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tv   11 News  NBC  May 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, everyone. thousands of students are graduates at the university of virginia, but one face missing above them, yeardley love. she was killed earlier this month, her ex-boyfriend charged with crime, and today she was honored at the commencement ceremony. >> yeardley love should have graduated today along with her classmates and fellow members of the lacrosse team, but instead, they honored her memory as she was given her degree posthumously. more than 6000 students walk to the lawn at the university of
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virginia to get their diplomas sunday, but along with all the commands and excitement, a moment to remember for students missing from the celebration. >> please join me in a moment of silence to honor the students and their families. >> we are remembering all of our classmates who passed this year. it was good to have a moment of silence for them and remember them. >> one of the students is yeardley love, who was killed just three weeks ago in her apartment, her ex-boyfriend charged in the murder. family and friends were white ribbons in her memory, and to raise awareness about domestic violence. >> just getting people to talk about it so it is not just an issue in the dark that people do not want to talk about. >> the issue of domestic violence is getting a lot of national attention, too. her picture is included this week on "people" magazine.
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uva president mentioned hurt as one of the students who will stick with memories. she was honored at the graduation she came so close to the attending. >> it is important that we can leave on a positive note. >> are accused killer, george huguely, was a post graduate today, but instead he is sitting in jail, charged with her murder. >> baltimore county police have now identified a dundalk bar owner shot more than half a dozen times this weekend. authorities say it was 40-year- old lee martin who was down with as many as nine gunshot wounds. he was found around 2:30 a.m. saturday morning in the front yard of his home, which is right next to the bar he owns. martin was rushed to bayview
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medical center where he was pronounced dead. >> i am shocked. i just cannot believe he died. there were break-ins and things, but this is the worst so far. >> that is pretty scary. nothing happens in this neighborhood like that. >> police said they have no motive or suspects, but say to unidentified men were seen running from the scene. -- two unidentified men. >> detectives are busy with another deadly shooting that happened just before midnight on saturday night. police say an unidentified man was found shot along mcdowell lane. he was taken to hospital where he later died. at least one person was struck by an suv in northwest baltimore tonight just after 6:00 news the intersection of woodland ave. witnesses said suv ran into a group of people, including a dog. today, a group of towson
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university forensic students return from vermont, searching for the remains of a maryland man who disappeared there five years ago. it appears their mission was extremely successful, and may provide clues to just what happened to michael hogan. when vermont authorities stop searching for michael hogan after finding partial skeletal remains back in november, towson university step in. it is extraordinary what this young forensics team found an essentially police left behind. >> we found his hoodie, and when we found that, it just seemed very real. >> that was just the beginning. >> we found missing bones that we knew were missing, including several ribs and vertebrae. we found arms that were missing, forearm bones, teeth that were missing, and in terms of evidence, without clothing and personal effects that clearly
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belong to michael. >> the idea to contract out a search for michael came from the family. their son, who suffered from mental illness, had wandered away from vermont treatment center back in 2005. like any parents, they just wanted him back, as much as him -- as much of him as could be found. the father joined searchers in vermont. >> in his pants were his cigarette lighter and keys. >> emotional for everyone, including the forensic students. >> i don't know if we got answers, but we definitely bring it more of him home to give back to his family, which is all we could have asked for. >> the evidence was handed over to state police for analysis. the family is still heartbroken, but very grateful for this new turn of events. >> everyone who thinks that today's youth are still in
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trouble should have been with me this weekend. they were fabulous. they were calling in the muck in the swamp, up to their knees, just fantastic. what a great group. >> the cause of death was initially ruled inconclusive by the vermont medical examiner, but with this new evidence, the family is hoping that more questions to be entered. back here in baltimore, the suspect in a police involved shooting remains at shock trauma tonight. it happened around midnight saturday and chased street. detectives say the officer shot the suspect in the leg when he saw the suspect with a weapon. police say charges are pending against a suspect. the officer is a 10-year veteran of the force. the fate of a proposed slots park at gruntal mills mall will be decided monday.
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that anne arundel county elections board is being sued. just last week, the company was accused of hiring the woman to disrupt the petition. the attorney general was a special guest on our sunday q&a segment this morning. he gave his thoughts on the grade given for the condition of the chesapeake bay. >> the condition of the bay is far worse than any rhetoric we might see. we really need to go to 50 years ago, and clean it up so it can bring tourism back. >> you can watch the complete interview with the attorney general. just go to and click on the weekend edition. the obama administration is being forced to defend its response to the gulf oil spill. the white house is taking shots
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from both sides of the political aisle, and firing right back. >> the struggle to contain the oil spill in the gulf is forcing the obama administration to do damage control in washington. >> we were activated the moment this oil rig exploded. this has been on the president's agenda ever since that happened. >> this is an entirely new world. >> the gulf disaster is more than a terrible oil spill. it is a product of a failed energy policy. >> the liberal environmentalist -- the white house is getting squeezed on both sides. >> some have tried to seize on this human tragedy in the gulf to advocate for radical new energy agenda. >> in this blame game, bp is still center stage. >> this is catastrophic. we have to do everything we can and more to shut off the well
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and clean this up as fast as possible. >> meanwhile, the spill continues, with no end in sight. the president has named a bipartisan panel took help prevent similar disasters in the future. >> there is continuing coverage of that massive oil spill on our website. you can find the very latest on the cleanup and the efforts to contain the leak. just go to and there is a link on our home page. you just saw bret michaels chosen as the celebrity apprentice, and given his recent medical troubles, doctors are issuing an urgent warning about strokes. your body may be giving you a wake-up call that is easily missed. >> the symptoms of a tia will not last long. >> it goes way typically in about 15 minutes or so.
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>> it is serious enough that you cannot ignore it. you need to get help. >> steven martin has had two. his first one was in the middle of the night. his wife asked a question, and neither one of them understood his response. >> i responded, and it was just gibberish. >> they shrug it off, but he was wide awake when it happened again. tia's are sudden onsets of brief neurological symptoms like weakness, numbness, tingling, and slurred speech lasting less than 24 hours. >> having some slight confusion with difficulty getting word out and things like that, it is often not recognized. >> tia's can even be difficult for doctors to diagnose. if you have a tia, nothing may
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show up, but that does not mean nothing is wrong. >> about a third of patients, over the course of their life, will end up having a stroke. up to about 10% of patients will have a stroke within the next 48 hours. >> doctors say as soon as you have a problem, dial 911 and get to the hospital fast. >> it may lead to diagnoses the problems you never knew you had. >> he counseled a blessing to still be able to share special moments with his family today, and now he knows that dismissing his symptoms was a dangerous decision he almost had to learn from the hard way. >> if you are concerned are you think you have had some of the symptoms, be sure to talk to your talk totia's. still to come, protecting your online reputation. how google and social networking
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can kill your computer credibility, and what you can do to keep it from happening. and dramatic weather, as a destructive tornado is caught on tape. >> we have not seen much rain around the area this evening, but that storm is still spinning overhead. the forecast is coming up. 70 degrees now with cloudy skies and a few
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>> have you ever go willd self and did not like what -- have you ever goodled yourself and not like what you found? the trick is learning to control the digital dirt. >> the world wide web is full of information about all of us, good and bad. >> anything you put on is no
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longer private. that is kind of a scary thought. >> it is called the digital dirt. photographs, comments, jokes. it is all out there for everyone to check out. consumer adviser regina lewis says it is all about playing defense. if one of your facebook friends posted a less than flattering photo of you, untag it. >> someone said they saw a picture of me on facebook, and i said what picture? >> if you see something negative about yourself on a website, contact the web master. be smart about what you share on line. lewis says to think twice about posting where you work. >> think about whether you want to list your employer or not. if you say the sales meeting was rough or i really hated work today, derogatory comments that do not reflect well on your
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employer could have ramifications. >> lewis says google yourself and make a habit of it. >> i started dating a woman, and her friends googled me to find out about me. >> if your looking for love or looking for a job, you want to know what is out there. >> experts also say because future employers were probably to do if you have a blog, twitter account, or myspace page, keep it up-to-date. if you have not posted an update in months, just close the account. swamp park in south baltimore is reopened to the public. visitors at yesterday's grand opening enjoyed nice weather while taking part in the numerous activities there. the park opened in 1904 and was made -- named after former mayor thomas one. bike jam featured a stunt show
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and there was food and children's activities. it was a spring snowstorm that coated mountains in southern california. the snow fell steadily at the big bear ski resort outside los angeles. it was not that snow but high winds that pose problems for drivers on nearby highways. a high fire danger is also in effect. some spectacular pictures as a south dakota a tornado swept through a form yesterday. officials say the tornado destroyed everything on the form except residents nearby. power lines were torn down. two people were at home during the storm, and amazingly, there are no reports of any injuries. >> we have had some unsettled weather, but not to the extremes that you just saw and camera.
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you can see the circulation on the radar. only a few sprinkles now over us. the more significant rains are off to the south of us on the radar. let's look at what happened during the day today. we did manage to make it to 75 for the high at the airport. not quite a half inch of rain at the airport. we are still almost an inch short here in the baltimore metro area. just west of us, over the last 24 hours, there has been a lot of rain. 1.5 inches west of howard county and a couple of places in frederick and washington county got in excess of 2 inches of rain just recently. some folks are catching up on the rainfall, but around baltimore and ease, rains have been a little on this body side. annapolis is at 67, cambridge
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64, ocean city 61. downtown is still 70. just beginning to drop into the 50's out in far western maryland. here is the satellite image, showing the circulation of this storm around us. at the moment we have these easterly winds which are bringing in all that moisture. some of that is in the form of rain. a couple of little weather disturbances with that easterly flow, but high pressure is beginning to push in from the west and will eventually show some of this away. as we pull back, we notice of to the southeast a little weather disturbance. let's look at the tropical satellite image. forecasters at the hurricane center are watching this weather disturbance. it is expected to drift toward the southeast coast in the next couple of days. they are watching that with great interest to see what will happen. mostly cloudy tonight, an isolated shower or sprinkle and maybe a little bit of fog.
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northeast winds at less than 10 miles an hour, 69-73 tomorrow. there will be some sunbreaks and maybe a few scattered showers tomorrow. a lot of that shower action is expected to be set out when it occurs. 01 foot shot on the open waters of the bay. -- a 1 ft. chop on the waters of the bay. you'll notice the system coming in and spinning around, looking suspicious like it might be something tropical. we will have to wait and see what happens. by wednesday, we have our front coming down that may have a couple of showers along that as well. 73 tomorrow, a mix of cloud and son, maybe a shower south of us. a dry day tuesday, and a slight chance for showers late wednesday and temperatures near
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80. dry on thursday, and another front coming in friday. next we can look strike. -- next weekend looks bright. >> are talking about a possible shakeup with the orioles? >> it would not be terribly surprised to see a change of manager. we will take a look at why the we will take a look at why the orioles are
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>> no arguing, dan trembly has been dealt a lousy hand as a manager. guy's not playing to their capability and injuries galore. right now is a bad recipe. to make matters worse, the orioles wrapping up a season and heartbreaking fashion. a slow jump, but he is there. he just did not make the catch. a golden glove centerfielder should make the play. they start the inning down 3-1. he gets a base hit, the game tied at 3. the bottom of the 10th, alfredo simon cowell gets willie harris on the ground. he pulls a hamstring, now in need of a third string closer.
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judge willingham with the titanic blast -- josh willingham. they take the series, two games to one. one half -- one week after suffering a loss in lacrosse, ending a nine year run in college park. no championship or no final four in 2006. a class act on and off the field, he told us how much he enjoyed his time, refusing to lay blame anywhere. a national search will begin immediately to find his replacement. the sea wolf had a furious rally. the game is tied at 7 but virginia is dead set on a trip to baltimore. a great cut from behind, and virginia reaches the final four
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over stony brook. on saturday, st. paul 117-7. the crusaders keep their no. 1 ranking, to finish out the year tops in the nation. maryland was well represented as well. cells vary in overtime, 14-13. -- salisbury wins the division 3 title over hamilton, 7-6. nba playoffs tonight, western conference finals. they are looking to all but wrapped up to win at phoenix. powell and kobe bryant are playing catch and dumk.
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a nice play theire. the suns get their first win of the series, 118-109. my thoughts again with the orioles, maybe they just need more calisthenics. dexter fowler on an adventure, he leaps and loses his glove. he gives up a triple, but he is not a prima donna. he scaled the wall himself. spider-man has nothing on him. you have to do what you have to do. sometimes you have to go. >> is not easy. still ahead, john collins with the seven-day forecast.
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