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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> no lifetime limits on coverage and no more dropping people from coverage when they get sick. >> today is the day of the worst abuses of insurance companies come to an end in america. >> while democratic reporters -- democratic supporters celebrate this, republicans plan to the cost of the taxpayers. >> what the american people have told us they want is that we the fund, repeal and replaced. >> in addition to higher taxes, health insurance warn customers should be prepared to pay more for coverage. >> people will see higher costs associated with those new benefits. they are required to have more coverage and new people added to policies and previously were. >> insurance companies have been working since the bill was signed into law to prepare for the changes, investing in new technology, working with hospitals and doctors to try to improve care while containing costs. >> health-care plans are having to make a significant number of changes in their own operations.
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>> more sweeping reforms are set to take effect in four years. >> there is one piece of the health care law that will affect many young adults up to the age of 26. it is good news for students who can stay on their parents' health insurance longer. we have reaction from our education reporter with more on that story. >> this legislation would extend what maryland law currently has on the books. students say they're glad to be getting a break. >> more than 140,000 maryland residents, a good number are college students, between the ages of 19-25, do not have health insurance. that is why this new law has become so critical. >> a lot of my friends have looked at finding a job that can cover your health benefits. >> this graduate student is going back to apparent policy
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come january of next year. in the meantime, students of across the nation are calling a day of celebration. >> it is one of 100 events across the country celebrated the benefits and educating americans about how they work. >> but university officials are the ones that will tell you it is not a cure all. >> we want students to get screening and the counseling they need to keep them healthy. that is one thing -- people will forgo that if it's not covered. >> in order to make this affordable, we have to address cost containment and improvements in quality. we are committed to doing that. >> the lieutenant governor says it will not stop state leaders from continuing to look for new ways to improve health care. >> while the debate will continue, rest assured that in maryland, we are fully embracing the opportunities and
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recognizing the challenge that comes along with national health reform. >> there was a similar press conference held at the university of maryland college park. >> there is continuing coverage of the health care reform on our website. we have posted an interactive guide to health care in america and you can read more on how the laws will affect you. there is a copy of the 13-day lawsuit against the federal government against those laws. >> the howard county school board is defending itself against the lawsuits night. the parents of one student claim their son was bullied as a result. >> according to the lawsuit, the family is suing for three counts of deprivation of constitutional rights and two counts of gross negligence. the family's claim to the insurance company was denied last year and now they're taking
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the school system to court. >> the lawsuit makes serious allegations. according to the suit filed on tuesday in district court, a sixth grade student was bullied by a group of students starting in december of 2007. it states he suffered violence, including being stabbed and struck with pencils and drumsticks, being pushed and slammed into lockers and other acts of intolerable cruelty. the issue of bullying and its effects on students has doubled attention recently of schools around the country. in fact, baltimore county held its annual save school conferences weekend touched on the issue and how affects their schools and policies. >> we have a positive behavior planning approach to problems like bullying. we look at problems from a three tiered response. >> the point is to take care of the issue before it escalates to the point that causes more
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problems to the ticket. >> the student may develop an actual diagnosis disorder like an anxiety disorder or dramatic stress disorder. >> the lawsuit alleges the administrator and faculty did not step in to stop the bleeding and the boy suffered post- traumatic stress disorder and had to be placed in a different school as a result. they're seeking between $1,000,000.9999999 dollars in damages. >> -- between $1 million and $10 million in damages. >> thank you. nbc news is putting a spotlight on education. the network will convene a nationwide group of teachers for the first-ever teacher town hall held rockefeller plaza in new york city. it will focus on the most important challenges and opportunities facing teachers in america. >> throughout the summit, we will give a voice to all those
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involved and start a conversation about education. >> some big names in maryland educational be attending, including the state school superintendent and the baltimore city schools ceo and the baltimore county school superintendent. we will have live reports from rockefeller plaza beginning monday. >> on this first full day of fall, 2010, the temperatures are quite warm. around 90 degrees in some areas feeling like summertime. 91 degrees in hagerstown. 86 in downtown baltimore. we have seen some cloud cover build up and under those clouds, isolated thunderstorms primarily to the west of d.c. drifting
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toward pg county. mostly clear as we had to the night with mild temperatures continuing. we will see how long the heat sticks around and we will check in on the latest tropical storm. >> the lead detective investigating a murder of a former baltimore city councilman finished his testimony and the court. he was questioned on how he handled the evidence in the case. let's go live to courthouse east for the latest. >> that detective testified police took dna samples from six people, including the three defendants and eliminated or excluded other suspects. the defense believes police made mistakes. the homicide detective defended the decision to made as lead investigator of the september
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2008 murder of kenneth harris. and the robbery of the new haven lounge. defense attorneys are trying to improve the police made mistakes at the crime scene and in the handling of evidence. >> there were quite a few mistakes. >> police believed they stood by the driver side window and shot as he tried to flee. the detective said he saw shattered glass but did not recall the sought a hole in the driver's seat. the detective told jurors after looking at the evidence that he ruled out one possible suspect who was a woman in the car with him. three others are charged with the murder and robbery. the defense asked about watching surveillance video captured of the these inside the club and wondered why part of the bar was and check for fingerprints. >> the person puts his hand directly on to the bar. though it is not clear, he put his other hand before a climbs onto the stool.
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the bar goes up to the chest level or maybe lower. you have to use your hands to climb up that. detaches the bar and i believe he touches the seat, but -- he touches the bar and i believe he touches the seat, but they did not touch -- they did not test that area for dna. >> the detective said he was not sure if the man's hand touched the bar. he says it's not possible to leave fingerprints. the defense questioned what please considered a key piece of evidence -- a jacket found in the trash can in the home of the defendant. >> at no point in the video is there anyone wearing a jacket. there is a photograph of the person they say who was mostly wearing the jacket and they have no hood hanging off the back of the jacket. it is clearly a have a -- a heavy winter jacket. so how is it a key piece of evidence of nobody identifies it during the crime and the video
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does not show anyone wearing it? >> the detective considers it a valuable piece of evidence and submitted for dna testing erring on the side of caution. >> thank you. a well-known minister is in the middle of a sex scandal tonight. >> and bishop and the lawn is being sued by three male church members who say he used money and promised to coerce them into sex. hear from their lawyer when we cover the nation. >> republicans were allowed to their pledge to america. we will bring you the very latest on the new gop agenda coming up. >> kids and concussions. what congress is doing about it, coming up. ♪
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>> democrats in congress tonight are sending barack obama -- delayed bill to help struggling small businesses get credit easier. the legislature gives other incentives to expand and hire new workers, establishing a government fund to help banks lend to small businesses and cut taxes on big and small businesses. >> with less than six weeks to go until the midterm elections, republicans are making closing arguments in their form of a pledge to america. the gop unveiled the plan this
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morning. >> our pledge to america. >> in a virginia hardware store, republican leaders unveiled their newest tool. >> the new agenda embodies america's rejection of the notion that we can simply tax, barrault, and spend our way to prosperity. >> their pledge to america to repeal the health care plan and slash spending and extend the bush tax cuts for everyone. >> all we are saying is no tax hikes. that's the first thing first. let's get america back into a mode of confidence and growth. >> the pledge is not a new political play -- similar to the 1994 contract for america. this year's thomas does not include any details or any mention of afghanistan or social security and medicare. >> for republicans is that it want to cut spending, it's ironic they did not mention
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those programs. >> democrats pushed back against the pledge. >> their plan would take us back to the bush years to a stagnant economy, spiraling deficits -- >> while former president clinton offered democrats this advice. >> i believe they should say give us two more years and if we do this, -- if we don't do this, throw us out. >> polls show voters are fed up with government in general. three-quarters of americans disapprove of how congress is handling its job. >> state republicans have made a pledge to maryland. we will look at their proposed plans for the future coming at 6:00. >> we have had several stories about problems with the diabetes
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drug,. today, the fda announced instead of pulling a from the market, they're putting major restrictions on its use. a can only be is that patients with type 2 diabetes whose condition has not been helped by other medication. there is a lot at stake for glaxo's smithkline. of and had sales of nearly $1.2 billion last year. a new study of women in norway suggests mammography screening for breast cancer has bought half as big an impact as once thought. after mammogram's became standard in norway, researchers say there was a 10% reduction in the rate of women dying from the disease. improved breast cancer treatments and other things out for the rest. in austria, authority of breast cancer survivors experience sexual problems after treatment.
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they studied 1700's cancer survivors two years after being diagnosed. among those at the age of 70 with a partner, 70% say they had sexual problems. many blamed body image problems. but certain treatments also cause hot flashes which can contribute to sex problems. most mothers share a special bond with their daughters, but is it special enough to replace the bond a woman has with her husband? when researchers suggests it might. one study says many women with daughters do not need their husband. women with girls know they will never be lonely or without help. >> mothers and daughters can have a nurturing bond. where they in some way have a lot going on between them and in an end to become emotional sharing with husbands and wives have lacking in their relationship. >> the theory is women with
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daughters are less likely to put up with that and more likely to leave. but they say all of that is speculative and everyone has a unique relationship with their sons and daughters. >> it may technically still be fall. it started last night at 11:00 in the evening. but it is certainly looking like summertime -- 91 in westminster and frederick. it is warm all across the reason -- it all across the region unless you're near the ocean. even out west into west virginia and western maryland, temperatures are above normal and it will stay that way through tomorrow. under the cloud cover, in northern virginia, a few isolated showers. very minimal activity drifting toward pg.
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mostly clear tonight and warmer than normal. the sense that this evening at 7:00 to. just to our west, you see a lot of low to mid 90's across the ohio valley. 96 degrees in louisville, ky. in chicago and detroit, temperatures are well above normal. there is a cold front moving to the plains states with showers and storms associated with it. it will be dreyer approaching our region but it will bring in fall-like temperatures. a hot friday tomorrow with lots of sunshine. temperatures in the low nineties for most areas. the cold front drying up across ohio and arriving in baltimore. not quite as hot as tomorrow. temperatures coming down on
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saturday. we will see a significant cool down. provide -- said -- with the cloud cover, temperatures will be a little below normal. we will watch the showers to our south. they may move into our direction next week. tomorrow, or sun and hot temperatures. 89-94. southwest winds gusting to 20 knots on the day. the weather service has issued a small craft advisory for the afternoon and evening as the wind increases out of the south. to storms to watch in the atlantic. both of them are weak. lisa had become a tropical depression earlier and is trying to catch up a little more energy. it is way out there in the eastern at it. the new one is matthew and over here in the caribbean. this one shows some signs of strengthening.
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it as just barely reached the threshold of becoming a tropical storm. matthew will be closer to major land areas and there could be a healthy tropical storm and even a hurricane as it makes its way to the attendance le interest toward cancun. matthew may become an important stormed to watch, but well to the south of us. hot tomorrow at 92 degrees and sunshine. more sunshine saturday and 84 degrees. normal temperatures for the ravens kick off with temperatures in the '70s. showers are arriving and perhaps a few scattered showers monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you. the founder of facebook is said to become a big player in philanthropy. >> he is expected to announce a multimillion-dollar defamation to one of the nation's most struggling school systems. >> i'm at the united nations for
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president obama called for full and and and as for palestine in one year's time. by this time next year. that story up next. today is the day i double down. [ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
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>> some breaking news in northwest baltimore. >> liberty-and edgewood. the baltimore city fire department is working on an occupied dwelling. they have shut down the eastbound lane. we do not know the cause or have not heard of any energy -- heard of any injuries. if we hear anything tunnel will update you. >> thank you. >> horning that more blood could be shed, president obama urged world leaders at the united nations to stop tearing down israel and push for a peace deal. >> he suggested it could mean a new nation at the un -- palestine. we have the latest from new york. >> barack obama is still a star at the un. the assembly was packed and the applause were loud when the president offered a startling
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possibility. >> we could have an agreement could lead to a new member of the united nations, an independent, sovereign state of palestine, living in peace with israel. >> but can happen? the palestinian president said he would walk out of talks if the israeli prime minister does not extend a settlement freeze. the secretary of state has been pushing, but no deal. the president warned israelis not to delay that more blood would be shed. mr. obama demanded change from many nations in the hall that slam the jewish state for decades. some, even back in terror. >> those who long to see an independent palestine, must also stop trying to tear down is real. >> in part, to pressure a ron, he met with the premier of china who is urging iran not to build nuclear-weapons. mr. obama says the door is still open to talks. >> but the iranian government
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must a mr. a clear and powerful, and confirmed to the world the peaceful intent of its nuclear program. >> through his diplomats, the iranian president signaled he will. a big blow would be an israeli- palestinian peace. now, president obama has set a target of palestine membership in the un by this time this year. -- this time next year. >> a lofty goal. >> we will recap the day's top stories, including a purse -- a proposed block of seven athletes and concussions. >> we will have details of the settlement at 5:32 >> in baltimore county father went for a bike ride and never came home. his wife is now trying to raise awareness about a very
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important cause, like safety. important cause, like safety. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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es tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 5:00 in h.d. >> new tonight at 5:30 -- it happens to football players, soccer players, male and female, the dangers of concussions are being examined in washington. the risks of head trauma for athletes like permanent brain damage are very real. >> doctors and players testified before congress saying student- athletes need to be properly protected against common head injuries. hill go live to capitol for more on this story. >> this hearing focused on new legislation proposed to set safety standards in schools across the country to deal with concussions. it's something one teenager says
5:31 pm
is -- >> one of my teammates and i collided. i don't remember what happened. >> she is off the soccer field, recovering from a concussion she suffered a month ago. >> testifying before a house committee, the high-school senior says the injury is taking its toll and the classroom. >> i have a lot of hours of homework and now i'm having to do a half-hour of working and 10 minute breaks. >> she is joined by other athletes, including a retired nfl athlete. >> he ended his career after suffering multiple concussions. >> a lot of people think it is a badge of honor to play through a concussion. realistically, players don't want to show vulnerability or do anything to demonstrate weakness, especially in the nfl locker room.
5:32 pm
>> there is no such thing as only a concussion. >> lawmakers are considering legislation to require more safety standards for athletes suffering from brain injuries. >> passing the law is the first that. >> she says her case has made a difference with her promises. >> by county has a comprehensive system of dealing with concussions and brain injuries. i'm very thankful for the way they have handled it. >> she attends centennial high school and says she hopes it is used as a model for other schools across the country of the legislation is approved. >> any more details about what this legislation is supposed to do? she wentson's case, under a lot of testing but was also given an action plan to deal with the confession as she got back to school. that helped her adjust plans in
5:33 pm
terms of schoolwork. that is what this legislation is calling for. it is calling on the school system to provide more assistance to sit as suffering from confessions and raise awareness about the dangers of this issue. >> awareness is so important. thank you. >> mercy medical center is about to open the latest addition to the hospital. it is a big one. the new center is a $400 million, 20 story facility featuring private rooms for all patients and state of the art operating rooms with robotics. there are rooftop gardens for patience and workers to enjoy. it is set to open in december. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories -- the new health care reform bill kicks in today with some key changes in place. upon them, children can be covered under their parents' health insurance plan until the turn 26. children can no longer be denied
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coverage for pre-existing conditions and insurers cannot drop the when you get sick or because you made a mistake by your application. attorneys reach a settlement in a lawsuit over a fatal crash in 2008. a truck driver was killed when he plunged through a barrier wall and into the chesapeake bay after he swerved his tractor-trailer to avoid hitting an oncoming car. an investigation revealed the woman had alcohol in her system. her attorney said the family agreed to a $100,000 settlement. that's the maximum amount payable through the insurance. >> baltimore police are working to solve the murder of a victim of this morning on the steps of the porch on north broadway around the clock. officials say he died on the way to the hospital. you are asked to call baltimore police if any of -- with any of the mission might have a new law
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requiring motorists to keep a 3 foot distance from cyclist. last spring, one man, father and husband was struck and killed while cycling along not erode. >> larry was an amazing husband. he loved to ride bikes with the kids and share his passion for the sport with everyone. >> the 44-year-old worked in the family construction business. his wife and their daughters were his life. but writing was a great love, so when tammy and their daughters came home one afternoon last spring, they were not surprised to see him heading out on his bike. >> on april 6th, he went out for a ride. was a perfect day and he was in a place where people always right. >> but one hour later, she got the worst call of her life. he was hit by a car a lot about our road. >> i get there and i see the car
5:36 pm
with a bike on the front. it was twisted and mangled. i knew it was bad. >> larry was killed instantly. in an instant, everything changed. >> impossible, unimaginable. difficult. very difficult. >> nearly six months later, they're trying to raise awareness about bike safety. they organized larry's right in his honor. >> on a saturday, september 25th color going to do larry's right. it starts from spring metro farm and there are three rights, 42 miles, 22 miles and 10 miles. >> the t-shirt shows the universal sign for a new law taking effect requiring a 3 foot buffer between all cars and cyclists. it's something she hopes everyone remembers. >> there is a life on that bike. if you don't take the time to slow down, the thing -- the same
5:37 pm
thing could happen again. >> the bike ride starts at 9:00 and there is plenty to do for the kids. >> still ahead, the allegations against a well-known church leader -- church leader are out are trained as a sexual predator. >> new developments in the case of a bus driver caught reading behind the wheel. >> maryland republicans call it a prosperity pledge. democrats say it is a plague. democrats say it is a plague.
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>> tonight, the leader of one of the world's most well-known american churches is involved in a sex scandal. bishop and the long is an -- a claim today -- that he lured them into sexual relationships. he counseled bill clinton during the month kolinsky scandal and is an out spoken opponent of homosexuality. >> the bishop was grooming young men to be at his disposal. he finds them at 14 and 15 years
5:41 pm
of age and starts to get a relationship with them at that primary time when a young man is searching for his identity. >> longer denies the allegation. part of the debate centers on motive. one of the man was arrested in connection with a burglary at the church. he says he will give his first public response to his congregation the sunday. >> a bus driver in the portland, oregon has been fired for reading while driving. a passenger in the bus use his cell phone to photograph the driver. he appeared to be reading during much of the commute. portland's transportation agency could not probation but fired him yesterday. >> in new jersey's largest school district is said to get a $100 million donation from an facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. he is expected to announce it on the oprah winfrey show tomorrow.
5:42 pm
the donation would be the largest publicly known gift by zuckerberg who is ranked no. 35 on the list of wealthy americans. it said stades for the governor's plan to -- >> the new list is out. see if your vehicle is considered the most stolen model in america. >> are you skeptical about mechanics was time for your car to go to the repair shop? how do know you are getting the answers you need? >> more and -- warmer than normal temperatures to start the fall season. but it will cool off heading into the weekend. we'll check out your forecast coming up. there is a live view of -- from the sky team 11. the sky team 11.
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[ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good >> the latest from inside the courtroom as testimony continues in the trial of three men
5:44 pm
charged with killing a former baltimore city councilman. from capitol hill to the state capital -- the state house in annapolis, republicans are promising change. we have coverage tonight at 6:00.
5:45 pm
>> interesting scene today in will oregon ridge park. sculptures were made with boxes of food. the race to build this culture with the food they collected for the united way of central maryland. >> it is a way to engage our longstanding customers and fund something meaningful to our community. >> the baltimore county government and others participated in the event. >> the normal high temperatures today will be in the mid-70s.
5:46 pm
airbrushing toward the 90 degree mark in many areas. 87 at the inner harbor. the morning was mild because the normal load now is 54 degrees. we started the day at 64 at the airport and 70 at the inner harbor. a warm weather pattern continues and it will be a mild evening. temperatures in the the mid '80s all around the beltway. southern carroll county in the mid '80s. westminster around the '90s. 91 in frederick. a sea breeze has ocean city school. temperatures in the low 90s around easton and cambridge. storms popping up to the southwest around d.c.. it will stay mostly clear for most areas. lows tonight, 63-70. you can see the fall harvest
5:47 pm
moon, the full moon of september was at 5:18. you will be able to enjoy the bright full moon. 93 degrees in charleston, west virginia. almost 90 as far north as chicago. this is moving in our direction for tomorrow. temperatures well above normal as sunshine combined with wind to keep us in a summer weather pattern. a cold front moving through the plains state, are arriving on saturday. once again passed us, it will finally feel like fall. the front goes through central maryland. not much green there. a dry front moving around the region but cooler once we get into sunday. the clouds will start to build up and keep the temperature down. it may lead to something next
5:48 pm
week. hot and dry again with highs ranging from 89-94. on the day on friday, small craft advisory expected as those southerly breezes increase. 83 with sun in the mountains tomorrow. a nice looking weekend is shaping up for western maryland. 92 around the day tomorrow with sunshine. not as he met as today but still quite warm. 91 and the eastern shore and a hurricane season continues. this arms out there right now are relatively weak. lee says far from land, but matthew is in the caribbean and a minimal hurricane. the problem is it will drift to the west and impact parts of central america or the attached peninsula. we will check the forecast track over the next five days.
5:49 pm
92 tomorrow and cooler on saturday. more comfortable on sunday. just in time for ravens football. increasing clouds and leads to showers monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> a new service promises to take the stress of car repair and a baby formula recall. >> nearly 5 million cans of baby formula are being recalled today over fear that they could be contaminated by bugs. the recall includes certain said black powder. -- certain similac powder. for more information, go to they came too late to the dvd by mail party, is a blockbuster has filed for bankruptcy treat the company's debt will be slashed by $900 million while works to
5:50 pm
reorganize. the chain has struggled under increased competition. earlier this year, the company closed 10% of its stores. the remaining 3000 stores will stay open. a trip to the auto repair shop strikes fear in the hearts of many consumers worried about being given the runaround. >> they thought that something is wrong with my car can strike fear in the hearts of most drivers. few if any -- few have any idea of what's under the head these days. shopping for a good price with a reputable mechanic is a whole different story. >> most consumers are stressed out and recognized as a financial risk when an auto maintenance issue arises. >> for a monthly subscription price of $6.99, yet to take your car in for repairs, they will get you the answers you need.
5:51 pm
they will try to figure out of the car has been properly diagnosed. >> are you paying a fair price? not the cheapest price, but the fair price. >> of the answer is yes, the mechanic and do you will tell you. if mechanic on duty thinks what they're hearing from your mechanic is not quite right, they will call other repair shops. >> we call them up and tell them what is wrong with your car and asked to send a written estimate as to what they would charge. that is a fair estimate, will give you the estimate. >> sometimes, they save car owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. the honda accord has the most dubious distinguished -- dubious distinction of being the most stolen car. the honda civic came in second, followed by the toyota camera -- toyota camry.
5:52 pm
the national insurance crime bureau says total vehicle crimes are down for the sixth year in a row. it looks like a cup of coffee will cost more. starbucks is planning to raise prices. they have been absorbing the cost of rising raw coffee prices. they say they have to pass on the increases to consumers and planned to charge more for labor-intensive drinks. no word yet which drinks will have of the higher price tag. >> this week is the 15th annual baltimore city book festival. 225 celebrity and local authors will be appearing on the children's bookstore stage. >> even still, books remain relevant. whether it is a fairy tale or
5:53 pm
mystery, there's nothing better than curling up with a good book. >> all of the events and author appearances are 100% free and open to the public. i will be there on sunday to interview the pioneer woman. to see a schedule of events, go to will find a link to the festival's website. >> we mixed technology and luxury, what you get? how about a parking garage that parks the vehicle for you? that's part of the latest building to go and leave baltimore county. it is at 18 story luxury apartment complex. have you seen how this works? isn't that cool? state of the art in automated. there is a similar one in annapolis but this one is the largest of its kind. >> i have seen those in philadelphia and new york. i guess it saves a lot of space.
5:54 pm
>> the general election is little more than a away and the republican party is laying out its agenda. >> the gop a look for maryland and the u.s. is coming up at 6:00. >> get ready because thursday night comedies are back on nbc. we will have a preview next.
5:55 pm
tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
>> there's a lot in store tonight as the there's a night comedy lineup returns. we have a preview of the season
5:57 pm
premiere 43 returning favorite and a newcomer. -- for three returning favorites. >> what separates man from animals? >> it divorce? >> it season premiere of "community" shows a side of betty white we have not seen before. >> her character is the sweetest, as dangerous person on the campus. >> she is an anthropology professor. talk about teaching a lesson. >> help your children ever have to take class because she is a little weird. >> she it -- [inaudible] >> you almost forget he is a giant movie star. >> that's as clear as i can make it. >> and it starts the long goodbye. >> my last season and everyone
5:58 pm
is really psyched. >> maybe gleeful is more appropriate. >> you say go to india or i am out of a job? >> the new comedy is " outsourced." >> people think the gap between east and west as far apart. but it is actually very small. >> but it will be right at home and thursday's lineup. >> so here is a look to your prime-time lineup -- everything kicks off at 8:00. "the apprentice is at 10:00, followed by a 11 news at eleven. >> here's a look at what is coming at new at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> please investigate the murder of a former baltimore city councilman. three men on trial say yes. >> some local college students concerned about the new federal health care law. i will tell you why coming up. >> parents are taking the howard county school system to court. i will explain straight ahead. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00 in h.d. >> from the nation's capital to the capital of maryland, republicans are signing a pledge to make government smaller, less costly and more accountable. >> will star with the developments locally. what is this all about? >> state republicans call it a prosperity pledge and democrats say it is a plague. the other elecampane urges you


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