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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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>> hello and welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm deborah weiner.
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>> i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in jome. first a -- in just a moment. first a look outside with john collins. west of us there are clouds moving in. that's a cool front. that's good news. 90's yesterday. cool front coming in. we're going to break that little heat wave step-by-step. it's not going to happen all at once. take a look at the temperature right now at b.w.i. marshall. for this time of year, 72 at this hour of the day is way warmer than it should be. up 50's and 60's should be a little more typical. 68% the humidity. that number is up, too, so it is still humid out there. the barometer is falling, and we still have the southwest breeze at 5. that that's happening. it is just to the west. we will detail how it affects your weekend weather coming up in just a minute.
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>> our big story, a first of-of it's kind court hearing. a former teacher's aide is convicted of sexual abuse. >> the guilty verdict against karl walker jr. comes six months after police found out about the letters. walker started writing explicit and passionate love letters to an 8-year-old student at bryant woods elementary school in columbia. >> he talked about how he loved her, how he was jealous when she had a boyfriend. >> walker was a teacher's assistant at the school. a teacher found the letter at the desk in march, and her father found several more at home. the guilty verdict sets a precedent against walker because there was no physical contact.
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>> some people are saying, well he didn't touch her. how could it be sexual child abuse. but there is exploitation and the element that he was in the position of authority. >> the statute carries the burden of proving molestatation or exploitation. he clearly exploited the 8-year-old victim even throw there was no contact. the judge agrees. walker could be sentenced to 25 years in prison. >> this is encouragement to people who may have experienced this same type of thing and didn't think it was a crime. perhaps they will come forward. >> kai read, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a defrocked catholic priest. thomas bevan was indicted on two counts of child abuse and sentenced to 18 months of home
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detension. the victim said he was abused several times while attending st. john's parish school in frederick. the arch diocese previously removed bevan. >> a pair of bank robberies are under investigation. aberdeen police in this picture say the man robbed a bank noon friday. he said he handed the teller a note and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> bright orange vest. robbed a sandy springs bank. he passed the teller a note, got the cash, and took off. anyone with information on this bank robbery or the one in harford county is urged to call police. >> another week of testimony wrapped up in the trial of ken harris. jurors listened to debate over more d.n.a. evidence. barry sims is covering the trial and has the latest from the court house.
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>> connecting evidence t three men on trial for murder and robbery. testimony about taking samples from evidence provided by investigators to check for blood and skin tests. then he submitted the samples for d.n.a. analysis. >> remmy told jurors, he examined a mask. one woman testified she saw a man wearing prior to the shooting of baltimore city councilman kenneth harris. harris was shot outside the new haven lounge. workers inside the lounge testified a masked man was part of the group that robbed the club. he checked for skin cells and was unable to determine what type of red substance was on the mask saying it was not blood. prosecutors say d.n.a. from williams was found on the mask. his attorney questioned him about handling the mask.
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>> the technician can't tell the jury where the mask came from. he can't tell the jury under what circumstances it came into possession of the police department. >> remmy also checked latex clubs and bandanas. the gloves and bandanas were found inside a purse stolen from one of the lounge workers. police located the purse inside a trash can not far from the lounge. >> the majority of the evidence was packaged in one purse. there were at minimum 13 or 14 items put in this purse. it sat there three days before the technician pulled them out to analyze them. was d.n.a. on the items or was it on a different one? >> whether you are being as specific as you are with d.n.a., you have to keep items separate. they did not do this in the lab as well as on the street. >> barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police are
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quipping themselves with a second set of eyes. city rizzdents got a chance to ride along with cops. more than 500 people participated in a community partnership event. every police car patroling the city was paired up with a member of the community. early in the day there was a youth challenge obstacle event. residents were invite today tour their local precinct. >> in "commitment 2010" report crataville goes against harris and takes issue on his stand on taxes. harris is fighting back asking it be pulled from the air waves. we have a fact check. >> 23% sales tax on everything you buy? that's ed harris' unfair tax claim. >> this is true but misleading.
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a 23% tax is part of a -- an act called the fair tax act. it would replace income tax, alternative minimum tax, social security, medicare, self-employment, corporate taxes. >> we have to believe in our system and our process. >> harris appears noncommital. stating i can support the flat tax or the fair tax. his campaign spokesperson wouldn't go that far. he repeatedly states he supports solutions that would lower the tax burden for all americans. here's how the 2% sales tax would work. it would be 11:00ied once on all new goods and services. supporters contend it would decrease the tax burden be broadening the tax base. the proposal also calls for a monthly payment or prebate to
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allahful u.s. households to the poverty level. this would off-set the taxes on food. opponents worry about repealing at the removal of tax deduction incentives and the loss of tax incentives. >> 23% sales tax. >> the crattaville ad is paid for by the labor union. >> i approve this message. >> he not only approved the ad, his campaign paid for it. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and ever since the first ead ad took the air waves, david collins has reviewed each one. you can watch all his fact checks on see what happens in the balance of power. click on politics. >> a ravens running back says he knows a way you can help the team and pump up a good cause. >> and we're taking you on the
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>> ok. let's look at our live h.d. doppler radar. no rain here. we have clouds moving in. a cold front approaching. a few sprinkles in the mountains of virginia. you can see it is not significant at all. we will pick up a few clouds for a few hours here. if you feel a few sprinkles, that's what it is all about. a cool front coming in. the important thing is, hyped it, temperatures aren't going to be as hot. yesterday we were in the 90's. today only 80's. a big improvement. tomorrow even a bigger improvement. let's look at what's going on outside now. it is still warm. we are still on the warm side of this thing. so 72 at the airport. 76 at the inner harbor. these are july and august. these don't belong in september. 68% the humidity. that's a high, too. southwest winds at 5. it becomes low westerly later on. so far in september shall and this includes yesterday, the tie the record high of 95.
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we have big days of 90 plus adding to all these others we've had so far giving to 59 so far this year. this morning around the beltway, columbia 7 is. white marsh 73. white hall across the bay at 72 degrees. on a more regional map you can see the line where temperatures start to drop off. 50's. detroit and down at toledo. should i say at dayton, in the 40's in the upper midwest. well, we're not going to cool down that much. here's the front just to the west of us. past cumberland and approaching hagerstown right now is between those areas. and there are clouds along there. we will start picking up a little cloudiness. this morning when i came in, a little before 5:00, it was clear as a bell out there. the clouds are moving in. behind it, a more pleasant atmosphere out there, less humid. but the thing is, this front is going to stall to our south. several waves will move along the front as we go into sunday
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and monday. so that changes the flavor of the weather as well. which is good, because we need rain. mostly sunny today, clouds this morning, and we pick up clouds this morning. unseasonnably cool. 83 to 87. west winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. >> lisa, listen up. hurricane lisa is out near the cape verde islands. blk applause] >> it is not headed for us, but it is a nice storm -- ok lisa. we also have matthew, which has moved into central america and is going to stall there, and produce some rain. demotis the moisture here. -- notice the moisture here. all models indicate another storm will very well out of this, and head more toward the gulf of mexico and maybe the eastern seaboard over the next 10 days. we'll see what happens with that. as far as our weather is concerned, the front goes through, essentially dry, but that wave along the front starts bringing clouds and moisture our
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way. by late sunday into monday, we have rain chances. 75 today, 71 tomorrow. a bunch of clouds tomorrow, more sunshine today. and by sunday night, monday, tuesday, and ending wednesday, we have a rain chance with a high on wednesday on monday and tuesday. looks like clouds and temperatures around 70 degrees. that's the forecast. >> mor than 50,000 book warms are worms are expected to take over baltimore with the 15th annual book festival. the leb ritz are bringing several to down. festival runs through sunday. for more information on the book fair go to and+
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>> in 1984. >> the warehouse looking home of the over-- an throw polling section. -- the warehouse looking over the anthropology section. some of these pieces were acquired on expeditions. >> we're the nation's museum,
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and we hang on to this stuff. >> the environment must be highly controlled with a temperature of 70 degrees, relative humidity, 45%. >> everything is set up for the optimal care. >> a canoe from a hawaiian queen. >> it is not the sort of thing she would have been traveling in. it was an old school taxi, basically. >> a wedding gift from a japanese show gun to his daughter. >> you request get f -- the museum is working to get images ever all these artifacts on line, and with 50 million objects, it is going to take time. >> researchers are able to quickly locate specific items. that's because every object in this collection is barcoded. wbal-tv 11 news. >> all that stuff.
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>> they have a lot of good stuff. >> coming up this morning, the places to use your wireless internet could be expanding on the brand new super wi-fi and it means for consumers. >> imagine m&t come alive. how you can take part next. >> if stink bugs are ininvading your home, we will share tips
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>> a good way to end the week on wall street. the dow gained 200 points to close at 10,850. nasdaq closed up. >> the f.c.c. has decided to open up unused air waves cald white spaces for wireless broad band networks. they will be called super wifi because the signals will be more powerful and travel further than current. look for that to roll out in the next year. >> jet blue is working to install satellite broad band and tv service on the carrier's 116
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aircraft. don't look for the next flight, because installation would begin in 2012. >> for some children, school lunch is their only meal of the day. if congress doesn't act by next friday, money will run out for the federal school lunch program. >> washington's lunch program hasn't changed in 30 years. congress wants to bump that up. it is still not enough. fairfax down virginia loses 58 to 77 cents on every meal. >> we are already adding fruits, vegetables, whole grapes. it is raising our cost, but we're walking the dalk. >> this school will eliminate junk food. >> we found the political will. now we're trying to ask the congress to help small children. >> it is not enough to stick an apple on the tray. if a child doesn't like the
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apple, they are not going to eat it. >> the controversy is how its $4.5 billion program will be paid for by cutting future food stamp benefits. >> we have more people depending on food stamps to feed their families that at any other point in history. >> the obama administration argues those cuts won't happen for three years. the hungry kids need healthy affordable school lunches today. >> tracy potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and don't go away. we have much more news for you coming up. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> ravens running back. not a tv blackout, but a stadium blackout. he's encouraging people to buy blackout towels in an effort to raise money for a good cause. jennifer franciotti covers the story. >> on purple friday the focus is on black. >> we're making the blackout towel. >> the towels are the brain child of a local company called baltimore blackout and they are being run by willis mcgahey.
6:29 am
he wants m&t stadium to come alive by tirling the towels, an effect he said will look like thousands of ravens flying in the stands. the freeds benefit the willis. -- the proceeds will benefit the willis mcgahee foundation which helps students. >> it is something different to get everybody involved, to let everybody know we're behind us. >> steven port, owner accident says it is great. >> it is fantastic. it is really fun.
6:30 am
>> you dep can buy towels at stadium stores oh, or you can order them online. in parkville, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news 11 news. go ravens! >> she is the greatest fan ever. if you are heading to the game, be prepared for traffic. check latest conditions downtown. update construction and accident scenario. >> we set up a live wire blog that alerts you to delays on the rail in march. all on and click on "traffic." >> and she had a purple dress on. >> yes, it was very cute. >> it is 6:30. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> a cool bus accident leaves half a dozen students injured. just what happened. >> stink bugs take over maryland. we'll tell you were where the bugs are coming from and how squishing them is not the best idea when "11 news saturday
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morning" continues.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." fa you for joining us. >> we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. first we want to get to jonathan. >> some strange stuff early in the autumn season. and we have a big football game. >> yes. >> we certainly don't need 90 degrees. we have a forecast changing. ti want to give -- i want to give you the forecast for tomorrow. a mixture of clouds and rain and the temperature at game time, a
6:34 am
northeast breeze. that breeze will helping bring in moisture off the atlantic. there is a chance for clouds. there may be sun breaks as well sitting on the edge there. by saturday night, after the game is over, it looks like we expect rain in the forecast. we need that, too. i'll bring you details coming up in a few minutes. stick around. >> john, to a creeping, crawling story bugging a lot of people and causing a stink in our area. >> local exterminateors taking hundreds of calls a day asking people to to get rid of the buggers. kaye reed says don't -- kai reed says don't count on a quick fix. >> it was horrible. they hit you in the face. they are all over. >> the garage, the siding, the windows. even inside the house. an exterminateor spent hours. here she is vacuuming dozens of
6:35 am
them up. >> if you capture them, they smell terrible. i can't get rid of them. they keep coming back. >> stink bugs are native to asia. they are first spotted in the u.s. but only made an appearance in our area over the last 10 years. they like warmer days and cooler nights and lay their eggs in places with broad, leafy trees. right now they are looking for a place to hide out. >> hibernate basically, up underneath the recesses of the house, the cracks and crevasces of the house. >> the inspector saysed owed owe is what attracts them back to the same place each year. >> it does tend to get worse and worse each year. >> short suggests sealing windows, doorcracks, anywhere the bugs can get in. an exterminateor can also spray an insect side. >> the industry is looking for a type of lure or some type of control measure to be more successful. >> as in terry's case --
6:36 am
>> it was an infess station. i was at war with the stink bug. >> don't expect the pests to just disappear. >> i don't know it is getting better any time soon. >> kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> they should reduce after the first atrocity, but they will come out again in the spring and start the whole process all over again. lovely. >> that's good news. >> taking a look at some of the top stories, a half dozen students recovering at moment this morning after their school bus was in an accident with two other vehicles. it happened after 8:00 at route 155 at havre de grace. all injuries were relatively minor and they have now been released. the driver of the s.u.v. was taken to shock trauma. his condition was unknown. 11 news spoke with a parent nearby. >> it is extremely frightening,
6:37 am
especially because i have school-age kids that ride the bus at this particular time. >> the driver of the third vehicle involved was treated for minor injuries. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> a 3 1/2 month search for a suspect at a pair of sexual assaults has ended in arrest. lamont garrison is charged with the attacks, the first of which took place back in june. he's being held without bont. meanwhile, detectives are looking into other crimes they believe he is responsible for. >> baltimore can expect $4.9 million from the feds for last winter's blizzard. fema has given the state $30 million. >> political jokes aside stephen colbert is speaking up for the first time on immigration reform. hear what he had to say to
6:38 am
congress coming up. >> and star let lindsay lohan is not behind bars despite being sentenced to a month behind bars. find out how another judge's ruling made it possible. >> the insta-weather plus
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>> our radar hasn't been very active over the last few weeks. not much going on. some clouds are going to be producing clouds and rain, and in this case, there is a band of clouds moving into the metro area now.
6:41 am
radar showing a couple of sprinkles, and i'm not even sure that's hitting the ground. at least as moist as the air is, you can see very little blue or green activity here on the screen soshted with the clouds coming in. so rain is not the thing. but when the cool front approaching, it is going to knock the temperatures down. although we are warm right now. 72 at the airport, inner harbor 76, and for september, you know, i mean, we're getting close to october here. that's pretty warm for this time ever day. 68% the humidity. southwest winds blowing at 5 miles per hour. when the front passes through later on this morning, winds will swing around westerly and maybe even norwesterly and that will introduce less humid air and we'll hold the temperatures down. we're already at 72 at the airport. we mentioned 71 in columbia. edgewood 72. chestertown across the bay is 73
6:42 am
degrees. you can see the effect of the front across the bay. pittsburgh only 51. chicago 52. milwaukee 44. and up at international falls, 37 degrees. we're not going to get that chilly. but chilly air is pushing in. the key to this whole thing is the front moving in. here it is out to our west. we'll be settling to our south and stalling in southeast virginia. then a couple waves will be moving along a sfront. so we bonet really get into that cool air up in the great lakes because we'll be too close to the front. we will push down this warm, humid stuff just far enough south to make things more comfortable by tomorrow. the thing is, with these waves moving along its front, they will pull in moisture off the atlantic ocean. that produces clouds and that ups our chance for rain eventually. we'll see the front approaching. still unseasonnably warm but not as hot as yesterday. 83 to 87 the high.
6:43 am
west winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. look at the sunset time. sunsetting before 7:00 in the evening. small graft advisory out -- small craft advisory out. three-foot chop. the winds will diminish. goes through here dry, and we eventually see the front stall to the south. east winds, and eventually rain moves into the picture, and it could be significant rain, at least compared to what we have had. so 85 today. 71 tomorrow. tomorrow night rain chances. so the game looks good tomorrow. monday and tuesday, highest rain chances. rain chances with us, and even after rain clears out, we'll be in the 70's for a high. >> comedian and tv host stephen colbert took his humor to the
6:44 am
serious issue of illegal immigrant farm workers to capitol hill. he is shown packing corn and picking beans at a farm as part of a challenge from a proi immigrant labor group. he was asked to appear before the committee to relay his experiences. >> i participated in the u.f.w.'s take our jobs campaign. one of only 16 people in america to take up the challenge. though that number may increase in the near future as i understand many depems democrats -- democrats may be looking for work come november. >> jokes aside, colbert made serious statements about the need for immigration reform. >> lindsay low hand spent less than 12 hours behind bars after failing the court-ordered drug test. she originally faced a month in jail from her first judge, but another judge reversed that decision. lohan could get out on the bail
6:45 am
money. she's due back in court october 22nd. >> stay with us. "11 fitness" is up next. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. today is the day i double down.
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>> welcome back, it is time for "11 fitness" and we are talking about being fit at any age. >> who did you bring with you. >> i brought my good, good friend fred sachs, and fred, how old are you? >> 85. >> for those that have an excuse as to why they shouldn't exercise, i wanted to bring fred in. first of all, fred and i are friends. fred has a goal. what are we doing in march? >> we're going to do the marathon in virginia beach virginia beach -- in virginia beach called the shamrock. >> the rock 'n' roll -- >> no, that's another one. the shamrock has both the half and the full. >> the funny thing is, fred keeps northeast straight. so we're training for that. as part of that training we're doing the 5-k he's also doing the rely in the baltimore marathon. in preparation for those things, besides the cardiothat we're
6:49 am
doing together and what he's doing on his own, we're doing resistance exercising, because at 85, there is muscle mass. one of the things fred does is knowing where your body is in space and time when you age. fred, show them your squat, please. fred does these great. he's going to position his feet underneath his knees, and he's going to stand up, but not pushing against the chair. believe it or not, he's going to slowly sit back. >> this might be easy for anybody to do. >> tap it. he keeps going with it. this exercise is incredibly difficult. but for most folks at this age, they will turn around and have to look where they are sitting. fred knows where his body is in space and time. >> the idea is, if you need to go down, you need a place to go down to. >> exactly right. >> so make sure the chair is anchored. >> he does it against the wall. ok, fred, have a seat.
6:50 am
you are doing a great job. fred is doing these different exercises because he need your muscles for your upper body. we're putting this under one foot. i think this is your favorite exercise, isn't it? >> i enjoy this one. >> and he's fierce doing it, too. >> fred, why don't you stand up and show us this exercise. you are combining biceps and shoulder presses. we are going to take them overhead. that is such a hard move to do. he's pulling his entire body. >> we're about to run out of time, i just want to ask, how does doing all this activity make you feel? what is your advice to other people? >> keep doing it. >> well -- it's enjoyable if you enjoy what you are doing and if you have a purpose in why you are doing it, it makes it easy. >> that's a good -- >> get out there and do it. >> so remember, fred will be out tomorrow doing the 5-k for
6:51 am
prostate cancer, and the other thing i wanted to say is, fred is doing this dw prostate cancer, with kidney disease, and having overcome -- what's the other cancer, fred. >> and colon cancer he's also overcome. so when you are thinking of excuses, there are none. pretty soon you will be able to follow fred on our web site called "following fred." today i will be tweeting my whole day. you can tweet us. >> thank you so much for coming in, fred. >> my pleasure.
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6:54 am
>> are we going to get one last check of the weather? >> i think we are. let's look at the seven-day forecast here, and we'll give you an idea what's going on as far as the weather is concerned. today we expect high temperatures right around 85
6:55 am
degrees. considerably cooler than yesterday. 71 tomorrow. for the high. maybe a rain chance late. so the ravens game looks good tomorrow afternoon. we'll see clouds. temperatures will be around 70 or so. we need rain. rain chances come into the picture on sunday night, monday, and tuesday. the most significant rain chances. that wednesday the rain chance is pulling into the picture. we're also watching the tropics because stuff will be very welling in the gulf. so by next weekend, which is not really in our forecast there, we may have to deal with something else. we'll wait and see what happens on that. >> is that hurricane lisa? >> no, it is not lisa or matthew. we'll have to wait and see how that develops. >> we want to ask you before you go, fred, when you are training, what do you have to do? do you have a special diet? >> i have a special diet because of my kidneys. i have to be very careful what i
6:56 am
eat. even though it sounds restrictive, there are plenty of foods i can enjoy, and it is not a problem. >> and we are actually trying to put weight on fred, because fred is going to dropping weight. he has the typical great male metabolism and muscle. he inspires me every day. we'll be back in january to do an interview. there is a really good reason why fred is doing the marathon. we won't be able to do it justice today, but maybe you can stay tuned in january to see that. >> great. thanks for watching. >> the "today" show is next. >> thanks for watching. captioned by the national captioning institute
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side.
6:59 am
i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.


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