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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 1, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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offered a reward for any information, but nothing seemed to panned out. >> as the days and nights passed and the seasons change, you could only think of a thousand different things it could be, and 999 them are bad. >> tonight the family learned that mia nichols would not be coming home. >> police were only able to identify her body through dental records. police have arrested 29-year-old tyrone web. he has been charged with first- degree murder. we are told that bell has been denied. >> also are in baltimore county, police or investigating a deadly stabbing in randallstown.
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his 1998 lincoln navigator was stolen this morning, but police found it in baltimore city. police have no leads are suspects. if you have any information, your urged to call crimestoppers. investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire in a home in south baltimore. the home was fully engulfed in flames. the fire then spread to adjoining homes. fortunately, there were no reports of any injuries. >> baltimore city police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own officers. it happened this afternoon in harman in your point in south baltimore. -- carmen and pure point. no word tonight on the condition of the suspect. >> there is a manhunt underway for a man who escaped police. investigators say he dragged a
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police officer as he fled. >> police had to use a lot of the yellow crime take this afternoon. what happened covered multiple blocks and created three distinct crime scenes that had to be sealed off for investigation. it started just before 1:00 at the western district police station. a man showed up to meet with authorities, but took off when he realized there's a warrant out for him. a police officer tried to stop him by turning off the ignition in his car, but the man drove off, dragging the officer for about five blocks. another officer he fired at the car, hitting the back window. the car was ditched several blocks away, and there is no sign of the suspect. >> is pretty obvious when you have an officer hanging out your window that you were dragging someone. i am pretty sure he was aware of that.
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>> luckily he did not get hurt too badly. >> a short time ago, the police department sent out a picture of the suspect they are looking for. his name is ricky use. he is 27 years old, no known address -- creaky hughes. -- ricky hughes. the officer tells us his bulletproof vest was shredded and he got away with minor scrapes. >> the city police commander is on suspension tonight with pay. major roger bergeron is the subject of an internal investigation. this is the video of him last year on a neighborhood what. he is an 18-year veteran of the force. a police post person reject
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spokesperson will not say why he has been suspended. to stabbings on the same street in east baltimore are under investigation. the first tappan around 12 of 30 this morning -- first happened around 12:30. one of the women stabbed the man in the neck, back, and chest. in a separate incident, police say a man walked into the same store and said he had been stabbed in the torso. he was taken to hopkins in critical condition. >> there are more of swine flu concerns in baltimore city schools, just after a 14-year- old girl died from the virus. there are now to work reported cases two more reported cases in baltimore schools. >> sources tell us that letters were to be sent home today with students this afternoon, but parents were not waiting to get
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an official word. >> parents were forced to rush to the school to take their children home for the day. some went as far as making sure their children's hands were clean before leaving. >> my neighbor told me when i came up, and principal confirmed it. two cases. >> everybody is wearing gloves. >> even the teachers? >> everybody, all the adults. >> she is on antibiotics, but all the teachers are wearing gloves. >> city school officials would not confirm the swine flu case, but at least one parent whose son became ill at the school and was treated by an area doctor is convinced it is a case here. >> they say he just has a virus, but his friend had the swine flu, so i was worried about that. >> a few days ago, baltimore city college reported a case of the h1n1 virus. a letter was sent home to
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parents after administrators got official word from the student doctor. the letter said the invected student was not in school during the illness and has not returned. >> we will do testing in cases where we believe there are outbreaks, but unlike the screen, it is not widespread. >> officials say they are tracking the eighth one in one burst, but they are not in the business of confirming cases. -- tracking the h1n1 virus. >> state health officials urge parents to keep six students at home, and at the swine flu is confirmed, get them treated. we have a number of resources on our website, there is a link under a hot topics.
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>> we start the month of october with the chilliest temperatures of also for. it was cool this morning for many areas, down in the 40's. temperature is right now range from the upper 50 to the low and mid 60's around the baltimore area. there are some showers developing of to the south and west. this showers or the size of a warm front that is beginning to move in our direction, so we expect temperatures to slowly climb back to normal. we will check out the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. >> marilyn's new law that bans texting while driving did go into effect today. it is considered a primary traffic offense. officers do not need another reason to pull you over. violators face fines anywhere from $70 to $500. david collins has the latest.
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>> driven to distraction. this is now against law in maryland, texting while driving. police do not need any other reason to pull you over. texting is now a primary bids, and violators face stiff fines. traffic law expert has his doubts. >> is that officer going to say i want to see your phone, and if you do not let them look at your phone, are they going to go get a search warrant? how is the officer going to prove if you say you were looking up a number. >> arguments compared texting distractions to driving while legally intoxicated. >> a texting driver is a dangerous person on the road. it is a ticking time bomb for an
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accident. >> this demonstration shows even prolific textures crash. >> we are seen students driving around on campus and we see them out on the highways texting and. we see them on cell phones, not paying attention. it is really important, because we want to get the word out. >> supporters believe the loss since a strong message of awareness, but one legal expert is concerned about the potential for abuse. nex>> i think we will be dealing with litigation related to this statute for many years to come. >> only to police agencies responded to our inquiries. there seems to bid -- there seems to be a big learning curve on how to enforce this law. the bottom line, if you want to do this, text, you better do it outside of that.
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>> we are assuming you are not driving right out of your watching the news, so get your cellphone. we would like to hear from you on this issue. are you less likely to text now that you know your likely to get a fine of up to $500? text the word yes or no to this number. take a look at the results so far, 61% say that will continue to text while driving. 39% said they are less likely to take now that the new law is in effect. >> several other new laws to effect today. people convicted twice of impaired driving crimes will have their license automatically suspended for a year. the state also will not allow drug and drivers to receive probation before conviction.
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>> retailers are pulling out all stops to get you to buy during the holiday season. they are also using a few new strategies to get your business. >> elizabeth smart went missing for nine months before suicidally found, but today she did tell what life was like -- before being finally found. >> we have new information today about whether your state has enough hospital beds for the sick this flu season. >> and another reason why you should not give your kid to much candy. the new research that links lots of candy consumption to violent behavior. >> some dogs need some homes. >> some dogs need some homes.
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>> the state of maryland named its ninth poet laureate today. he is a distinguished professor and a 2007 national book award finalist. he was chosen unanimously from the selection panel. the governor says one of his appointed duties is to provide public readings for maryland citizens. >> i look forward to joining the larger and distinguished complement of people from maryland in order to make more public the sometimes most private of the arts. >> today also marks the 50th
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anniversary of the maryland poet laureate program. if you would like to hear maryland's new poet laureate read some of his points, click on our web site, >> in tonight's "medical alert," up to 9 million people might get sick with the h1n1 swine flu virus. almost cases have been mild so far, a new report looks at whether hospitals across the country have enough beds to take care of the possible patient load. a study found that 15 states could be over capacity at the height of the outbreak. tracy potts has the latest from washington. >> lucy's and officially start sunday, but this dallas hospital is already -- flu season officially start sunday, but this dallas hospital is already on overload from last year. the staff is trying to cope. things could get worse.
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it is reported that 15 states could run out of hospital beds, assuming the h1n1 virus stays relatively mild. >> you will see different standards of care, people not being hospitalized when they would under ordinary circumstances, people being discharged early, and some treatments being postponed. >> the cdc reports that one- third of those who died from h1n1 that they tested also had bacterial pneumonia. health advocates are urging hospital workers to be even more careful. >> they need to be taking care of in a very protected way, which includes everyone in the healthcare organization washing their hands every time. >> the cdc has 600,000 doses of the vaccine. for the sickest children, they are also sending 300 courses of tamiflu which expired dates.
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officials say it is safe and it works. >> this is not a matter of let's just change the labels. >> another 7 million doses of vaccine should be shipped out next week. >> it looks like maryland might have a problem with more than 2 million flu cases predicted this season. 26,000 people in the hospital, but 43% more patients and hospital beds. from washington, i am tracy pots. >> americans are overdosing more often from drugs you get from a doctor than from a dealer. the number of deadly overdoses from painkillers such as methadone, a morphine, and coating, has tripled since 1999. in 2006, nearly 14 dozen people died from opiate painkiller overdoses. prescription up -- prescription dutcdrug overdoses.
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bad news for kids with a sweet tooth. a new british study finds kids to eat candy every single day might be more likely to be convicted for violent crimes when they grow up. researchers think it might be because regularly giving in to kids pleas for sweets may stop them from learning how to wait to get what they want. they say it might push children towards more impulsive behavior. >> let's go live to captain roy taylor in skyteam 11. >> a motorcycle accident with partial injury. baltimore city police are in the process of shutting down fayette street at decker while they make -- while they wait for medics to respond to the industry picked -- to the injury.
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>> and i start to the month of october, little on the chilly side. kind of a reminder that we are into the cool weather season. check out these actual morning lows around the great lakes. you can see some 20's and 30's, and how about the 40's all the way down into nashville, tenn.? officially 44 here in baltimore, but there were spots colder than that in the region. lankester at 41, was mr. down to 42 degrees -- westminster down to 42 degrees. on the eastern shore, away from the bay, mid 40's, and the chilly stuff out to the west, 36
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to start the day out at oakland. temperatures are still in the 50's in far western maryland, but we have warned into the 60's in the baltimore carolarea. skies will turn a little cloudy overnight. it will prevent the temperature from falling as fast this evening, so increasing clouds, not as cold tonight. still on the chilly site in some spots. sunset is at 6:49. there are changes on the way. the winds will shift back to the cell and some of the moisture in the ohio valley will start reading -- crowding in. some of the showers will be working our way as the war front in vances' into the region. temperatures will come up tomorrow, and going into the
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evening hours the scattered showers will try to develop across central and eastern maryland. often on showers friday night. early saturday morning there might be a few showers, by 7:00 it opens the door to clearing skies. looks like sunday will be a nice finish to the weekend. in the weekend rain will likely be late friday night going into saturday morning, and then a clearing pattern will come back into the region. mostly cloudy for friday, 70-75, south wins at 8-15 miles an hour. the wins will kick in from the south and southeast on the day. a small craft advisory has been posted. 73 tomorrow with the chance for a shower in the evening, a slight chance for shower in the morning saturday, then some sun in the afternoon.
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mostly sunny on sunday, a beautiful monday with 72, before the chances for showers move back into the picture in the middle of next week. >> the pilot to successfully landed a jetliner in new york's husband -- hudson river applies again. we will hear about his first time back in the cockpit. >> we are learning more about michael jackson's condition when he died. his autopsy reveals his health was not as bad as first thought. >> in less than 24 hours, the windy city finds out if it will host the 2016 games. we will have the very latest coming up. >> and the future of the saturn automobile. is it going away or not? i will have a live report new at 6:00. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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>> the world is focused on copenhagen tonight and the pending announcement from the international olympic committee. the group will decide which city will host the 2016 summer olympic games. >> no one is watching as closely as the people who live in chicago. even oprah winfrey is getting in on the action. >> president barack obama wrapped up his work at home and before boarding his flight
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denmark. the first lady met today with the olympic committee president. >> this is an opportunity for the united states to connect to the world. >> another key player for the chicago delegation is the first lady of television, oprah winfrey. >> my message is really about my love for chicago and the spirit that we know the games will bring. >> as the olympic delegation gathers in copenhagen, a host of celebrities and dignitaries are making the final push for chicago, but it is still clear who carries the most are power. >> the expect to be the difference maker? >> no. >> even before he planned it, the president is expecting to make a strong impression on the voting members. >> this is one of the most charismatic man on the planet.
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>> rio de janeiro has some star power of its own. arguably, the most famous athlete ever, pele, is in denmark trying to provide a strong kick for his country to host the games. >> we have never had it in south america. >> as chicago prepares for friday's decision on the host city. >> we are just hoping for the right answer and that chicago concelebrate. >> an answer that is now less than 24 hours away. >> the final presentation from each city, including the address from president obama, will take place overnight, and the ultimate decision will be formally announced tomorrow around lunchtime. >> breaking news right now, let's head out to captain roy
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taylor. >> we ourselves bound we -- we are southbound, an accident with personal injury. had vehicle crashed into a guard rail, knocking down a light pole, and then spinning around several times. all lanes are blocked while paramedics deal with the injured. >> it was a frightening situation for a baltimore bus driver who was taking students to school. up next, what she saw that now has police investigating. >> she is all grown up now and has a dramatic story to tell. elizabeth r. talks about what happened after she was kidnapped and held against her will. -- elizabeth more. >> these two dogs live in deplorable conditions. now they need a new home. that story coming up. >> and the retailer best buy has a new tool to help customers for the upcoming -- upcoming holiday season. season.
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>> after living their lives in terrible conditions, these two dogs are doing fine now, and they are looking for new owners. according to county officials, it was a terrible case of animal cruelty. 21 dogs living in terrible conditions in a pasadena home. three of them did not make it. the good news, almost a dozen of them have found homes, but many of them are still up for adoption. >> it was just a little over a month ago when these two dogs were found living in deplorable conditions. it was august 28 when anne arundel county animal control found the 21 dogs living in this home in pasadena.
5:31 pm
>> the dogs were living in feces. someone from the hazmat team had to dress up to go into the house to rescue those animals in such deplorable conditions. >> the county seat fell $21. three of the dogs died, -- county seized 21 dogs. these too are looking for owners. >> i think they will be a good pet for someone. blackie loves kids. whoever takes them, they are the ones that are going to trust. >> to see them now, they seem like any other fun loving puppy. >> they did not have any human interaction, or at least not much. we have to get them acclimated to dealing with people. >> the animal control officials have done a great job of socializing with these animals.
5:32 pm
they are now alive and well and will be healthy homes. >> if your looking for a four legged friend, these two fellows are looking for someone to take care of them, to give them something they have never had, a real home. >> we hope they find homes soon. here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. a baltimore city woman who has been missing for almost a year has been found dead. 37-year-old mia nichols had left her home and then vanished. her body was discovered on saturday by two hunters in a wooded area on dogwood road in baltimore county. this week her boyfriend, tyrone webb was arrested in connection with the case. police say a driver was taking students to school when she
5:33 pm
stopped to pick up riders in southwest baltimore. she noticed a man pointing a gun at the front windshield. police say the suspect fired the gun several times. fortunately, the windshield did not break. >> at least 150 people are known dead, not emergency officials say it could take weeks to find the hundreds of other still missing after multiple tsunamis that struck american samoa. entire villages were washed away when for powerful tsunamis crashed into western and american samoa on tuesday. witnesses say the waves were up to 20 feet high. in indonesia, the death toll from an earthquake there has left more than 1000 people dead. the region was jolted by a second earthquake this morning. just yesterday, another quake also hit the island. authorities say more than 1100 buildings, including hotels, schools, and hospitals were destroyed or damages.
5:34 pm
thousands of people are still believed to be trapped. >> elizabeth smart is now 21 years old. she said she was raped daily after being adapted b.j. abducted from her bed when she was 14 years old. >> for the first time since she was taken at knife point from our salt lake city home seven years ago, elizabeth smart described what happened to her after brian david mitchell allegedly abducted her. >> she was graceful, remarkable, strong, and a powerful testimony. >> in district court in salt lake city, she testified that mitchell, and homeless street preacher, was driven by sex, not religion. >> there were certainly a lot of things that i had never heard before, and i had no idea what
5:35 pm
she had gone through. >> her testimony is part of the proceedings to determine if mitchell is mentally competent to stand trial. he refused to take psychological evaluations and has twice been found incompetent in state court. >> is the position of the united states that he says attempted to fool -- he has attempted to fool or deceive the system. >> smart was 14 when she was kidnapped and taken to a camp 3 miles from her home. she said she was raped repeatedly each day and told she would be killed if she yelled or try to escape. a massive search was carried out with thousands of volunteers. nine months later, mitchell and his wife were found with smart, walking along a street in a salt lake city suburb. now aged 21, she says her faith has sustained her. >> no matter what people can take from your duty or harm you, they cannot take that away from you.
5:36 pm
>> reliving the crimes. >> let's go live to captain roy taylor in skype team 11. >> an accident with personal injury, a pedestrian who has been struck, very serious at this location. paramedics are dealing with the individual right now. pennsylvania avenue has been shut down. >> up next, a dog disappeared 10 years ago, but has been found hundreds of miles away. >> how the owner learned where the dog was. the details as we cover the nation. >> and new concerns of the swine flu in baltimore city. two were schools have been added to the list. >> there is only one thing that could make me get into a bathing
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suit in october. it is the maryland special olympics. coming up, a crazy, fun event that involves a
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>> tonight, an autopsy shows that michael jackson was not a sickly skeleton of a man portrayed by some tabloids when he died. the associated press has a table a copy of the autopsy. they say his face and neck were scarred and he had tattooed eyebrows and lives, but overall, he was a fairly healthy people- year-old. the report says his heart is strong, but his lungs were damaged. the report adds that none of those conditions were life- threatening. >> a stun gun incident was caught on tape. this video shows a woman being shocked with a stun gun during a traffic stop. the club has been widely seen on the internet. reports a travis county has offered the woman for less than
5:41 pm
the $135,000 she is seeking for pain and suffering, medical expenses. >> a dog missing from northern virginia for more than a decade may soon be reunited with his owner. an 8-year-old girl found grindle in some bushes in the town of blogging, oklahoma. the dog disappeared back in 1999. the girl and her mother took grindle to a veterinarian who found a microchip under the dog's skin. the owner is not well enough to travel, but they could beat together again next week. how grindle got to oklahoma, they have no idea. >> they helped successfully ditch a plane in new york's hudson river. the pilot and co-pilot returned to the cockpit today. >> the nation's largest retailer
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is getting a big jump on holiday season. how walmart is trying to get your business right now. >> cool and dry across the region, but maybe a few rain showers are heading in this direction. for now, an
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>> here is what we are looking on for 6:00. general motors announced it is shutting down its saturn division. i know what that means for local drivers who on saturn's. the body of a baltimore woman missing for nearly a year was down. we will have details on who police have charged in the delta of mia and that's how verizon fios works. any questions? so will the tv in my house look that amazing? yep. fios has 100% fiber optics straight to your home. and i get $150 back when i switch to fios? that's correct. i got a question, i got a question. is anybody here buying this?
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>> the pilot hailed as a hero for making a landing on the hats and river is back in the cockpit. -- on the hudson river. he reunited with his co-pilot from that fateful flight. >> capt. sullenberger officially returned to his flying duty today nine months after he made the emergency landing on the hudson river. >> it is good to be back in new york and back at work. >> it was a symbolic reunion for both, starting out the day flight from charlotte to new york and finishing the return flight that was cut short in january. >> i had only one request, and that was when i did return to work, i wanted to be reunited with my crew from flight 1549.
5:46 pm
>> the flight had just taken off from laguardia when a flock of geese collided with the plane and knocked out both engines. he made a splash landing on the hudson river. all 155 passengers and crew members survived, and the flight became known as the miracle on the hudson. mary leonard was one of the survivors. -- gary leonard. he retired as one of the first passengers on the flight. >> i think it has come full circle. >> he is writing a book and received a hero's welcome wherever he goes. >> the adoration comes not only from the public and passengers, but also from u.s. airways workers. many turned out to meet and paid tribute to their hero. >> they say they were just doing their job. now that both are back to work,
5:47 pm
they plan to make sure the experience and professionalism shown on that miracle they become the standard in the industry. >> now, you are 11 insta- weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 44 degrees this morning, and only 64 for the afternoon high. the normal high is 73 degrees. the morning low of 44 and missed the normal mark by six degrees. many areas where even chillier than that. look at the record low, 36 on the first of october back in 1947. there were some spots in western maryland that dropped into the 30's at oakland and savage amount. 30's were common out that way.
5:48 pm
while at 41 degrees, 42 over in caroline county and 44 around the sells very airport. afternoon gibber jurors were not a lot warmer, still in the 50's and 60's across the state. skies will turn a little cloudy over night. this blanket of cloudiness, combined with a southerly breeze overnight, will keep the temperatures up, compared to last night. 46 north and west in the valleys, and 53 around the shore of the bay. high-pressure delivering that shot of cold air is weakening and moving away. heavy showers and thunderstorms are associated with the warmer air, severe storms along the front stretching down into the southern plain. this front will start working through beginning tomorrow evening.
5:49 pm
it should clear out the sky for most of the upcoming weekend. tomorrow, mostly cloudy and towards 9:00 in the evening, showers become prevalent across central and eastern maryland. after sunset we get into the evening with a shower chance is increasing. saturday morning, 6:00, most of the rain is off the coast. any weekend rain would likely be early saturday, paul -- followed by partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day. for friday, 70-75 under mostly cloudy skies. normal temperatures, but a chance for a shower as we head towards sunset. the national weather service has posted a small craft advisory for the open waters in chesapeake. adding to the mountains, showers become likely by afternoon. around the bay, partly to mostly cloudy sky. ocean city sneaks in another dry
5:50 pm
day tomorrow, but the clouds will be increasing. they will hit 73 and have a chance of rain the first part of saturday. 75 as the rain moves out saturday morning. 73 on sunday with bright sunny skies. another chance for showers on tuesday and wednesday. >> ge and comcast are in early talks over nbc universal's future. according to people familiar with the negotiations, in g e is now in talks with comcast. the deal would spin off the unit into a new company. comcast is the nation's largest cable tv provider. the deal with ge would allow comcast to take 51% of economic control of nbc universal. >> in tonight's "consumer
5:51 pm
alert," fliers will find 150 more new body scanners that will allow them to see under your clothing. critics say the scanners are interested and the house will pass legislation to restrict their use to passengers who have been flat for other reasons. >> walmart has decided to start holiday sales now. >> it is this season for halloween. walmart hosts shoppers have christmas on their minds. the retail giant keck of polish shopping of the month early, offering 100 -- kicked off holiday shopping a few months of early, offering tories for $10 a pop. >> we have a family of five.
5:52 pm
>> she has already started her christmas shopping, but admits she is watching her wallet. >> we have cut back. we are buying just one for all the kids to share and several for the little ones. >> walmart is banking on shoppers' buying early. >> when you spend $10 here and $10 there, you do not really feel it. >> that are hoping budget conscious buyers take notice. >> you have to budget everything, and if you did not know it, you have to learn it. >> you will be able to bring your electronics problem to best buy. they will take tweets on their twitter side. the facebook page has been redesigned to make it easier to ask for product advice.
5:53 pm
>> i am so confused. up next, general motors will discontinue its cedergren of cars. >> what does that mean for service if you owned a saturn? we will explain to you at 6:00. >> if you have always wanted to be in the polar bear plunge but could never quite make it, this weekend is your chance. you can be a slider, not
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5:56 pm
>> this weekend, hundreds of people will get cold and wet in the name of the maryland the special olympics. >> it is a new event called the slush and slime. >> you have heard of a warm-up, well this is a cool down for the plunge that will come later in january. >> the parking lot is quiet now, but come saturday, it will look reminiscent of this scene at sandy point state park in the polar bear plunge, sort of. >> we will be building the world's largest snowball, and following that we will do the slide. >> even without the bay, have no fear, participants will get plenty wet and cold on this slide. >> it is a big, inflatable rubber slide. our sliders' will be going down simultaneously, side-by-side into a pool of icy water. >> for $50 in pledges, up to 1000 sliders' can participate.
5:57 pm
i am sliding, too. >> we will have a kids' area where we have amusements. we have faced paying. >> jason foyt is one of the organizers. there'll be plenty to eat and drink. it is a way for law enforcement and the community to come together to support the athletes every year. >> if you do not want to dive into the frigid waters, you can still benefit the special olympics by coming out to this event. >> it is a great cause. >> if you missed any of this newscast or would like to see it again, we will rebroadcasted again tonight at 7:00. >> effective today, it is
5:58 pm
against the law to text while driving. can police enforce it? details, straight ahead. >> can the saturn line of cars still be saved? we will take a closer look, coming up. >> to hunters find the body of a missing baltimore city woman. >> live, local, latebreaking. >> are big story at 6:00, starting today, texting while driving is illegal in maryland. violators could get points against their license and face fines of up to $500. >> debate rages as to whether it can be enforced. >> this new law seems to have called police by surprise. some departments are still working on a policy on how to enforce it. one legal expert tells us a lot is written poorly and will be difficult to enforce. >> driven to distraction.
5:59 pm
this is now against the law in maryland, texting while driving. police do not need any other reason to pull you over. violators face points and stiff fines. we ask law enforcement officials how they plan to enforce it. only to make agencies responded. howard county police say they are putting together a training bulletin on how to enforce the new law. officers will be given specifics on the new law and take enforcement action accordingly. but is the new law enforceable? a traffic law expert has his doubts. >> i do not know where they are going to go. is an officer going to say, i want to see your phone, and give the motorist says here is my phone, great. if they do not, are going to get a search warrant? how is the motorist going to prove if -- how is an officer going to prove if the motorist says he is looking up a numb


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