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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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first of its kind court decision here in maryland. >> a former howard county elementary school teachers aide was found guilty today of child sex abuse. it is not alleged he ever touched his victim, but he did send the third gator -- are greater explicit letters. >> carl walker was fired from this school back in march when a fellow teacher found one of the letters. according to prosecutors, walker wrote an illicit love letter to a third grader here for nearly seven months. the guilty verdict against 38- year-old carl walker jr. comes six months after police first found out about the letters. according to prosecutors, walker started writing it explicit and passionate love letters to an 8- year-old student at brian woods elementary in colombia in september of last year. >> they talked about how much he loved her, how much he was jealous, did she have a boyfriend, how he dreamed of
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taking her las vegas. >> a teacher found a letter in the girl's death in march, and her mother found several more at home. the guilty verdict -- in the girls at desks in march. the child sex abuse conviction in the case with no physical contact has never happened before in the state of maryland. >> some people will say he never touched her, how could it be sexual child abuse? there is an exploitation element and also an element that he was in a position of authority. >> the statute applied carries the burden of proving molestation or exportation. -- exploitation. walker could be sentenced to 25 years in prison. >> this is encouragement to people who may have experienced this type of thing and did not think it was a crime. perhaps they will come forward. >> walker was convicted of sex
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abuse of a minor and attempted sex abuse of a minor. his sentencing is scheduled for january. >> officials say a defrocked catholic priest has agreed to a plea deal, resolving charges he sexually abused an altar boy in the 1970's. he was indicted back in january on two counts of child abuse. he was sentenced to 18 months of home detention. the alleged victim says he was abused several times while attending the st. john's catholic parish in frederick in 1976. the archdiocese of baltimore removed him as passenger of the -- pastor of the church in cumberland. a forensics expert took the stand in the trial of three men accused of killing ken harris. the expert testified that blood was not found on the mask at the center of the investigation. it had been said that the mask was worn by one of harris''s killers and blood found on and
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help police find three men. the testimony will resume on monday. the search is on for four men in and around a county who shot a woman during a home invasion last night. happen in glen burnie. detectives a man was robbed as he was entering a home. the men struggled with a woman inside who was shot in the chest. she was listed in stable condition. police believe the victims may have been targeted. >> late last night, the so- called preppie burglar was arrested by montgomery county police. you might remember 30-year-old jeremy hall from this video. he was caught on camera breaking into a home earlier this month. this video led police to him yesterday. today, police in montgomery county say they have tied hall to a similar break-in in spencer bill last month. tonight he faces a host of
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charges in both counties. a pair of bank robberies are under investigation tonight. the first in harford county. aberdeen police said the man in this picture robbed a bank around noon today and they say he handed the teller a note and then got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. in anne arundel county, police are looking for a man wearing a bright orange vests. they say he robbed at the sandy spring bank and reportedly passed the teller a note, got the cash, and took off. anyone with information is the urge to call the police. >> city resident of a chance to ride along with the cops. more than 500 people are taking part in the community partnership event. every police are patrolling the city tonight will be paired up with a member of the community. earlier in the day there was a huge challenge obstacle event that the police academy, and
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residents were invited to tour. an update on the multi vehicle accident involving a school bus in harford county. a half-dozen students are now recovering at home tonight after their bus was hit by a car this morning. officials say six students and the bus driver taken to the hospital. the driver remains at shock trauma. exactly what caused the crash remains under investigation. >> a pretty good wages in the week on wall street. the dow jones gained nearly 200 points on the day to close at 10,860. the nasdaq gained 50 four and the s&p closed it stay up almost 24 points. despite an -- report of new home sales being flat, where there was an unexpected strong report of durable-goods. they are usually good measure of
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the nation's manufacturing sector. >> david collins takes a look at the latest tv ad. it takes issue with harris's stand on taxes. the harris camp is shooting back, demanding that they pull the ad. they are waiting to hear back on the request for a debate. you can see david's entire story online anytime at that is where our coverage continues off the air. you'll find a wealth of information, including candidate profiles, a complete voters' guide, and much more. just click on politics. the race for state delegate seat in anne arundel county has taken a controversial turn. >> it is all over who can participate in a community
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parade tomorrow. the parade rules are unfair to her and fellow republicans, she claims. >> because she is a candidate, stephanie hodge is cannot be in the parade. she feels the real reason is because she is a republican and democratic territory. if you talk to parade organizers and some of her fellow republicans, that may not be the case. stephanie hodge is is a republican candidate for state delegates in the democratic heavy 37 district of anne arundel county. she was campaigning near the rock arunta mills mall, which she wishes it did she was campaigning near the urumqi mills mall. the potentiale resources, so i have to depend on the grass-roots campaign. >> hottest things the parade is playing politics. >> it does really seem that they are trying to keep republicans
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out. they are also sitting delegates for district 32 are democrats. >> that no candidate rule has been in place for years. >> a former republican state delegate from district 32 told us, my recollection is that i participated in the parade. another republican candidate, lane smith, says that the parade had the opportunity to set the grounds, and they have been consistent. >> hollis had already filed to run at this time last year. -- hodges had already filed to run at this time last year. >> all i am asking for is their treatment. either all political figures are in or they are out. >> republican incumbents devil to participate in the parade are loren parker and nancy phelps.
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after the break, we are told anybody is welcome at the fair. >> the university of virginia set aside time for students and faculty today to discuss stopping domestic violence on campus. it was prompted by last spring's killing of a student, yeardley love. a performance this morning came before some words before the universities for -- president. she said she hoped that breakout discussions would help comfort students and create a more caring community. >> we are not going to get rid of anger, hatred, drug abuse, and all the rest of the things that might be recalled as, but what we can do is at least be a little more responsive so we know what is going on. >> and used the organization -- a new student organization helped with the day. >> tonight hollywood is remembering a popular icon of
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the 1950's and 1960's. >> according to a new report, six of the seven fattest nations all have one thing in common. we will tell you what it is. >> i want to make sure if i get this answer wrong, i cannot be held for perjury. >> find out why stephen colbert was called to congress today. >> we'll have those stories plus a preview of the 36 season of "saturday night live" which premieres tomorrow night. >> a cold front is on the move. i will let you know how it plays into your weekend weather forecast, just ahead. right now is 81 degrees at the right now is 81 degrees at the
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>> he was perhaps as well known for his music as he was for his love life. eddie fisher has died. he sold millions of records. in 1959, his divorce from debbie reynolds to marry his best friend elizabeth taylor caused a whirlwind. he was 82 years old. >> even more research indicating americans are getting fatter. and you report on global obesity from the organization for economic cooperation and development says the u.s. is the heaviest nation among 33 of the
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world's richest countries. the report says about one-third of all american adults are considered obese. interestingly, six of the top seven fattest nations, including mexico, are english-speaking countries. meanwhile, some in spain had taken a new approach in dealing with dementia. roughly 800 spaniards suffering with alzheimer's are currently carrying gps units. it was started by the son of an alzheimer's patient. the units can alert family if patients enter an area deemed unsafe. >> a new contract appears to be in the words for thousands of baltimore city teachers, but no one is talking about the details, at least not yet. talks have been going on since the first of the year between teachers and school districts. the school ceo said in a statement today that it would put instructional effectiveness
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at the core of everything. and in debt summit in york this weekend is targeting education. it will be a nationally broadcast conversation about improving education in america. one baltimore city principal will be a part of it. student test scores are up at westport academy and the school is no longer on a stake watch list. >> the key word this year is execution. if we are not executing the plan, it is not going to work. >> be sure to tune in to 11 news on monday. tim tooten will bring us a full report. tomorrow night, right here on tv 11, seasoned 36 premiere of "saturday night live". >> being in the cast of saturday night live is one thing. being host for the first time is
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another story. >> is there any familiar character we can see? >> we are going to do crazy susan barrett >> you are making of names. these are not real people. >> i don't like to hear that at all. >> it takes a lot of pressure off, because she knows how it works here. it makes it easier. stint comes hosting two months after giving birth to her second son. >> she is just an unstoppable machine. >> the team also includes katy perry.
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>> the video did not seem that bad to meet. there might be a a different standard than there is on sesame street. >> you can hear more about "saturday night live" premier. stephen colbert brought his usual sarcasm and humor to the serious issue of illegal immigrant farmworkers to capitol hill today. he is fresh shock thursday night's episode, showing him packing corn and picking beans. he was asked to appear before the committee to relate his experiences. >> i participated in the take our jobs campaign, one of only 16 people in america to take up the challenge. that number may increase in the near future, as i understand
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many democrats may be looking for work come november. >> jokes aside, he did make some serious statements about the need for immigration reform. >> certainly no laughing matter for lindsay lohan. the troubled young star has landed herself back in jail tonight. she cannot take a failed drug tests for that. a judge said she was to be jailed immediately at a court hearing today. that was overturned by another judge who said she could make $300,000 bail. the actress is scheduled to be back in court october 22. >> i hope you enjoyed this first friday of all, the second full day of fall that we talked out with another record. we tied the old record of 95 degrees set back in 1970. there is relief on the way, all behind this front. we will not see any
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precipitation from this thing. it will lower us about 10 degrees, and then much cooler air will filter in behind it for the second half of the weekend, by sunday. in the meantime, is balmy and still quite warm out there. 84 at the airport, 82 in annapolis right now. we only got into the low 70's 4 this morning, and it was 97 downtown. the normal high is 75 degrees. a good 20 degrees above that. we will split the difference as we head into tomorrow. mostly clear skies out there with variable but light winds. if you are headed to the mountains of western maryland, it will be more pleasant there than here, 76 degrees and mostly sunny skies. a southwesterly flow, but we will be 85 degrees and not very humid. the dewpoint has really dropped,
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so it is still a dry air mouse out there for us. on the eastern shore, it looks like 83 for a daytime high tomorrow. not an excellent day to get out on the chesapeake bay. a small craft advisory in effect, and waves could turn up to 2 feet. the front will make it through here, but it will be a dry front coming through. then the cool air, as you can see it is over the great lakes. sunday will be an entirely different story. we will only see a high of about 70 or 71 degrees, with increasing cloudiness throughout the day. we will remain critical for next week. here is how the seven-day forecast breaks down. generally a dry weekend. for the ravens kick off, it looks like about 71 degrees with increasing clouds throughout the game. a good chance for some much- needed rain on monday and tuesday. remaining in the mid 70's both
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of those days, some slight chance of showers remaining on thursday. >> rivals gather in carroll county. we will take a look at week four, coming up next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $15 million. you must match these five white balls plus the gold megaball. 55-28-38-2-42. tonight's megaball number is 25.
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>> high school's football cards you are on tv 11, where we learned that a lot of folks
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pointed and clicked. south carroll rolling with the spread, then mullen racing downfield in perfect position. he goes 40 yards, 13-nothing cavaliers. he looked left and then thought better of it. it did 5 yards and a touchdown, south carroll makes it 20-0. neck-and-neck for third time in the end zone -- they connect for the third time. the head coach watches the defense struggled. the dolphins' offense back to pass. he makes it work. how well is this rework --
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regards, looking rather reagan- like? the extra point was no good. later in the third quarter, the fourth turnover. gerald williams punches again, 14-0 bulldogs. lawrence smith with a fully loaded offense, keeping it on the ground. jamal johnson, 14 tough yards up the middle. touchdown, don barr. makes it a 14-0 lead. terrance williams is fun to watch. dunbar runs away, 44-7. second quarter, no score.
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untouched from four yards out, 7-0 at the break. michael turner makes a couple of guys miss. he is brought down at the three, but the lakers take a 14- 0 lead and hang on from there. for more on tonight's high school football coverage, log on to the ravens and to take many extra point sunday, and they should. clinton takes the field without its top quarterback -- liebling takes the field without its top quarterback. -- cleveland. josh chris has taught -- torture of war in the past and now he has a significant wildcat package.
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10 games left for the orioles this year, meaning two or three chances for chris tillman to lead the kind of lasting impression he needs to leave on buck showalter. he struggled in september after getting the call back up in toronto. says a going for the chase. he cannot escape the rookie brandon snyder. the first career double for snyder, and it is timely. it ties the game at 1. a two-run shot, his second homer of the game. they are 52 on the season. beforetime reigning cup champion jimmy johnson in the middle of the point pack. a good look at that beautiful 48. johnson turned the fastest lap and takes the poll by 1/100 of a
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second. we had a computer issue a moment ago and missed the lottery numbers. we will take a look at tonight's correct lottery numbers. good luck. old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. old gibbs canning company.
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and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> it looked more like summer than fall. today, we hadees detec 57 degrees -- 87 days above 90 degrees this year. a little better tomorrow. then on sunday, probably about 71, and increasing clouds. some much-needed rain monday and tuesday. we have had a very dry september. >> can we save some of those temperatures until december and january? >> that would be nice. the tonight show is coming your way next. >> good night, and have a great weekend.
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage.
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made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.


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