining order should be issued to keep the school open one more year. but the judge denied that claim as a matter of law saying he understood it but that the law was not on the plaintiffs' side. >> it was as a matter of law whether this relief was relief that could be given. >> absolutely awful. i'm ready to cry. i cannot believe they would shut down our high school. >> outside baltimore county circuit court following the hearing, anger, frustration and outrage. what was interesting, though, is supporters, who had been so vocal in the past, had little to no interest in speaking to the media about it friday. still, while it may look like the end of the road, attorneys are trying to figure out if there is anything else they can do. >> we're going to explore our legal options over the course
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of the next couple days, the plaintiffs, and myself, and see where we are next week, see what avenue we want to take legally. >> attorneys for the archdiocese left out of a back door to the courthouse, so we didn't get comment from them. however a spokes penn has said keeping the school open in this case was simply not an option. we'll have to wait and see what the families' next move will be. >> about 60 baltimore city middle school students paid a special visit to city hall as part of a program called harvey achievement. the students had a face-to-face meeting with mayor sheila dixon where they asked questions about the government and social issues facing baltimore. >> do you think you can improve baltimore city and how can the citizens help you? >> i think getting involved in your community, helping clean up, pick up trash, plant
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flowers, i mean, there's so many ways, helping a senior citizen out. >> students are spending the summer developing their academic skills, behaviors and their attitudes. >> tens of thousands of soccer fans are filing into m&t bank stadium for the matchup between a.c. milan and chelsea. >> it doesn't get started until 8:00 but fans are already lining up and, of course, tailgating is going on. pete gilbert is live in the thick of it all. >> it's interesting. baltimore has always been a good soccer town. but this is a far grander scale. would baltimore embrace it? as jennifer franciotti reports, absolutely. >> it's a huge event. we're bringing two of the greatest clubs in the world coming in to play soccer in our city. >> the president of the baltimore blast is talking about tonight's match between a.c. milan and chelsea. a month ago the blast formed a
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partnership with chelsea and in concert with the state of maryland and the baltimore ravens m&t bank stadium will take the global stage for a world-class soccer competition. >> hopefully we can develop some relationships with these european clubs and start to bring them over more often. >> of all the stops on the tour, bought has been the only sowledoud venue. a bid is already placed to host the world cup in 2018. so the pressure is on for folks like don, who is in charge of field operations for the ravens. on friday his crews began rolling out 90,000 square feet of high-end sod rented from a local farmer. with the recent rain, his biggest challenge is drainage. >> the biggest issue is keeping the water off. if you get too much water, it will turn into soup out here. >> what if it reans tonight? >> i can't do anything about that. >> rain threats aside, he says hosting the world football
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challenge is good for the blast and good for the sport. >> i think it generates more interest in soccer in total. the media attention that we're getting is good. it proves that soccer people can support soccer who in baltimore and in maryland and everybody benefits. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president obama once again speaking out about a controversial arrest of a harvard law professor. >> hear what his impromptu message to reporter is. >> the ravens hope to answer some of questions facing them.
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>> once again probe is weighing in on the rarelyy charged reaflt of henry louis gates jr. >> he surprised the press corpse today with this message. >> my hope is as a consequence of this event this ends up being a teachable moment where all of us, instead of pumping up the volume, spend a little more time listening to each other. >> the president also admitted he made a poor choice of words when he said, quote, the cambridge police acted stupidly. this stems from the arrest after gates forced his way into his home because of a jammed door. the president phoned sergeant james crowley, the officer involved in the arrest, and invited him and the professor to the white house for a beer. two new ships sailed into baltimore this morning, the australian navy vessels the
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hmas sydney and sky team 11 was over the scene. it is part of a six-month deployment which kicked off in april. the ships will open to the public from 10:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. >> parts of our viewing area a little stormy this evening. h.d. doppler radar shows one area just north of us in harford county. a couple cells up there. maybe some hail coming out of that. another strong cell just north of jarretsville. to the west, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for frederick, jefferson, washington and berkeley counties until 6:45 this evening. there is a therm cell 2.8 miles
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southwest -- all that yellow shading is the warning area, again, until 6:45 this evening. that is the strongest thunderstorm activity right now. the one up in baltimore county just about ready to cross i-83, that's more than likely a hail producer as well. let's look at what the temperatures are doing right now. 80 degrees at annapolis. easton, 84. same at b.w.i.-marshall. 85 at the inner harbor. only 60's in the lancaster and york. the thunderstorms took temperatures down there. hagerstown only in the 70's, again, thunderstorms moving through there. that rain makes a big difference and we have all this stuff approaching the area right now. here is the satellite picture with the storms over harford county and baltimore county. that latest batch of storms moving out of washington and into frederick county. so it will be active for the next hour and a half or so all
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related to this weather system which is now moving offshore. yesterday it was just west of us and it is still stirring the atmosphere up a bit. tomorrow looks like a quiet day. the weather in the ohio river valley will reach us by sunday. partly cloudy tonight. that chance of scattered thunderstorms. 61 to 65 with nearly calm winds. tomorrow, mostly sunny. hot and humid and maybe an isolated thundershower. very small chance. i didn't even put a lightning bolt in there. the rain chances go up sunday. here is the stuff going through this evening. notice saturday looks moistly dry. but look what happens when we get into saturday night and sunday. that cold front approaches, so the rain chances go up. keep in mind, with any of these summer-type thunderstorms, lightning is the most hazardous part of any of them.
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we have thunderstorm chance just about every day this week. if it -- note these temperatures. all up around 90 degrees with high humidity. summer returns with a vengeance. >> every year the nfl plays a regular season game in london. consider this the return volley from europe. the world football challenge with chelsea taking on a.c. milan. crowds will fill the stadium and you can see plenty of fans arriving early getting the pregame on. a.c. milan and chelsea have played other games in the past two weeks from the rose bowl to the georgia dome. but tonight they have their first sellout in the states. players intend to rise the expectations of a packed house tonight. >> the fans have been great. the people have been great. the welcome has been great and
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we're very pleased with it. we have to go out there and make sure we give them a good game. >> the ravens took a proactive approach to their receiver's position while they wait and see. they signed drew bennett today. 30-year-old bennett played six seasons with the titans before jumping to the rams the past two years. at 6'5", his size and experience could also give the ravens the big target they have lacked in the red zone in recent years. but rookies are set to report to training camp monday. orr remains unsigned. slow going on signings this year in the nfl. only four of the top 50 picks have signed so far. signings tend to come in bunches. once enough of them set the market price. orr, who looked superin minicamps, doesn't want to miss
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any training camp. the o-'s try to find more success stories in their pitching rotation. they resume their road trip tonight in boston. the top prospect chris tillman could join the orioles as early as next week. but he got hit hard last night in a.a.a. that might slow his rise to join ferguson and the orioles' starting rotation. it could also postpone deciding on the fate of rich hill. ferguson will try to help the o's get their first win at fenway tonight. 0-4 going into tonight at fenway this season. brad penny starts for boston. the red sox and o's both struggling right now. the st. louis cardinals acquired matt holliday from oakland for a group of prospects. the deal gives st. louis a ridiculously strong middle of the batting order with matt holdi providing protection to
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all-star albert pool holes in the three slot. today's deal adds to the likelihood their margin will grow and grow soon. stay with us. 11 news continues right after this. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
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>> four people are dead after a helicopter crash in maryland. and a local aviation expert talks about what may have led to the disaster. a hospital is contacting dozens of patients about possible exposure to a deadly brain disorder. how the hospital is at fault.
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>> severe thunderstorm warge frederick county until 6:45. you can see the storms moving in from the west. a hot and humid weekend this weekend. >> all right. thank you very much. that's a look at our news.
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