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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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far. we have not seen that many thunderstorms breaking up so far. there is a lot of rain associated with the storms. the biggest one is trekking across eastern virginia. this one is about to cross the potomac. the storm is moving east at 24 m.p.h. it will get to st. mary's county in the next hour or two hours. we will see what all of -- we will see when the weather will move that coming up. >> a semi overturned this morning. police say that it was hauling paper. the trailer did not fill load, but it did block iraq for several hours while it took her to remove it. -- but it did not block -- but it did block the ramp for several hours while it took --
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while a tow truck tried to remove it. many people in baltimore county in or out of power. it is part of the same system that caused severe weather over the weekend. >> the cleanup continues tonight in mississippi after a deadly strain of tornadoes. 12 people were dead and dozens more injured. there is word tonight of a hero in the strike zone. jay has the emotional story. >> she would do anything in the world for anybody. >> i am in a tornado right now. >> as a violent tornado ripped across northeast mississippi, nicky's thoughts turned to her three young kids. with 170 mile per hour wind, mickey reacted to the only way she knew how. >> she got the mattress off the bed appeared she put it over
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those three boys. >> after the storm passed, it took neighbors three hours to work their way through the debris. her trailer had been mauled. as they dug their way inside, they finally found her body. she had died laying across the top of that mattress. >> putting the mattress over those three kids and to play on top of that, trying to hold it down to make sure those babies would be protected, you cannot get any better than that. i do not do so. >> underneath, the neighbors found her three boys. >> she give up her left for them to live, no doubt about it. >> battered and bruised, they had survived. >> they air lifted all three of the boys to the university medical center. >> the boys are still there. they have been asking for their mom. >> otis did tell the doctor, "i
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know my mama is gone." >> while her family is obviously distraught, they say they are not at all surprised at how to do but -- how she died in the storm. her priority were always -- her party was always those boys. >> there's nothing -- her priority was always those boys. >> there's nothing like a mother's love. >> there are new details tonight in a deadly accident in roseville. the 70-year-old mother was tried to cross a philadelphia road -- a 17-year-old mother was trying to cross it philadelphia road. >> police have rolled up the police have ruled out -- police
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have ruled out pedestrian error. but they have not filed any charges on the driver. she died sunday after being struck by a 1997 ford pickup. she and carla, who was in a stroller, had stepped onto a curve in the bus stop at the entrance of the golden ring shopping complex. >> she pushed the stroller of the way. she looked at the car. she did not make it. she thought of the baby. >> the child was not hurt. police are still investigating what caused the picket to crash into the young mother. >> he did not stop -- he did stop and tried to render aid at the accident. he was not trying to flee. >> police have cited him for several traffic violations leading back to 1996.
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>> this does not appear to be pedestrian error whatsoever. >> the victim is from mexico and the father is from on doors. friends of the family say that she took the bus to go to be walmart. she was struck and killed on her way home. the victim carried no id. her family was concerned because she did not come home and filed a missing persons report. officials broke the news to them today. >> baltimore city police are investigating a shooting in southwest baltimore that happened at 12:30 pm police said that an adult male was shot and suffered critical injuries. the gunman fled the scene. there is no knowledge as to what prompted the man to open fire. 19-year-old louis dewayne
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edwards is responsible for a shooting. the victim is in stable condition. if you have any information on the whereabouts of louis dewayne edwards, you are encouraged to call the police immediately. >> bipartisanship and financial reform both guided test vote of sorts today. -- both the got a test vote of sorts today. >> fighting for financial reform, president obama and democrats assume they will lose today in the u.s. senate where republicans look united and sound sharply partisan. >> when it comes to fixing the problems that we see in the economy or in our health-care system or anywhere else, the days of taking the democrats were for it are over.
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>> if all 41 republicans vote no to become a financial reform is stalled. but joe lieberman says, not for long. >> there will be a time of appreciation and we will have bipartisan wall street reform legislation. >> cracking down on financial institutions is popular. in today's "washington post" abc poll, 65% of americans say they want more regulation of wall street. 48% are split on how president obama is doing on the issue. >> i do not think it is a tenable political position for the republicans to be in to continue to say that the rule of the road we have for wall street should be as they work. -- as they were. >> the plan would put new consumer protections in place.
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republicans agree on the goals. the fed will be on how sweeping reforms will be paired -- the substance will be on how sweeping reforms will be. >> the state has seen a jump in foreclosures. there is help out there. and fish -- information is available. a workshop is being held tonight for those were trying to avoid foreclosure. >> if you are having trouble paying a mortgage, do not sit silent. come to the foreclosure prevention workshop at overly high school. >> foreclosures in the state of maryland had increased. since last year, they have increased 80%. >> he does not want to see the foreclosure picture get worse. he says that foreclosures can destroy families and communities. it says his office wants to help as much as possible.
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michelle and mike roberts say they could use the help. >> i am hoping to accomplish finding some ability to fix my problem. that is basically -- i do not want to lose my house. >> their mortgages $1,100 a month. but when he lost his job as an auto technician, they have been in trouble. he has had sporadic jobs. the mortgage company offered them a band-aid for the deferred payment. but that is now over. >> by april 23, we were to pay $16,600. >> the roberts are hoping that the workshop can help them and others who were in the same boat. >> put them together with somebody who might be able to help them get out of there stilserious problem. there will not appeal to say, no, you have lost your job and your mortgage. but there are ways to -- they
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are not going to say, no, you have lost your job and your mortgage. but there are ways to work it out. >> the congressman's office to help the roberts get their initial the furl. this workshop -- the initial deferral. this workshop this this evening. it is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at overly high school. if you need help with your mortgage, you may want to come out and see what they can do for you. >> for more tips on fighting foreclosure and more details on tonight's workshop, along to our
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website, >> baltimore could be earning some extra money from the 2010 census. inmates have been considered residents of the last jurisdiction in which they lived, not the communities where there prison is located. maryland is the first state to count as a location as their residence. it could pull political clout. >> still ahead, an ohio man appears in court suspected in planning to do harm to president obama. >> they were a tiny, tiny little amounts. then we get to a whole peanuts. now 86. it is amazing -- now, it is six. it is amazing. >> cutting allergies by eating the food you are allergic to.
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experts say, not so fast. >> a new treatment is giving hope to patients with rheumatoid arthritis. >> police taste in men twice and then shoot them in an apparent then shoot them in an apparent
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women. >> they are free. they will be given out at our family planning clinics. we're trying to expand the comprehensiveness of women's services, especially to those who are pregnant. >> prenatal vitamins are important because they help avoid birth defects. >> 3 million kids in the united states suffer food allergies. some doctors are fighting elegies with the very things that are making children sick. one doctor started eight food program eight months ago. >> we fooled the bodies elegy and immune system by sneaking up on it. y'swe fool with the bod
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allergy and immune system by sneaking up on it. >> he insists that his staff takes extraordinary caution with patients. some insurance companies to pay for it. it is a painful disorder that has no cure. room a at one arthritis affects women more often than men. -- rheumatoid arthritis affects women more often than men. >> several years ago, deborah noticed that her joint were beginning to borrow her. >> i was waking up wondering why? then i started getting a lot of swelling. >> it turns out that the debra
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has rheumatoid arthritis. it took some time before she found the medication to manage her pain. >> it was a lot of pain. some days, i cannot even get out of bed. >> but some patients do not get relief from the medication. for them, a new medicine may help. >> it targets a protein that is very active in rheumatoid arthritis patients. it is found in high concentrations in the joints of patients. the medication will block the effects of that protein. >> it may have side effects. it has an increased risk of infection, changes in blood count, liver problems, cholesterol changes, or even malignancy. it is crucial for patients to be
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monitored by their doctors. >> it is an infusion. it is given to the patient through an ivy. it is usually covered by insurance. >> there are more showers in our area and lots of clouds. the big storms are in southern maryland where it has been warmer. we're keeping an eye on that. you can see layers of cloud cover and even blue skies. we have more rain to deal with tonight. you can see some of the showers trekking through frederick and the courts hagerstown. -- and up through hagerstown. south of d.c., we have seen some of the biggest firms that are
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now crossing the potomac and are headed for st. mary's county. it appears to be the strongest one in our area, movies that 257 -- moving east at 27 m.p.h. the farther south ago, the bigger the threat for the year storms in our area. the rain has lost some of the pollen out of the atmosphere. it makes me wonder why i feel so bad today. [laughter] this does not make a whole lot of sense to me. even the ball came down to the very low range. maybe i have -- even the came down to the very low rates. maybe i have a cold. look at the temperatures.
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the showers will end tomorrow with clearing skies coming in from the west. there is a chance for a thunderstorm early tonight. temperatures will drop into the 40's. this big sprawling storm was trekking all across the country last week. we saw this coming at of the west coast. it took zero weeks to get across the country. it will finally -- it took all week to get across the country. it will finally get out of here tomorrow. there will be a warm-up heading into wednesday, thursday, and friday. look at all that clear sky anticipated into wednesday and thursday it is -- and thursday. it is a little crazy around here.
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temperatures will be below normal. the clear will we stick around for today's. -- the cool air will stick around for a couple of days. it to the end of the week, it will be almost 70 degrees on thursday. it will be summer-like with temperatures into the 80's on saturday and sunday. >> thank you. we have details on a maryland shelter of that is forced to stop adoptions because of a deadly virus. >> obama kicks off the 2010 campaign season with a direct message to supporters. republicans say it will not work. >> what surprised him? we will speak with the
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>> an ohio man remains behind bars tonight. joseph mcdade showed up at an airport just after air force one took off. he had a gun. in his car, he had all kinds of
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police equipment. when approached by police, they say it -- he said that he wanted to see the president. they promptly arrested him. meanwhile, the president is pushing a get out of the vote effort for this year's midterm election. >> he is trying to reenergize his grass-roots supporters. sally joins us live from washington with the details. >> the president is urging those who powered his 2008 election victory to head back to the polls this november and keep democrats in control of congress. in a direct message to supporters -- >> this year, i need your help once more. >> president obama tried to reconnect with voters who helped him with this 2008 win. >> together, we will deliver on the promise of change.
5:26 pm
>> the video was the mailed to about 39 grass-roots supporters. >> it has a role to play to make sure that he had strong allies in congress. >> they make republicans -- expect republicans to make major gains this year. the republican national committee says that the president's message shows just how vulnerable democrats are. >> president obama has more than welcome to try to reconnect with voters, but it will fall flat. the writing is already on the wall. republicans are ready for victory this fall. >> the president needs the magic he had in the 2008 campaign. >> 1 in 2006 could end in 2010. voters are frustrated. >> but does not mean that they vote for republicans, but it could mean that there will stay home in november. that would be a disaster for the
5:27 pm
democratic party. >> the gop candidates will be asking voters one question -- are you better off today than you were two years ago? they expect the answer to be no. voter turnout tends to be lower for midterm elections. when the economy hurting, voters tend to punish the party in power. >> how important will be independent voters be in this election? >> independent voters made all the difference in elections last year in virginia and new jersey. in both cases, those were governor's races in which republicans beat out democrats. we expect both parties to really reach out to independents. >> here is a look at what is coming up at 5:30 p.m. >> police tazed and shot a man that they say was beating his
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girlfriend. >> how healthy the majority of americans are? many go undiagnosed. >> he has been running for 3 [ woman ] with my diabetes...
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i make my efforts count... so i switched to the freestyle promise® program... a unique program that gives me... the support i need, free. free access to a certified diabetes educator... so i can ask about diet and the insulin i use. i got a free meter. and test strip discounts. so i can spend more on what i really want. i count on the freestyle promise® program. make it count for you! only the freestyle program gives you discounts, support, and more. enroll today. >> the officer who shot a man in glen burnie last week has been identified. the suspect's girlfriend says that the gunfire was not justified. the suspect remains in shock trauma tonight. >> this is a complicated situation involving alleged
5:30 pm
domestic abuse. the response from police -- the victim is questioning those officers. >> it was heartbreaking. >> she was the victim when, after 10:00 p.m., an officer on routine patrol came across her boyfriend who was in an agitated state. >> i was the one that people on the news say was attacked. that is not what happened at all. >> despite her boyfriend appeared to be beating her, h pulled two tazer prongs, from his back, and then was shot by police, she says that it was uncalled for. >> i was trying to plead with
5:31 pm
them to get down because this was when to turn into a really big thing. >> but he did not calm down. he was standing across the street with his hands up like this. then the police came across and shot him. >> the policeman who shot him is a three-year veteran on the force. t aa group of children an fire truck demonstration went on an unexpected trip today. it kids were on board when the break came undone, rolled, and crashed into retreat. none of the children were injured.
5:32 pm
they are searching for a two suspects, including troy neal traylor. they are accused of forcing into a home and robbing the occupants at gunpoint. we are learning new details about a deadly accident yesterday in rosedale. 17 the deficit year-old -- a 17- year-old mother was struck by a vehicle. she was taken to shock trauma where she later died. heard 2-year-old son was treated and released to the customer yet his father. the driver did remain at the scene. they're still trying to determine the cause of the accident. a deadly treeline virus is going through a shelter compared -- a deadly feline virus is going
5:33 pm
through a shelter. they are vaccinating all cats. officials say it will be a few more weeks before the adoptions resume. >> the new study points out something we already know. many americans are unhealthy. nearly half of us have at least one critical condition, whether it is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. many of those conditions could go undiagnosed which could lead to later complications. >> take a look around to the next time you're hanging out in a coffee shop or walking down the street. nearly half of everyone you see over the age of 20 is suffering from a chronic health problem. it could potentially set them up for a heart attack or a stroke. but this is a significant problem. >> that is the crux of the new cdc study. between 1999 and 2006, 45% of american adults have at least one of three chronic health conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.
5:34 pm
each could greatly increase the potential for heart disease. the prevalence of high blood pressure remained steady throughout the study period. it was the number of diabetes cases that increased overtime period of genetics played some role, americans have to look at -- overti time. while genetics play some role, americans have to look at other things. diabetes and high blood pressure were especially prevalent among african- americans who are more likely than whites and hispanics to have one of these health problems. doctors may be able to narrow their focus on preventing heart disease and they have a better and broader scope on just how many americans are walking around with risk factors.
5:35 pm
>> the cdc report also found that 15% of american adults let have one of these chronic health conditions has never been diagnosed. >> there was a hair raising event today. it was a hair styling competition, reflecting the past from the present, and the future of hair styling. students get to dress up in costumes of different eras. >> two good signs that the economy is on the upswing -- >> pande grohl talks about how she survived four days in an -- and a girl talks about how she survived four days in an alligator-infested swamp. >> there is a senate showdown on wall street report.
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but no one stopped to help him. he lived there for one hour and 20 minutes. 25 people were so walked by and did absolutely nothing. by that time ambulance and help arrived, it was too late. he died. the mother is still on the route -- the mugger is still on the loose. >> for four nights, this little girl was lost. this weekend, she shared her story with a congregation of her church. >> you know what? the whole reason i even went into the woods was because i really wanted to see nature. and i really did get to see nature. [laughter] you would not believe what i saw it? i saw a snake. i kept my distance from it, fortunately. >> quite the adventure.
5:40 pm
she is back in school now. she is still recovering from numerous other bites. >> oil is a losing so towards the coastline. there is a 40-mile-long oil spill. beaches and prime fishing water and homes from florida to louisiana are at risk. oil is spilling from a drilling pipe. 11 of the workers are still missing and are presumed dead. >> who does the most of the chores in your home? >> details in a new study shows that the answers to that question could determine the success of your marriage. >> bob crowley ran his 50s
5:41 pm
thousand mile -- his 50,000th mile. >> we will check out the forecast. there are showers in the area and it i it's the chevy spring event. and everyone deserves a car they can count on. one that's backed by a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and named a consumers digest best buy, two years in a row. discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy.
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during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevy dealer dot com. >> good afternoon, everyone. here's a look at what we're looking for the news at 6:00 p.m. the prosecutor says he will not seek another term in office. a young mother was hit and killed pushing her son across the street in rosedale. we have the latest in the investigation. we have the stores
5:43 pm
rex a lot of us cannot imagine running a single solitary marathon. but how about running 42 of them? >> that is what a note across the village president did.
5:44 pm
-- president did. -- resident did. >> he decided he needed to lose a little weight and started running. today, he took off with his sons and a few friends to mark a milestone, his 50,000th mile of jogging. >> little did i realize 39 years ago that i would end up with 50,000 miles. i have been fortunate. i have not had too many problems physically. i think it makes you feel good all over to continue. it is addictive. >> he started to run 39 years ago when he wanted to lose weight. we did a story on him back in 2008 when he was preparing for the baltimore marathon. he has kept accurate records on how far he has run over the years.
5:45 pm
more importantly, he is still running at 84. >> is a great guy. we know him very well. we are very proud of what he has done. >> i wish i could run like that. >> he enjoys going to the marathons'. he enjoys running with their son. it has been a wonderful experience. >> thank you to bob, both of his sons are athletes. his son craig, who was in his 50s, runs marathons with his dad. >> he really got me into running it and my brother and to biking. he has been there and very much an inspiration to all of us. rain or shine, he is out there all the time. [cheers] >> shortly after noon, he crossed the finish line. even at the age of 84, athletes still get all of the girls.
5:46 pm
>> southern maryland is getting hit hard with strong thunderstorms with this afternoon. there is a tornado warning in the very southern tip of charles county. there are signs of rotation as it trucks to be spent 26 miles per hour. this system will likely have a strong impact on st. mary's county. we will let be surprised if they issue a storm warning for said mary's county. it will be there in the next few minutes. boaters on the potomac and folks across said mary's county should be taking shelter right now. you can see much lighter showers in the baltimore area. storms are developing warmer air to the hour south -- to the south.
5:47 pm
they are heading from west to east. this thing as a threat to st. mary's county and probably to four southern maryland. -- too far southern maryland. -- to far southern maryland. it gets warm -- itself of the potomac -- it gets warm as he gets out of the potomac. it is slightly warmer and more unstable air that is causing the storm warnings in southern maryland. high temperatures are well below normal. it only hit 57 degrees. the showers over the weekend helped to drop some of the pollen of the year. some of the high counts, sticker taking their toll on me right now. -- some of the high counts over
5:48 pm
the weekend are taking their toll on your right now. as this slowly moves through chemo we will have a few showers and thunderstorms to the south of us. by tomorrow, it will be leaving the eastern shore. we should seek temperatures fall back into the 40 process the wind shifts to the north and northwest. as the wind shifts to the north and northwest. then they warm-up will get underway for the second half of the work week. that is the sunchon we expect for wednesday and thursday. it will be it -- the sunshine we expect for wednesday and thursday. it will be in the low-60's tomorrow. around the chesapeake tomorrow, look for gusty northwesterly wind. it will be 63 degrees.
5:49 pm
there is a small craft advisory with gusty winds and choppy water in the bay. it will be sunny and warmer on thursday and friday. by week's end, it will feel like summertime. >> for many people -- by the weekend, it will be like summertime. >> for many people, blockbusters are just a click away. >> there was a huge increase in sales in march. luxury store sales and for trucks -- and furniture sales are leading the way. more people are spending their hard-earned cash on a cup of joe. starbucks reported increase in profits.
5:50 pm
executives say that better customer service and more food choices contributed to the turnaround, including strong international sales. netflix recently soared to an all-time high, topping 100 lawyers -- topping $100 per share. that was helped by more people streaming their movies live. >> these men are fiends. >> it is easier than ever to watch movies. >> push play and it goes back to the spot in the movie. >> that is good news for netflix. the silicon valley dvd web site allows you to watch movies live through your computer or mobile devices. streaming is catching on big
5:51 pm
time. netflix is seeing monstrous broke, both in its subscriber rate and in its stock price as people stream of movies instead of waiting for them to come in the mail. >> this is a behavior change for most consumers. a lot of folks love the dvd and will continue to look for a number of years. but streaming is a new behavior. >> dvd rental stores continue to shut down. this one once lived in san jose. blockbuster is now has cutting edge as an outdoor pay from. >> we are turning on more devices than just your tv. >> customers are changing their viewing habits. >> we're on to make it as broad as possible for all the things are connected to, your tv, your iphone, your ipad, or anything you can come up with.
5:52 pm
>> it is a win for the consumer and a loss for the post office. >> thank you. a southern california softball field was the son of a world where record last year. more than 130 young least played in shifts for 39 straight hours to set the record for the longest use softball game. it was from the under six-year olds to teenagers. the great game was for a great cause. it benefited a local children's hospital. the orioles still hold the record they would not like to have, the worst start to a major leak -- a major league season. also, on our website, 900
5:53 pm
turtles were forced to move because of a new highway. a dead sprang to sell his kids online backfires. -- eight dad's prank to sell his kids online backfires -- a dad's prank to sell his kids, and backfires. >> there are planned lane closures on lombard street. >> [unintelligible] >> could a marriages success come down to have used wi
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
[unintelligible] >> he is ready to go. >> they have three man loves, they're your keys, the university of texas -- they have three main loves, their yorkies, the university of texas, and each other. >> acl is says -- he always says, if you are ok, i am ok. >> dusting, mopping, beckoning,
5:57 pm
i do most of the press for shopping. -- most of the grocery shopping. >> i take up the trash when nice asked. >> when does he make the bed? >> when her parents are coming over. >> they do not seem balanced and tours seem to matter in a marriage. 62% say that sharing chores is very important to a good marriage where 41% said that having children is very important. it perfect balance rarely exists. >> people say that marriages are 50/50. i do not know how long they are married. most of the time, it is not. >> look at each partner strengths and evaluate.
5:58 pm
most importantly, respect your marriage. do not compare it. >> stick -- stay away from this is what my mother did. and away from harry's wife things like that. >> they have too much to lose over chores. >> statistic the, women spend 12 hours fewer on housework than 12 years ago but men still trail behind women. >> here is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> a thunderstorm may be producing a tornado in southern maryland. we will take a look at that. >> from the pension to the decision, the maryland state
5:59 pm
prosecutor talked about the case that took down the mayor. >> a mother pushed her baby out of harm's way before a truck took her life. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin with a look at the forecast. the rain did the real number on the morning commute. tonight commit is not looking any better. >> error neurologist joins us from the weather center. >> we have been -- our meteorologist joins us from the weather center. >> warmer temperatures have resulted in heavy thunderstorms. the thunderstorm that has been crossing the potomac has produced a waterspout over the potomac. the weather service has a storm warning for the county. warning for the county. it is


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