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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  July 9, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> we have to look at this in increments. we'll still be quite warm out there. it is a lot better than the 95 we hit yesterday and the 105 that we hit on tuesday. 78, very steamy downtown. 75 at the airport. partly cloudy skies. the slightest chance for an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. tonight it will be very muggy. and then tomorrow, that is when we will feel the relief because it looks like a rainy saturday for us. >> we could use it. >> we will not complain about the rain tomorrow. >> not to many incidents to report. we have a few water main breaks to report. one is that coldspring lane and it is blocking the left lane in both directions. you might want to avoid
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westbound pulaski highway that is closed in both directions between highland avenue and clinton streets. so far no delays we're checking on the there for you. 11 minutes on the inner loop. inner loop between 795 and 83, 8 minutes. 60 minutes and no delays on those major roadways. this is a live look at outside at harford road. 97 looking very light near 100. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back over to you. >> thank you. a jury finds mary koontz guilty of killing her estranged husband and trying to kill her daughter. >> she claims she was mentally ill when she shot her husband to death in june of last year. she was convicted of first- degree murder.
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the verdict was a welcome decision to kelsey. in an exclusive, kelsey sat down with 11 news to share her new hope for the future. we're joined with more details. >> imagine as a teenager you have to testify against your mother in a murder trial against your father. she tells us what that was like. >> she is my mother. >> kelsey koontz is just a teenager but she had to grow up fast these past few weeks and get distraint to testify against her own mother and convince a jury she is guilty of murdering her father. >> there were times that i was feeling conflicted and i guess that is just natural. but after everything she put my
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father through and put me through and after everything she said about both of us, i just went in there thinking that enough is enough. >> her mother married was angry and knew exactly what she was doing the morning of june 9 when she crept into her home and shot ronald koontz four times the quest i think i did a great job defending my father and myself, defending my family and exposing my mother for who she is. finally, i can move on. >> kelsey's mother is expected to be sentenced august 10. back to you. >> thank you. a disturbing sight in the ocean city as a whale watches on shore. it was spotted in the water but
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eventually beach off of sixth street. it is not clear how it died or where its carcass is now. >> on day 80 of the oil spill, bp officials say they hope to be able to stop the leak by the end of this month. kerry sanders has more on the efforts to stop the spill. >> we join thad allen and bp is bob dudley on their first visit since the disaster began. this vessel is the one strategically floating over the gusher 1 mile down. >> we have had limited success, it is right down there. this makes its way down and there capturing about 15,000
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barrels of oil every day. burning off gas as well as oil. it estimated 8,000 barrels of oil is captured here every day. soon the helix producer should capture upwards of 25,000 barrels of oil. >> it is the third vessel that will bring us 53,000 barrels of oil capacity. >> how do regain the confidence of americans? >> it is going to be tough. >> nba superstar lebron james makes his long-awaited decision. he let everyone know that he will be wearing a miami heat jersey this fall. he played his first seven seasons with the cleveland cavaliers. he now joins chris bosh and dwyane wade, both of whom announced they were signing on
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wednesday. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of lebron's decision to leave cleveland for miami? e-mail your response to again, that is keith mills will have more coming out because at the cleveland owner had something to say about that. 5:36, 76 degrees on tv hill. stay tuned because sandra shaw will have your insta-weather forecast. >> a girl is sent to johns hopkins after she has a rare disease. doctors want to do more to help. >> looking very nice on this friday morning commute
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>> a very happy friday morning to you. the sun is out. 78 degrees downtown. we will get a brief break from the heat today. mid-90s yesterday. today a little better. the reason would be all these showers and storms are ahead of a weak cold front. there's also low pressure off the coast of cape hatteras that is pinching off the shore. 89 to 93 and partly cloudy today. los 70's again. then things looking much better with a good chance of just clouds around and scattered and storms. more on how this break will last in a little bit. >> 84-year-old girl was as
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normal as could be and then -- a 4-year-old girl was struck with a disease. little sadie abscher was left paralyzed from the waist down. >> she has regained some movement. we have more on the ground breaking surgery. >> very independent. she has a very bubbly personality. >> 4-year-old sadie abscher has in satiable energy. >> very active. >> severe headaches and a high fever stopped her in her tracks. her parents rushed her to the emergency room. >> within and for you or hours, she was paralyzed. >> -- within four hours, she was paralyzed from the waist down. >> she was diagnosed with transfers myelitis.
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she eventually regained some movement but had little control of her right leg because it is devastating to have a normal child and then she becomes paralyzed in a matter of hours. >> big family traveled here to baltimore. finally, a doctor and johns hopkins suggested they try in surgery never attempted before. >> they say we're ready to transfer a -- to transfer to a dirt from the good led to the bed like. >> a team of seven surgeons worked for six hours. they know that she may never regain full function of her leg, but they feel this is about a lot more is aboutsadie sadie. >> if this was successful, this could open other doors for many others. >> the head surgeon has
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transferred a nerve between arms before but never between legs. the surgery appears to have gone well but it will take about six months before they know her prognosis. >> she is beautiful. 5:42, said the five degrees on tv hill. keith mills will join us for the latest on sports. >> we will take a look at the immigration debate in arizona. >> here is a live look over the baltimore area. elipse hazy out there but it feels a lot better this morning. feels a lot better this morning.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking of your morning commute. we'll have a couple of water main breaks to talk about. westbound on cold spring lane is blocking the left lane in both directions. use northern parkway desert often appeared pulaski highway is closed between highland avenue and clinton streets for a
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water main break fare as well. 10 minutes i-95 north between 32 and the beltway. 895 southbound looking at 9 minutes. no delays to report at all today. this is a live look at the west side of the bbeltway. no delays on either loop to talk about. 95 checking out ok. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now for a final check of the buses and trains. >> happy friday to you. we're looking pretty good on the marc trains. there's a delay on the penn line, running 10 minutes late. metro subway is on schedule. we do have shuttle buses between camden yards and cultural center due to track work. buses delayed
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because of track work. operators are now on duty from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. monday through friday. service information is available and 410-539-5000 and online at now back to sandra shaw. >> i hope your doing well. we are monitoring some showers and storms over the ohio valley and great lakes area. a cold front will slip to the southeast mainly into tonight and throughout tomorrow morning. it will file it break down this heat wave we have had. yesterday was hot. we still hit 95 degrees and had a triple digit heat index. today will be a little better. it's 78 degrees currently downtown. 75 at the airport. very muggy. anytime you have dew points in
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the low 70's, that means there is a lot moisture in the atmosphere. when the front gets to hear, there will be something to work with. better chance of seeing some significant rainfall tomorrow morning. a significant shot of some showers in the mountains of western maryland. 89, 10 degrees warmer here around central maryland. a slight chance for an isolated shower or storm. in looks like inland 90 degrees and a chance of storms spirit a little cooler at the beach, 83 degrees. keep an eye on the sky for the pop-up storms. waves only about a foot. the water, low to mid 80's. 100 degrees is the record high today. it was set back in 1993. 53 is the record low. normal height, 89.
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we will be well above our normal low, mid 60's's -- normal high, at 89. you could see a scattered storm. the front will slide to the south. we will see some less humid air behind it. we will see moisture to give showers more punch with that area of low pressure off the coast of carolina. 85 tomorrow. it will be below normal. clouds are around. it will still be humid. manley some morning showers and storms. much less humid on sunday. high-pressure will hold up on monday, 92. by wednesday and thursday, and near 90 with a chance of some scattered showers and storms. >> now to arizona. >> the governor said up a fund
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to defend the law. 9000 people have contributed 500th thousand dollars to the effort. >> one way to measure the effect of the pending immigration law is the length of this line. it stretches around the mexican consulate in phoenix every day come immigrants trying to figure out how to flee arizona. >> people leaving for mexico. >> anywhere but here. >> a look around this once a bustling boreal is telling. -- the bustling bario. " people looked very sad and we felt sad, to. >> the café next door is even emptier. >> people are afraid to come out. >> school numbers are dwindling.
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they have lost more than 100 students. >> this is the tip of the eyes iceberg. >> if there is a mass exodus, so be it. >> it is a novel idea. people may be arrested for breaking the law. >> there are no hard numbers. the question critics are asking -- is this? is a myth or fact? >> we know something is happening on a large scale. >> this family stayed as long as they could. >> no more now. >> he took his son out of school and is headed back to mexico, which brings to go to tears. >> i'm going to miss my friends and my school. >> it may be months before anyone knows for sure how many
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illegal immigrants and their business the law has scared away. supporters say good riddance. the law has already started, some say. >> 5:51, 75 degrees. so much more ahead on 11 news at. >> included a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning, everybody. move over, art modell. there is a new public enemy in cleveland and his name is lebron james. lebron through the city under the bust last by saying he is moving on to miami from cleveland. his uniform was burned in energy. he defended his decision. >> put the shoe on the other foot. the cavaliers would have gotten rid of me at one point. they burned down the organization -- this is a business. i had seven great years in cleveland. i hope the fans understand that. i am also like going to be happy with my decision. >> note lebron, they do not. they don't like -- no, lebron, they did not.
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a letter was put out that said lebron quit in the playoffs. while this was going on, juan samuel's orioles were coming back to beat the texas rangers. they were down 4-0. josh hamilton lodges 1 upper deck. felix pie says you could do that? so cannot. tommy hunter, upper deck. 4-2. and then the orioles win in the eighth. bases loaded. frank francisco to felix pie. nick markakis scores. next batter, craig tatum. cesar izturis scores. 6-4, the orioles win. alfredo simon guess the say. lebron last night, one of the
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most bizarre events in sports i have seen. >> we will hear more from the cavaliers owner coming up. >> that brings us to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what do you think of lebron's decision to leave cleveland for miami? keep e-mail link those responses to will read more in the next hour and post all responses on our web page. >> here's a look ahead to next hour. >> a parking garage collapses in canada. they are not sure how many people may be trapped
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underneath. >> a teacher is honored in baltimore county. >> another animal is making predictions for the world cup. >> i love those predictions. we need the rain and the break from the heat. we may get both this weekend. >> we have cleared one water main break but still dealing with one of those.
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>> we will have an exclusive interview with the teenage daughter whose mother was convicted of murdering her husband. >> the spy swap is a done deal. >> lebron says goodbye, cleveland, hello, miami, prompting an of a response from the cleveland owner. >> you might be happy when you walk ot


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