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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news at noon in
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hd. >> i am lisa robinson. 16 hours after the polls closed, and hundreds of votes have yet to be reported. our update at this hour -- we have a winner in the democratic race for baltimore county executive. joe bartenfelder conceded the race, making kevin kamenetz the democratic nominee. we will hear from him in a minute. the race that is still too close to call -- baltimore city state's attorney. patricia jessamy is trailing gregg bernstein -- gregg bernstein. 11 news has learned that problems with voting machines are preventing anyone from declaring a winner in this race. we have like team coverage. we began with jayne miller live at the baltimore city board of elections with the latest on the state's attorney's race. >> it would not be called a
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problem, but the votes have not been counted, that is why no one has declared victory or conceded defeat. here's what is going on at the moment -- if the challenger, gregg bernstein, does have a lead over pat jessamy of 1421 with 97% of the city's 290 precess -- precepts been tallied. we spoke with the city election chief about 45 minutes ago. how many votes do you think are in play in terms of those that have not been counted? >> well, i have no idea. they are from different places around the city. >> there was not a heavy turnout. >> not at all. very disappointing. >> are we talking about a couple
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of hundred votes were a couple of thousand votes? what do you think? >> it is hard to say with the low turnout. i would think probably no more, probably less than a couple of thousand. >> keep in mind, the margin pat jessamy would need to wipeout is 1421. turnout in the city did not reach 20%. it was light throughout the state. in addition to the precinct that still need to be counted, there are absentee votes that need to be counted. that starts tomorrow. hopefully, we will have a more clear picture on where the race fans. i am jayne miller, live, downtown. >> thank you. now to the race for baltimore county executive, where joe bartenfelder has conceded to kevin kamenetz. george lettice is live where
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kevin kamenetz just a addressed his supporters. >> shortly after 10:00 a.m., and george -- joe bartenfelder conceded the race. an hour later, kevin kamenetz gave his victory speech. >> this was a hard-fought contest. each side was able to put forward their ideas and their goals. the voters have spoken. it is time that we put our differences behind us. i reach out to everyone in baltimore county to heal our division, joined together. i believe we will be democrats united. >> here is the concessions -- the concession statement i would like to thank all of the supporters. i am proud of the campaign ran that focuses on the issues. i concede, at this point in the race, and i wish the citizens of
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baltimore county well. kevin kamenetz says he wants joe bartenfelder's support you heard and say democrats will be united. there is no word on whether he will get that support. there is some word that the republican nominee will get the support. as for the primary, the latest tally we have is kevin kamenetz with 52% of the vote, and joe bartenfelder with 44%. >> thank you. the race for maryland governor now begins governor martin o'malley easily won the democratic nomination and former governor robert ehrlich held off brian murphy. despite a high-profile endorsement from sarah palin. you can see the results -- of the other races at the bottom of your screen. officials say turnout was lower
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than expected. by this time yesterday, only 15,000 baltimore city residents had been to the polls. 18% took part in the primaries. the official numbers are expected later today. voters in several -- in seven states and washington, d.c., have decided who will be on their ballot. we are in washington but last night's results request do not -- results. >> do not ever underestimate the results of we, the people. >> the tea party favorite won the nomination in delaware. >> this is an unpredictable political season where anything goes. >> in new hampshire, there were still counting ballots this morning. the republican with a 1% of lead is already looking ahead. >> let's not lose sight of what
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matters the most. >> in new york, carl paladino overcame his challenger's 40- point lead to become the republican candidate for governor. >> if we have learned anything tonight it is dead new yorkers are mad as hell. he will take on an to cuomo. also, charlie rangel beat democrats and ethics charges to stay in washington. >> no matter what they say, i grow back -- i go back to washington stronger than i have ever been. >> democrats are hoping to hold onto their majority. tracy pockets, wbal 11 news. >> for up-to-the-minute results, this will have continuing coverage tonight. in other news, more with mr. --
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testimony expected in the second full day of ken harris -- ken harris'murder trial. yes, we heard from the owner of the new haven lounge, keith covington, who said he heard a single shot and did not know ken harris had been shot until police arrived. the testimony is said to be a different account that his original statement. >> it is a very important discrepancy. the number of people involved, the people in -- what the people did, their location -- it is significant, and hopefully we can expose that. >> we will have the latest tonight at 5:00 p.m. carroll county detectives have made it pair of breasts. police are arrested a 22-year- old and a 19-year-old who are accused of a standing in the
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stairwell of an apartment. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he died. investigators need help finding this man. he walked into a bank of america and rice to wrote. he handed the teller a road, demanding -- a note, and demanding money. if you ever information, you are asked to call crime stoppers. who washes their hands more often? the answer is coming up. also, an emotional reunion for american hikers and her family. details on her release from an iranian prison. days after a massive explosion devastated a community, we are hearing first responders. >> it is nice and dry. we are tracking some showers and storms. i will let you know
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>> 32-year-old sarah shourd is now in the gulf nation, and after her bail was posted by an unknown source. she was freed last night after spending 13 months in an iranian prison. because of their lack of
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diplomatic ties with iran, u.s. officials conducted no direct negotiations. two hiking companions will be charged with espionage. we're getting a firsthand account from the emergency responders who rushed into san bruno after a massive explosion. >> it appears we have a plane down. multiple structures are on fire. we have a fireball. >> if it does not occur this is an aircraft. it is a natural gas explosion. >> at least four people were killed. 40 homes were destroyed. hundreds more were damaged during that infernal that devastated the entire community just south of san francisco. >> they're looking at us for help. right then and there, we did not have the resources. that's the company that owns the gas line has set up a $100
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million fund to help families. pieces of the damaged pipeline have been shipped for analysis. authorities in idaho say this man has admitted to having sex with approximately 20 people and not telling them he is hiv- positive. he is already in jail and an unrelated charge. he is facing one felony charge, but additional charges could be added. a popular weight loss drug linked to heart attacks and strokes could be soon off -- soon pulled off the market. a replacement might be in the works. just when you thought airline seats could not be more cramped -- a company has come up with an even tighter design. >> clear skies for flying today. things are looking right over the mid-atlantic. i will let you know if this will effect us later on this week. later on this week.
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>> in york -- in your consumer alert, craigslist is set to break its silence. they have refused to answer questions. today, the director of customer service will testify before congress during a hearing of the house judiciary crime subcommittee on domestic minor sex trafficking. if you think airline seats cannot get any smaller, think again. you are looking at the skyrider by the italian company aviointeriors looking to cramp up to more than 40% more passengers.
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it is drawing mixed reactions from passengers. >> it is on comparable to me. i could not fly for two hours. it is like being on a horse. >> for may, it is perfect. >> the company says the new skyrider are as strong as current economy class seats. the faa needs to determine if they meet safety standards. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist sandra shaw. >> it is a gorgeous day. after the front got through yesterday, high pressure built in. we have nice northwest winds. we are high and dry. the clouds are to our north. the storm activity is over the midwest. that will come to our region by tomorrow night. we had a chance for some much- needed rainfall. it will probably come in a
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thunderstorm or two. we are comfortable at 74 downtown. 72 at the state line. 75 in easton. will probably hit a high of 80. in the mountains, it will be cooler, with a high of 73 degrees. plenty of sunshine around. it looks like 80 here. head over to the chesapeake bay and we will see a high of about 81 degrees. all in all, a picture-perfect day. partly cloudy tonight. 56 in our suburbs. 66 downtown up with the water. we have high pressure really dominating. it will take the area of low pressure by tomorrow night and push this off. it will give us the chance of storms. how does that break down?
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it looks like by 7:00, the rain will go to the north. we might see one or two showers overnight. will be high and dry by friday. we have had a difficult time getting moisture out of this. it is rein in the topics. we have igo that is likely to hit bermuda. we also have julia. that is also a category four, right behind igor. we're also watching tropical storm carl make land fall. fortunately, nothing is expected to effect the u.s. mainland. a 30% chance of showers and storms thursday. high, dry, and beautiful for the weekend. >> a new study suggests medical
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students suffering from burnout are more likely to engage in unprofessional behavior. the survey found more than half had burnout. while cheating was rare, 40% to admitted some kind of behavior. more people are washing their hands. researchers found 85% of adults washed their hands in public restrooms. that is the highest number since 1996. it appears men do not wash their hands as much as one in. only 77 percent of men, compared to 93% of women. there could be a vote to yank a new -- a dog died drop off of the market. >> when a healthy diet and
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exercise are not enough, millions of americans turned to medication, but one obesity drug, meridian, has been linked to higher rates of heart attacks. >> a lot of times, people might not have recognized hypertension disease. >> a panel of experts will weigh the drug's risks and benefits. on thursday, an experimental drug will be considered for placement on the market. researchers say it had few side effects, where patients lost an average of 17 pounds over a year. it improved health in other ways. >> things like blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation, all of these markers improved. >> if approved, it would be the new weight-loss drug approved in a decade. >> despite the increase in net
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use by teenagers, cough medicine will continue to be sold over- the-counter. they voted against a proposal that would have required a doctor's note. the proposal was introduced as robotripping, the process of drinking a bottle for a high. up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and after losing to the toronto blue jays all season, could the baltimore orioles make it two in a row? it two in a row?
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and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. >> for the second time in two nights, the orioles did something they had not been able to do all season, beat the blue jays. rookie jake arrieta pitched six scoreless innings on their way to an 11-3 victory. they go for a series sweep tonight at camden yards. later today on "oprah," oprah revisits one of her most memorable shows, in virginia, for the seventh episode on aids epidemic for a candid discussion. now, you're maryland lottery mid-de numbers. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> i am sarah from an 98 rock. let's play your pick three numbers game.
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first is 7. 7 0 770. do not mr. chance to gain the ip access to the field. now, bob diamond is ready to go for your pick four game. 4 5 3 4 4534. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> a final look at the weather. >> the weather is looking pleasant. cat out and enjoy it. 79 degrees. plenty of sunshine.
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tomorrow, there is a slight chance we could see some scattered showers storm activity. >> all right. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. >> be sure to watch tonight at
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