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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 26, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight in hd. >> good evening, everyone. i am sitting in for deborah wiener. we begin with breaking news out of east baltimore. baltimore city police say 12 people were shot the 2600 tock of ashland avenue and at least one of those trading begins is a present -- pregnant woman. people were at a home for a sunday evening cookout when a gunman came from an alley and opened fire. it happened just before 9:00 p.m. tonight. it appears none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. police said they are searching for at least one gunman in this case. officers in several districts are working the investigation and we will have much more on this for you tomorrow morning on 11 news today. now, to our other big story that we're falling tonight, the severe weather. thunderstorms plowed through our area, leaving a big mess behind.
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trees and power lines were down, most of those reports came into our newsroom from baltimore county. we have melissa carlson live in the midst of the aftermath. but we begin with meteorologist john collins live in the insta- weather center. >> it all started around the dinner hour. thunderstorms developed in this steube atmosphere, a very tropical atmosphere with lots of moisture in it. this is what the radar that that -- looks like at 5:00 p.m. in frederick county, southern frederick county and northwest montgomery county. i will put it in motion and you can see what happened here. the progress of these storms moving across the area on into harford camp and eventually, cecil county. the storms were strongest in this area and then they were moving out of the area it all happened around 5:30 p.m.
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-- around 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. this evening. the storms hit this area, just north of the city, are just around york city now. -- new york city now. there's some storms oon top of ocean city at this point. i will have more on the forecast in just a moment. we want to go to melissa krul to see what happened -- melissa carlson to see what happened right after the storm hit. >> tonight, you saw damage on almost every single home. not always as bad as the green family, you had this storm come down on top of their rahm -- visit tree come down on top of their home. -- who had this tree come down on top of their home. a quick moving storm made it down the road, brean down trees
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and wires and then a new dawn. >> apparently, it knocked down a lot of trees, power lines down, and just general weather-related damage from berryman's lane through church plane through nicodemus road. >> it just got dark, the rain started pouring down, you could not hear anything. you could hear just the sound of pouring down rain. >> i was a little bit scared and we heard a lot of thunder and hail. >> residents were pummeled by the elements and have the damage to prove it. massive trees are bent and broken lightweights and wires suspended beyond belief. workers had to go door-to-door and they had to make a quick move for cover. >> we saw all of the leaves starting to swirl and we went to the bathroom. >> for others like the green family, the storm outside became a very unwelcome guest inside.
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>> eirich a loud snapping noise and it was -- i heard a loud snapping noise and it was just a swish going around our house. >>ç this tree toppled onto the house, toppling the roof. >> it was really frightening. >> what caused all of the damage? the residents we said -- we spoke to all said the same thing. >> a tornado. >> it was a tornadoish. >> within just a few hours they got more than 70 calls and they will have to continue through tomorrow. not everyone had damaged like this, but everyone is still dealing with the storm. about 19,000 people are without electricity to night. -- tonight. >> thanks, melissa. you can follow the forecast by
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using our interactive reidar. it allows you to track storms or rain right down to our street. -- your street. just go to the chronic monoxide -- the chronic carbon monoxide problem continues. just before 4:00 p.m., emergency crews were called to the complex once again for reports of poisoning. at least three people were taken to the hospital when dangerous levels of co were discovered. >> p.g. and he did come out and shut off the gas to the home. >> in the last two months, fire crews have been called to that complement -- the complex for carter monoxide scarce. several residents have been hospital. -- carbon monoxide scares. the fire broke out just before 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning at a home on hogerty avenue.
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investigators say the woman started the fire in the basement. a man was also treated to minor burns to his face. police in adirondack county are searching for the person usewho broke into a hair salon and covered it in a racist graffiti and then tried to burn it down. officers said they discovered four swastikas and a brace -- and a raise of comments aimed at the asian community. police say computer equipment was stolen and gasoline all over the french and the floor. the owner tells 11 news that she is confident justice will be served. >> what goes around comes around i cannot wait till they get theirs back. if the law does not get them, god will. >> that schoch is two doors down
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from the police to parliament -- that schoch is two doors down from the police department temerity center. -- community center. a man was arrested at a movie theater because a security guard spotted barnes is beginning his own car. a search of his backpack trip a loaded gun and marijuana. they also recovered a loaded shotgun from his car. tonight, the family of an 11- year-old girl is coming to terms with her death. belize city recovered her body in early this morning in the sassafras river in. they had been set -- surging 4 cents friday when she fell over the side of the vote in -- they had been searching for her since friday when she fell over the side of the boat into the river. her body was taken to the
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medical examiner's office for an autopsy you pay taxes and expect certain services in return but if you have an accident on a state road, in your coverage may not cover the state's expenses and they may send you a whopping bill. >> it is called a crash? . -- a crashed tax. russell ford knows all about it. the diabetic passed out and drove off. 50. he later got a bill from the state demanding he be more than -- and drove off route 50. he later better bill misstated anything more than $5,000. -- a bill stating he pay more than $5,000. ford and others are feeling the squeeze. insurance companies are refusing to pay and the state is not backing down >> monday at 11:00, how you could get caught in the bill. what happens to drivers who do
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not pay. >> maryland holds a swineç flu summit in annapolis to mar. state health officials and school leaders will discuss innovation and reporting of the h1n1 virus. the leaders also talk about emergency preparedness. this comes after health officials announced maryland's sports swine flu death last week. it appears many american republicans and democrats agree on one thing, the measures need their own overall to pass. secretary clinton weighed in on the report today. >> she is a veteran of washington's health care wars. >> i am somewhat encouraged by what i see happening in the congress. >> secretary of state to allow clinton denies her boss, president obama, is at square one of the debate. >> people realize, you know, i could be uninsured. >> it is where she was when she
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was in her field bid last year. >> it is down to 30%. now everyone is worrying. >> but still worries many are the proposed fixes. critics said they ignored peter, how to ignore -- reward what is healthy and discourage what is not. -- critics say they ignore behavior, how to reward what is healthy and discourage what is not. >> will not see any kind of legal abuse at reform in any of these proposals. >> and the president's reform allies got more bad news. congress' budget arm said it would be a drop in the bucket over 10 years. >> there are votes for democrats to do is just on our side of the aisle. gregg's we're still working on that last 20% of the agreement. tim obama is having an easier time campaigning for a change -- i-team obama is having an easier
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time campaigning for change than in their campaign. >> is the official, sarah palin is now the former governor of alaska. tonight, what the republican -- what the republican vice- presidential candidate is saying about her future politically. >> [unintelligible] >> a stop at a gas station turns deadly for an ex boxer. tonight, what a friend -- what friends are saying about his last moments of life. plus, a devastating crash killed four children in the minivan. white police said that driver was at fault. >> -- police said the driver was at fault. >> the forecast is coming up in a few minutes. partly cloudy skies right now. partly cloudy skies right now.
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>> eight people were killed in a horrible crashed today in york state, including four children, all of them under the age of 10. the family was going the wrong way on a parkway in westchester county and it rolled down an embankment and burst into flames. a 5-year-old child was the only one to escape alive. this was the second runway crash on that stretch of highway today. the earlier incident sent five people to the hospital. tonight, family and friends are mourning the loss of a world champion boxer and humanitarian. former welterweight and junior middleweight champ vernon force was shot and killed late last night in atlanta. he stopped at a gas station to put air and his tires.
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one person helped him and just as he was about to give him money, several walt -- several robbers snatched his wallet. he chased them, but could no longer see them and gave up. >> he was started walking back and a guy jumped out of the bushes and shot him. he shot him six more times when he was on the ground. >> his godson was with him, but was actually inside the gas station at the time and did not witnessed the shooting. >> it has been nearly four weeks since sarah palin announced she was stepping down as the governor of alaska and today, she officially resigned and turned over power to her lieutenant governor. leanna greg has details on what she plans to do next. >> say goodbye to sarah palin, the official moment. the official swearing-in of the lead tenant governor of alaska -- of the lieutenant governor of
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alaska. >> it is my honor to speak to all alaskans this last time as ruff governor. -- as your governor. in alaska, it is not an easy living, but it is a good living. and here, it is impossible to lose your way. >> with your paths still undetermined, many speculate pinpoint -- with her path still undetermined, many speculate. >> we will see what happens. >> the standoff started friday in rahm town where she helps serve food at one of -- in her home town where she helped serve food at one of the three picnics across the state. instead, words of gratitude. >> i do want to tell you sincerely that i love you, i appreciate you and your support. >> and nowlin -- unknown on the national stage until john mccain picture as his running mate, up
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sarah palin burst onto the scene b. >> there are more than nine lives in politics and she is only on her first. >> god bless alaska and god bless america. >> surrounded by family and supporters, most agree that her goodbye as governor looked nothing like a final political fowlefare well. >> beaman has said she plans to write a book, campaign for political candidates and build a right of center coalition. tamara, the crew on board the space shuttle endeavor will conduct its final spacewalk. but today, then answered questions about the status of endeavour, the view from space and the current carbon dioxide problem. nasa managers have urged one has to mount to take it slow and
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easy because he has experienced higher than normal carbon dioxide levels in his last two space walks. >> i have a lot of confidence in the suits and the system there. there really well controlled. it's not like a leave them out on the loading dock over night or anything i have a lot of trust in the equipment that we use. >> by the way, mission specialist cassidy will conduct tomorrow's final . members of the mount zion unit -- final space walk. members of the mount zion church celebrated a special day in history. parishioners invited everyone to celebrate with them is not -- this morning. it was marking the church is 150th anniversary in the pasadena community. >> we're just grateful for 150 years and we are proud of what we are dot -- have done in the past, but also looking to what we do in the future. >> church leaders say their doors are open to all.
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>> now your insta-weather + forecast. >> a quick review of the storm activity this evening, it has have some breaks in the clouds overhead. the north suburbs of philadelphia, still a little thundershower activity. we now have severe weather of around nyc and north of there. still strong south of ocean city. there is still reign of a way back into ohio. is really sponte out there. the air -- it is released by the out there. the air is really full of moisture. 90 with a high before the storms hit at the airport and the inner harbor. morning lows for the 60's to around 70. not much at the airport, 12 hundredths of an inch. 800 of an inch downtown. not everyone shared in the heavy rain. but it did occur out to the west of us cannot montgomery and
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frederick county, western and howard -- western howard and carroll county. baltimore county just north of the city around to ammonium and up through harford and cecil county. this is generally the path where the severe storms hit. and that was a 1-2 inch range. right now, temperatures -- 77, cambridge. 75 at easton, 75 at annapolis. frederick down to 72 degrees right now. that year thunderstorms to the south and around nyc. some breaks in the clouds out in western maryland now, but still a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. to the west, is more or less going to stall. this warm, humid, tropical air will be persisted all week long.
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-- persistent all week long. in the afternoon hours rickety more thunderstorm activity each day over the next seven. -- we could see more thunderstorm activity each day over the next seven. 66-74 below, like northwest winds. broadly scattered storms and cloudy. the bradys and near -- upper 80's and into the 90's for the high. as we go into tuesday, we could see another african that warm, humid air. wednesday, at -- see another outbreak in that warm, humid air. wednesday, even more of the same. highs will be close to the seasonal norms, upper 80's are expected. >> john r. rauf finds himself in a wide receiver on treat once more. now another wide receiver
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announces hispa
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>> here we said almost done with july, and the orioles today almost doubled their totals play against their division on the road. a pretty good summary of how far they have gone at least friday they have been things figured out.
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-- at least for a day they had things figured out. every once in a while he does something you cannot believe he gets -- you cannot believe. he gets support. and the orioles lose 2-0. this guy has been a felon starter for the red sox this year and he might just be about done -- and fill in at starter and he might just be about done.
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the motto today was persistence do not get ahead of yourself, do not worry about what has happened last night, last week, what ever. we're going to win today and there were some guys who stepped up big for us. >> the ravens welcome rookies to training camp. the group will not include trude bendit. he signed a one-year deal with the ribbons on friday. bennett today announces his retirement after working out last week he said a knee injury flared up and he is done. and that was decided to replace derrick mason two weeks ago. as for what he expects from those who come to camp this week, gosselin >> you do not put that kind of working in the last for five months and then go away but we trust him and we
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believe in him. quiting he will come back emotionally and spiritually fresh and be ready to attack training camp. >> a much lighter schedule for the 14th time gold medalist, just six events aninstead of eight. a funny thing happened on the way to the podium. phelps did not give the americans a league with which to work. he finished third in the first 100. they rallied in team usa to victory, acting out france. nascar running today at the indianapolis motor speedway. the reigning champ for much of today did not have the best car, but it did not really matter.
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>> warm and humid each day with temperatures close to the seasonal normal and each day, a chance for this pop-up shower and thunderstorm activity. >> but not like the severe storms that we saw today? >> probably not, but there is always a chance. >> thanks for joining us. [captioning made pos
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