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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 3, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the showers have developed around st. mary's county, charles county, annapolis and around the bay bridge. they are little sprinkles and showers. they are drifting eastwards. there is a chance of rain but there is not much kick to this front. we will talk about the forecast in details for the weekend in general coming up. >> they keep. -- thank you. children. he was retaliating against the driver of the best. we have more with our reporter. >> the allegations are shocking and certainly need to think of those children on the bus and what they must have to endure
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during that morning. >> a routine bus ride to school thursday turned into a nightmare. fire on an mta bus full of students headed to westat least six bullets hit the front windshield. he was kicked off of the best previously and he stepped in front of the bus to fire at it. the driver is credited with making sure that no one got doors and keep them from boarding the bus while he was firing at the windshield. >> it is crazy. it is really crazy that kit cannot ride the bus without without stuff like that happening. >> some are very concerned. and many are disappointed by
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this act of violence. even though he was arrested the same day of the shooting, it is still a cause of concern. >> my two children catch the bus that morning going to school. >> it is a bad thing. >> mta officials say they cannot ongoing investigation. they released a statement saying assault or attempted to assault a transit operator while they are trying to perform a job. they will work with law enforcement and other state agencies to make sure that incidents like this are handled appropriately. wbal-tv. >> the boy was denied bail. he is being held at the city jail. year-old boy. homicide detectives were called to an intersection in lafayette avenue on friday evening. head. -- the teenager had been shot in the head according to police.
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witnesses. >> anyone with information is asked to call city police. 410-396-2100 help them solve a commendation. -- home invasion and rape. authorities have released a flier with pictures of people baltimore. green ford taurus. they want to find the man who forced himself into the home on franklin street. police say the attack a woman with a baseball bat and raped her at knifepoint while her children were at home. you have information. 410-396-2076
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the vaccine is expected to arrive on tuesday. that everyone is being encouraged to jump in line. our reporter explains why. >> two children have died from swine flu virus this year. many of word about contracting the swine flu. -- many are worried about contract in the swine flu. of the first doses of the new swine flu vaccine to come into maryland. >> roughly 35,000 doses which is just a fraction of what the state needs. the maryland department of health wants to immunize high risk individuals first which our children, health care workers and those working with children. children under the age of two will have to wait a little bit longer. available for injection.
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>> the nasal spray is not for children with chronic conditions or other groups. those conditions include pregnant women. >> if you are not in those groups? category, that the other people that are more at risk get the vaccine first. >> the swine flu vaccine will not work against the seasonal flow and vice versa. -- flu and vice versa. be able to kill two birds with one stone. >> you can get a shot in one arm and you can get a shot in the other arm of the swine flu vaccine. >> wbal tv 11 news. doing their best. watch out for students that may have a swine flu systems.
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our team coverage on this. >> it is a familiar sound, a cough which could be a sign of something more serious. >> i have seen these students on good days and bad days. it is easy to pick up changes. >> when they come in, i ask them to describe how they are feeling to get an idea of how they perceive what is going on. >> at this high school, she is on the lookout for any signs of sickness which could lead to the swine flu. >> what brought you here today? >> my stomach hurts. >> i want to check your temperature and see what is going on there. >> this student does not have the flu but is sick enough to go home. >> they said the had some stomach problems and they did not think it was serious. >> take it easy this weekend and
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hopefully you will be back on monday. >> the job is far from over for a school county nurses to get a lot of visitors. >> september is always busy for september -- busy for a school nurses. it has been busier. >> school officials are taking no chances when it comes to the swine flu. >> we send them straight to the nurse. hand washing is the number one strategy that we want to enforce with everyone. >> enforcement with the hope that more students will avoid the nurse's office. wbal tv 11 news. >> the secretary of health and mental hygiene will be our guest tomorrow morning on 11 news. he would join as at 9:00 a.m. to answer any questions you may have about the flu season. you can e-mail questions to
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>> it is not want to shake hands anymore. he wants to only give an elbow bump. we will see what he does tomorrow morning. >> we have some bad news when it comes to job. the latest unemployment numbers. >> and how the chicago state is coping with being shot down by the olympic committee. >> sit with our firefighters in baltimore city do every day. that story coming up. >> let us see what iit is lookig like outside. john collins is up next with
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>> we have had some showers across the area. the more significant rain is off the coast line in new jersey. if you look carefully at our hd doppler radar, ocean city of the maryland coast line, there is a little shower activity moving from south to north. some showers moving from around
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the potomac river in st. mary's and charles county and over the bay. a cold front is west of the city right now. it is a slow mover. not most -- not much moisture. it will be in the neighborhood today. the further east you go, the greater the rain chances are and the further west you go the lesser the rain chances are. let us look outside. 62 at the airport. in a harbor, 65. -- inner harbor, 65. 100% humidity. later today, the front will move over to the eastern shore.
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our predominant brees today is going to be from the south to southwest direction. 54 bay bridge. 58 degrees across the bridge. middle river 64. notice that we have a line here across howard county. to the rest -- west of that line, in the 50's. that is where the front is. slightly cooler air behind the front. there are fewer cloud. the temperatures are going to drop. there is some clearing ahead of that. it is mostly cloudy. the more significant rain making clouds are over the atlantic. a lot of breaks in the clouds in
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western maryland right now. the front is to our west. the main storm is out in wisconsin. it does not have a lot of potential to produce a lot of rain. we do stand a chance to see some showers as it moves closer to the coast however. 73-78 is the high. a small craft advisory for boaters. tomorrow, 73 is the high and a lot of sunshine. 70 high on monday. overnights in the 40 picky and 50 picky -- 50 -- 40's and 50's. highs will be in the 60's by the later of next week, but it should be dry.
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>> they brought out the big guns to help secure a victory. president barack obama, and oprah winfrey. >>but that star power was not enough to bring the 2016 olympic games to chicago. we have more on the big disappointment for the state. >> the city of chicago having obtained the least amount of votes not participate in the next round. >> their olympic dream turned into a nightmare. >> it is shocking that they went out in the first round. >> thousands gathered for an announcement and the celebration shifted to group therapy. quickly, it is a very fast. it is heartbreaking. >> i just do not feel good about it.
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>> it is a devastating end to almost three years of work. many celebrities and dignitaries pushed for it to come to chicago. >> i urge you to choose america. >> president barack obama made an overnight trip to denmark to lobby the voters for four hours. the white house says he is disappointed in the decision but is proud of chicago. is excited to compete in 2016. >> a stunned silence seemed to linger over chicago in hours. a stark difference to rio de janeiro that won the honor of what will be the first-ever south american olympic games. >> chicagoans can hold their heads up high. we are sorry we did not bring
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winner. >> the second city finished fourth. the effects are undeniable. wbal tv 11 news. which you support and another push to bring the games to the baltimore area? standard rates apply. >> 63% of you say you support another bid to bring the summer games to the baltimore/washington area. >> the employment numbers are out and the news is not good. >> and an alert for bank of america customers near the bel air branch. >> the baltimore city fire department annual parole show. that story is coming up.
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>> it is christmas -- annual liberal shelthrill show.
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>> there is bad economic news out. month. that is the highest in 26 years. our reporter has more. >> the worst numbers was when michael jackson had the best selling album thriller. more than one-third of the jobless have been out of work
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for more than half a year. that is a record. many people have settle for part-time jobs. >> we are doing everything we can in our power to try to add jobs to this economy. it is a struggle. >> factory orders fell almost one point. consumer confidence in spending is still low. carl sales -- car sales plummeted after the cash for clunkers ended. borrowing is a still tough. all of this is driving down employment. experts predict 10% joblessness up ahead. >> no one is hiring. >> one bright side. the rate of job loss was lower. the quarter million loss last month compared to 700,000 jobs when president obama into office. >> we have made some progress on this front. the jobs report is a sobering
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reminder that we need to grind out this recovery. it will be step by step. >> the recession may be over but the ranks of the unemployed are growing. experts predict prolonged pain, at least 9% unemployment through the end of next year. nbc news, washington. >> according to a paint maker, silver is the no. 1 car color for nine straight years. white was second and black was third. the favorite color 15 years ago was green. do not go away, we are coming back with more news. here is a look at events going on around town this weekend. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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firefighters do for a living. >> there has been a baltimore city fire department show for some time. it is a chance to see what the firefighters do every day. talk about a workout. he is running up five flights of hose.
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that talent. >> -- to pull up another 42 pounds. it is part of the firefighters' challenge. encounter of what we do to save lives in baltimore every day. it also shows them what they can do to keep their families safe in their home. >> it gives the public a chance to see what directors go through on the job. easy. whether it is climbing your way into a building or dragging and
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it is what -- 185 pound mannequin to safety. it is what they have to do. do anything all day . they are trained to do stuff like this all the time. that is what they are trained to do. and bring the children to see firefighters in action and learn about fire safety. wbal tv 11 news. >> coming up, we will take a look at our top stories. >> a gruesome discovery and authorities are trying to figure out how they body ended up in a manhole. >> and some thieves are swiping some personal information with a special atm advice. we will tell you which customers
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are being targeted when we continue. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power,
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shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> hi, there. welcome back to "11 news saturday morning". thank you for joining us. >> we'll get to top stories in just a moment. first we want to check in with john. good morning, john. >> it feels like it wants to
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rain, or it smells like it a little outside. there have been a couple little spritzes and showers around the baltimore area. not much. it is not significant at all. a weak cool front is coming in. it is connected to a large-scale storm back in the midwest. that's the problem. the storm front has gotten way detatched from or moved away from the center of the storm. it hasn't got a lot of energy now. you can see spotty energy south of baltimore from the bay south westward across annapolis across charles and st. mary's counties and southern maryland. it is just spotty sprinkles and showers. most of the rain has been across the coast. there have been sprinkles across ocean city in virginia as well. but again, nothing significant. the front is west of us. it will be slowly moving east during the day. we can't totally take the rain out of the forecast, but stick around.
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>> taking a look at our top stories. police are looking for the suspects who left a bomb on an mta bus. happened after 2:00 friday afternoon while the bus was on howard and fay et streets. mta officials say it exploded and released a strong odor of ammonia. no one was injured. >> baltimore city detectives searching for answers after the decomposing body of a woman was found in a manhole. around 10:30 a.m. a verizon technician found the body. they removed the body to bennighouse. the question is, how did the body get there. a witness explained to her, there was no way the body could have floated there. >> he said that the sewer only goes -- like each block has a pipe like this far wide, so i say it could it be flushed in
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from somewhere else? they say no, it is not possible. it had to have gone in and stayed there. >> police are waiting to determine how the victim died and also learn her identity. meanwhile, authorities are trying to identify a body found in harford county. the victim was found in a drainage ditch off the exit ramp of route seven and palace ski -- polaski highway. the medical examiner is working to find the exact cause of death. >> investigators are urging you to keep a close eye on your account. someone put a skimming device in the branches a.t.m. on i street. the latest from bell air. >> cyber-theft takes seconds to complete and could wipe out a lifetime of your savings. equally frightening, as it is happening, victims have no idea they are being robbed. it is done electronically with a
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skimmer. >> they can open up additional counts under your name and your information. they could become an additional user. they can get services -- internet, cell phones, cable. >> last week cyber-cops had a skimming device inside this branch on main street in bel air. they took immediate steps to notify customers. >> it was a concern. i have had my credit card stolen before. the bank is usually good about getting that card shut down and replacing that money. >> there are all kinds of skimmers. sometimes there are fake face plates put over the front of a machine and sometimes a hidden camera is used to capture numbers. >> you will find this stuck on the a.t.m. machine which says swipe it here to clean it. >> experts say the theeves often
6:34 am
work alone, but sometimes they belong to sophisticated crime rings that asell information on the internet. it is a billion dollar world-wide industry. bel air authorities don't know how many people may have been impacted locally but advise everyone to keep a close eye on credit card statements. >> make sure you call your credit card company immediately. report the charges that don't appear to be yours. call your local police department. make a report. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, the latest in the black mail zam scam against david letterman. >> and we head to indonesia where hundreds of people are dead after a massive quake. the latest on the rescue efforts. >> and a cool front trying to move across the area very slowly. so there is a little impact on so there is a little impact on our weather.
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>> typhoon parma brought more heavy rain to an area already flooded. it was supposed to make landfall but only delivered a glancing blow. it did deliver tpwhrooding to an area which caused flooding last week which killed 300 people. rescue efforts continue today in indonesia three days after a 7.6 magnitude quake caused massive damage in sumatra. dozens of people died when the hotel collapsed in the city of pudang. researchers are trying to find survivors trapped beneath the rubble. more than 1,000 people have been killed in that region. >> much quieter around here.
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we have a cool front trying to come through and it has generated a little bit of rain. not much, just trace amounts. a couple sprinkles and showers along the bay and islands and beaches along ocean city, and a couple of sprinkles and showers, a very light shower on the bay down toward annapolis and into calvert county at this point and st. mary's county. and there is no lightning with this except off the jersey coast. we're seeing a stray lightning bolt showing up on the indicators. also, a few echos just to the northwest of garrett county that might be false echos on the radar. i haven't totally figured out what's going on there because they are way behind the cool front. there might be a couple showers, but i haven't had time to investigate. let's put it that way. the further west you go today, it is going to be much drier. the front is going to be trucking eastward.
6:39 am
let's look at what's going on outside now. we're beginning to see the first light of dawn. it is still cloudy in baltimore. 62 at the airport. inner harbor 6r5. about 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. the cloud deck explains some of that. the southerly breezes, light breezes. at the moment, the wind is calm. the predominant wind will be from a southwesterly direction even after the front goes through. yesterday because of all the clouds, it only made it into the low 70's because of highs at the inner airport. 50's in the morning, and only, you know, .800 inch of rain measured. right now 63. kent island 68. at the other end of the bay bridge at annapolis it is 67. middle river 64. college park 66. frederick is only 62. 65 westminister and 65 hagerstown. so there is a line right there across howard county, parts of
6:40 am
carroll and baltimore county. this is essentially the cool front coming in. drier air, more than anything else. although temperatures dropped a bit. fewer clouds out to the west. that also dropped the clouds a bit. here's the satellite image. a little hard to tell, but from where my hand is this way, there are more clouds than out this way. you can see a slight difference in shading. here is the front west of us. it will be moving east. in the afternoon it will only be on the eastern shore. as long as this thing is in the shood and east of it, -- is in the neighborhood, and east of it, we stand ai chance of seeing it. this thing has gotten too far from all that energy. we did talk about the typhoons. this is parma near the northern philippines, and if your screen is wide enough, there is a much stronger typhoon out near anderson air force base out there. here is our situation -- the cool front coming in.
6:41 am
we still could see a shower, especially from the bay eastward today, maybe even a rumble of thunder there. but there is a small chance this front doesn't have a lot of energy. a morning shower 73 to 78 the high. 73 to mild. the morning starts at 50. a lot more sunshine in the picture. 70 the high. ofpble 46. another shower chance coming our way on tuesday, but not a big chance. >> thanks, john. >> a cbs news employee is out of jail and on bond after attempting to black mail davidletterman. he acknowledged on the air he had sexual relationships with female staffers. >> authorities say with the help of late-night talk show host david letterman they foiled a plot to extort $2 million from the comedian. the plot involved robert halderman who was arraigned on grand larceny charges a day
6:42 am
after his arrest. >> new york will not tolerate the co-ergs or extortion of anyone famous or anonymous. >> it was letterman himself who delivered two bombshells on cbs late-night show telling his audience he was a victim. the plot allegedly included plans to reveal letterman's relationships with late-night staffers if he didn't pay. letterman said he found awe note in his car. >> and there's a letter in the package and it says that "i know that you do some terrible, terrible things." >> information letterman took to authorities. then came letterman's speech. all the while the audience nervously laughed.
6:43 am
investigators set up two more meetings in a sting operation. in the last one, the attorney gave the suspect a bogus check designed to bounce. halderman was living at the time with stephanie burkett, one of letterman's long-time assistants. today halderman says there is another side to the case. >> this story is far more complicated than what you heard this afternoon. >> meanwhile police are still trying to figure out an exact motive for the plot. michelle franzen, nbc news. >> stay with us. "11 fitness" is coming up.
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depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day. ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. >> time for "11 fitness." charles harris has already started working oufment today he's going to teach us how to -- maybe you are bored with your routine. if you are paying to -- without paying to join a fitness center you can hire a trainer like charles to come and give you personal ininstruction. you have three stations. >> most people have a step at home already in a -- somewhere in the attic or basement.
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but anyway, most people can get a good workout. right now i'm going to do some cardiovascular training so i can get my heart rate up. >> and saving time at the same time. >> exactly. chest press. shoulder press. >> 15 minutes on the cardio. next station. the exercise ball. keep the hand weights. >> normally i have the heavier weights here. these are five pounds, and i graduate to 10, 15, maybe 20 pounds depending on my fitness level. i can do a bicep curl at this point, up and down, working the biceps, shoulder raises, both
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sides. lats. back down. >> very good. >> then i can do my abs at the same time. >> when you do the arm exercises when you are sitting on the ball it helps work your core? >> yes, have you to stabilize yourself because you are working your core. so 15 minutes here. >> so we're up to 30 minutes. and it is almost a complete body workout. >> yes. or you can do three minutes at each station and make it more of a cardiovascular situation. >> break up the monotony as well. >> what are you going to do here? >> i'm going to do a bicep curl again. this is user friendly and nonthreatening. some women are afraid they are going to bulk up, which is not
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true. so i'm working my biceps again. >> i better move out of the way. >> and the bands come in different resistant levels. so you have light, medium, and heavy. >> they are telling us to wrap up. i will tell you guys, if you want to get in touch with charles, you can check out his web site. maybe you can hire him to come over and teach you how to set up your own gym. thank you, charles. >> thank you. >> stay with us. >> stay with us. another look at the weekend
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>> "extra points" high school football coverage starts with owings mills. it is not something we have done before. a victory last night. ending that loseing streak. on the road things going well. to matthews. a 54 yard score. the snap on fourth down. making good on the first.
6:53 am
hey, a four-yard touchdown. perry hall the winner at home 28-17. friday night winner anne arundel county. annapolis looking for the upset. anne arundel's quarterback not running, but hey, touchdown straight ahead. anne arundel up. incredible arm. touchdown for harris. one of the best offenses in the state. last night, another score there. victorious. 38-7. friday afternoon. 8 in the first. good news. 75 yards and the touchdown. goodness gracious. edmonton.
6:54 am
very accurate, perfect throw. two h points. at that point edmonton goes on to win it 36-14 your final. for more on friday's games, get online to and click on "extra points." highlights and scores from week five. extra points your home on the web for baltimore area high school football. that's our look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> the calendar says october but it is looking like christmas at the b & o railroad museum. for the first time the admission is free because disney is promoting the release of "a christmas carol" starring jim carrey. >> carollers create a set forg a
6:55 am
classic tale. the train is on a 40-city tour to promote the movie being released november 1. >> we wanted people to not just be an advertisement for it or read about it, but to actually leanch how the movie was -- learn how the movie was made. >> four new exhibits were heard used to turn jim carrey into eastbound kneeser scrooge. -- ebonezer scrooge. >> this time it is a lot more life-like. it is going to blow people away. >> so the people who caption this information can see what is being said on their faces. >> kids can morph their faces into some of the characters. i even gave it a try. >> there are things on loan from the charles dickins "a christmas
6:56 am
carol." >> it seats 100 showing a tv snap shot of actor interviews. >> this is a dream con come true as only walt disney studio's can present. >> this is a rare chance. disney is hosting the event so to see the train and tour the museum is free for everyone all weekend long, and families are loving it. >> i like it so much, i like the inside. >> it is fantastic. we had very much fun around here. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you get to see the train as well as all that disney stuff and neat stuff the kids love. there is a little chance for a shower today. basically we are working on partly cloudy. the high looks good on monday, too. another shower chance tuesday. >> thank you, john. we're out of time. "the today show" is
6:57 am
>> from the inner harbor to lake mmontebello runners will participate into the race event. there are five different options including a fun run and walkers are welcome. various segments will be run by participants from across the glofpblete thousands will watch and cheer runners as they challenge themselves and race to the finish line. regardless of who wins, the city and the region are the major ben factors. they chose -- it shows the city
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at its best and the economic news is welcome during these times. wbal-tv 11 news is a proud sponsor and sue ports tom tass mire -- tasselmyer in running. for all events including the marathon log on to
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good morning. blackmail? new details about the man


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