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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 18, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we are learning more about the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. >> we are here in the frantic 91 calls from people who were at a hospital. here is the latest >> you heard a shot? >> yes. >> of the calls are from by their patients or employees and the eighth floor of the nelson building. >> there is a shooting on ben nelson 8. >> come down. has anyone been shot? >> we heard gunshots. >> it is another inside locked at what went on -- and inside looked at what happened during the frantic moments where please stand by -- paul pardus shot a
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doctor. >> john f. burner iii -- 4 fred bealefeld is looking at the investigation. >> was the communication that we missed? these are things we will examine through our investigation. >> on the johns hopkins campus, students and staff say things seem back to normal and some teachers talked about the shooting, and used as a teaching tool. >> it is not just clinically talking to a parents, the to your patients, but in terms of security, and how can we protect ourselves and maintain integrity. >> city police are investigating a family fight between and aunts and her niece that was so brutal that have left one of them dead.
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officers were called last night. detectives say the injuries to the arms were so bad she was taken to the hospital, where she later died. >> police are investigating a triple stabbing on board the no. 51 bus. it happened near the intersection of reisterstown road and liberty heights avenue. a fight broke out on the bus which left three people with established. >> the driver brought the bus to rest outside of the mall. there were officers here scheduled for their after-school duty. the officers were able to board the bus, and get individuals off. >> two men were taken to sinai hospital. the third to johns hopkins. all victims are expected to survive. police have released this
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surveillance photo in hopes of identifying the man. it is unclear what led to the violence. if you recognize the man in this picture, you're asked to call baltimore city police. >> testimony continues in the trial of three men accused in the murder of former councilman ken harris. barry simms has been following the trial. he has the latest from the courthouse. >> an employe testified she worked at the new haven -- to pay college tuition. she thought she was going to die. she described the terror she felt when armed robbers came into the club, demanded money from the owner, and stole her purse. in court, she responded that is my weed.
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the defense home gym and differences between her testimony and recorded statements. >> and one of the statements she says that mr. harris called the bar before he came, and mr. covington compel testimony is that he did not call the bar. also, there was a discrepancy. >> covington said as he and harris walked out of the bar, the suspects approached. darrell -- gary collins, charles mcganey, and jerome williams are accused of robbing the club. >> i have just been robbed, i was very upset. when asked why she did not officially, police, she said she
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stay covered their hand -- their heads with gloves. >> she never mentioned the gloves, even though she could have mentioned that somebody had gloves at least two times. even when they showed her gloves that were polled thought of her purse, she never has the moment where she says all coat by the way, these people had gloves on pure, -- ." >> not guilty is a plea for the prince george's county democrat accused of illegally using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain. he was ordered to surrender his passport. he has stepped down as chairman of the senate budget and taxation committee. he is running unopposed in november's general election. >> with no republican opponent,
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greg bernstein will likely be the new city state attorney. yesterday, the 15 year-incumbent conceded. david collins has more. >> earlier, i called greg bursting at -- gregg bernstein, and i advised him that i was conceding. >> she was the top prosecutor for 15 years. she accepted defeat graciously. she says she is not going quietly, but she is moving forward. >> we can not are rest and convict our way out of our current predicament. >> she will be teaming up, volunteering her services for a project called the fete sunday. >> we have to begin to change individuals from the inside out. working with children, and
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making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens and not grow up into cold-blooded keller's who -- killers, who are considered -- continuing with a cycle of violence. >> she changed the crime fighting focus. she originated a gun at the initiative. she wrote the witness intimidation laws. she created the community prosecution program. her tenure has been tumultuous. over the years, but she has been -- she has been criticized for not being tougher on violent criminals. she proclaims she is not finished with her career in public service, but it is going in a different direction. >> i believe things happen to us for a reason. i believe my destiny is to impact, positively, baltimore
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city. i think i have an opportunity to do that. [applause] >> a few hours later, applause greeted gregg bernstein. >> people of all ages, races, and economic groups were ready for a change and a fresh approach. >> david collins, wbal tv 11 new. >> voter turnout appears to be lowest on record according to the maryland board of elections. montgomery county had the lowest turnout, with only 18%. go board's turnout's records back to 1982. we would like to know what you think can be done. you can leave your comments on
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our facebook page. and a programming note -- senator ben cardin will be our guest tomorrow morning. if you have a question, send them in. >> it is 57 degrees. still ahead, dr. kim hammond joins us to enter your pet questions. >> the horse rescue in howard county is caring for six critically ill horses. >> it is a beautiful saturday morning. we have little bit of rain. we'll talk about that.
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> it is a beautiful saturday morning. temperatures have warmed up.
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it is 62 degrees at the top of the hour. the barometric pressure is high. if we often get that this time of year, starting off chilly, and winding up my old. we are still in the 50's up north. 65 in stevens bill. we are picking up some thin cloud cover. nothing of consequence. we do not expect precipitation. we can see some rain across the midwest, west of chicago, crossing lake michigan. one thing to notice is for the first time this year i have seen a little snow mixing in. that is a sign the seasons are changing. temperatures are in the 30's around the u.s., canadian border.
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it should be dry today. i'll say the seven-day forecast in a moment. an update on the tropics -- hurricane igor is still the major player, and it looks like it is heading for bermuda. if it passes just to the west, that would be the worst scenario. but time frame looks like tomorrow night. they will probably get a tropical storm conditions starting late tonight, or early tomorrow morning. we could get some effect with dangerous rip currents. mostly sunny skies is our forecast with high temperatures between 75 degrees and 80 degrees. tonight, mostly clear. temperatures will drop back in the 50's. the seven-day -- it should be
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tried tomorrow, and a little bit -- a little bit warmer. dry monday and tuesday, upper 70 compel and 80's. it will feel like summer again thursday, and friday, with a chance for scattered thunderstorms. >> up next, what to expect at this year's baltimore book festival. >> we will have macs with her reviews. >> dr. tim hammonds is it to enter your -- can hammond is here to questions.
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>> the baltimore book festival as next weekend and we are joined by the executive director of the city let project. it is a big weekend for you. >> it is fall. that means the baltimore book festival is next weekend. the fair opened 7 and noon. -- a fair opens up at noon. we will be talking about maryland food, with a particular emphasis on sustainable agriculture and cooking and local produce. >> interesting. anything else on friday?
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>> all day friday, there is stuff going on. we will have a happy hour at 5:30 -- a lot of fun, music and entertainment. saturday, we start off at 2:30 p.m. with the other wes moore. there are two people with the same name. the book explores why some kids succeed, and some kids do not. >> that should be interesting. >> he is a dynamic man. >> saturday, a whole lot of stuff. >> just because the harry potter phenomenon is done, that does not mean interest is over. there is a book following the
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sister of the famous sherlock holmes detective. "skin hundred, the resurrection of magic," will be discussed. kids still love, myth, biology, and magic. the vegan authors will discuss their motivation. this is all about the big movement, and what inspires people who live the good life. >> will they do demonstrations? >> there should be fitted and demonstrations. come back on sunday, and one of the highlights it is at the literary salon.
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haole robinson peete and brought peeete will be there. they have written a children's book and the famous the nfl quarterback has written a memoir about raising a son with autism. they will both be there next sunday. >> that is neat. everyone in the family has a different experience. if you have ever seen them talk about it, it is inspiring. >> it really is. >> is this free? >> it is, and you can check it out on the web site. >> as next weekend. good luck with everything. >> do not go away, dr. him --
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dr. kim hammond answers your pet questions when we come back. first, i look around town.
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>> live, from television hilly in baltimore, wbal t e of 11
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news continues. >> will get to your pet questions in just a moment, but for over 20 years, days end farm in woodbine has been caring for horses. we have the story. >> the farm in west virginia was supposed to be a horse rescue. as it turned out, the 53 horses there needed to be rescued. you can almost see it in their eyes -- the pain and the neglect. >> you can just tell they are hurting. if it is the same with people. look into a person's eyes. highs are the window to the soul. , six the day's end farm thoroughbred horses, some close to death, are being cared for.
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>> this is all born -- bone structure which is normally coffered with fat and flesh. it is basically a skeleton with skin. >> the horses were brought here yesterday from what was supposed to be a horse rescue farm in west virginia. starving and dehydrated, six of those in the worst condition came here. >> you can not be a caring human without wanting to do something about that, let alone be a rescue. >> two of the horses are on id. they wondered if they would make it through the night. >> that are standing today, and they are doing better. >> for the people who work and volunteer here, despite the terrible conditions the horses are men, there is always hope
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their kindness and care will make them better. >> i am optimistic. i am glad they are here. yes, i am. >> as always, they need any help the public can give to save these and other horses here. >> all right. it is time for our pet segment. we are joined by dr. kim hammond. what many of you might not know is he got his start showing horses. >> this problem with horses is representative of what is happening in the economy. people cannot afford to take care of these horses. it is a horrible problem. they are expensive on so many different levels. a difficult problem, with difficult answers. >> a couple of them got help. >> it is really said.
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>> let's move on to our questions. >> this is ruby. [laughter] this has an active. >> this is a cold dog. a couple of questions. speaking of animals, i am going to have to be entering the time to read this. arquette has chronic gingivitis. there is -- our capped -- our cat has chronic gingivitis -- any alternative suggestions? >> this seems to be a common disease. i am hearing a lot about cats with gingivitis and having to extract the teeth.
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this person thinks it is a parasitic. a lot of times, it is any new problem, where perhaps an allergic reaction to the enamel of the tea. the only way to cure it is to remove all of the teeth. there is another caveat. if you leave even a tiny particle of the tooth, the conditions continue. if you have to remove all of the teeth, there is a veterinary dentist. see him for a second opinion. >> we have time for another question. my dog has had a long-standing diarrhea problem. the debt side it was worms. -- the veterinarian said it was warm. can you give an alternative? >> we are getting more sophisticated in diagnosing these diseases.
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there are a lot of reasons for these things. sometimes we need to take a scope can't get a piece of tissue. -- and get a piece of tissue. sometimes you can do with your veterinarian, and sometimes in need to see a specialist dr. kim hammond, thank you for coming in. we're coming at the bottom of the half hour. stay tuned.
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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news saturday morning, in hd. >> -- welcome back. >> it is a beautiful morning. clear skies. it was a little chilly earlier. we're moving into the 60's. if you're going to be out in the next few minutes, maybe a light sweater. this afternoon, you'll not needed. it is 57 and westminster. 63 in annapolis. mostly sunny skies today. it will be a beautiful one. we look at the seven-day
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forecast and give you the latest on the tropics in a few minutes. for now, back to the news desk. >> today could be the final day spills blown out oil officially dies. crews are pumping cement. >> this comes five months after an explosion killed 11 workers and led to the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> 150 days after oil first flowed into the gulf, the flow of cement started in what has been a month-long effort. the cement was pumped in through the relief well. officials are expected to declare success. it will end heartache for an entire region.
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while the well that first exploded april 20 might be killed, many saying they have been dying a slow death for months. a vibrant fishing community are only getting by on cleanup efforts. the oil is still watching to shore. >> it is just the beginning. we have a long road ahead of that. we see oil, the everyday. >> a second massive fish kill was found. >> i have never seen a star fish washed up on the beach. we have that now. >> officials are calling for more tests. while the ceiling of the well is a milestone, it is still but one step. >> what i hope for now is that bp does not takeoff and split,
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and they stick around long enough for this to be cleaned up. >> bp faces billions of dollars in fines and the possibility of criminal prosecution. the company said they will stay here for the cleanup, but they did not rule out have been to that reservoir in the future. >> it was all a hoax. that is what washington state police say about the woman who claimed she was the victim of an acid attack. investigators say several discrepancies surfaced. authorities executed a search warrant. they seized a number of items. she then confessed to making it all up. >> you have all seen the pictures. you look at the pattern. you look at that time of night. it was of the things that did
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not add up. >> she originally told police she was attacked by an african american woman. she says she is upset and remorseful, but could face jail time. >> more jail time could be in the future before lindsay lohan. the actress says she is prepared to face the consequences. meanwhile, paris hilton will not need to spend time in jail on drug charges. a plea deal has been worked out. she agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanors still ahead, we are in the kitchen with goodies for a good cause helping families and children dealing with a cancer diagnosis. >> a new romantic drama -- we
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have a review straight ahead. >> hurricane igor is bearing down on the island of bermuda. we will ch
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with the neurologist tony pann. >> welcome back. a beautiful sunday morning. 62 degrees at the airport. the barometric pressure is nice and high. it was chilly early this morning. as is typically the case, when the air is dry, the temperatures jump quickly. they will continue into the upper-70's.
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it is 65 in stevensville hardly a cloud in the sky. we will see a little sunshine. there is a frontal boundary across the mid west. that will come through here as we head into sunday night. something interesting -- we can see a little bit of snow on the radar for the first time this season. temperatures are in the low 30's up near the canadian border. high pressure will block showers from coming in, and we will have a nice day today. first, an update on the tropics. hurricane igor is a category two and the hurricane center thinks it will make a direct hit
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on the island of bermuda. it will probably be tomorrow night. we you -- they will start to get tropical storm conditions later this afternoon. unfortunately, there will be some damage. we could get recurrence and dangerous waves as the storm passes. keep that in mind. mostly sunny today. high temperatures between 75 and 80. clear tonight and seasonably cool with temperatures dropping back into the 50's. there could be some rain on sunday night. it should be dry during the day. a nice day monday and tuesday. a touch of summer by the end of the week. high temperatures will be in the mid 80's with a chance for scattered thunderstorms.
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i sent it over to the news room. >> your thyroid is in the lower part of your throat and it controls many things. when something goes wrong, it could be related. here is donna hamilton. >> normally, there would be a nice triangular fire right. her thyroid was removed 19 years ago. she had a scratchy throat. >> in the course of examination, she felt my thyroid. >> 5 right problems can show up in many ways like moscow and joint pain, -- fibroid problems can show up in many ways, like
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joint pain. >> it is critical. it controls energy expenditure. if you do not have enough, your body temperature are slow and 80. >> you could be losing weight, sweaty, and suffering from insomnia. the doctor says most are benign. >> 96% to 98% are actually the nine. we have to pick out the two or three% that turn out to be a thyroid cancer. >> i take a star right. when i have my annual blood work, they will look eighth there needs to be no judgment -- adjustment. >> joining us now with more
9:43 am
information is a doctor. i actually had that and was relieved to find out that it was filled with fluid it is scary when you feel a lump there. >> it is very scary. fortunately, a simple test can determine whether it is fluid- filled, or solid. depending on the results, a doctor could recommend a vaccine. >> for those who find out that it is cancerous, it is survival? >> what i tell people is that it is a happy talk. we measure survival in 30 years. it tells you about the behavior of this cancer.
9:44 am
>> that is good news. let's talk about some of the things we should watch for. >> most symptoms are a lump in the throat. some patients might experience changes in their voice. it is a more advanced sign that something serious is going on. >> i know the thyroid controls many functions. if you are feeling tired, you should pay attention. >> usually, you would talk to your primary care physician. the symptoms are quite non- specific, as you pointed out. a quick blood test will tell you. >> ben, there are two problems -- then, there are two different
9:45 am
problems. >> they are not typically related to thyroid cancer. a simple blood test will tell you whether those symptoms are related to a thyroid disorder. >> thank you so much for coming in, doctor. if you have other questions, or have very for all, please call 1800md mercy. we will have movie reviews when we come back. first, and look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> what happened to her? >> it feels like something to. -- something hit me. >> does anybody have anything sharp on them? >> that is a scene from the new movie "devil." passengers turned on each other until they discover state and is the co-pilot. our movie critic is here with her reviews. >> i think that after the last film got panned by critics, he
9:49 am
said no more critics will do my movies. there is "devil his films always look good, but they are always disappointed in the execution. >> let's talk about "easy a." >> i think it launches the currier of -- the career of emma stone. she is her own, wild creature. she is very funny and charming. it is a day in his step -- a hipster teenaged comedy. it is about a girl named carlos.
9:50 am
she does a solid for a gay boy and pretends to have sex with him. she embraces her role, and puts a big scarlet letter day on her chest. it is quite funny. it is funny, she is adorable, and i am recommending that. it is not quite as funny as i think it is. actorsall of the adult in this film. it is definitely worth seeing. 3 stars. townxt, we have a"the ." >> he sets these towns in
9:51 am
boston. i have a sense of authenticity. it is about in town -- a town in boston that has more bank robbers than any other town. he is one of them, but he is reluctant. he falls in love with a hostage. she does not realize he was one of the bank robbers. it is very pretty. the action scenes are great. i think he is really announcing himself as a major director. i think this is a serious action-romance film that i am also recommended. both films are good, neither great, but both good. >> use caution with the "devil." >> as always.
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>> welcome back. we have the perfect excuse to eat cupcakes. we're talking about cupcakes for a cause week. it starts monday. what is cupcake for a cause? >> it began in 2004. it was basically an organization that does cupcakes for kids. >> it is cancer care for kids, and they help kids deal with the fact they have cancer. >> kids that have been diagnosed. >> you have made this signature
9:55 am
cupcake and when people buy, it will raise money for the cause. what kind will you be taking today? >> we will be making the sweet potato cake. you can purchase in the baltimore area at the city cafe which is in the mount vernon district. >> this is a family recipe card >> it was passed down from my mother. >> it cannot be bat. >> first of all, our first ingredient is a our eggs. vegetable oil. granulated sugar. of course, we have to have sweet potatoes, and i would say 81 to two cups. our next ingredient is flour.
9:56 am
>> i know you're going to put some cinnamon in there. >> and some not night. but not forget the vanilla. to help it rise we need baking powder and baking soda. once all the ingredients are stirred, -- >> i like this. through the magic of television, take a look at what we have. these are delicious. these are adorable, but they are a lot smaller than the ones you have over here. >> i brought those especially for you. i want you to help me. we're quintuplet's a batter into this. -- we are going to put some batter into the. >> this is so much cleaner than
9:57 am
the usual white -- the usual way. every time somebody buys this it goes to cancer care for kids. it is really important. when kids find out they have cancer, it is so devastating. it is tough for siblings. this is a great way to help somebody. >> we are getting the audience. >> we are getting help prepared >> this is so much neater than when i do it. >> you do not make a mess. >> i did not know they made, -- cupcake pans that deep. only 100 calories, right? >> it will be a beautiful day
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today. high temperatures around 78 or 79. tomorrow, will make it into the low 80's. >> we need to wrap up. your cupcakes look wonderful. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. you are doing a fine job. you are doing a fine job. that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable.
9:59 am
that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.


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