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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  September 1, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the coolest location we are looking at is 46 in york pennsylvania. we are dealing with the mid 50's of for the most part. and 58 at the airport. cooler air mass in place. it is going to be warm this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. the winds will be of the north east at 15 miles per hour. we will be in the a's by the weekend. a fabulous labor day weekend as well. >> as partial morning commute, some problem spots. we are getting some big news of the accident along park heights. that is be open. the accident is clear. there is an accident at least treat. we will keep you posted on any other problems that arise. we want to remind you about the closures for the maryland state fair. watch for lane closures and some delays.
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66 miles per hour according to our speed sensor on the northeast corner of harford road. 57 as you make your approach to the outer loop. we are looking at a live picture of the i-95 in howard county. an easy ride overall on the major roadways. no delays yet. volume is picking up. that is the latest on traffic. >> our big story this morning, hundreds gathered last night to remember to teenagers who were killed in a terrible crash over the weekend. the driver is the father of one of the teenagers. he is a baltimore city police officer. our reporter joins us live with the very latest. >> good morning. michael jones sr. is in stable condition this morning here at shock trauma. his family says he is recovering physically, but emotionally he
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is devastated. hundreds of classmates, friends and family members gathered in front of overlea high school,. many had candles and some had photos. they all had a touching images of michael jones jr. and his girlfriend shaniqua tucker. >> we were like family and friends. we grew up together. we played football together. when we were younger, we stated each other's houses. >> baltimore city police officer michael jones sr. was driving south on interstate 81 near harrisburg pennsylvanian this weekend with his son and shaniqua. he got caught in a bad a brainstorm, lost control of the vehicle, and overturned down an embankment. he was flown to shock trauma. his son and shaniqua work pronounced dead. >> she is a beautiful person. she made everybody laugh. it is sad. -- if you were sad, she tried to
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make you happy. >> in college, mr. jones took classes in business in case football the not work out. >> he was a likable kid. we are at a loss for words right now. he had a bright future. right now, i am at peace with everything because me and my husband did a good job of raising him. he was a good kid. unfortunately, things went into a different direction. >> the funeral for shaniqua is going to be held this saturday. a arrangements for michael are not finalized. wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. members of the baltimore county council will sit down this afternoon to determine the specifics of a proposal to install speed cameras in school zones. this is the first formal review of the bill. it would allow them to put a
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camera with and a half mile radius of any school. $40 is the fine for those who break the speed limit in this goes on. the cameras could be installed as soon as next month. >> the state has announced a new break for people behind and their taxes. there are 300,000 people who owe maryland taxes. that is about $500 million. they help to collect some of that overdue money. taxpayers can file papers to help reduce penalties. they can make a plan to spread out payments. >> i hope we can raise $10 million or more. >> this is vital revenue that would help us make less reductions to vital services. >> they said this plan brought in a lot of missing money in
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2001. you can go to our website for information that >> capital funding bancorp acquired american bank which has three locations. the franchisees will remain focused on lending to local businesses. $34 million will be injected into the franchise. the ceo says it is an opportunity for one local business to help another. >> this fuels the economic engine. we are ready to do that. for the guy who needs working capital for his business or whatever needs he has now to get over the hump. >> it took federal reserve more than six months to sign off on the deal. local restaurants are being forced to shut their doors for good after nearly five years of business.
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the blue sea grill and another girl who have both closed. the brass elephant announced their closure last month. some believe that more families are deciding to eat at home to save more money. it is impacting local restaurants. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. has the economy forced you to reduce the number of times you go out to eat? email us your response to >> what is next in the war in afghanistan? that is what officials are reviewing after a sober assessment of the situation there. nikole killion has the latest. >> the report is classified, but it gives a hard look at some of the challenges in afghanistan. in a report submitted to the pentagon this week, the general describes the war in afghanistan as it being serious. success is achievable. according to the officials, the taliban insurgency is stronger
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than previously thought. he is suggesting increasing the ranks of afghan soldiers and police to deal with it. on a tour of an aircraft facility, secretary robert gates describes afghanistan as a mixed picture. >> there are some positive developments. the casualties are up. they have a very tough fight in front of them. >> since the war began, august was the deadliest month with 47 troops killed. more than 60,000 forces are on the ground and more on the way later this year. the reviews did not include a request for additional troops. the white house says the president has not seen the report. secretary robert gibbs says it is too early to tell if we should authorize more forces. he it knowledge is that afghanistan has been neglected. >> the most important part of our war on tehran should get plenty of resources. >> there is a possibility that a
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request could come in a matter of weeks for more troops. wbal-tv. >> coming up, they say milk as a body good, but can your body digest it? we will explain. >> the do not have to spend a lot of times in the sunshine to get skin cancer. we will tell you more about that coming up. >> an up
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(announcer) it's time to raise the bar and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. with half the fat and calories of hellmann's real mayo, kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo. >> 62 degrees downtown. it is refreshing outside. of the showers are offshore this
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morning. we will see mostly sunny skies today. the sun will be up at 6:35. 77 degrees. a nice day. back to you. >> researchers believe your genes could increase your risk for skin cancer. after studying them for a melanoma patients, they identified a specific mutation of the gene that has been related to cancer. this mutation stood out from the rest. they found cancer cells depend on and to grow. they found a drug approved for the treatment of breast cancer could slow the growth of these melanoma cells. the research is preliminary.
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they are excited to learn new ways to screen for the disease. >> 50% of adults do not have the ability to digest milk properly. the ability to digest lactose has to do with ancestors. genetic imitation developed years ago allowed dairy farmers to digest milk as adults. the spread of the mutation will has been mapped out in europe. only a quarter of african and caribbean people can tolerate milk. it is nonexistent among native americans. >> very interesting. coming up, we have a new format for radio. we will tell you about the changes. >> he is a teenager in college. >> here is a live look over downtown baltimore this morning.
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very cool. your children may want to take a jacket for the morning hours. a check on traffic and weather w
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>> good morning. in the morning commute is looking good so far overall. volume is picking up. westbound saratoga at green, continued closure due to water main break repair. the accident in the city have both been cleared. there is one road closed due to the maryland state fair. 66 miles per hour on the northeast corner of the beltway. 11 minutes, your drive time on the outer loop.
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west side. here is southbound traffic near fort mchenry. no delays at the harbor tunnel. we are looking at a pretty easy ride including the west side at liberty. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> we have a couple of bust of versions, the 15 at saratoga and rain. the 44 @ rogers due to a water main break repair. the metro and light rail are on time. the mta could customer information line is available 866-ride mta.
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>> i help you are doing well ttoday. more sunshine today and very pleasant. look at the morning temperatures. chilly at the bus stop. it in the 50's. 58 at the airport. 62 in ocean city. a brisk start to us. we are beginning a new month, september 1 today. the mountains in western maryland, 65. that'll be the forecast high. 77 this afternoon. winds out of the northeast. and nice breeze. 76 in ocean city. the waters will be listening
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with some light on the chesapeake bay today. the record high as 99% in 1962. the record low 53 degrees. we may be able to tie corporate debt temperature. 61 degrees is the average low. mostly clear skies tonight. 55 degrees downtown with the winds steady. a dominant dome of high pressure that will keep us stable throughout the week. the fire risk in california is still in effect. the winds are picking up. this is hard campsite jimena almost a hurricane category five. it is approaching the baja peninsula and will affect san lucas.
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as far as the atlantic goes, an unnamed system that is likely to become tropical storm erica. plenty of sunshine this week. a great labor day weekend. the quiet weather pattern will continue here. >> maryland's morning news radio and has a new format and it debuted yesterday. >> our reporter shows us what it is all about. >> amp's 1 1090 opened up a whoe new form of radio news in the morning. >> it was quick, fast. i am still dizzy. >> we want to be the outlet and resources for portable news for people who knew -- they all of those elements to get through
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their busy day. >> traffic and weather are still on the fives another is more live news content about the big stories of the day. they are part during -- partnering more with tv 11 news on weather and some breaking news. the hardest part may be adjusting to the new routine. >> we had the old format for years and years. we could probably do that in our sleep. this is brand new. we are learning it as we go along. it keeps us on our toes. >> it as a faster pace and is a dream for news junkies with more hard-news stories. the hosts are confident that the change will be well received by listeners. it is a 4 hour nonstop show. >> i think it is a one-of-a- kind product that nobody else here in baltimore is delivering. we are trying to figure out when
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he gets a bathroom break. >> you can catch the news from 5-9 five days a week on am 1090. the gbl. -- wbal-tv. >> it was a historic day for one baltimore city school yesterday. >>3,2,1. >> yesterday was the official rate opening of dunbar high school after its renovation project. students, faculty, and paris were joined by high-profile bidding parents -- parents were joined by high-profile guests to offer inspiration and encouragement. >> you should achieve at whatever it is in life that you want to do. >> now that the dumbarton project is completed, they will
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turn their attention to other schools that could use some help. >> one boy in the nation's capital is going to college. it is the youngest -- he is the youngest student at high -- howard university. he is majoring in political science. he helps to complete his undergraduate work in two years and then tackled rescue. he is 14 years old. he says as big opportunities come his way, he will not shoot them down. >> i would not knocked down the offer to be president like barack obama. >> he is one smart kid. he will be living on campus to take advantage of the entire college campus. he hopes to attend law and medical school.
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some stiffness in connecticut -- it was a day to remember. as parents and students waited for the school bus, they saw a black bear in the neighborhood. animal control officers said the bear wandered into the woods eventually. >> i bet they could barely wait to get into the school bus. >> good one. here is a look at the winning lottery numbers of last night. good luck.
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>> this labor day, more people are expected to hit the roads. ocean city is getting ready for the last unofficial weekend of summer. hotels still have availability for the labor day weekend. vacations in ocean city do not have to stop with labor. bike week is another event. you can find out more information on entertainment by going to our web site at >> this morning we ask you during our watercooler question of the tday if the economy has
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changed the number of times you go out to eat. >> one person says yes. they are trying to get more food for their money. for a hefty price tag, you could get something that once belonged to bernard madoff. >> chris brown seems to have a need about bidding up his girlfriend rihanna. we will have the details coming up. >> and some incredible video coming up. >> we are looking at mostly sunny skies today with a cool start this morning. the details coming up in the forecast. >> continued closures with a water main break repair. we will update you on delays. that is straight ahead.
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