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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  October 2, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. >> good afternoon. i am mindy basara. crews have found a body in a store in north baltimore lowell melser just arrived at the scene -- swerewer in north baltimore. lowell melser just arrived at the scene. >> a verizon worker made the discovery after the funding of a manhole. -- after lifting of a manhole. this neighborhood is very close to belvedere square. police cannot confirm whether a male or female was discovered, or if there were any signs of trauma. they did tell us that the body was badly decomposed. they are winning for the medical examiner's office to pick up the
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body at this point. one witness off-camera said that she spoke with the worker after he made the discovery and he told her that there was no way that this body could have actually floated through the sewer system to get to this point, because the lines between each store opening are only about 12 inches wide. someone would have had to replace the body here or some of this guy got into the sewer system and somehow died. police continue to investigate the scene and they hope they have more information in the coming hours. >> we are following breaking news out of copenhagen, where we have just learned that chicago has been dropped as a contender for the 2016 games. just moments ago, the ioc eliminated chicago and tokyo, leaving madrid and rio as finalists for the olympics did this after the president and first lady made passionate pleas for their hometown.
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a south american country has never hosted the games, making rio the favre -- favorite. >> the search continues for someone who broke into a west baltimore home and raped a woman. jennifer franciotti has the story. >> the alleged attack happened that september 29. detectives say he forced his way into the woman's home on franklin street around 2:20 in the morning. >> struck her in the head with a bat and sexually assaulted her at knifepoint. >> detectives characterize the suspect as ruthless. they say the victim's children were in the house at the time of the rape. >> that was wrong for him to do that when her kids were in there. she probably was in shock.
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i hope that the police captain and taken to jail, where he needs to be. -- the police catch him and taken to jail, where he needs to be . >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> all baltimore city police officer is recovering at a shock trauma after being dragged a suspect fleeing the scene in a car. one was discovered that she had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, he tried to flee in his own car. the officer tried to grab the keys from the ignition, but not before he was dragged for five blocks. >> pretty obvious when you have an officer handed out your window and you are going down the street, you are dragging him. the officer is in stable condition in shock trauma. his bulletproof vest absorbed much of the road rash.
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>> a baltimore city police officer is out on bail after being charged with illegal possession of narcotics, misconduct in office, and after the state's attorney's office filed charges thursday against michael sylvester. he is the same officer at the center of a police investigation for allegedly taking down drug suspects for cash. investigators said an undercover sting for september, where they say he stole $70. that is not the only member of the police force under investigation. major roger bergeron has been suspended with pay. an internal investigation is being conducted. police spokesmen will not say why the 18-year veteran was suspended. the teenager william davis has assumed command of that district. -- deputy manager william davis has assumed command of that district. it was back on october 28 when this woman was seen leaving
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her job at volunteer of america bridg. there was no sign of her until saturday when a pair of hunters found her body in woodlawn. there was a history of domestic violence between the pair, and police suspected that tensions escalated further when tyrone webb got it woman pregnant. >> nothing that gave us bad vibes that something was going on. >> he is being held at the baltimore county detention center without bail. a teenager who escaped custody of juvenile but already has been recaptured. he is charged with covering and sexual child abuse. the 17-year-old escapee was arrested in the record -- was
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arrested in delaware. >> a weather system, a lot of clout, some sunshine breaks. temperatures are being held down a little bit. if you look at the hd doppler radar, along the chesapeake bay, the past couple of friends on the radar part. indications that there are a couple of sprinkles out there trying to come out of the clouds. the left side of the screen, a more significant rains come out in west virginia and ohio. want to widen the view just a little bit. we will see a lot more clouds today. a weather system, a cold front back in indiana and ohio. it does not look like miniature rainfall, but rain chances will be increasing later today. we have details on all that in the insta-weather-plus forecast. >> coming up, the latest in a
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fight to get city firefighters races. >> unfortunately, the unemployment rate will still be above 9% for the end of the year. >> new unemployment figures are worse than expected. the swine flu vaccine is expected to arrive in maryland on tuesday agreed who will get firstit -- who will get it first. and these barbie dolls are and these barbie dolls are downright bizarre. two little birds wearing a couple little hats.
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>> in her 50 years on the market, chances are you have never seen barbie quite like this. in san francisco, the altered barbie exhibit is on display. artists state that all and altered it to into alter egos, some of which are too racy for television. curators say it is all in good fun. >> she represents everything there is about the americana ideal. by altering her, she becomes more real. >> have you heard from mattel? >> no, i have not. no season assist, not yet. >> coming up, jon with a call to "kate plus 8." and details in the david letterman extortion plot that
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forced him to make a big announcement. >> a bit weather system off to the west is pushing in. details in just a minute. at the airport, only 66.
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>> it appears that baltimore city firefighters will not get a raise this year. an arbitrator has sided with the dixon administration on a salary freeze as the mayor continues to look for ways to balance the budget. it is part of an ongoing contract dispute between the city and unions. firefighters were seeking a 2% rate hike. >> firefighters, public's if the individuals, are very important. we will work with them through disparate but because of what we are basing, sometimes -- through
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this. but because of what we are facing, sometimes things will have to be on hold. >> today the labor department released unemployment is for the month of september, showing that employers cut 263,000 jobs last month, more than expected. that could spur fears that a weak labor market could undermine the economic recovery. brooke hart has more. >> going into the jobs report, unemployment creeping up to 9.8%. president obama seemed to be among those not expecting good news. >> it is going to take a number of steps to reverse the current top climate. >> last week, the number of first-time filers for jobless benefits went up, an unexpected rise. >> sometimes you just have to settle for a job just to pay bills. >> california's republican governor touted stimulus millions that he said would bring a green jobs, workers to
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swap diesel engines for a hybrid vehicles, and construction vehicles and school buses and trains. >> when i came into office, there was this belief that you can only protect the environment or the economy. >> what is government aid alone a driving the economic recovery? consumer spending was up in august as car buyers took advantage of cash for clunkers. but car sales have fallen sharply since then. fed chairman says the jobs will state's scarce. >> the unemployment rate will probably still be at 9% by the end of the year. >> this woman now gives job training and good will. >> mind is being dusted off. i'm learning new things meeting people. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with a meteorologist john collins. >> let's look at the hd doppler
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radar. a fair share of cloudiness overhead. war breaks in the clouds. slightly warmer temperature cars -- slightly warmer temperatures. nothing very significant. more significant grain crops to the west, closer to the cold front. a lot more cloudiness during the afternoon. seeing more significant rain chances as the front gets closer. let's look at rainfall so far. we really have to look at the year, because the month is just getting started in october. we have only had a date to put in the records so far. for 2009, a surplus of almost four inches. september was close enough to average to count as a fairly good shape as far as rainfall is concerned. we don't need the rain that is coming. it is nice to stay even with the books, so to speak. a little more sunshine coming through the clouds down south.
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down at patuxent naval air station, 72, and 75 in ocean city. 66 at aberdeen. 64 in westminster. only 52 in oakland. again, no brain out. but the cuts much bigger. tougher to warm up. all of the skin spots in the clouds. a little shower activity in pennsylvania. more significant rains in ohio, just coming into west region and parts of eastern kentucky with this system. this main part of the storm, the energy is my to the west in minnesota and iowa. this is going to hang back there. it is really swinging out ahead of it and loses touch with the main energy maker with this. this is not a strong cold front coming through. that weakens the chances for any
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significant rain. any big change in the weather, once the front of bentalou passes through. it is a hurricane season. this is a tropical storm, a 45- mile-per-hour winds. the storm is expected to make a turn to the east. it will come into baja as a pretty good storm for the next couple of days. a mix of sunshine and clouds. a lot of our temperatures will stay stuck in the sixties for highs. down in the south, more likely to get into the low seventies. showers late in the day. the best chance will be after dark with this system coming in. here is the insta-weather futurecast, still a lot of clouds. the best range chance is overnight. during the afternoon on saturday, a quick shower or a rumble of thunder. finally done with the thing by sunday. at least a partial recovery on saturday to sunday looks better.
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we stay into the 70's going into next week could rain chances extend into saturday. they recharge on tuesday and wednesday. >> experts say that the first doses of the h1n1 swine flu vaccine will be available this tuesday. it will be in the form of a nasal spray and will likely go to health care workers who care for children and the elderly first. as supplies become available, they will be provided to pharmacies. the number of suspected cases of the h1n1 the virus continues to grow in baltimore city schools. even though health officials have not confirmed the two latest suspected cases, letters were to be sent home at an elementary and mill school alerting parents about one cases upper -- elementary and middle school letting parents about cases of swine flu. >> she is on antibiotics. all the teachers are wearing gloves and everything.
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>> we are identifying outbreaks around the state and in the school systems. generally speaking, this is a virus that is no more virulent than the seasonal flu. >> parents of students at city college were notified that a student there was also diagnosed with the h1n1 swine flu. late night host david letterman was forced to make a major concession on his show last night, after a cbs employee was arrested in a major extortion plot against the comedian. >> he said on the show last night that he was the victim of an extortion plot involving sexual relations with female staffers. telling his audience that he received a package in the back seat of his car three weeks ago with a note demanding $2 million along with damaging prove that he did not pay up. >> "i know that you do some
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terrible, terrible things." [laughter] "and i can prove that you do these terrible things." >> the audience laughed, not knowing would come next, that letterman would admit to having affairs. >> i have had sex with women who work with me on this show. now, my response to that is yes, i have. [laughter] >> the alleged extortionist, a cbs "48 hours" producer, robert halderman. letterman went to authorities and helped set up the sting, handing over a bogus check letterman did not say whom he had affairs with or when. in 2004, authorities arrested a house painter for plotting to kidnap his son. he testified before a grand jury in felt menaced and scared. no laughing matter for this late
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night comedians. >> just days after his name was taken off the show, jon gosselin has decided that his children should no longer take part in the new "kate plus 8" show. he said a cease and desist order, saying that he no longer wants them to filming his children didt announced -- filming his children. up next, the maryland lottery numbers and another check of the forecast.
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>> coming up on "dr. oz," a full hour in the embarrassment-free zone. you do not want to miss the surprise celebrity appearance. at 4:00, one of oprah's. stories ever. -- one of oprah's favorite stories ever. at 5:00, parents laid off from their jobs have more time to volunteer in their child's class from sprint and women restoring their bodies after giving birth. why some are turning to plastic surgery. and now the maryland lottery numbers. >> per pole friday with the mayor of the moderate all season will -- purple friday with the maryland lottery all season long.
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>> john has a look of the weather as we entered the weekend. >> first weekend of october, so we are getting deeper into fall now. temperatures mostly into the 60's. some sunbreaks may make it into the 70's. best rain chances overnight tonight. the rest of us may be this afternoon because -- maybe this afternoon. something could pop up in the afternoon or evening on saturday as well. a smaller chance late in the day saturday. senate looks great. more rain chances next week. >> if you missed any of this newscast, we will have another contest this afternoon at 1:00 on a wbal-plus, 11-2. watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall.
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