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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 1, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> is double the risk of someone who is driving with a blood alcohol level. a text messaging driver is a dangerous person on the road. is a ticking time bomb for an accident. >> this demonstration shows even prolific dexter's crashed. >> we have seen students drive around on campus and out on the highways. we see them texting and using a sell bonds, not paying attention. it is really important, because we want to get the word out. >> at least one legal expert is concerned about the potential abuse. >> there will be great concern that anybody using the phone, an officer has reasonable suspicion to stop the car. i think we will be dealing with litigation related to this particular statute for many years to come. >> many expect the general
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assembly to be asked to revisit a lot during the upcoming session. -- to revisit the law. >> we want to hear from you. are you less likely to text of driving now that if you get caught you can base of $500 fine? text the word yes or no to this number. here is a look at the results so far. 59% say no, they will continue to text of driving. 41% said they are less likely to text now that the new law is in effect. we will have an update tonight on 11 news at 11:00. >> general motors announced it was shut down its saturn division, but what does that mean for drivers who own one of their cars? >> many in the auto industry will tell you that the saturn line of vehicles has had a cult following over the years.
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while it never made general motors that much money, and let them with a lot of happy customers. now it appears that the line is all but dead, but there are still people who feel it could be set in the 11th hour. >> marie davidson and her husband have been saturn owners for 10 years. the recently purchased a hybrid. they cannot believe a company they grew to love and trust may soon be gone. >> we have had such a positive experience. i husband has 200,000 miles on his saturn. we were looking for a future with them as well as the past. it is just a disappointment that we do not have that with them anymore. >> general motors was en 8 gold line deal with penske motors at -- penske pulled out of the deal. >> the dealers assumed it was going to go through, so it was
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very disappointed yesterday when the news came out that the talks had broken off. >> the maryland automobile dealers association was caught completely off guard. the president says he has been in several meetings and had more scheduled with the state to finalize new licenses for dealers once the new owner took over. he is still holding out hope that another company will step forward and by saturn. >> saturn is a valuable brand with a very strong dealer network. there is a possibility, but how close that is -- time is certainly a factor. >> there are three saturn dealers in maryland with multiple locations. we were told they are very surprised by the announcement, but they will withhold on-camera comments until they get more information from gm. industry experts believe that information should come by late
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next week. for all saturn owners, general motors says it will honor all warranty terms, as for a services concern, if you need to bring your vehicle in for service, you could take it to any general motors service area to have it fixed. >> a city police commander is on suspension tonight with a. major roger bergeron had baltimore southeastern district. he is the subject of an internal investigation. this is the major last year on a walk-through highland town. a spokesman says -- will not say why he was suspended with pay. deputy william davis has been named interim commander for that area. >> a shooting happened this afternoon in south baltimore. we are told the officer shot the suspect who apparently had a weapon. investigators said the gun has
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been recovered. the suspect is in critical condition at shock trauma at this hour. police need your help in looking for this man. they say 27-year-old ricky hughes dragon officer five blocks by car. police say he wanted to meet with officers but became suspicious and then ran to his car. an officer tried to get the keys was dragged nearly five blocks as hughes continued to drive off. the officer is being treated at shock trauma. >> authorities arrested a man who shot a bb gun at a bus this morning. the driver was taking students to school when she stopped in southwest baltimore. that is when she noticed a man pointing a gun at the front windshield. police say the suspect are begun several times, but fortunately the windshield did not break. -- the suspect fired the gun
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several times. >> authorities say 55-rodney lewis's body was found inside his home yesterday afternoon. his 1998 lincoln navigator was stolen, but police found it in baltimore city this morning. police have no leads are suspects in the case. if you have any information, you are urged to call metro crimestoppers. >> this week, a baltimore family got the news they have been waiting for. 37-year-old mia nichols has been down. her body was uncovered in a wooded area of baltimore county, and an arrest has been made in the case. >> her onetime live-in boyfriend, tyrone webb, has been arrested and charged with first- degree murder. on october 28, 2008, she left
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her job at volunteers of america, parked near her home, and vanished. three months of the case, the vigils continue, and her three children were still waiting for their mother to come home. >> your mom did not walk out on you. do not think she just left you. this was something out of her control. she loves you, no matter what, and we love you. >> we will not be satisfied until we all the answers that we need, some kind of closure to this. >> partial closure may have come to the family this week. >> two hunters were in the woods, way out near the border with howard county. they came across bones, human remains. they were identified as human, and through dental records identified as a woman missing from the city.
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>> the medical examiner used dental records to identify her body. they say she was shot twice in the head. an arrest has been made in the case, tyrone webb has been charged with first-degree murder. >> according to documents, the two had been fighting recently and the victim had just found out and may have been thinking about leaving webb. now he is in jail and his bail has been denied. >> police have captured a teenager who escaped from a juvenile facility in baltimore county. they have also arrested a youth counselor worked at the same facility. police say she is charged with
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harboring and sexual job abuse. the juvenile escapee was arrested in delaware. they discovered the two were together the night before they were both arrested. crews are trying to determine what caused the fire in a home and sell baltimore around 1:00 this afternoon. firefighters found a home fully engulfed with flames. the fire spread to two adjoining homes. fortunately, there were no reports of any injuries. >> the state fire marshal has charged a man was setting his father's home on fire. authorities say john lewis thompson was in the process of being evicted from the home in mount airy. investigators say he started the fire on the rear deck of the home, sending his father to the hospital with smoke inhalation. he is still hospitalized. john thompson is being held at a detention center. >> there is more news ahead on
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11 news at 6:00. >> concerned parents deal with another swine flu scare. that story's coming up. >> i am pete gilbert live at the baltimore country club. fred funk will join us later for a live interview on sports. >> we have some clouds, showers, a little bit of a warmup in the forecast. right now is 63 degrees. we'll have a forecast straight ahead. >> chris rock is here tonight. chris matthews will answer 10 at 10.
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>> 11 news has learned up to more h1n1 cases affecting
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baltimore and students. >> both of the new cases have been reported that schools in east baltimore. parents say they got word about the illness today. >> everybody is wearing gloves. >> even the teachers? >> everybody, all the adults. >> stand is talk about what they witnessed inside the school. it is just one of the reasons why parents russ -- rushed to the school to take their children home. >> my neighbor told me when i came up, and principal confirmed it. two cases. >> sources tell us that letters were to be sent home confirming at least one case of swine flu. parents were not waiting. in some cases, the major their hands were clean as they left.
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baltimore city school officials will confirm a case of h1n1 at the school. that hasn't forced -- that has apparently forced some kids to come to their own conclusions. >> all the teachers are wearing gloves and everything. >> the school sent home a letter to parents saying that this did it was not in school all sick and will not return until she has been cleared by a doctor. in the meantime, state health officials say swine flu cases are widespread, especially in schools. >> we are identifying outbreaks are on the state in school systems. generally speaking, this is a virus that is no more brilliant than the seasonal fluke. >> even so, parents at this school said that will play it extra safe. -- is no more virulent than the seasonal flu.
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>> officials say they will only do swine flu testing in cases where they believe there are outbreaks. we have a number of resources on our web site, there is a link under hot topics. >> the first day of october was more typical of a day toward the end of the month, it kind of jump forward for weeks or so with an afternoon high of only 64 and a morning low that was the coolest to procure we have had this for -- a " ridiculous temperature we have had thus far. the normal high is 73.
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when you get inland away from the bay, it was 42. the same scenario on the western shore. annapolis at the live oak -- naval academy, 51. some chili 30's in allegheny and tarrant county off to the west. temperatures have not warmed up much to the afternoon. tonight it will be a little bit different. we have already seen some cloud cover approaching the region from the west. that blanket of night, then clouds will not produce precipitation tonight, but will act as a blanket, trapping some of the heat of the day near the ground tonight. 46-53 for the overnight low. the area of low pressure is pershing a warm front into the ohio valley and the pushing a warm front into the ohio valley.
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it looks like this front will sweep through the mid-atlantic region just in time to clear up skies for the weekend. tomorrow, look for some of the cloud cover that is coming across the ohio valley to make a run at baltimore. most of them will dry up, and during the day we will stay dry. after sunset we will see some showers developing in central maryland, and the threat of a shower continues for most of friday night. early saturday morning, western and central maryland are already clearing out. in the weekend rain looks like it will be confined to the morning hours of saturday, and after that, the skies should clear up for the rest of the weekend. the threat of a shower runs at 30% after sunset. winds could gust to 25 knots on the day, so there is a small craft advisory.
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it looks like it will clear up in the western maryland mountains for the weekend. but friday at ocean city, with the showers not getting there until late friday night or saturday morning. a chance for an early morning shower saturday and then partly cloudy. a beautiful map -- sunday and monday with scattered showers again on tuesday and wednesday. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> coming to you live from the baltimore country club, the first round is done. let's look at some of the highlights. it is one of the best courses they play all year long. tom watson, and nick price, and fred funk. go for the birdie at no. 2. fred post went on to win -- fred
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funk went on to win. we go to the sixth hole, a short bill whole -- a short lull hole. he would get the birds eat and get a - one there, finishing with the round of 71. watson drops another putt. the shot of the day was jay haas on 13. it goes right by the edge of the cup. despite the fact that he played with me yesterday, he is hitting it just fine. joining me now is fred funk, the local favorite. i know your expectations were pretty high. how are you feeling? >> i feel a little better after tonight's practice session. i am getting away from some poor
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habits the last week. we work really hard last night for about three hours, and i did not get anything out of it until we discussed it on the way home. i hit some good shots today and some very poor shots got me out a position a couple of times. thank goodness is three more days. i can play the way i know how. >> what would it mean for you to win this year in maryland? >> the schwab cup, i put that as a high goal for me to win that. i love golf course in my home state, and all the support i have, i would just love to not one of your. i have been close, i just need to finish one all. >> best of luck for the rest of the week. let's talk about the ravens. they have to face tom brady this week. grady is coming off of knee surgery. last week he was a bit better.
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brady still not succeeding in the red zone, but he was much more accurate. he made some plays when he needed to. with tom brady getting better and better, that makes things tougher for the ravens. they are going to pick their spots to go after tom brady. stay with us, 11 news continues right after this.
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>> baltimore city police are searching for a home invasion and rape suspect. the clue that could help to locate the suspect.
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we also learned of two more cases of h1n1 virus in schools. when health workers say
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- i'm in. - i'm a part of it. grilled nation is 60 million strong and counting. and now you can be part of it too. try a two-piece meal with 2 sides... and a biscuit for just $3.99. ♪ >> taking us through the first week of october with a little warm up. we will be back to normal 73 tomorrow. a chance for some scattered showers tomorrow evening into saturday morning.
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the rest of the weekend, it clear seven should be very comfortable. a few showers heading into tuesday and wednesday. 67 on thursday, taking us right up to the brink of the marathon. we are hoping the nice weather will last. >> nbc nightly news with brian williams is up next. >> see you at 07 o'clock.
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