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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at the hospital. the boyfriend said he had been buying drugs are mined from the philippines. he is charged with illegal drug possession. an autopsy is pending. we will continue to follow this developing story. >> another big story we are following is dozens of shipments of -- there is a quarantine at the academy because some students may be sick with a swine flu. >> our reporter kerry cavanaugh is live at the swine flu command center with the story. >> the naval academy is open to the public for tours and field trips while 35 remained quarantined. these a swine flu cases are on par with others at colleges.
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they are taking a more drastic solution due to the unique living situation. the swine flu virus could be powerful enough to trigger a quarantine at one of the largest dormitories. the naval academy. >> steps that they are taking a very appropriate to make sure that the healthy stay healthy and separated those that are having symptoms of the flu apart. >> 35 or isolated. -- are isolated. this is the best way to contain the virus among the others that work and sleep in such close quarters. >> we are watching this. but these young adults, this is the age group that we are seeing most of the cases.
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>> and sanitizer will be made more available. they are doing extra planning in bathrooms and lockers. they are providing surgical masks for those who are sick. baltimore area campuses by john hopkins are trying to prevent outbreaks by urging 6 students to stay in their room until they are free of a fever. >> if that child comes to school sick and spread the virus as we have seen in schools across the whole classroom and go, then it becomes a major disruption for many. >> until this one flu virus arrives, the governor wants those in maryland to be careful. but th>> it is your patriotic d. it is something you can do for your neighbors. to the extent did you can ward off the flu, making you one of the absentee casualty's of the school season, you are helping
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all of your neighbors. >> the naval academy tells us that it has confirmed seven cases of swine flu. there are 200 people hospitalized for the virus across maryland. wbal-tv. >> coming up in 10 minutes, we will take a deeper look at the swine flu vaccine. less than half the parents in this country plan to get their child immunized against the bars. with the virus being rushed to market, americans are worried if it has been fully checked out and if it could have serious side-effects. we will discuss what can happen if and what cannot happen if you do not get the flu shot. that is coming up. >> police need your help in finding a serial rapist. they have released this sketch of the man. this occurred near park heights and cold spring lane. it happened around september 20.
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at gunpoint, the woman was forced to another location where she was raped. >> there are cameras in the area that are able to get some footage of of that. we are able to obtain a composite drawing based on the victim's information. >> anyone with information about the crime should call the city police crimes unit. tonight, the boys accused of shooting a baltimore city police detective door ordered to be held without bail. they had a brief hearing today. both teenagers shot the detective at least three times while trying to rob him outside of his northwest baltimore home. he fired back. the teenagers face numerous charges including attempted murder. >> to night in maryland family is mourning the loss of a marine
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who was killed over the weekend fighting in afghanistan. our reporter spoke with the family in frederick tonight. she joins us live in the studio with their story. >> he grew up in frederick county and joined the marines a few years after high school. he left in may for his second and last deployment. tonight, his family says they are devastated but proud. >> he was set to come home at christmas. he was supposed to be my christmas present. i cannot even think about christmas. >> she is finding it hard to picture her future without her son. a member of the marines for nearly three years, he died this weekend after he was shot in the chest in afghanistan, up four months into his deployment. >> he was very proud to be arraigned. that was his life. -- he was very proud to be a marine.
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that was his life. >> his family says he wanted to be a more recent since he was a child so he could follow in the footsteps of is grandfather. his family always worried about him being overseas but never thought it would come to this. they are proud of his son loved his country. >> he is in our hearts and minds. we want people to know that. >> he leaves behind a wife, three siblings, his parents and grandparents. they have about not to let his legacy die in vain. more u.s. troops are heading to afghanistan in the war on terror. >> i'd like to see everyone come home. i know there are reasons, and i know there are reasons they have them there. it is too late for my baby, but there are other babies out there. >> no official arrangements have
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been made yet. the family plans to honor him and celebrate his life this weekend. reporting live, wbal-tv. >> in the "consumer alert", be aware of a possible telephone scam regarding your water bill. the department of public works has received several reports about past due water bills. there were told their water would be shut off. information like that is sent by mail and not made by phone. if you get a call, ask for a name and call back the number and report it to 911. >> speeders be aware, the first camera went up in baltimore city. it is in the intersection of walter and glenmore. it will start snapping pictures on thursday. speed cameras must be placed
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within half a mile of a school zone. the city sites are being selected based on crash date set in areas known for speeding. >> on water avenue, we clocked 40% of drivers speed above the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. >> for the first 30 days, a warnings will be issued but after november 1, anyone caught driving 12 miles or more over the speed limit will get a ticket. for more information, go to our web site at >> by now you probably heard about a government plan about a national fuel economy standards. the want to decrease greenhouse gas pollution. what could that mean for our wallets? our report for explains. >> there are two sides usually separated by a distinct line. in the past week, big industry and environmentalists have been shelling the lane, applauding the president's approach --
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proposal for new fuel economy standards. >> to increase gas mileage for all cars and trucks in america. >> under the plan, automakers must increase the average fuel economy rating to 33.5 mpg by 2016. that is four years sooner than the current law and 8 miles per gallon better than current measures. >> it ensures that consumers have a full range of vehicle choices. >> for american automakers, it could mean more car sales, it way to become competitive in the global market. >> it is long overdue. >> critics worry the plan could be confusing in practice. some have been battling california regulation in tailpipe emissions for years. greener on the road is likely to translate into more grain out of your pocket.
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>> a lot more cost goes into a car. they will pass that on to the consumer. >> the government says the new standards will save consumers $3,000 in consumer costs while also saving something much more valuable. wbal tv 11 news. >> the vehicle regulations will raise car and truck prices by $1,100. regulations will go through a 60 day period before they can go into effect next year. >> someone testifies for two young sisters, 11 and 12. the immediate medical help that one of the girls desperately needs. >> a chicago community is in stock after -- a shot after an honor student was beaten. >> -- in a shocshock after an hr
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student was beaten. >> we will take a look at temperatures outside. 63 downtown. humidity at 7%. i have
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>> the nationwide search continues for two girls from north carolina. one sister is nine months pregnant. they have been missing since wednesday. they are believed to be with their adoptive father. elected note with the mother saying he was taking the girls to school that day, but they never arrived for kleist'class. and teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder after beating an honor student to death.
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they have been charged as adults in the beating death of a 16 year-old student. investigators believe they targeted the teenager because he refused to join a gang. this is some video that is believed to be the beating. the mother is haunted by her son's last moment. >> i cannot even think of what could have possibly been going through his mind. >> police are using the video reportedly taken by a person at the scene to help identify others who may also have been involved. all three suspects are being held without bail. >> a university of maryland basketball player has been charged with assault. police in connecticut say that the 18 year old man is one of five teenagers arrested for assault. he turned himself in on saturday. no charges -- charges of assault
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or made. >> in our "medical alert" and national poll conducted by the university of michigan shows that less than 15% of parents plan to give their children the swine flu vaccine. there are concerns that the vaccine may have some side effects. our reporter has more. >> hospitals are already screaming for the new flu virus. >> does your throat hurt? >> the first those will be shipped in a week or so. only 4% of parents plan to give the vaccine to their children. -- only 40% of parents plan to give the vaccine to their children. they are concerned about side effects such as heart attacks, miscarriages, the fluid self. the centers for disease control
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says there is no evidence that the vaccine can cause any of these problems. misinformation may keep patients away. >> it is important for people to know if they had a hard problem to get the vaccine so that if they get the flu, it will be a mall. >> thousands of people contacted a paralyzing condition after one vaccine. >> we want to be prepared if the unexpected occurs. >> what is going to be challenging is to figure out whether or not the vaccine caused that and to do it as quickly as possible. >> experts say this is the type of shot that has been proven safe in years past. so far there has been no evidence of any harmful side effects. wbal tv 11 news. >> there is continuing flow coverage on our website
11:17 pm you can find the most up-to-date information by clicking on the following lilu link. >> next year english, spanish, in a bilingual questionnaires will be mailed. new paper work should target the predominately speaking spanish neighborhoods. president obama will put the power behind the white house for the olympic bid later this week. chicago wants to be the host city for the 2016 games. they hope their influence will help the city win the game. >> everybody was please. it was great to have the president and the first lady to come was exciting.
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>> we have the first family both of whom are from chicago. it makes a really strong case going into the final presentation. >> oprah winfrey will also join the delegation. other cities include madrid and tokyo. the city will be announced on friday. >> and when they start to hour work week out there. we are watching the cold front that provided all of the rain showers. a few scattered rain showers out towards the great lakes will not be our concern for a while. we are in the clear right now. that is good news. take a look. 77 degrees is our high today. these are average than the low 70's. tomorrow it will only get to 67. 68 degrees on wednesday.
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65 for our high on thursday. you can see some very fall-like temperatures. 54 at the airport right now. 63 downtown. still warmer toward ocean city at 63. 72 out towards cambridge. mostly clear skies tonight. 47-52 degrees. the winds have started to calm just a little bit. an area of low pressure out towards the great lakes will hold steady which is bringing this cold canadian air. it will be called in breezy tomorrow. loss of sunshine. the winds will kick up by the afternoon. we will be in that trend on wednesday. that lowe is slow to move out. it will be cold and clear for our mac -- low is slow to move
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out. it will be cold and clear for most of our week. plenty of sunshine on wednesday morning. that will be the trend as we head into the weekend. a slight chance for some sprinkles to the north. out on the bay, a small craft advisory with waves 1-2 feet. lots of sunshine and breezy conditions, and temperatures in the low 70's. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the upper 60's by wednesday, amid 60's by thursday, and a chance of rain thursday and possibly friday. a sunday back in the upper 70's. >> celebrating a special birthday by bringing awareness to a debilitating disease. tonight, you can help the ravens raise funds for als.
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>> and many are paying tribute to one person again.
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>> a chance of michael jackson are lining up at the box office to see him one last time. sales began for the release of the documentary. ticket sales show hundreds of sold-out shows in the u.s., london, and japan. the documentary does not open until october 28 and will only be shown for two weeks. >> the dance brigade foundation will hold a fund-raiser tomorrow to bring awareness about lou gehrig's disease. it was founded by the ravens director. the event is calleat the stadium tomorrow night. tickets are $175. all the proceeds go directly to the charity. you can go to our web site to learn more about the event and click on a news links
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>> the ravens will face a much
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stronger defense against new england this week than they saw yesterday against cleveland. the patriots will have to face the reality that they have never seen a ravens offense like this before. the ravens scored a touchdown right away. six for r mcgahee. -- 6 for mcgahee. joe flacco passed for more than 300 yards. a 72 yeard touchdown for another player. you get the picture. the ravens offense remains the surprise of the season so far. even reagan's defense of players cannot resist talking about it. -- even at reagan's defenthe ra players cannot resist talking about it. >> and hall of fame wide
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receiver and so many other towns and players all on the same field at the same time. >> that is high praise. a former ravens player may get a chance to start for his team. one player had a shoulder injury. if the this player cannot play this week, then the other player will make his first start. the dolphins may have lost their starting quarterback chad pennington. he injured his shoulder and the dolphins lost to san diego yesterday. it is his throwing shoulder. he once a second opinion before undergoing a third shoulder surgery that would end his season and possibly in his career. everybody knows that football
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comes with a high risk of injury. he did not expect to see serious injuries in the weight room. the u.s. the football player, underwent emergency -- a u.s. c. football player underwent emergency surgery after having a dangerous weightlifting injury today. the orioles has reached the last road series of the year. it begins with a losing streak. they lost to tampa bay tonight. melvin mora -- the bases were loaded. 31 home run after -- three run
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home run. this is still a run even if it is not a sexy run. the orioles lose. judging from the video, there were at least 17,000 fans on hand in tampa last night. >> will be back with more right after this. -- we will be back with more right after this.
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>> and final look at the weather. >> it is going to be cold. 67 for tomorrow. that is the high. in the 40's for overnight temperatures. another round of rain comes in. sunday 77 degrees. we do expect this during this season. >> are you sure that is your final answer? >> that is my final answer.
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>> thank you for joining us. if you missed any of this newscast or if you enjoyed it so much that you would like to watch again, it will broadcast again at midnight. the tonight show with conan o'brien is coming up next. good night. [ cheers and applause ]


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