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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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women to get the regular age 1 and wonder flu shots to protect themselves and their children. state health leaders say we're days away from the first doses of h1n1 flu vaccine. >> and is expected to come to maryland tuesday, but not everyone is being encouraged to jump in line. melissa carlson explains to gets first dibs. >> nine people in maryland have died from the h1n1 virus. if you are worried, you could soon be breathing a sigh of relief. >> tuesday next week is the likely dead for some of the first doses of the new h1n1 swine flu vaccine to come into maryland. >> roughly 35,000 doses, just a fraction of what the state needs. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene is looking to immunize high-risk individuals first, children ages 2-24, health-care workers, and
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those working with infants. pregnant women, children under 2, and the elderly with serious underlying health issues will have to wait longer because the first doses will not be injectable. >> the nasal spray is not good for pregnant women or children under the age of 2 or or people who have chronic conditions. >> if you are not in one of those groups? >> we are asking that people who are not in those categories, be assured the vaccine is coming. as it comes in, but the other people who are more at risk of hospitalization get the vaccine. >> the h1n1 flu vaccine will not work because the seasonal flu and vice versa, so you still need to get both. >> you could get a shot in one arm of the regular flu and get a shot in the other arm of the h1n1. as far as the nasal spray, those
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are different and they have to be separated. >> local school districts are also doing their best to keep an eye on kids who may have the swine flu symptoms. they are relying on school nurses. in baltimore county, there is a nurse and every school, a train to be on the lookout for any sign of sickness that could lead to the h1n1 virus. this nurse has already seen a good number of students with the like symptoms. >> i ask them to describe how they're feeling so i can get a better idea of how they perceive what is going on. september is always busy for school nurses, being ready for all the different things, but the sheer the flu has started earlier. >> school officials urged parents to keep their children home if they are sick. a reminder, there is continuing coverage of the h1n1 flu virus on
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there are tips on prevention and details of symptoms and likes to other websites. late breaking developments out of west baltimore where the police are searching for the person who shot a 17-year-old boy. homicide detectives were called to west lafayette avenue around 7:30. the teenager was shot in the head. he was rushed to shock trauma in critical condition. >> when we got here, there were no witnesses. when they heard the gunshots, they got down. >> anyone with information should call city police, 410- 396-2100. it 16-year-old boy accused of opening fire on an mta bus school -- full of school kids is facing charges of attempted murder. they say the teenager was retaliating against the bus driver. our reporter has the latest.
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>> the situation had the potential to injure a lot of children, but nobody was hurt. 16-year-old rashid brian is facing numerous charges as an adult, the most serious is attempted first-degree murder. >> allegations are shocking, and certainly we need to think of those children and the terror they experienced. >> a routine bus ride to school thursday turned into a nightmare. the boy opened fire on the mta bus full of students. according to charging documents, he was kicked off of bus after an argument with the bus driver the day before. thursday, he jumped in front of the vehicle as it was stopped and started shooting. at least six bullets hit the front windshield. the driver is credited with making sure no one got hurt. >> she took immediate steps to move the bus, close the bus
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doors, and keep them from boarding the bus while he was firing at the windshield. >> it is crazy that kids cannot ride the bus without stuff like that happening. >> people who live in the neighborhood are disappointed by this act of violence. even though he was arrested the same day as the shooting, it is still a cause of concern. >> my children catch the bus every morning. it worries me. >> that is a really bad thing. >> officials say they cannot comment because this is an ongoing investigation, but there released a statement, saying, "we want to stress is a serious crime to assault or attempt to assault a transit operator while performing their job. mta will work with law enforcement, state prosecutors, and authorities to mature incidents like this are handled appropriately." the boy is seeing -- is being
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held at city jail, denied bail. baltimore city detectives are searching for answers after the decomposing body of a woman was discovered in a man called at around 10:15 this morning. a verizon technician found the body floating in at 6 feet of water. fire crews removed the remains on benning house road. the question, how did the body get there? a witness said the verizon worker explained there was no way the body could have floated their. >> he said the sioux were only goes -- each block has a pipe -- he said the sewer only goes like this. i said could be flushed in from somewhere else? he said it is not possible. >> the police are waiting for autopsy results to determine if the woman was killed. city police are releasing new clues that could help them solve a home invasion.
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the people on this flier are wanted for questioning in the attack on september 23 in west baltimore. there were less seen driving a green four-door ford taurus. authorities are hoping to find a man who forced himself into a home on franklin street, beat a woman with a baseball bat and raped her, all while her children were there. that one of the intermission is asked to call, 410-396-2076. family and friends will gather tomorrow remember the 17- year-old delaney valley high school student who was killed and a car accident. a celebration of his life will be held at the met zion. at the mount zion church. his funeral service will immediately follow. they brought out the big guns to secure victory.
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oprah winfrey, michelle obama, and president obama himself. >> even with all the star power, it was not enough to help chicago get the 2016 olympic games, eliminated in the first round. more on the big disappointment and how the selection is making history. >> the decision was with and severe. >> the city of chicago, having obtained the least amount of votes, will not. as a pig in the next round. about a dream turned into a nightmare -- it will not participate in the next round. >> the dream turned into a nightmare. thousands had gathered for the announcement. the celebration shifted into group therapy. >> for to be over that quickly and fast, it is heartbreaking. >> i just do not feel good about it. >> it is a devastating and to a
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push for approximately three years that included stars and dignitaries and athletes. that included with an 11th-hour appeal from barack obama who made an overnight trip to denmark, where he spent four hours lobbying ioc voters. the president learned about the vote on his return flight. the white house says he is disappointed about the decision but proud of chicago and in no way sorry he made the trip. >> we would have been eager to host these games, but this nation and our athletes are still very much excited to compete in the 2016 games. >> stunned silence seemed to the anger over chicago for hours. a stark difference to this party on the beach of rio, which won the honor of hosting the first ever south american olympic games. >> we're sorry we did not bring home victory, but there is only
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one gold medal winner. >> in this race, the second city finished fourth. results that for many are still unbelievable, that affects undeniable. -- the effects undeniable. grab your cell phone. we want to hear about you from this. would you support another push to bring the olympic games to the baltimore washington area? text to this number. a standard text messaging rates apply. here is the voting thus far. at 63% say yes, they would support another bid. 37% said they would not. >> where were you in 1973? secretariat won the triple crown. tonight, how america's force is being honored. >> under your name and information. >> an alert tonight for area
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bank customers. investigators say thieves are using a slick technique to steal personal affirmation. >> they have not had best season, but is it the manager's fault? pete gilbert as the feature on the orioles dave trembley. >> will track the showers that could hang around for the weekend. right now, 93% humidity, it in the 60's.
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dramatic amateur video shortly after it and earthquake hit indonesia. a school building collapsed with children and adults inside. people nearby did their best to rescue those trapped in the rubble. at least 175 people are dead. the government believes 3000 victims remain buried.
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even though experts say the economy is showing slight signs of a rebound, unemployment numbers continue to rise. the labor department says the jobless rate is 9.8% last month, the highest in nearly 26 years. in september, 263,000 jobs vanished. nearly one-third of the unemployed have been out of work more than six months. >> nobody is hiring. the pace continues to get weaker, and there it is nothing working well if people are not hiring. >> we're doing everything we can to try to add jobs to this economy. >> president obama says employment is often the last indicator to show a recession is over and is promising that his administration is doing everything they can. an alert for bank of america customers and harford county.
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investigators are urging you to keep a close eye on your account. >> someone put a scanning device on a branch atm on main street. thieves can literally steal your information. david collins has the details. >> it takes seconds to complete and could wipe out a lifetime of savings. equally frightening, as it is happening, victims have no idea. it is done electronically with a device that siphons information of the magnetic strip. >> they can open up additional accounts under your name and information. they could become an additional user on your card. they can get services, internet, cell phone, cable. >> last week, cops found a skimming devices inside an atm machine at this bank of america branch on main street in bel- air. it took immediate steps to protect customers. >> it is always a concern. i have had my credit card stolen
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before. the bank is usually pretty good about getting it shut down in a hurry. >> experts such as agents with the u.s. secret service said there are all kinds of skimmers. sometimes there are big faceplates. in some cases, a hidden camera is used. >> you'll find this on the side of the atm machine that says swipe your card here first to clean it. this sits right on the face. >> the thieves often work alone, and being your bank account, but sometimes the perpetrators belong to surpass the kit -- sophisticated crime rings. it is a billion dollar worldwide industry. authorities do not know how many people may have been impacted locally but advise everyone to keep a close eye on bank statements. >> call your credit card company immediately. report the charges that do not appear to be yours. call your local police department. make a report.
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scattered showers, right on the edge of the upcoming weekend. it looks like the timing will be good for those who want to get outside and enjoy the fall weather. most of the rain will be gone shortly after dawn, cutting across the eastern shore. scattered showers in cecil and harford counties, extending to baltimore. to the north and west, the drying trend is under way. i think the pattern will stay. western maryland mountains, one line of showers that may have to clear before dawn. so far today, in the almanac, just a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. a high today at bwi marshall was 71, the inner harbor 73.
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the rain producing clouds of the mid-atlantic. breaks in the clouds developing over the panhandle through the shenandoah valley. it looks like most of the rain will be gone the next couple hours. 74 on the beach at ocean city, 64 bwi marshall. 50 oakland, 57 cumberland. the cool front will be coming from the west, chasing the showers off the coast. 6:00 in the morning, a little bit of rain around ocean city, the skies are clearing west of the bay. i think that will continue into the afternoon with sunshine returning. showers possible in the morning, clearing. southwest wind at 5, in the 50's around 60. sunrise at 7:05. the front across the mountains, moving off the coast. a high-pressure moves in from the southwest. it will not cool off a lot, the cool air sweeping in from the west. a high-pressure clears this out,
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coming from the south. the temperatures will be above normal tomorrow afternoon with the extended sunshine. sunday, high pressure, cool, clear most of the region, boston, where the reagans are playing the patriots, there is a lingering shower -- where the ravens are planning the patriots, there is a lingering shower. the beautiful fall weather should take us right into monday. tomorrow, relatively mild, 73- 78. southwest wind at 5-10. southwest breeze on the bay, 15 knots, 65 degrees at deep creek lake. around the bay, with the clouds breaking for sunshine, should be in the mid-70s. ocean city, a little warmer, a little more rain, 78. seven-day forecast, beautiful sunday, sunny skies monday. scattered showers tuesday,
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cooling off again toward the end of next week. he is known as the greatest triple crown winner, and now the story of the great course. about the coming up, a behind- the-scenes look at the movie "magic." >> what is up, america? friday, october 2. tonight's jackpot is an estimated in unitized $5 million. now let's see if i could make you a millionaire tonight. the numbers to fight --
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if no one matches all six numbers, tuesday's jackpot will numbers, tuesday's jackpot will be
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he set world records in the race to the triple crown. more than 30 years later, secretary it is being remembered. -- secretary it is being remembered. >> the movie will not be set
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here in baltimore, rather at churchill downs for the kentucky derby, being transformed into just the way it was the first saturday of may, 1973. 1970's era wardrobes are being shipped right now from hollywood. >> the people from walt disney have been great to work with. it will be business as usual, except major motion picture stars and a lot of bustling activity. >> filming begins monday. every new rivalry, but the biggest story comes from owings mills. it started with the
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shop with your giant card and save on thousands of deals, like chef boyardee cans and microwave bowls -- 10 for $10, ivory soap ten-pack -- now $3.99, and other real deal savings and weekly specials. enjoy more savings -- only with your giant card. dave trembley took over as manager of the orioles in the 2007 season and has not had much of a roster, but it has not been his tasked. developing young players and his charges. he was rewarded and walt manage the orioles through 2010. -- he was rewarded and will manage the orioles through 2010. bottom for, three-run shot. bottom six, michael aubrey gets
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the slam. the bases loaded, bond. the orioles win the game. dave trembley, a winner on the night in more than one way. >> on a personal level, while the things i have believed in and along time, loyalty, work hard, don't put yourself in front of anybody else. do things right, don't make excuses. >> football coverage starts with a my congratulations to the owings mills golden eagles, snapping a 54-game losing streak, claiming victory. the owings mills the loch raven. baltimore county, wild game. rolling right, finds john matthews.
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he sprints 54 yards, touchdown, ties the game. bad snap, fourth-down, makes it work anyway. it's the first down. that sets up? himself. 4 yards, up the middle. anne arundel county, dematha looking for an upset. the wildcats in green. 5 yards, by himself. the first quarter, or just throw. good hands, make it count. arundel just incredible. the wildcats win the game. football in the city, patterson visiting. good look, out of the sky it falls.
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75 yards and the score. here is on the move. he is accurate. florence jackson jr., the two- point conversion is good. edmonton knocks off patterson, 36-14. for more on tonight's games, go to and go to "extra points." baltimore area high-school football. halfway home at the constellation energy senior championship. very few low scores. the large gallery following tom watson. trying to save par, finds the whole. watson is alone in front. a host of players share second
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at - 4, including the walrus, craig stadler. he nearly makes the birdie. he is one of four players to shots back. third round coverage starts tomorrow. the ravens-patriots, is there anyone that new england will keyon? intriguing is the middle game between the coaches. bill belichick wards information, almost never smiling. john harbach also likes to do the same, but he considers him a mentor. >> he is a guy that i admired. we get a chance to talk about a lot of different things. usually it is me calling with questions. i just have a lot of respect for him.
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>> any calls this week? damage is the injury report. he would not take the call. -- just the injury report. -- just the injury report.
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the 7 day forecast, showers
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in the morning, clearing the rest of the weekend. nice weekend, lots of sunshine on monday. >> that is all for tonight. >> the tonight show with conan o'brien is next. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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