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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 20, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> live, local, latebreaking. >> it is official. today, the national bureau of economic research says the longest recession since world war ii lasted 18 months. the news comes as president obama defense his economic plan
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in washington right now. the president does in campaign mode drumming up votes for the november election, six weeks away. washington, is in d.c., with more. >> a black-tie dinner. president obama continues to spend -- spread his economic mission. >> we have a plan to rescue our economy and rebuild the on a new foundation. >> the campaigner-in-chief is on the road talking directly to americans today through a televised town hall-style meeting on jobs and the economy. >> at the president needs to go right after the single issue that is up for rust in the minds of the american people which is employment. >> the gop is pushing back open to regain power in capitol hill on november accusing democrats of spending too much.
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>> their job-killing policies have left wall businesses tied up in the insurgency and our economy bogged down by nearly 10% unemployment. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> final cleanup is under way in the gulf of mexico after teams successfully killed the well yesterday. for parish leaders, the fight continues on ted little hell. -- capitol hill. >> it began with a deadly fire ball and flams cutting through the air. as deepwater horizon exploded and collapsed, 11 lives were lost and oil began to seep into the gulf which was the start of the worst spill in u.s. history. now, 154 days later, government scientists say the final seal is holding tight and that the well will never leave again. president obama acknowledged the
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work that had been done and perhaps the more difficult job that lies ahead in a written statement which says in part, "we will continue to work closely with the people of the gulf to rebuild their livelihood and restore the environment that supports them. my administration will see the communities, businesses, and fragile ecosystems through this difficult time." these are difficulties that continue to wash up along the gulf coast. cleanup crews fight every day, but it seems right now the oil is winning. >> we cannot fix this on our own. we can rebuild this on our own. we need help from the whole country. i mean, really, everybody. >> reported for wbal-tv 11 news. >> a cold front made its way through last night. it was a dry cold front, but it made things feel quite pleasant. yesterday, we talked out at 84 degrees which was a little above
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the usual high. today, up there in the upper 70's. a brisk wind outside, but it feels quite pleasant. we are winding down the official summer season. fall begins officially on wednesday. taking a look outside, 72 downtown, 74 at the airport. the forecasted high is between 74-80 this afternoon. winds are kind of risk out of the west, northwest at 10-50 and 20 m.p.h.. -- 10-15 miles per hour. >> authorities are looking into a drowning in edgewater. 47-year-old jeffrey fitzgerald drowned after he fell off of a pier. die the teams searched for fitzgerald for nearly one hour when they finally found him under the pier. preliminary reports showed no signs of foul play. firefighters had to fight a two-
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alarm blaze also in edgewater around 8:00 p.m. last night. investigators say it took crews nearly 90 minutes to give the fire under control. fortunately no one was injured. the cause remains under investigation. baltimore county police continue their search for suspects in a pair of deadly overnight shootings. police were called to edgewood street in northwest baltimore around 4:30 a.m. were 26-year- old isaiah white was shot in the back. he died at the hospital. investigators believe this was a result of a fight he was involved in the night before. they have several leads. 15 minutes later, a man was found with a gunshot wound to the head on bonaparte avenue in northeast baltimore. no word on a possible motive and no arrests made in either shooting. officials say the doctor would in last thursday's shooting at johns hopkins is improving.
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dr. cohen has been upgraded to good condition. he was shot in the abdomen by a 54 -- a 50-year-old man after briefing him about his mother's condition. an american woman freed from my iranian prison is now calling for the release of her fiance and friend. shourd spoke in new york city since her release on tuesday. she spent more than 13 months in the notorious prison along with her fiancee and a friend. the three were arrested while hiking in 2009 and were accused of spying. >> this is not the time to celebrate. my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and joshed is crushing. i stand before you today on the one-third free. >> she says the trio were in
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iraq and never meant to cross into iran. they had no idea the border was nearby. residents gather today for a fund-raiser for those affected by the massive fire in northern california. the neighbors helping neighbors benefit was held yesterday for those who lost their homes. at least 50 homes were destroyed and hundreds more were damaged when the gas line ruptured on september 9th. at least four people lost their lives during the blaze and officials are still trying to determine what caused the line to ignite. despite holding the division rival. stew only field goals, the powerful defense could not compensate. the cincinnati coach marvin lewis enjoyed his third straight win over his former team yesterday. the defense lived up to their reputation by not allowing a touchdown for a second straight game, four interceptions by joe flacco turned out to be too much
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to overcome. ravens 10-15 lose to the bangles. they host cleveland browns this sunday. the orioles had a three-game sweep against the yankees. here is rivera in the bottom of the night thinking the game into extra innings. he scored on a single by ty wigginton. the birds are in the boston tonight for a three-game stint against the red sox. >> the orioles in the 11th. >> it is premiere week. coming up, "the biggest loser" season 10 and hurricane eagar slams into bermuda. could we soon feel the effect of the category 1 storm? in the the the insta-weather + forecast with sandridge is coming out of. first, we will have to dig deeper if you are planning a trip around the holidays this year. what is causing the
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>> many consumers use credit card balance transfers to consolidate accounts. here are some tips to keep the costs down. you should check of the interest rate of the new card as well as
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the transfer rate. if a new card offers a low introductory interest rate, know when it expires and concentrate on laminating your debt within the introductory time. if you plan on flying in the upcoming season, you better brace yourselves. there will be plenty of peak travel days between thanksgiving and new year's with higher air fares to driving to the increased cost of flying including a new add-on fee -- a peak travel they feed. but earlier than normal and avoid booking on those days. they suggest flying on the holiday if possible. >> thanksgiving day is one of the lightest airline traffic days in the entire year. christmas day is, too. >> early october is the latest you are likely to find a bargain fares for the holiday. losing a combined weight of 503 pounds, they are the biggest losers ever. former winners joins us live
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with a preview of season 10. sandridge? >> -- the get a beautiful view. high pressure, "canadian high pressure today. and is currently 72 downtown, 74
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>> welcome back. a new study finds a link -- a link between a virus and childhood of this city -- obesity. it affects stem cells turning them into fat. researchers at uc san diego found 36% had amino virus 36. within the group of obese children, they weighed an average of 35 pounds or more of the and kids without the infection. in the report finds. entered surgery is gaining in
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popularity among teens. between 2005-2007, the gastric band increased sevenfold while the number of gastric bypass procedures dropped. white adolescent girls made of 65% of the procedures during the study even though they represented even one-third of overweight teens and young adults. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with sandra shaw. >> fortunately we were not anywhere near bermuda or during -- dealing with the wrath of igor. it was category one when it hit bermuda late last night. it moves through early, early this morning. up to 6 inches of rain, high surf, high winds with gusts reported up to 90 miles per hour even though it was only sustained at 75 miles per hour. damage to the island is extensive. igor continues to move to the north.
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high pressure building in and we have a nice dome of cool air infiltrating for the last few days of the official summer season. here is what it feels like outside. 72 downtown. 74 at the airport. 68 in westminster. 67 near the state line in the park in. the two points are in the 40's right now. -- the dew points are in the 40's. 78 is the forecast in high for central maryland. it looks like 80 degrees around ocean city. the forecast for today is problematic because there is a small craft advisory in effect with small wins 10-20 knots and a small waves from two-3 feet. normally for the time of year is 77 degrees. we will be in that range. 92 was the record set back in 1983 and 42 degrees was the
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record low set back in 1959. tonight, somewhat cool. in theally, upper 40's outlying areas but 57 downtown with the influence of the harbor. it looks like it will be beautiful for the first half of this week. we had the front pushed through. the high pressure will build for two days. when that moves offshore by wednesday, we will get a return flow pulling in humidity from the deep south. it will feel like summer for the first day of fall on wednesday. taken the gatt, -- take a look at how much of the temperatures will surge. a slight chance of a storm late on wednesday. the front will finally affect us on friday. at 86 degrees with a 40% chance of showers. saturday we will be much cooler in the upper 70's. >> the new fall season gets under way on nbc including the
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debut on what may be the network's most anticipated new show, "the events." >> i wanted to bring you here and freeze this moment in time. >> under normal circumstances, an island getaway may qualify as an event. >> a guy proposes and has a beautiful life. >> normal circumstances do not apply on a show called, "the event." >> everything goes in the wrong direction. >> they play a couple pulled into a global controversy. >> this is much bigger than they ever could have fought. >> they have him jumping off of cliffs, running from guards, and if that were not enough -- >> are you ok? >> it is fun to play this character who gets to do these incredible things. >> if he is playing the average
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guy, laura ennis is playing of the not so average girl. >> in my character is extremely in ignited. she is a woman you do not really know. ischinger good or is she bad? >> it is up to the president. it is a political thriller, but it is also full of mystery. >> enough to pull an average guy on a course. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you watch the show, you know the contestants have lost tons of weight and now enjoy a more healthy lifestyle thanks to "the biggest loser." season 10 premiers tomorrow night. the two biggest losers never join us live from malibu, california. good afternoon, guys.
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>> good afternoon. >> you look great. before we start, i heard you were talking to people. are they talking smack? [laughter] >> i do not know about that. >> we do not want to get involved. >> it is ok. we will be meeting them again. we will not talk of football. i cannot believe it has been 10 years already. what can we look forward to for season 10? >> this is going to be a great season. this is called "paying it forward." there are traveling to different cities to motivate the community. they are trying to pay it forward to the community. the travel to portland, phoenix, detroit, and a near my home town of oklahoma city. i will make an appearance. there will be three people vying for two spots on the ranch. the first challenge is monumental. to make it on the ranch or not
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make it is a big price to pay. the stories this year are still compelling. you will have to tune in. it will inspire america. >> what an amazing transformation, danny. michael, you hold the record. how much weight did you lose? how have you been able to keep it off? >> i started off at five under 26 pounds. i was down to 264 pounds. everyone has a different story based on their experience. for me, it has been easy to keep that off because i have been reborn. why would i want to go back to living my life like that? i was miserable. i was a doorstep. now i feel great. i am energetic. i am full of life. my self-esteem is out of here. >> it makes us happy to hear your stories. what advice do you have for those people struggling with their way? >> everybody can do it. >> everyone can do it.
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when we are seeing here in malibu, they are opening if it is a bridge here. i lost 12 pounds their last week. anyone can do it. you can experience a lifestyle without being on the show. you can do it. do not quit. pushed to the end. >> a great message. michael and danny, thank you for joining us. you are an inspiration. good luck with your season premiere. you can what she's intent of "the biggest loser" tuesday's right here on wbal-tv 11. up next, your maryland midday lottery pick three and hit four numbers. another look at the forecast.
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>> welcome back. it is time for the maryland lottery midday numbers. >> good afternoon to you. i am angela jackson. here are your picked three numbers for today. the first number is 5. euronext number is another 5. the final number is a 8. 5-5-8. do not miss your chance to get the ip access to the field. your person number is 2. your first number is 2. the next number is 6.
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wrapping it up with this number, 0. 2-2-6-0. maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> one last check of the forecast. what a great weekend. >> nice, cool high pressure today and tomorrow. by the midweek, the first day of fall on wednesday will feel like summer again. we will be in the mid 80's and it will be more humid outside. a slight chance for some much- needed rain with variety on thursday and friday. the front will come through friday night. quite pleasant for the ravens home opener on sunday. >> thank-you, sandra. thank you for joining us at 11 news at noon. >> be sure to join us at 5:00 p.m. with donna hamilton and stan stovall. captioned by the national captioning institute >> follow breaking news and weather any time at
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and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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