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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  May 24, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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drizzling and foggy. it is not going to last very long. i think the sun may cannot later today. this morning, you may want to take an umbrella. -- i think the sun may come out later today. clouds and drizzle. 65 degrees at the airport. we should make it up to 75 this afternoon. i think we will see sunshine to sneak through the clouds. it will be better for the evening commute. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. there is a hint of some tropical action and we will talk about that. cool is more like it. >> thank you. >> the morning commute is looking good. the roads are wet. might want to give yourself some extra time.
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there is an accident an165 at 156. our only sluggish spot is there. 66 on the west side. 795 moving well. 59 miles per hour coming down port bowling's mail. 11 minutes on southbound 95 down towards 32. no problems on the west side. 695 checking out fine at this hour. harford, we are problem for that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> yesterday would have been the day the university of virginia student yeardley love would have received her college degree. >> she was killed earlier this month. jennifer franciotti is live in
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the newsroom with a look at yesterday's ceremony. >> yeardley love should have graduated on sunday. fellow members of her lacrosse team got to watch as she received a degree posthumously. awn ents walked the l yesterday to received their degrees. >> please join me in a moment of silence to honor these students and their families. >> and we are remembering those and it was good to get a minute of silence. >> one of those students was yeardley love. her ex-boyfriend is charged with her murder. family and friends wore white ribbons to raise awareness about domestic violence. >> to get people to talk about
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it so it is not in the dark. >> her murder is gaining national attention. her picture is on the cover of "people close " magazine. there are tips on how to spot signs of domestic abuse. >> george huguely was supposed to graduate yesterday. instead, he is sitting in jail charged with her murder. >> a late night shooting in baltimore sends one man to the hospital. police found a male suffering gunshot wounds to the arm and shoulder. a group of towson forensic students returned from vermont after searching for a maryland man who disappeared their five years ago. this may provide clues as to what happened to michael hogan.
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>> partial skeletal remains were found last year. it is extraordinary what this team found police left behind. >> we realize that it was the hoodie theyf the coul found. >> we found missing bones that we knew were missing including several ribs and vertebrae, forearm bones, teeth that were missing. we found clothing and personal effects that clearly belong to michael. >> the idea came from the family. their son had wandered away from it vermont treatment center back in 2005. they just wanted him back, as
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much of him as could be found. the father joined searchers in vermont. >> his cigarette lighter were in his pants the keys. >> emotional for everyone, including the forensic students. >> we got answers. >> the evidence was handed over to the rump state police for analysis. there were searching for unknowns, a search that has a family very grateful for this new turn of events. >> anybody who thinks our future is in trouble should have been with me this week. they were fabulous. in theere cliawing muck.
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what a great group. >> the cause of death was ruled inconclusive. with this new evidence come the family hopes more questions may be entered. stop the attempt to oil leak will come under top scrutiny. >> bp hopes to cap the well this week. kate amara has the latest on the efforts. >> we are beginning this week with some bad news. that fix has been postponed. the pipe is not working as well as first thought. the oil spill is getting bigger. frustration is growing. >> i do not have complete hope they can fix it. >> janet napolitano will lead a
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senate delegation to the region. >> we should not drill at this depth if we cannot figure out a way to stop these things from happening. >> the obama administration is facing new questions about oversight. offshore oil rigs have been plagued with problems for years. at least 12 waivers have been granted. officials postponed sunday's scheduled top seal, hoping to make progress on the relief well is supposed to be finished. >> we will keep trying to push this well. >> of the response is growing too $760 million. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> a maryland law involving the way a particular disability is called may become federal law. barbara mikulski introduced a similar bill in congress last december which would require the use the term intellectual disability instead of mental retardation. it will be taken up this week and is considered non- controversial legislation. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think the term "retarded" should be banned from all federal legislation? e-mail your response to again, that is >> 5:38. keith mills will join us with a look at sports. >> children will put just about anything in their mouths. something could be fatal
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>> welcome back. 65 degrees downtown at the maryland science center. we have some fog and drizzle on this monday morning. take an umbrella you. let's take a look at the temperatures. 65 at the airport. 67 in hagerstown. fog and drizzle, light rain this morning. you might get a peak of the sun later today. a high temperature around 75 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. but for now, back to the news desk. >> some alarming statistics show
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a sharp rise in the number of children swallowing batteries. it is related to those batteries used in many products. sevenfoldbeen an increase. damage is caused when current from the battery reacts with tissue fluids. >> that is scary. 64 degrees. record-breaking lawn mower ride in wales. >> this is a live picture. we will update weather and traffic. stay with us. how many ways can you be comfortable?
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on a wet commute for you.
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there is an accident south of 136. we're also looking at a bit of a slow down on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast to the beltway. looking good on the west side. jfx looking good. old court road, an accident to avoid. south on 97, 49 miles per hour. picking up in volume. at's see what is going on the beltway. we switch over to a live view of traffic. no problems to report here, moving well until you get to the beltway northeast. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let's check the buses and trains. >> good morning. still showing a few bust diversions. the three express is diverted st. paul.
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the 33 line is diverted because of construction. light rail and metro continue to run problem-free. no problems with penn, camden, and brunswick lines. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. we are off to a foggy and drizzly start this morning. you may want to take an umbrella. we have all moisture against the mountains. i do believe things will improve as we head into this afternoon. visibility may be down. it might be raining hard enough to take an umbrella. high temperature, 75. a storm system is creating the east wind for us. it is producing and east wind here in the mid-atlantic region.
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as we head into this afternoon, the best chance for rain will be this morning. i think the clouds will break up. a big area of high pressure off to our west will become the dominating weather story. we will get sunshine on tuesday and wednesday. one thing we're watching off the east coast. there is an area of low pressure northeast of the bahamas and duties from the outer banks. this may become the first tropical storm of the season -- from the outert banks. this may be into the mid atlantic region. long range forecast it is difficult. you might want to pay attention to what is happening off the
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east coast. we will keep you updated. mostly cloudy today. drizzle this morning. fog and rain showers. we will drop the chance for rain to about 20%. a high temperature around 75. partly cloudy skies. it should be tried tonight. low 60's 5. seven-day forecast -- it should be dry tonight. low 60's. 84 on wednesday. a chance for some showers wednesday into thursday night temperatures into the low 80 bus. in looks like the beginning of the holiday weekend will be dry. watch out what happens off the east coast. >> do you cut your own grass? >> i do not. my wife does that.
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>> do you have a need for speed? there was a record-breaking day for one lawn mower driver. this was in wales, more than 86 miles per hour on his lawn mower. the previous record was over 80 miles per hour. >> there was no grass involved. in tokyo, dancers paid tribute to the king of pop. ♪ from professionals to children, everyone danced to the head "beat it." the special collection of memorabilia is on display in his honor. the visitors lined up to see his sequined glove.
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>> it is almost been a year since michael jackson died. >> there is some much more ahead. >> included a look at one of your questions to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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because you can get free vehicle history reports for every used car we sell on ♪ dramatic music (carmax spokesperson) now more than ever, carmax is the smart choice because carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours. ♪ dramatic music >> have you ever googled yourself and not like what you found?
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you have an online reputation. the trick is learning to control the digital certificatidirt. >> anything you put on is no longer a private. that is a scary thought. >> it is called digital dirt and it is all out there for anyone to check out. >> make sure the comment you do not like are buried below the fall of. >> it is all about playing one of your facebook friends posted a less than flattering photo of you, untag it. if you see something negative about yourself, contact the web master. to not be afraid to take charge of your on-line reputation. think twice before posting
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where you work. >> think about posting your employer. any derogatory comments that did not reflect well on your employer, there could be ramifications for that. >> google yourself and make a habit of id. >> i started dating a woman and her friends googled maine. >> -- her friends googled m me. >> you want to know what is out there. >> there is the problem of bogus facebook pages. several of us have been victims of that. future employers will probably grew will you -- will probably google you.
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closed out the accounts if they have not been updated in months. >> 11 sports. >> good morning. keith mills with you. the first round of interleague play is over for the orioles as they played the nationals. a little identity crisis for this fan. i kind of liked that. tough luck for kevin millwood. adam jones gets to it. crash is into the fence. three-one national spirit in the ninth, matt capps has not blown a save all year. julio lugo keeps the game alive. more tough luck. alfredo simon running to first pulls a hamstring and had to leave the game. what else can go wrong? how about this?
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cla meredith replaces simon. josh willingham places that baby in the bullpen. florida st., nationals when -- 4-3, nationals win. virginia dodged a major bowl. stoneybrook with that goal. virginia comes back to win 10-9 and will play duke. in's and women's final four town this week. the virginia women lost on saturday so their season is over. >> a tough season for them. >> a top last month. thank you, keith. do not forget the water cooler question. do you think the term "retarded" should be banned from all
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federal legislation? e-mail your response to again, that is here is a look ahead to our next hour. >> a statement concerning a deadly torpedo attack that happened back in march. >> gas prices make another move. >> keith mills will return with another sports report. >> we have some fog and drizzle on this monday morning. much better news in the seven- day forecast. >> that drizzle is impacting the morning commute.
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i'm going in. troubleshooting runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with our new iced dark roast coffee. grab a delicious cup today. america runs on dunkin'. >> a graduation ceremony was absent a woman who was murdered three weeks ago. details are next. >> another setback in


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