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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 13, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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championship presented by coca-cola, where tiger will take his number one seed there. tonight on nbc, sunday night is football night as the bears take on the packers. bob costas hosts "football night in america" live from lambeau field. the coverage begins tonight at 7:00 eastern time. for our entire nbc crew here, johnny miller, gary koch, bob murphy, roger maltbie, mark rolfing, dottie pepper, jimmy roberts, dan hicks saying so long from cog hill, where tiger once again is king. -- captions by vitac --
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>> i am gerry sandusky. the reagan start the season with some eye-popping issues --çç e ravens star preseasons. >> there is some rain off to the southwest. -- start the season. -- start the season.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institut p>> good evening. i am deborah weiner are. the big story tonight is that bigçç win at 7m&t bank stadiu.
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çgerryç sandusky is live with details. >> good evening. i think most ravens fans would say they spent too much time on the edgesç ofç their seats. they thought they would win easily, but it turned into a much more of a nail biter than many thought. theç ravensç dominated the fit quarter, leading 10-0. then, this point was blocked. john mcgrawç blockedç it, and kansas city was back in the game. joe flacco and toddç heq(, heap with his first touchdown of the year. flacco ççfound 831-yard strik. that helps put the ravens in front -- found a 31-yard strike.
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ççwhen was the last time this season began with everyone talking about the ravens offense? >>çç i think we are able to do that, and it says we have got some points about us. that is what happens -- some point4!çse. he kept his poise, and that is the kind of team we want to be. able to finish football games, and that is something that we did and are happy with. >> for joe flacco, it marked the firqt time that heç ever threw for more than 300 yards and did something else at the same time. wbal tv 11 news. >>çç what where fans have been waiting for the season to start, and they were out bright and
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early -- regions = çavens fann waiting. waiting. >> they are out here, çand thee are flying high from the ravens a big win tonight. -- they are flying high. it is a great start to what will no doubt be aç winning &m=99$(+ after the game, barbeques started to light up again. some say they were a little nervous there. they expected itç wouldç be a blowout, and they simply did not get it. >> they scared me a little bit, late in the second half, but they came through. it was a reallyç good game. ç>> i was nervous, but it is good, like that, because it is more interesting. >> a good indicationç i have çfound by doing this story a fw times for the last couple of years are the vendors. how are things doing? are things selling? some told us they are having a
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hardç time keepingç things on their shelves, and they said they are selling anything and everything flacco. çw"e)s&h'ews. >> mother nature sure delivered today after a couple of days of clouds andçç rain and chilly temperatures. i am hoping it was a contributor to the game today. here is the doppler radar. we are in great shape. ççno rain nearby. we want to pull the view back just a little bit ensure your the storm off to the southwest. eventually, this moisture will get here --çç and show you the storm off to the southwest. more coming up. stick around. >> baltimore city police are ççinvestigating several shoot, all of them happening today. just after noon, a man was gunned down in reisterstown road in northwest baltimore. u rushed to the hospital
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with serious injuries, and just before 4:30 this morning, andre williams was s$t severalç time. he was taken to shock trauma where he was pronounced dead, and at about 1:30 this morning, 18-year-oldçç israeli mason ws pronounced dead at the hospital. if you have any information on anyç of the?xshootings, you are urged to call baltimore city police. we now know the data that john allen muhammad will be put to death. -- the dayç that he wiélç be pt to death. officials say the date has been coordinated with the governor's office, and a petition for clemency is expected. he wasçç sensed to death for e of the 10 people shot to death during the 2002 rampage that terrorized the maryland and d.c. a$m9$(lc@&c+ his attorney says he will appl to the u.s. supreme court.
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a congressman wants an investigation of the advocacy group acotrn çafter9t video -- the advocacy group acorn. a man and woman posing as a pimp and a prostituteç askedç their employees for help in skirting the law. the congressman says they should investigate, but they also says that decision will be up toç te democratic majority. this morning, mayor sheila dixon joined us for our weekly question and answer segment. she talked about legal issues pact they may haveç onissues city residents. >> my focus is not allowing the citizens to burton and focus on all the taxes and issues, -- tiu citizens toç burden, so i do not want to have them burdened with all of the issues we are dealing with in thisç economy. >>ç they are looking to save money, including cuts in salaries and more furlough days.
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if you would like to see the full interview, log on to our ñç, and click on video. a police-involved shooting in chicago. çdid officerç have to shoot a teenager running from the scene of another shooting? -- did officer have to shoot? çç-- did the officer?
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autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> covering the nation tonight, in chicago,ç çan officer shotd killed a teenager. the off-duty officer chased him after witnessing the shooting. the officer identifiedçç himsf and then fired a shot, hitting harris. the boy was pronounced dead. the person involved in the initialç shooting isç in seris condition. harris is the father of a baby girl eight months old.
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çfor a north carolincç couple, they were about to be married in a rawley church when tragedy struck yesterday. -- in a raleigh, n.c.,çç chur. they were hit by a car that ran a red light. those who had already arrived for the wedding is state for a memorial service,çç and the be lead the service. -- who had already arrived for the wedding service stayed for a memorial service. çç>> high-pressure has moved . insta-weather plus forecast is just ahead. sunshine in the stadium this afternoon. çç78 at the airport,
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>> heavy rains in texas with flood warnings issued across the state. çpolice say the weather a bus fell into a sinkhole.
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they expect the heavy rains to continue with an additional two or 3 inches expected. ççóone year after hurricane ik devastated the texas coast, they are paying tribute to those lost çthere are those who died and others still missing. çç>> much of east and central texas has been very, very dry this year, so the rate is very welcome,ç butç when they get delusionges, a lot and it drains off. this is kind of spinning around. lot of it drains off. we have high-pressure favoring us.
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eventually, the pressureç droxs here, and it allows this moisture to come our way about midweek, so we are going to see a change. let's see what happens during the day today. çças far as the weather is concerned. at bwi-marshall, morning lows were down in the low 60's,çç h no precipitation. typically this time of year, 79 was the high, so the normal high is no longer 80 degrees,ç çan indication that the days are getting shorter. 79 in middle river, 77 in gaithersburg, 82 in hagerstown. ççat the scene of the victory today, all of that sunshine, a beautiful day in the area. some clouds late morning, early afternoon,çç but that are dispersed. we have a cool front to the north of us, -- but that dispersed. gt comes through,ç it will come through dry and really
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continue the trend for high pressure. this high pressure willç be wih us for a couple ofç days. eventually, all of that will give way, and this will be allowed to migrate in our çdirecáon, but as i mentioned,a few days away. " temperatures, upper 50's to near 60 --ç coolç temperature. we will be above normally warmer. nobodyñi will complain about th, i do not think -- above normally a northwest winds at 5 to 10 knots. notice the temperatureç of the water has cooled a little bit, and we are even seeing 73. that spell of " whether weç had lastç week is taking back water temperature down, at least in the shallow waters -- that spell
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of cool weather we had. ççwe will begin to see evidenf some shower activity and some clouds as the system comes in. aç more easterly flow. çeventually, there is some moisture coming up from the south. 84 tomorrow, at 83 tuesday. çç-- tomorrow, 83 tuesday. the highest chance of rain appears to be thursday, and then friday andç saturday,ç the ran chances back off a little bit. by the end of next week and though, we should dry out once again. >> i am peteçç gilbert, live t m&t bank stadium, where a funny thing happened on the way to the ravens' blowout. ravens' blowout.
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