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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 2, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the virus this year. if that has to worry, then you could soon be breathing a sigh of relief. >> next week is the likely day for some of the first doses of the vaccine to come to maryland. >> roughly 35,000 doses, which is just a fraction of what the state needs. the maryland department of health and hygiene want to inoculate high-risk patients first. health-care workers and those working with infants. all the other hand, pregnant women, children under 2 years of age and the elderly will have to wait a bit longer because the first doses will not be injectable. >> the nasal spray is not acceptable for pregnant women or children under the age of two or four people that have chronic
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conditions. >> people that are not in those categories, be assured that the vaccine is coming, but let the other folks that are more at risk, let them get the vaccine. >> the vaccine will not work against the seasonal flu and vice versa. you will still need to get both. as the supply picks up, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. >> you can get the shot in one arm and a shot in the other arm. if you are a pregnant woman or an elderly person, you can wait until they get the injection. they are asking everyone to go to their website to check out the latest information. you can click on our website to
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get more of permission. >> has the state keeps a close eye on the local school districts, districts are doing their best. they are relying on school nurses to help out. we have the story. >> school nurses are on the front line in baltimore county. there is a nurse in every school and so far, they have had a busy year dealing with the flu. >> local schools have seen that there share of six students, many of them with flu like symptoms. >> i know that the kids that are coming in here, i have seen them on good days and bad days. >> when i come in, i ask them to describe how they are feeling so i can get an idea of how they perceive what is going on. >> at this high school, but the mayors is on the lookout for any sign a sickness that could lead to the swine flu. >> what is going on?
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>> how long has that been going on? >> the first and i want to do is check your temperature. >> this do does not have the flu, but is sick enough to go home. >> they said that it was not serious. they tried to give them an antacid and have them in someone. >> hopefully you will be back on monday. >> it has been a busy beginning to the school year. it september is always say busy time of year, but this year, we had the flu start earlier. it has been more interesting. >> officials have made it clear that taking their chances when it comes to the swine flu. >> we ask them to teach about hand washing to enforce with everyone. >> enforcement with the hope that more students will for the nurse's office. >> sschool officials are urging
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parents to keep their students home affairs said. >> tonight, detectives are working on a suspicious death after a decomposing body was discovered in a manhole. authorities say that technicians found the body in the 500 block of this road. we have been on the story all day and we join the scene live. >> this story is shocking many in this neighborhood. this is only just a couple blocks away from belvedere square. the discovery was made under the fat man hole behind me. the workers lifted it up and looked down and saw it badly decomposing female body floating in about five-6 feet of water. >> it takes a strong person or a couple of people to put them down there. you cannot fallen by yourself. >> they are speculating on how
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the woman ended up in the sewer line. other neighbors driving by also were in disbelief. >> it is tragic. i hope it is just a horrible accident and nothing worse. >> police were called up in 3:00 p.m. after the workers open the cover and found the body floating in 6 feet of water. >> it is an unidentified female. there are signs the decomposition. police will not speculate how the body ended up in the sewer, before police arrived on the scene, someone said that someone had to have put the body there. >> he said that the sioux were only goes each block with a pipe
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about this wide. i asked if it could have been flushed in from somewhere else and is that it was not possible. they said it would have had to have gone in there and stayed there. >> workers had to drain the line and then that the body out. >> this is unusual. i cannot recall a similar incident when we have recovered the body from a manhole. >> police say it is for to take several days before they can determine the cause of death and. they also tell us that they should be able to positively identify the victim. >> a former priest is accused of sexually abusing a child and ocean city more than 30 years ago. authorities say that de
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activity took place between 1977 and 1982 but were not notified until this spring. the 64-year-old was arrested on several charges and is now being held on $400,000 bond and is awaiting extradition to maryland. >> we have on alert for some bank of america customers. investigators are urging you to keep a close eye on your account. they said that someone put a scam in device on an atm. we are following this case tonight. >> this night that a strip contains a lot of personal banking information and teens can figure out a way to -- making him permission. thieves can figure out a way to gather that information. >> it only takes seconds to complete. as it is happening, victims have no idea they are being robbed. it is done a electronically.
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it siphons information off of the magnetic strip >>. >> they can become an additional user and they can get services, internet, cell phones, cable. >> authorities found a skimmer on this machine. they took immediate steps to protect customers. >> i have taken -- i have had my credit card stolen before. they have replaced that money. >> the u.s. secret service says there are all types of these devices. sometimes there is a fake faceplate on the front of the machine and sometimes a hidden camera is used to capture pin numbers. bucs there could be a device on the side of the machine that says to swipe your car of their
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first to clean it. >> sometimes, the perpetrators belong to sophisticated crime rings which sell the information on the internet. it is a billion dollar, worldwide industry. officials advise everyone to keep a close eye on bank statements. >> make sure you call your credit card company immediately. report the charges that do not appear to be yours. make a report. >> gas pumps are also vulnerable and skimmers have become so small and portable that these are brushing up against crowds and picking up credit card information from pocketbooks and wallets. >> tonight, a parade at what happened. >> we are live the baltimore
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country club. we will hear from the leader of the senior players championship and a decision is made about a manager for next year. >> we have the possibility of a few showers moving through tonight and into saturday morning. how much will the girl throughout the rest of the weekend. you can check out the forecast coming up. it is 70 degrees at the inner harbor. lost a look at what is coming up on tonight's jay leno show. >> jenna fisher joins us tonight. let's see if she can beat her boss.
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>> 29, police are searching for kids that put a soda bomb on a
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bus and then ran away. officials say that it exploded and released a strong odor of ammonia. the bus had to be evacuated but no one was injured. passengers were put on other buses and then sent on their way. >> the city of chicago, having received the least number of votes will nonparticipation in the next round. >> it was not the news that the chicago crowds hope for. the windy city was eliminated in the first round of voting for the 2016 olympics. it is the first time ever for south america to win the olympics. the high-profile pitch by president obama, the first lady and oprah winfrey were an
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unprecedented move, especially for american president. >> the president says he is disappointed, but does not regret making the trip. >> dreams of the 2016 olympics as chicago sent barack obama lobby for the prize. >> the city of chicago will not participate. >> be with the city was knocked out in the first round, but barack obama praised chicago for its efforts. >> i am proud of was able to come in and help make that case in person. >> the president made the trip. did he pay a political price for trying to get the olympics? i do not think so.
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>> chicago supporters are more likely to be angry with the international olympics committee and give the president points for trying. critics say that going to copenhagen was a bad idea. >> we have a war in afghanistan and it could be a case of misplaced priorities. >> the bottom line is that chicago loses out. and rio de janeiro made history because of the first south american city to host the olympic games. >> president obama says he called the rio president to congratulate him. in washington wbal-tv 11 news. >> grab your cellphone 3 want to hear from you about this. tech's the word yes or no to 88509. standard text messaging rates apply.
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66% say they would support another bid to bring the summer games to baltimore. >> now, at your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> there may be a few scattered showers tracking through tomorrow morning. you can see a few of those showers working into the west and a flute -- a few laps prickles. -- a few white sprinkles -- eight you like sprinkles a few light sprinkles. you might even hear some butter over that way. some thunder over that way. we were right in the same
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vicinity. scattered showers missed -- may change a little. we did not expect a lot of rain. west of the day, it does not look like a whole lot of rain. it is in the '60s in the mountains. it is only slightly warmer on the coast. the futurecast shows the showers getting numerous. after midnight, tonight, and perhaps even a lingering shower in the late morning. 50s to around 60 with south winds and a chance for isolated showers. the front is sitting in eastern ohio and that will take a few more hours to get past us. we mentioned the possibility of a shower and then the clearing skies behind us. the actual story is behind us.
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we will not be impacted by the main part of this storm. sunday will be a beautiful day. it looks like the ravens will see this skies cleared during the game on sunday. on monday, it will feature a lot of sunshine. once we get past the showers in the morning tomorrow, we will look pretty nice. winds on the day are about 10-15 knots. it is 65 degrees and it is a beautiful weekend for the mountains. the mid-70s around the bay and a slight chance for a rumble of thunder. 73 on sunday and only around 70 on monday and a few scattered showers on tuesday and
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temperatures will fall by thursday of next week. >> now, love and sports. >> -- 11 sports. >> we have to talk about the orioles, who have to win two games this week. they will bring back a former manager. his presence may has forbore losses that victories, but in terms of defense, he has not had much to work with. they said he would not be judged on wins and losses alone. they are bringing him back for another season. the second round of the consolation energy senior players championship, what is interesting, they are just not very low because despite nice weather, it is just not very many birdies.
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-- yielding very many birdies. one of the better highlights was this scramble for to under -- for two under. watson saw a round of 68 today. he gets it in the cup and ends up for under par. four under par. watson was your leader eddie has a game plan for the weekend. >> i want to continue driving the ball well and hit the shots that i have been hitting. that is what happens on this golf course. you get some thoughts that go
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with by mistake. -- some puts the dough in by mistake. >> i do not think there were very many mistakes going on what tom watson's game. the games we will have highlights for our patterson and edmundston. those gains will be coming up tonight. the ravens will go face the patriots in new england. two players are listed as questionable. we do not think it is terribly bad, but it is scary this time of year. stay with us because 11 news continues right after this.
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>> the first shipments of the h1n1 arrived in maryland. there is a mystery on your hands. after it bought it -- badly decomposed body was discovered in a manhole. what investigators are saying about that case. we will have the story for us
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>> insta-weather plus seven date
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for test has the weekend clear. highs in the '70s and lows in the fifties. there's a lot of bright sunshine with highs in the '70s. even up in new england. nbc nightly news is next. >> we will see you back your 11. that for watching. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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on the broadcast tonight, the chicago blues. the party for the 2016 olympics


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