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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  April 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> coming up, and woman is stabbed in a neighborhood. we will have the latest on that investigation. the employment numbers are in, and it is the best news in three years on the jobs front. >> new developments in dallas. a singer will pay the cost for stripping in public. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. thanks for joining us. >> we would get a quick check on the forecast. >> it looks good. we should be able to hold all of this together.
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very nice weather right through the weekend. look at our hd doppler and satellite combination this morning. some clouds overhead. scattered showers and thunderstorms. this system is moving east. there are indications that the rain will not be a factor in the passage of this fund overnight tonight. most of the precipitation will wind up to the south or north of us. we are holding for really good weather all week long. we will talk about the the the of of the forecast in a few
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moments. stick around. >> our big story comes out of annapolis. police are investigating the murder of a woman. it is the first murder in the city of annapolis. john sherman has the story. >> in this neighborhood, it is been 23 months since a homicide investigation unfolded. police say this may have been domestic. >> we received a call that a woman had been stabbed in this neighborhood. they found a female victim on the scene. she was transported to the medical center and passed away this afternoon. >> the neighborhood could not stay out of the headlines a few months ago. there was a lot of violence and drugs.
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>> we are doing and give jobs. this is an encouraging sign looking at the numbers. >> police shifted tactics, a tactic that appears to be working despite the murder friday night. there is no ongoing danger. >> one of the key strategies is to be where crime can happen and get crime off the street. one homicide is too many. we will not be satisfied until i am saying none at the end of the year. we know that what we are doing is working. the community police and what we are doing. that is also important. >> what is important about this case is that they do not believe it is a random act. they have a suspect in custody -- custody.
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wbal tv 11 news. >> teenagers are behind bars charged with stabbing another teenager at white marsh mall. police were able to keep the set -- at the suspect minutes later. they have been charged with adults as first-degree murder. and police say is suspects opened fire on a victim who was taken to bayview. no word on the condition. the suspect got away. a grand jury has decided that the man charged in the shooting death of ball, who was on security duty at bank of america. . police say he was fatally shot. he is a father of three.
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>> is 17 year-old accused of firing a stray bullet that critically injured a five-year old girl last summer. >> a shooting victim explains what led to a street fight and gunfire that injured raven wyatt. she was shot in the head but was not the intended target. lamont davis is charged with attempted murder and assault. the victim says he was hit in the arm. everything started when he was accused of spitting in the face of a female. he denies the accusation. >> he was the intended victim. >> the intended victim said he was in the area on july 2009.
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he was involved in a verbal confrontation and then a fight. prosecutors showed police surveillance video of people scrambling. it heard a burst -- boys. shots were fired. he took off running. >> it is a dangerous situation to be in. he is being called to testify at. >> the defense eternity pointed out that they never made a clear identification of the shooter. a female that witnessed the fight said a boys started shooting. he was walking towards me. she identified lamont davis in court and read a statement saying the guy at picked was shooting at the teenager. he did not mean to hit the little girl. she said she knew davis says mont mont, , but defense
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attorneys say she never mentioned that with police. >> [unintelligible] it is a little cloudy right now. but we know what is going on. >> wbal-tv. >> baltimore city police need your help to find a missing 10 year-old boy that suffers from attention deficit disorder. he went missing yesterday evening at a green -- at a park. police say he was later seen at a shopping center on cherry hill road. he is described as having a light complexion, short black hair. if you have seen him, please call 911.
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>> o'malley is promoting the new jobs tax credit. it goes to businesses that hire people in maryland. new workers have applied for the tax credit. there is good news on the economy. more new jobs and job creation. president obama hailed the news. there is another side of the statistic. the unemployment rate did not drop. we have more coverage from washington. >> president obama called it the best news on the jobs front in years. >> today is an encouraging day. the economy actually produced a substantial number of jobs instead of losing a substantial number of jobs. [applause] we are beginning to turn the corner. >> 160,000 new jobs in march.
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the most in three years. millions of jobs were lost since 2007. the president took credit visiting a north carolina battery parts plant. he is using funds from his stimulus plan. >> measures that were necessary even though they were unpopular. >> more americans went looking for jobs the rate of unemployment remains 9.7%. this is a jobs fair in savannah. millions of americans are still working. republicans say democrats set back the recovery with their work when on health care and push for financial health care reform. >> there is some uncertainty there that citizens are not going to do what we want them to do, which is create more jobs.
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>> but they are doing more. the president says it is because of what he is doing. that is a preview of the political fight over the economy. we will see more during the november election. wbal tv. >> the official -- the decision to brings lost to anne arundel county is going back to the ballot box. the petition -- to bring slots to anne arundel account is going back to the ballot box. one person gave his frank opinion on the entire issue. >> i think we all would of been better off if we had limited these slots locations to those that were adjacent to race tracks. >> the baltimore company has sued the board of elections climate overlook fraud in the petition drive.
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one person -- they are waiting for a decision by a court or voters. >> a district council man is calling for an agency audit. the parks and recreation department was unable to provide the information. there may be a substantial amount of money if the department is not accounted for. >> if we find what we think we are going to find, numbers held in the dark. we will shine the light of day on those companies. >> the turnover has resulted in a lack of consistent vision. >> governor of malice reelection campaign is getting a boost from
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a younger brother. it is burning on peter o'malley as senior adviser. it comes days after the republican former governor bob ehrlich the side here is going to be running again. >> one doctor's warning about taking generic brand prescriptions. why you may not be getting the full dose of medication you need. >> and a singer will pay a price for getting it at a public park in dallas tx. it was washing a music video. >> a live picture outside. your forecast is next. your forecast is next. stay with we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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>> we have had some great weather so far. lots of sunshine. we have been near the 70's inland. we have been watching this weather system to the west. the strongest storms down in mississippi.
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you have to think, what is this going to do when the cold front comes our way. it will move up into canada, not across new york state which would guarantee as a thunderstorm overnight. the front is going to go through tonight. we have to wait and see how this will be made. -- will behave. some high thin clouds running out ahead of the front. 48 at the airport. 97% humidity. the barometer is still high.
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in a harbor 74. -- inner harbor 74. further inland when you get into a carroll county, they had a high near 70. areas closer to the bay will be a little cooler than inland. anabasis 49 this morning. behind the front it is cold. rapid city had snow.
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other places with a strong thunderstorm activity. there is a southwest region southwest breeze. around 80 degrees for the high. there may be a sprinkle sunday morning. rain showered chances monday into tuesday and again on thursday. that could be thunderstorm activity. it is very springlike.
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>> account executive is recovering from surgery this morning. we will have the latest on his recovery. >> our medical alert is next. >> no artistic license for a singer. what she has to pay for taking it off in dallas. off in dallas. ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them.
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>> women exposed to certain chemicals in the workplace may have an increased risk for breast cancer. it can occur after menopause. most pharmacies will dispense generic prescriptions over brand names to save money. but some are saying it is not
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always the best idea. one person is taking his fight to the state legislature. >> nurses tried to give one- person engineered version of an embassy -- tried to give one person a generic version of an epilepsy medication. >> she needed a certain percentage of the active agreement -- ingredient which could affect her daughter's health. >> the under dosage could cause you to have a seizure. could cause you to be unnecessarily sleepy or fatigued. >> the doctor says pharmacies give her patients generic without them knowing.
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pharmacies are pressured by insurance companies to give generics. >> i want to know which patient i am choosing to give that to. >> we need to be careful and. >> she says some health-care cuts are not always worth the savings. >> no one should come between that patient and that doctor. >> doctors say your best advice is to ask if generic medication is ok before you head to the pharmacy. a pill works like a bar code scanner that occurs restore. they can see if the pill has
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>> hollywood is mourning the loss of john forsythe. he had a yearlong battle with cancer and died of pneumonia. one of the most memorable roles is an oil tycoon in the move -s" dynasty." erykah badu stripped naked in a dallas plaza. she is being charged with misdemeanor after a woman complained to police after witnessing the video. here is the story. >> she bared it all for a music video shop last month. her son of the rise stunt -- her unauthorized stunt has ard and earned her a disorderly conduct
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charge. >> she disrobed in a public place without rard for other people including children. >> one person does not see it this way. he understands some people's reaction. her performance was artistic. others say it was part of a bigger plan. >> as an artist, you want someone who is thinking outside of the box gets heated escape. >> i think it is a publicity stunt. >> she will sign albums for her fans at a store. she expects a big crowd. she is ready for the rush. >> her fine could cost up to $500. we want to know what you think.
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the posted a link to the music video on our page. you can leave a comment on facebook. [unintelligible] >> i think she will pay the fine. >> we will take a look at our top stories coming up. >> of baltimore police need your help finding this woman. >> and a county executive is rushed to the hospital. we have an update on his condit.
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>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> in the outside with the forecast. i think it will be nicer -- a look at the forecast outside first. i think it will be nicer. >> there is an approaching storm. the temperatures will hold up all weekend long. this looks a little scary. a cold front is out to the rest of us. it is generating thunderstorm activity from illinois to
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mississippi this morning. there are some clouds running ahead of us. it is filtering the moonlight this morning. it will give us moisture that will generate rain which will disappear overnight. we will detail all of that coming up in just a moment. stick around. >> taking a look at some of our top story this morning. one person is dead after an early morning accident in westminster. officers say the driver of the sdp crossed the center line slamming into a garbage truck head-on. the person was pronounced dead at the scene. the truck driver was taken to shock trauma. has met crews had to be called for a leak in the basement.
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the call came in yesterday afternoon. some patients, firefighters, and staff had to be evacuated. in the county executive is recovering this morning after undergoing surgery on his nose. he had a massive nosebleed and his blood pressure dropped. he is expected to leave today. he appreciates all of the kind wishes that he has had. >> baltimore police are trying to find a missing woman. there is a reward with information that helps locator. we have more. >> this morning baltimore county police were searching an area in woodlawn. this was the last place where the 24 year-old woman was seen. she has been missing for over six weeks now. police say she was with her
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boyfriend. >> one of the things that we tried to do in investigations that detectives always work from the person closest to the victim and trying to exclude them. it is not happening in this case. we have not been able to do that in this case. >> they have lots of questions. they want answers. we got this location because that was the last area that she was seen with him. >> we go to bed and hope that we wake up that we are dreaming. >> for the mother, she says this is a nightmare. all she can do is hope and pray. >> i am trying to keep my hope alive and my faith in god strong and believe she is alive. >> if anyone has information about the whereabouts of her daughter, millan >> call
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baltimore police and come forward. let them know anything. anything that may be insignificant, call them and let them know. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> please call metro crimestoppers if you have information about her whereabouts. >> easter starts early. we will have details on activities for your family this holiday weekend. >> we are reflecting on the day that jesus died on the cross. >> warm is our weather headline word for the day. details coming up. [ applause ] [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] venus williams doesn't let sweat and odor ruin her style.
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>> cherry blossoms are in full bloom. more than 150 events are held over the city to attract visitors from all over the world. it shows the french ship between japan and the u.s.. >> we cannot ask for better weather out there. >> the cherry blossoms are out of sync with the temperatures. it seems to be falling together. maybe that is what we went through in the winter. we are finally getting back some sort of payback. mother nature is a balancing act. let's take a look at what is gone on outside. it looks threatening.
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to the west we see the results of a cold front. showers and thunderstorms are hanging out there. a lot of this moisture will dry out before its get into the mountain. there are thin cloud overhead. i could see the stars. we are looking pretty good right now. take a look at the temperatures. not as cold as it could be this time of morning. humidity is up. the barometer is high. temperatures right now, 49 in annapolis.
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edgewood 49. hagerstown 57. the bay is influencing temperatures a little bit. temperatures right around 50 degrees or so. it will impact our temperatures today as well. strong thunderstorms are head of the cold front across the plains states. here is where the front will be this evening. a high-pressure with this warm flow. once the storm goes through, it will not the temperatures down a few degrees. we will still be above the average however once the front
5:41 am
goes through. we will see scattered clouds, more in the afternoon. temperatures will continue. they will continue being unseasonably warm. the water temperatures in the 50's. 10:00 tonight, there is a front which may have some sprinkles. the front is moving through the baltimore area around 2:00 a.m. may be a sprinkle or a quick shower. by 6:00 a.m., a sprinkle to the east of us. then we try out. overnight, when the flood goes through, we may see something.
5:42 am
we will be near 80 degrees today. in the 7's tomorrow. -- 70's tomorrow. rain temperatures monday -- rain chances monday. >> workers at the zoo is celebrating spring. easter egg hunts will have traits and prizes for children. the information is on a website. click on entertainment. >> it was packed a couple of days ago, because it was so beautiful. >> take the kids. >> next we have details on the ncaa battle on the complaint of
5:43 am
a former player. >> and christians continue to complain about the vatican's handling of the matter.
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>> the archdiocese of baltimore says it will welcome new members on easter mass sunday.
5:46 am
local catholics recognize good friday with a procession. it ended its procession at city hall yesterday. it shop -- stopped at several downtown sites such as the daily bread. >> at the vatican, friday mass was led by the pope. the vatican has been struggling with growing criticism over a sex scandal. we have more from rome. >> the pope, the event is the heart of christianity. the outcry of priests who have sexually abused children has dominated the mood this friday.
5:47 am
priests have covered it up even the pope perhaps. at today's service, one person compared the attacks on benedict to the persecution of the jews. >> we know from experience what it means to be a victim of violence. because of this, they're a quick to recognize the recurring symptoms. >> a spokesperson said that was the thought of the preacher and not the pope. it angered jewish leaders around the world. at the cathedral and in every german church, a special prayer was offered for abuse victims. in vatican city, many waited in long lines to attend service. lifelong catholics expressed frustration with the pulp. >> i think he should be more proactive and send a stronger message about how the church can make retribution for these things.
5:48 am
>> this man says this is taking a serious toll on his own ministry. >> it affects the work i tried to do as a teacher, preacher, and evangelist. >> this is a chance to deal with this issue once and for all. in doing so, they can strengthen the priesthood. nbc news, rome. >> coming up, the n.c.a.a. is facing a lawsuit this morning brought on by a former basketball player. >> some say they make millions of dollars that they never say. more on that next. >> sad news for the baltimore orioles as they lose one of their links to the past, one of the hall of famers and one of their
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>> we start with said news from friday. the orioles lose a great part
5:52 am
of their past. miguel succumbing to cancer at the age of 72. he grew into a star. he had a devastating screwball. he is a cy young award winner. the first latin american ever to win that honor. he was a top pitcher in the league. oriole fans will never forget that picture. wrapping up the word portion of their spring training, taking on the yankees. top fifth, orioles down - making a comeback. -- down 4-2, making a comeback.
5:53 am
this game's end in a 6-6 tie. in annapolis, an annapolis planning coast to georgetown. scoring spurt continues. after a georgetown turnover, this player gets his first goal of the season. it ties 1 the game it2 -- it ties the game at 12. patrick is stopped by jack davis. shortly after the overtime face- off, unassisted game winner. the hoyas have won five consecutive games in annapolis.
5:54 am
we have a top ranked division team playing a number 2 ellsbury. you can watch that game -- saul's vlisbury. you can watch that game today. >> the final quarter gets under way in basketball. -- final four is underway in basketball. >> as the final 14 is ready to battle for the ncaa championship -- some players are going to a different court for a different fight. >> this is a case of continuing abuse. >> led by a former ucla star, at least 11 x college athletes are part of a lawsuit wanting to force the n.c.a.a. to pay royalties to former players.
5:55 am
>> they have been arriving significant income from rebroadcasts and sales relating to those athletes' performances while they were students. >> the n.c.a.a. says the lawsuit and the attention has led to rapid this group -- rapid misrepresentations of the facts. the extent of what the licenses of its copyrighted works such as broadcast and photos -- officials are pointing to examples of a former student athletes signing lucrative endorsement deals before turning pro, including tim tebow. likenesses in video games sparked this initially. sales of tv rights and other merchandise based on the players has also fueled this. athletes want to get their fair
5:56 am
share since they are no longer amateurs. the final score of this game could mean millions. nbc news. >> 48 degrees on tv of. here is a look ahead to the next hour. >> the police department says its strategy is working regarding homicide in annapolis. >> president obama hits the road to push the job creation. will rising gas prices hinder the economic recovery. >> there is a storm approaching, but we also have mild temperatures to talk about. that is coming up in your forecast.
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