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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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-- city police swat arrive in force, answering a 911 call of shots fired. happened inside one of the most unlikeliest of places, the main building of johns hopkins hospital. >> city police were not the only ones. >> i saw homeland security. >> we got a text message saying there was a shooter on nelson a.. we all looked out the windows and the whole area was blocked off by cops and the swat teams were coming in. >> 50-year-old paul were partis was being briefed on the condition of his mother. authorities say he became distraught, overwhelmed by what he had learned. >> he removed a small, semi- automatic handgun from his waistband area and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest, upper
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abdomen. >> the victim is identified as dr. david cohen, an orthopedic surgeon. he suffered non life- threatening injuries. two hours later, the suspect barricaded in the same room with his mom, a member of the police tactical unit sought davis line on the floor and the team entered the room. >> we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound, and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. >> sadly, this ended in a murder-suicides. police said the suspect in the case had a minor criminal record. we discovered he had at least three aliases and a bankruptcy years ago. authorities are wondering -- many are wondering about security here at the hospital. >> one of the questions we had during the day was how he got
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past security and into the hospital armed with a gun. after we talked with hawkins security officials today, it does not seem that difficult to do. the head of security at johns hopkins told reporters the alleged shooter check in with security upon entering the hospital at about 11:00 this morning. like any other visitor, he received a wrist band. at johns hopkins, only high-risk patients are visitors are screened. those are people the hospital knows could pose a danger to others. johns hopkins does not have metal detectors at in the entrance. >> we have over 80 doris, loading docks, emergency exits to these campus buildings. to put a magnetometer at 80 doors and the required armed force that would need to be staffing the magnetometers is
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not realistic. >> he says as far as he knows, there are only one or two hospitals in the country that have met detectors. as a result of today's incident, a hospital review and evaluate its visitor screening policies and overall security procedures. >> at any event like this, there is always going to be an assessment of what occurred and how to prevent this from occurring the next time. i can tell you that is happening now. would this be a consideration? i will not say that it will not be, but once again, 80,000 visitors a day, -- 8000 visitors a week, it is difficult to secure any enterprise with all those doorways in that manner. >> officials are going through some surveillance takes to find out which entrance this guy went into and how the hospital can improve its security. >> before you go, basically paul
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partis walked into the hospital with a gun tucked into his waistband. >> it seems that way. like any other visitor, he checked in and got a wristband. once you have the risk and, you can pretty much go anywhere in the hospital. -- once you have the wristband. we'll follow up on that at 11:00. >> with more than 30,000 hospitals, johns hopkins is among the state's largest employers. jennifer franciotti was on the scene all day long. she has more on that part of the story. >> this was really unbelievable situation, not just for employees told to evacuate, but for patients coming here for appointments and for family members of luck once inside the hospital. >> i was in my work area and my boss came running in and said to stay put because there is a guy running around with a gun. i was about to take my lunch break, and i had been sitting
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there for almost an hour. i came outside and the streets were still blocked off. >> we saw a lot of squad cars and security guards running around real frantic, really chaotic, nobody really knowing what was going on as far as what the situation was. eventually they started locking doors and telling people they could not get in or out. it was just crazy. >> it is frightening, because i would never expect this. this hospital is well secured and protected. it is just crazy and ridiculous for something like this to happen. >> a lot of folks we talked to are relieve the situation is over, and many plan to reschedule their appointments. >> many of you on facebook shared your concerns while watching our coverage this afternoon. jennifer wrote, prayers' to everyone at and around johns hopkins.
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taro, there are innocent people in there. this kind of stuff is senseless. >> in our commitment 2010 report, former governor bob ehrlich said campaign has released its second television ad. the campaign says the new ad focuses on the former governors tend your vision for the state -- 10-year vision for the state. a busy day at the city's board of elections. workers were counting absentee ballots. >> there is still not a clear winner for the race for city state's attorney. jayne miller is live at city board of elections with the details. >> let's get to the new numbers and where they stand tonight in this race. as a result of the absentee count today, challenger gregg bernstein, 31,187 votes, pat jessamy, 29,008 had 24 votes.
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between 9824 votes. there are 1700 provisional ballots have to be examined. election experts say at this point the outcome is not likely to change at all. there is still no hint of concession from the incumbent, patricia jessamy. there were enough lawyers in the room to redefine bush versus court. within 1600 absentee ballots -- more than 1600 absentee ballots were at the heart of it. >> we have 795 for bernstein, 727 fort jessamy. lawyer warren brown called on pat jessamy to concede. >> most people are looking for
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something associated with this. we would hope that miss jessamy would just go ahead and concede and recognize the inevitability of her loss. >> even one supporter suggested the race is over. >> it seems kind of certain at this point that mr. bernstein is going to maintain his lead. >> but jessamy is not budging. her lawyer filed a request with election officials for specific documents about tuesday night's vote, an indication of possible legal challenge in the works. >> this afternoon after the absentee count was concluded, challenger bernstein did issue a statement similar to the one he issued yesterday. we are pleased to see that the absentee ballot results continue to be consistent with the final election day results and look forward to the certification of this election. that is from gregg bernstein tonight at the conclusion of
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today's round of absentee balloting. the certification in this election is set for september 27. we would just have to wait and see what else may transpire in the meantime. >> there is more news ahead, including the rest of but suspected murder suspect and has been on the run for several days. >> cincinnati now has two top receivers waiting for the ravens. hear what terrell owens has to say, later in sports. >> a few strong or severe thunderstorms in the region. we'll check out where the storms are headed, and the forecast is coming up. right now 69 at
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>> tonight the search is over for a man who escape police custody with his pregnant girlfriend. they were arrested without
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incident by u.s. marshals yesterday in washington state, about 40 miles south of seattle. police say palmer, charged in a stabbing, made up a medical emergency in order to escape. he now faces additional charges. a man whom police accused of fleeing the scene of an armed robbery in northeast of war is now in custody. authorities say two men held a of pharmacy at a shopping center yesterday. investigators a police arrived on the scene after a guard reportedly fired several shots at the armed suspect. police said they have recovered one weapon. the names of the suspects have not been released. >> if you have ever canceled or stop using an e-mail account, you think it is probably gone for good and will never be used again. but that did not happen to one local man.
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>> michael says a long time ago, 11 years ago, he had a paid aol e-mail account that he thought he canceled. >> i terminated our agreement with aol and stop paying the yearly maintenance fee. i expected everything to be finalized and finished. >> that was 1999. imagine his surprise when he logged onto that account this summer and there was spam mail from that old account. >> received an e-mail message center might instant messenger account to my complete address book that i had at aol, which included my current e-mail address. that is the only way i knew it is being used at all. >> it is called email hijacking. >> a computer security expert explains hal email hijacking happens and how you can protect yourself.
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>> we now have breaking news to bring you, a pedestrian struck. captain roy taylor has the latest. >> this is southbound bellaire road south of frankfurt ave. a serious accident, a pedestrian structure. city police have had to shut down southbound bellaire road and they are detouring traffic on to frankfurt. just be aware of that. they are talking about trying to reroute the buses while they deal with this accident. >> now, your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we certainly do need the rain. it is nice to avoid the severe thunderstorms that can come with some of the showers. we have had some severe and storms move across parts of the upper eastern shore. the storms have made their way up into parts of new jersey where tornado warnings have been issued around monmouth county and parts of northern ocean
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county in southern new jersey. possible rotation with some of those storms up to the north and east. there are still some rainshowers to contend with a round of baltimore area back into western maryland. one final batch of strong storms that prompted tornado warnings earlier this afternoon in parts of eastern ohio. so far the rainfall amounts have not been impressive. we will take what we can get. nothing measurable at bwi .arshall, just a trace theire mid 80 cozy with the normal high down to 78. temperatures running in the low 70's of i-95 into harford county. even cooler out west, parts of allegheny and garrett county, upper the's and low 60's. one more batch of showers coming across eastern ohio arrives later tonight.
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the last of the shower should be clearing by 2:00 or 3:00 and heading for the coast. a shower or storm through about 3:00 in the morning and then humid conditions give way to a west wind. drier air moves in and a cooling trend toward dawn tomorrow morning. another storm this project high pressure builds then friday afternoon. the futurecast indicates lots of sunshine returning in the afternoon tomorrow, holding on for saturday. a weaker front drugs out of pennsylvania on sunday. -- drops out of pennsylvania on sunday. the next front coming through late in the weekend does not look to have a lot of moisture associated with it. tomorrow will be warmer but less humid. northwest winds at 5-50 miles an hour. tigert years in the bay water
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about 75, a cool day near deep creek tomorrow. it looks like the mountains will get some sunshine on saturday. a warm day around the bay, 83. in the tropical atlantic, three hurricanes, a triple threat. hurricane julia, igor, and hurricane carl, the weaker wonderland moving toward mexico. that should not be much of a problem for us. ego is -- igor is still on pace to make its way toward bermuda this weekend. 839 miles away from bermuda with 125 mile an hour winds. so for that have just been estimating the wind speeds due to the cloud cover.
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you can see the forecast track takes it very close to bermuda. it looks like it will pass that island sometime sunday evening and gradually weaken as it heads to the north. it could still be a category two or three hurricane at the time. much quieter, better weather around here. sunny skies on saturday with a high of 80. comfortable at night with lows in the 50's. we hit about 82 sunday, then dropped into the upper 70's on monday and tuesday. >> the ravens get ready for cincinnati. chad ochocinco says he wants to talk about football this week, not twitter or dancing with the stars or his new tv show with terrell owens. owens just wants to talk out the ravens defense, for good reason.
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the stock new york 10 of 11 times on the third down. -- they stopped in new york. the owens has seen enough reagan's game takes. the bengals plan to adjust accordingly. >> a typical defense, they are led by ray lewis and they fly around. i think everyone knows that defensively, they try to impose their presence throughout the game. you just have to go up there and play football with them. >> the high school schedule kicks off a day early this week. as always, you made the call on our game of the week.
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you chose today's towson at delaney game. that is tonight with towson kicking off at delaney. new york's team does not resemble its predecessors. the orioles win. it moves their record to 9-5 this september. orioles have three games left with the yankees, boston, and tampa bay and it looks like they will not have a significant impact on the final makeup of the playoff picture. imagine the orioles finally having a role in the playoffs. >> they are going in that direction if they keep playing like this. >> up next, a look at the seven-
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day forecast.
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>> we will continue to follow developments after shooting inside hopkins hospital. we will update the condition of the doctor injured and also hear from the neighbors of the accused shooter. a developing story, two people arrested and charged with holding a woman against her will for nearly a year. we'll have these stories and mu
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>> a little bit of rain, a couple of thunderstorms, but so far it has been a decent rain as far as manageable conditions. not as much as we really need, but the benefit of showers continues through the midnight hour until about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. the dry weather comes back, lower humidity. still warm day, 83, but much more comfortable. a nice looking sunday as well. temperatures could law monday and tuesday but then start to warm up wednesday and thursday. rain chances are minimal after the showers tonight move out. >> the rain came pretty suddenly today. jennifer came in and she was drenched. >> that is a look at our news. we will have the latest on the we will have the latest on the
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fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout,


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